I guess I had to write something for Halloween, didn't I?

This is a sequel to The Spirit of Halloween and the Fun Times are Over arc.

Pitch hated what Halloween had become. Where was the fear? It was all brightly colored costumes, candies and laughter. It was all about... fun. It was no wonder, really, that the Guardian of Fun had decided to make it his. And there he was, walking along the street with a smile as crowds of children surrounded him to get their own little snowflake.

Jack didn't look at him. He had not acknowledged his existence since that day, on the frozen lake, when yet another of Pitch's plans had failed. There had been no sympathetic gaze this time. No understanding. Jack was done with Pitch and he had chosen the most cruel way to make sure he knew. He was certainly not getting a candy this year.

This should have been his day. And it could have been, had he made different choices. The children wanted to be scared. He could have worked with that. But he didn't want to hear them laugh afterward. He wanted to kill the fun and keep only the fear. Just like he had wanted when he asked Jack to join him. It hadn't worked. But what if...


"Because you always did believe in me."

He wondered how things could have gone if he had accepted Jack unspoken offer many years ago. Could he have walked by his side tonight, playing the tricks while Jack handed out the treats? Could he had laughed with the children instead of at them? Did he want to?

Jack walked past him without turning, a few scattered snowflakes flying around him. Pitch melted back into the shadows. There was no point in wondering what could have been. He had ruined his chance and had exhausted the Spirit of Winter's ability to forgive. All he could do now was watch from the shadows as Jack gave children treats and bright smiles.

One day, he would wipe that smile off his face and force him to acknowledge him again. It was the only path left to him.