Cool! My first fanfiction and crossover! The Cat Returns and The Great Mouse Detective, both great movies and while watching both of them, I couldn't help but think what it would be like if their stories met. So here I am! Living it up!
I do not own The Cat Returns characters or The Great Mouse Detective characters ether...sadly. I hope you guys will enjoy this! I am gonna have fun writing this. :) BaronXHaru



Haru smiled down at her cup of tea, recalling past events from a year ago, that changed her life for the better.

She remembered that day as if it were yesterday. Saving Lune, finding the Cat Bureau, being kidnapped, transforming into a cat, meeting Yuki again, dancing without falling flat on her face, sticking up for herself, walking on a flock of crows to get home, and above all, confessing to her crush...

Haru sighed and took a sip of her tea. Today's blend was green tea, with cinnamon apple spice, and (some other tea she randomly grabbed from a basket of tea packages) with of course milk.

'I wonder if Baron ever tried this blend before?' Haru thought as she took another sip of her tea.

'Baron...' she thought again.

Ever since her adventure with Toto, Muta, and Baron, she's be a frequent visitor to the bureau. Now and then she would visit them after completing her violin lessons. She began to sometimes wonder when they will tire of her company and drop subtle hints that her presence was no longer wanted . Baron probably noticed the way she felt because he told her one day:

"Put your mind to rest Haru. You are always welcome to visit us. It's quite boring here without you, Ms Haru."

Haru remembered how she blushed bright red when he said that. She hoped Baron wouldn't notice it but of course he did.

"Just for the record. I admire a young women who speaks from the heart."

Haru still has yet to find out the extent of his feelings for her. What did he mean 'I admire a young women who speaks from the heart?' Did that mean he liked her as a friend or something more...

Those words only planted more doubt and confusion in her mind.

Haru looked at the clock and noticed it was a quarter to seven. She figured she should slip away to The Cat Bureau by now.

Haru walked to the kitchen and over to the dinner table to grab a mulberry pie Muta made for Toto that resulted from a bet.

A few months ago, Muta and Toto were having their daily argument when the subject of Muta's weight was mentioned again.

Muta got sick of it and told Toto that if Muta himself lost a quarter of his weight within 6 months, Toto had to stop his insults for at least 6 months. Toto agreed but said if Muta lost the bet, Muta would have to make a mulberry pie (without poisoning it) all by himself for Toto.

The months flew by and Haru, Baron, and Toto watched Muta run and jog all over the place, determined to win the bet, while Toto would tease him about the way he exercised.

Baron and Haru would watch from the sidelines, enjoying the show, sipping on their tea, and chatting about their habits.

"They never give up, do they?" Haru sighed biting back a giggle.

"Afraid not." Baron said smiling while staring at the two fighting once more.

The months of the bet were over and it was time to see what progress Muta had done.

Turned out, Muta only lost 2 pounds which of course was not even close to a quarter of his weight.

Muta lost, Toto won. So Muta had to make a mulberry pie all by himself for Toto.

Since Muta probably needed a place to bake pie, Haru volunteered for Muta to bake the pie in her home while Haru's mom was out of the house.

Haru picked up the mulberry pie and headed outside.

'I hope Toto will go easy on Muta on the insults for a while. Even though Muta didn't win, Muta still did his best and did lose some weight.' thought Haru while walking to The Crossroads.

'Heck! Muta could be as thin as other cats if he really wanted to. But with Muta's eating habits, that wouldn't work out to well. Besides...I can't picture Muta as a skinny cat. That would be so unnatural.' thought Haru giggling.

"What's so funny, Chicky?", said a familiar voice.

Haru looked down to see Muta staring at her with his usual scowl.

"Hey Muta.", said Haru.

"Is that the pie I baked for birdbrain?", asked Muta.

"Of course."

Muta grinned.

"It will be the best pie that birdbrain will ever taste.", bragged Muta.

"Okay, okay! No need to get a swelled head.", Haru joked.

"Whatever...anyway, let's go.", said Muta already turning to the route of the Bureau.


Haru followed Muta on the route holding the pie tightly so it wouldn't fall out of her hands.

Haru already knew the way to the Bureau by heart, but always liked to walk (more like run) with Muta through the complicated route. It was much more fun than walking by herself there.

Finally, Haru and Muta were at the archway.

Muta went in the courtyard before Haru. Haru walked under the arch to find herself shrinking.

When Haru started visiting them, Baron gave Haru a drink that would shrink Haru to their size when she passed thought the arch.

As Haru finished shrinking, she smiled and walked on further in the courtyard.

'Toto isn't on his perch.' thought Haru looking up at the perch.

"Come on, Chicky! The chicken and Baron are inside and I want to give the pie to the chicken once and for all" Muta said motioning to go inside the Bureau.

Haru smiled and walked to Muta to go inside the Bureau.

Inside, Toto was on his other perch by the balcony and Baron was at the table organizing things, then he looked up and smiled at Haru.

"Ah, Haru. Nice to see you. Toto and I have been expecting you and Muta."

"Yeah. I'd like to have a taste of Marshmallow's mulberry pie." Toto said smirking at Muta.

"It will taste better than the filth you eat." growled Muta.

"Only one way to find out.", said Haru presenting a slice of the pie to Toto that she cut for him.

Toto took the slice of pie from Haru and glanced at Muta trying to read his face, for any sign of suspicion of Muta poisoning the pie. Toto brought the slice of pie to his beak and took a bite.

"Hmm...not bad hairball...not bad at all." Toto said savoring the pie in his mouth.

Muta growled at the 'hairball' remark but restrained himself from making a comeback, while watching Toto eat the slice of pie.

The baron turned and smiled at Haru.

"So, Ms. Haru. How are things with you lately? How are your violin lessons going?"

"Same old, same old. Besides the fact that my teacher says I need to work on memorizing the notes on the violin."

"Perhaps I could assist you."

"Huh?" said Haru.

Baron chuckled and walked over to his book shelf and tugged on a book, which made an opening to a downstairs in the Bureau .

Haru stared in awe as Baron began to walk inside.

"I'll be back" he said as he disappeared in the doorway.

Haru continued to stare in bewilderment at the area the baron had disappeared into.

She thought she knew every inch of the baron's home and yet he disappeared into a portal of some sort. She thought that tugging on a book on a bookshelf and it moving to reveal an opening to somewhere else, only happened in movies. Well, the baron never ceases to amaze her.

Baron finally came back out holding a violin in his hands, not bothering to close the door (or bookshelf) and sat next to Haru on the couch.

"Now...lets get started with the lesson, shall we?" said Baron.


***Baron's POV***

I stared at Haru playing the notes I had taught to her. She had a determined and concentrated look on her fair face as she did her best playing the notes correctly.

I smiled at her.

She had become quite a lovely young lady ever since their adventure in the Cat Kingdom. She was cute and a slightly awkward girl when he first met her. But since then she had become much more mature, she even cut her hair to complement her new self.

"Just for the record. I admire a young women who speaks from the heart."

I wasn't lying when I told her that. I did admire her, but I didn't harbor any romantic feelings for her then. But now...

Ding Dong Ding!

Everyone stopped and stared at the grandfather clock.

"Oh dear..." said Haru looking at the clock. "I gotta go."

I watched as Haru place the violin next to me on the couch and headed to the door.

"You won't stay a little longer for more lessons?" I questioned hoping she would stay a little longer.

"No, I can't. My mom will worry if I stay any longer." she said as she grabbed her things and made her way to the door.

"That's too bad..." I said slightly disappointed.

"Bye Baron! Bye all!" said Haru opening the door and waving at Toto, Muta, and I.

We waved back as she went through the door and closed leaving us staring at the closed door she had disappeared behind.

"So...Baron...when do you plan on telling Haru how you feel?" Muta said with a amused expression on his face.

Toto chuckled behind his wing.

I restrained myself from losing my composure and took a deep sigh.

"You know very well that even if I did, that wouldn't change anything." I said with a heavy heart.

" are a creation and she's a human...I know..." said Muta looking at me for a sign of melancholy written on my face or voice.

I looked away from him and as well as Toto who looked concerned.

That's right... she's human... I'm a creation. She will die one day and I will continue to live on for many more centuries to come. We could not be together and live our lives together. As much as I longed for a life with Haru here in the Refuge with me, I knew it was only going to be dream that would never come true, and besides... even if we could be together, she would have to give up her humanity. That would mean she would lose her mother, her friends, and the chance of being a normal human. I could not let her make such a sacrifice just to be with me.

I don't even know if she still has her "crush" on me anymore. Surely Haru is being swooned over by many other boys her age. She must have...

"Haru..." I whispered.


***Haru's POV***

When I made it home, I saw mom slumped over the table with quilts spread around her.

I smiled at her. She always falls asleep at this time of the day while quilting. She must be getting ready for another convention. I wonder where it will take place?

'I'll find out tomorrow' I thought as I went upstairs to my room.

As I entered my room, I fell on my bed and groaned to finally be in bed after a long day at being at the Cat Bureau and of being yelled at by my violin teacher for not getting the notes correctly. Hopefully my practice with Baron will help me improve so my teacher won't make such a fuss about it anymore.

I sighed as I put the bed covers over me not bothering to change into pajamas for bed.

My life has been in a complete stand still since my adventure to the cat kingdom. Nothing new or adventurous had happened to me since then. I go through a daily routine over and over again.

What I'd give to be in another great adventure again with Baron, Muta, and Toto.

They may not say it but, I can tell that they have been bored lately too, especially Baron. Ever since our adventure, Baron has still been waiting patiently for a new client with a new problem for him to solve. But business has been slow for him and no one still has yet to come for assistance from Baron. The poor guy is probably bored out of his mind like I am.

I stared out my window and up at the stars in the sky.

I wish something could happen for all of us again. A new adventure with new problems to solve and new solutions to discover.

'I wish...we could have another adventure together again...' I thought while drifting into a deep sleep.

Be careful what you wish for Haru...


Anyway... I'm done with the Prologue. Finally! I know... it seems like the story is going by pretty slow but don't worry, Basil and Dawson will appear soon and so will some BaronXHaru moments.

The adventure is just getting started! The problem is...will Haru be prepared for it...