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Have you ever looked at the random trainers in the background in the anime and wondered: 'what's their story? What is it like for them on their journey?'. This is the premise of Pokémon Journey, of which this story is the first instalment. We've all seen what a pokémon journey is like for the exceptional game protagonist as they face off against a villainous team and save the region/world/universe from untold disaster. But what would a pokémon journey be like for the everyman? The ordinary people like you and me? What would it be like to actually live in the Pokémon world?

So that's basically the story I'm attempting to tell. I hope that even if the premise sounds boring to you, then you'll at least give the first chapter a chance (which you might as well do since you're here anyway!). Anyway, I'll save the rest of my author notes for the end of the chapter.

I present Chapter 1 of Pokémon Journey: Kanto!

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Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Welcome. This is a world inhabited not only by humans, but also by the mysterious and wonderful creatures known as pokémon. Roaming the land, swimming in the ocean, soaring through the skies, in towns and even in people's homes, pokémon can be found everywhere. In most cases, people and pokémon live together in harmony, helping each other and keeping each other company. Many people travel the world, befriending and capturing wild pokémon and battling with them against others like them in friendly competitions. These are the pokémon trainers. Be it in groups or alone with just their pokémon, most trainers travel across the many regions of the pokémon world, seeking to improve their skills by challenging the pokémon gyms in the towns and cities they visit and aim to participate in the prestigious pokémon leagues that each region hosts. This particular story starts in the small town of Pallet in the Kanto region...

Pallet Town, Kanto

7:45am, 1st April 2005

The magnificent spring sun beat down upon the town of Pallet in the south of Kanto. Only a few wispy clouds could be seen as the early birds among the town's population started appearing outside their houses. A large flock of the tiny bird pokémon, pidgey, soared overhead in the direction of the imposing Mt. Hideaway to the west. The mountain itself still bore some snow, the remnants of the winter, on its highest slopes. The town itself was mostly a deep green colour thanks to abundance of trees and flower gardens. There was a slight chill in the air, however - a reminder that it was not yet summer. The peace and quiet of the town was interrupted briefly as a ferry leaving Pallet's small port in the south sounded its whistle loudly as it set off to sea.

In the north eastern suburbs of the town, inside a rectangular, pale yellow coloured house, a ten year old boy was busily getting ready. He scratched his short, dark brown hair, cut the previous day, as he stared at the clothes he'd laid out on his bed. He frowned as he attempted to decide what he should wear. His blue eyes showed his irritation at being unable to make a decision.

"James!" he heard his mother call to him. "Are you ready for breakfast yet?"

"Just a minute!" he called back. This wasn't something that he could rush. Today was the day that he, James Burton, would receive his first pokémon. He needed to think carefully about everything.

"You're still not dressed yet?" his younger brother, Tom, asked as he poked his head round the door.

"No," James replied, shaking his head.

"Why don't you just wear your favourite clothes?" Tom asked.

"They're not really smart enough," James replied with a sigh.

"Then how about a shirt and tie?"

"That's a little too smart."

"I didn't think that pokémon trainers needed to dress smartly," Will, the middle brother, appeared in the doorway and joined the conversation. "Why don't you wear the clothes Grandma got you for your birthday?"

James thought for a second. "Alright," he nodded, grabbing the mustard yellow T-shirt and the pair of dark blue jeans from the pile. "What about a jumper though?"

"Do you need one?" Will asked.

"It's still only April," James replied, giving him a look. "Or were you hoping that I'd die from hypothermia?"

"How about this one?" Tom picked up an unzipped and slightly faded red jacket. "This is Dad's old one, so it doesn't matter if you ruin it."

"I won't ruin it!" James snapped, snatching the jacket from his hands. "I'm getting changed now, so both of you leave!"

"James!" their mother called again.

"Got it!" James called back as Will and Tom trooped out of the room and went downstairs. He quickly pulled on his clothes and hurried downstairs to join them.

"You need to be at the lab for 9 o'clock, right?" James's mum, Elizabeth, checked with him as he sat down and took a bite out of his bacon and egg sandwich. He quickly swallowed the mouthful.

"That's right," he nodded. "What time is it now?"

"Eight," Elizabeth replied. "It's better to get there earlier rather than later, so I think you should set off as soon as you're done eating."

"Alright," James nodded.

"Morning, everyone!" James's dad, Patrick, grinned as he came into the kitchen.

"Morning!" everyone else called back as he sat down at the dinner table. In James's home, the dining room and kitchen were both in a single, long room which ran from the front of the house to the back. The front third was the kitchen, with doors both to the front hall and outside, while the dining room made up the remaining two thirds. A line of counters marked the dividing line between the two, which a gap on one side to allow movement between the two sections.

"How are you feeling this morning?" Patrick asked James.

"Nervous," James admitted."But excited at the same time."

"That's to be expected!" Patrick laughed, patting him on the shoulder. "I look forward to meeting your first pokémon when I get back from work."

"Sure," James nodded. He stood up as he finished his breakfast and took his plate over to the dishwasher. "I'll be back as soon as I'm done at the lab!" he called to Elizabeth.

"Alright!" Elizabeth smiled back at him. "Good luck!"

"Thanks!" James grinned back before setting off for the pokémon lab.

8:49am, 1st April 2005

"Looks like you finally showed up!"

James let out an exasperated sigh as he walked up the steps to the lab entrance. "I'm still just as early as you Dean!" he replied loudly.

Dean Pickering, a slightly skinnier boy than James, had dark brown eyes and lightish brown hair, cut short like James's. He was wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of light grey shorts which reached to just under his knees. He also had a backpack on his back.

"I'm surprised you actually showed up in the end!" Dean laughed. "Everyone knows that you're only getting a pokémon because everyone else is!"

"And?" James replied coldly. "Even if I'm only going to be a casual trainer, I'll still be able to beat you."

James and Dean had known each other since James had first moved to Pallet Town and started school there. They'd once been friends. Rather childishly, however, an intense rivalry had begun between them when they both developed a crush on the same girl. The rivalry had continued, maybe even intensified, even after the girl had moved away to another region.

"I'll believe it when I see it!" Dean laughed mockingly.

Just as James was about to respond, they heard the door open. An ageing man in his fifties with grey hair and a lab coat emerged.

"I thought I heard the two of you out here," he smiled at them. "Come on in, James, Dean," he gestured to the door behind him.

"Thanks, Professor Oak," James replied, following him in. Professor Oak was one of the leading figures in pokémon research, renowned worldwide. He was popularly known as the 'Pokémon Professor'.

"So, where are the pokémon?" Dean asked as they passed a room full of electrical machines which two of Oak's assistants were working with.

"Just through here," Oak replied, leaving them into a well-lit room at the centre of which stood a small coffee table and two sofas either side of it. Atop the table were three balls. The top halves of these balls were red and the bottom halves were white. At the dividing line between the two halves, there were small buttons. "These are poké balls," Oak explained, gently scooping up the first one.

"We know what poké balls are, Professor," James pointed out to him.

"Yeah." Dean nodded. "They're used to catch and store pokémon. One of the starter pokémon is in that one, right?"

"That's right." Oak nodded. "This one is the grass type pokémon, bulbasaur." He clicked the button on the front of the poké ball and it popped open. A glowing lump of energy shining a bright blue colour burst out of the ball. It reshaped itself as it reached the floor. There was a burst of sparks and a small, four-legged pokémon with a bluish green body, red eyes and a large green bulb on its back appeared.

It cried out briefly, looking around before noticing the new trainers and standing to attention.

"Cool!" James grinned. "Nice to meet you, Bulbasaur!" He patted the bulbasaur on the head.

"This next one is charmander, the fire type pokémon." Oak continued, picking up the next poké ball. "You should be a little more cautious with this one," he added as the ball of energy burst out of the poké ball and reshaped itself.

Charmander, an orange biped lizard with a rounded head and a flame on the tip of its tail, also looked around before standing to attention.

"This one's really awesome as well!" James sighed. "I don't know which to pick!"

"Why don't you wait until after you've seen the third pokémon before making the decision?" Dean asked, shaking his head. "I worry about you sometimes, James," he added with a fake pitying look.

"Hey! At least I'm expressing an interest!" James snapped in response.

The bulbasaur and charmander shared a worried look as Oak released the third pokémon. "This one is the water pokémon, squirtle," he explained as a small biped turtle with a light blue body and a brown shell appeared. "So, which one will each of you choose as your first partner?"

James and Dean both looked intently between the three pokémon. Dean spoke first.

"I choose the squirtle as my starter," he said to Oak.

"A fine choice," Oak replied, handing him the squirtle's poké ball. "Make sure to take good care of him."

"I will." Dean nodded. "Thanks, Professor."

"How about you, James?" Oak asked him. "If you wanted a squirtle as well, then that's no problem."

"It's fine," James replied. "I think I've decided," he walked over and patted the charmander on the head. "I'll choose the charmander."

"Another excellent choice," Oak remarked with a smile. "Though make sure that you take care when handling him," he handed James the charmander's poké ball.

"Great." James grinned. "I think I'll nickname you 'Charka'. How does that sound?"

Charka gave an eager nod in response.

"Sorry to leave you, Bulbasaur," James said sadly, looking down at the one remaining pokémon.

The bulbasaur gave a shrug in response before he was recalled to his poké ball by Oak.

"Before I forget," he said, "here are your trainer cards." He handed each of them a card containing their trainer data. "Take good care of it - you'll need that to enter any official competitions and get free treatment for your pokémon at pokémon centres."

"Alright!" Dean grinned as he recalled Squirtle to his poké ball. "James, we're battling!"

"Sure!" James grinned determinedly back. "I'll prove to you that I can still beat you as a casual trainer!"

"We'll see about that!" Dean laughed.

"I'll act as your referee," Oak said. "Come this way."

James quickly recalled Charka and the three of them walked out to the back of the lab. James and Dean took position opposite each other on the grass while Oak stood at the side halfway between the two.

"This is awesome!" Dean grinned. "I'm finally going to fight my first pokémon battle!"

"Hey! It's my first battle as well!" James reminded him.

"Shame that you're going to lose it!" Dean taunted.

"This is going to be a one-on-one battle between Dean Pickering and James Burton!" Oak announced. "The battle will be over when one side's pokémon is unable to battle! When you're ready!"

"Go, Squirtle!" Dean called, throwing out his poké ball.

Squirtle burst out of the ball and landed softly on the grass.

"Go, Charka!" James called as he threw Charka's ball out as well.

Charka cried out eagerly as he burst out of the ball and landed softly on the ground. The two pokémon stared at each other as they waited for their first orders.

"Use Tackle!" Dean shouted, breaking the standoff.

Squirtle nodded and started charging towards Charka, preparing to slam into him.

"Use Growl!" James called, remembering that Growl, one of a charmander's starting moves, would lower Squirtle's attacking power.

Charka growled as Squirtle approached, his feet thudding quietly on the ground.

Squirtle only seemed slightly fazed by Charka's growling and smashed into him regardless, sending the lizard pokémon flying back.

"Are you alright, Charka?" James called as Charka landed on his back with a thud.

Charka quickly pulled himself to his feet and gave James a reassuring nod.

"Alright, use Scratch!" James ordered. Growl may have slightly lowered the effectiveness of Squirtle's moves, but they wouldn't get anywhere if they didn't go on the offensive and deal damage of their own.

Charka raised his right hand. His claws glinted in the sunlight as he started charging towards Squirtle.

"Dodge it!" Dean ordered.

Squirtle waited until Charka was almost on top of him before diving to one side. He rolled in the air, causing him to land on his shell. The momentum led to the shell tipping down and sending him up into the air again, where he righted himself and landed softly on his feet.

"Now use Tail Whip!" Dean immediately called while James and Charka were still stunned by the dodge.

Squirtle jumped around and started wagging his tail cutely at Charka.

"And now use Tackle!" Dean shouted.

Squirtle jumped around again and shot towards Charka.

"Quick-" James began to try and give Charka an order, but it was already too late. Charka cried in pain as he was hit and thrown back.

"Looks like this battle's more or less mine!" Dean laughed as Charka pulled himself back to his feet.

"Use Scratch!" James called to Charka.

Charka nodded and charged forwards, his claw raised once again.

"Dodge it." Dean instructed Squirtle dismissively.

Squirtle jumped to one side again, though he didn't repeat his elaborate performance from the previous attack.

"Use Scratch again!" James ordered, fearing another counter attack from Squirtle.

Charka halted and turned before lunging towards Squirtle again.

"Dodge it again." Dean repeated his previous order.

Squirtle took a quick dive to the side, but this time Charka had anticipated him. Jerking himself to the left, he just managed to swipe at the side of Squirtle's face. It wasn't a particularly damaging blow, but suffering damage for the first time momentarily stunned him.

"Again!" James yelled.

Charka re-balanced himself and lunged for Squirtle again, this time hitting him with a far more solid swipe. Squirtle stumbled backwards, very nearly falling onto his back.

"And again!" James called. If he could just press his advantage, then…

"Dodge it!" Dean shouted as Charka started charging again. "Use Tackle," he added as Squirtle spun on one leg to move out of the way of the charmander's attack.

Squirtle immediately propelled himself into Charka's exposed flank and knocked him down.

"Use Scratch!" James called.

Charka swiped at Squirtle's legs, catching both him and Dean off guard.

"Are you alright, Squirtle?" Dean called as Squirtle dropped to one knee and Charka pulled himself to his feet.

Squirtle pulled himself back to his feet as well and gave Dean a reassuring nod.

"Use Tackle!" Dean immediately shouted.

Squirtle charged towards Charka again, striking him in the chest and knocking him back again, though he remained on his feet. He was clearly flagging, however. His body was covered in bruises from Squirtle's attacks and he was breathing heavily. At that moment, however, the flame on his tail suddenly flared up and grew far larger.

"Charmander's Blaze ability," Oak murmured.

Charka shouted loudly. He suddenly fired a blast of fiery embers towards Squirtle, catching him off guard and hitting him directly.

Squirtle cried in pain before collapsing backwards.

"Squirtle is unable to battle, so the winner is Charmander!" Oak announced. "The winner of this match is James!"

"No way!" Dean protested. "How? I was winning!"

"Charmander has an ability called Blaze," Oak explained. "When its health runs low, it causes its fire type moves to become more powerful."

"Your charmander doesn't know any fire type moves! You must have cheated!" Dean shouted.

"Now, now, Dean!" Oak called. "I agree that James was incredibly lucky, but he won fair and square!"

"I won't forget this, James!" Dean growled, ignoring Oak. He recalled Squirtle and started walking away. "I'll defeat you next time! Then you'll be sorry!"

"Stop being such a sore loser!" James yelled after him.

"Don't make the situation any worse, James," Oak sighed as Dean disappeared from sight.

"Great work, Charka," James knelt down to pat Charka on the head.

Charka gave him a cheerful, but weary response.

"Anyway, congratulations on your victory, James," Oak said. "It looks like your Charka has learnt how to use Ember as well."

"Thanks, Professor," James replied with a grin as he recalled Charka to his poké ball.

"That reminds me," Oak suddenly exclaimed. "Can I ask you to do me a favour?"

"What do you need me to do?" James asked.

"There was supposed to be a third new trainer coming here to pick up her first pokémon," Oak explained. "However, her parents called earlier to tell me that she couldn't make it here. So I'd like you to take the bulbasaur from earlier and deliver it to her."

"That shouldn't be a problem," James replied. "Where does she live?"

"Viridian City," Oak replied. "Just at the other end of Route 1. It's no more than a days's hike away."

"That's fine." James nodded. "An adventure like that could be fun!"

"Glad to hear it." Oak smiled. "Her name is Livvi Weston," he explained he handed him the bulbasaur's poké ball and a trainer card.

"Got it." James nodded again. "I'll get Bulbasaur there as quickly as I can!"

"Good luck!" Oak smiled as James set off back towards home.

9:10am, 1st April 2005

"So much for you not going on a journey like the others!" Elizabeth laughed.

"It's only to the next town," James replied with a sigh. "It's nothing to get excited about."

"Even so, it'll be an overnight trip," Patrick pointed out. "I'll get some kit together for you."

"I won't be gone that long!" James protested.

Charka nodded from James's shoulder. They both let out a sigh as James's parents started rushing around gathering the things they thought he'd need.

"Just remember that every moment you waste packing something I won't need means I'll set off later!" James called. Maybe they'd secretly been hoping for something like this. Maybe it was them who'd organised this whole delivery! As the possibility flashed through his mind, James heard the doorbell ring.

"Hello?" he said as he opened it.

"Hello, James! I'm glad to see you haven't left yet!" It was Professor Oak. He seemed out of breath, like he'd just been in a hurry to get somewhere.

"Hello, Professor!" Elizabeth greeted him. "What brings you here today?"

"I forgot to give you your Pokédex," Oak explained. He handed three small, handheld electronic devices to James.

"The Pokédex?" James looked down at the three devices in confusion.

"It's a high-tech encyclopaedia," Oak explained. "If you point it at a pokémon, then it'll give you the information we know about that particular species. It's really useful."

"Why are there three of them?" Elizabeth asked.

"I want James to deliver the other two to Livvi and Dean," Oak explained. "I'm sorry to saddle you with this extra work."

"Don't worry about it," James replied with a smile. "I'm already heading up to Viridian City, so it's not extra work."

"Thank you again." Oak smiled. "Farewell and have a good trip!"

"Thanks!" James called as Oak turned and left.

"See you again, Professor!" Elizabeth called.

"Professor Oak was here?" Patrick said in surprise, coming back into the hallway laden with, among other things, a tent, a sleeping bag and a box of plasters.

"He just left," Elizabeth replied, adding some tinned food to the pile as Patrick grabbed a large backpack and started to pack things into it.

"What did he want?" he asked.

"He forgot to give me my Pokédex," James replied. "He also asked me to deliver Livvi and Dean's to them as well."

"Looks like you're going to need all this stuff after all!" Patrick grinned as he finished packing the bag.

"I won't," James replied as he picked up the bag and put it on his back. "But thanks, Dad."

"No problem," Patrick replied. "Make sure you keep your trainer card handy - it'll get you a discount in Poké Marts."

"Will do," James sighed as he recalled Charka to his poké ball.

"Take care, James," Elizabeth smiled. "Make sure you call every now and again."

"I'm only going to Viridian City!" James cried exasperatedly. "Anyway, I'm heading off now. See you later!"

"Bye, James!" Patrick and Elizabeth called as he walked out of the house and set off towards Route 1, the main road leading towards Viridian City.

Route 1, Kanto

10:06am, 1st April 2005

A cool breeze blew into James's face as he walked along one of the dirt tracks through the unkempt fields and woodland of Route 1. The head of a wild pokémon would occasionally pop out of the grass, peering out curiously at him before disappearing the moment he glanced back. The only plainly visible pokémon were the flocks of pidgey which flew overhead, occasionally stopping to forage for food.

Ahead, the path forked. The path on the left led downhill to the west in the direction of the port of Terracotta Town. The one on the right continued north towards Viridian City. As he started following the north path, it suddenly struck him that Charka and Bulbasaur may want to enjoy the fresh air as well. He pulled out the two poké balls and released the pokémon.

They both looked around as they emerged from the poké balls.

"Did you guys want to walk with me?" James asked.

Charka and Bulbasaur both nodded eagerly and started walking alongside him. The terrain started to turn to thick woodland as they left the hilltop.

"Are you guys hungry?" James asked, spotting a pecha berry tree ahead. Both pokémon nodded in response. "Alright, you wait down," James said as he dropped his bag at the foot of the tree. It was tiring carrying it for so long. He quickly found a grip on the tree trunk and started climbing. As he reached the top of the tree, he took a moment to look out at the view. He could just about make out the buildings that made up the southern outskirts of Viridian City on the horizon. He still had a long way to go, but he was getting there.

Returning to the task at hand, James started picking some pecha berries, gingerly pulling them from the branches to avoid squashing the tender fruit. He gathered up nine Pecha berries, carefully placing them in the pockets of his jacket. As he slowly climbed back down to the ground, he glanced down. Bulbasaur was dozing in the shade of the tree, but he couldn't see Charka anywhere.

"Hey, Bulbasaur!" James called out as he dropped back down.

Bulbasaur cried out in surprise, waking with a start.

"Sorry!" James apologised, offering him a pecha berry. "Do you know where Charka is?"

Bulbasaur responded with a shrug as he chewed on his pecha berry. He didn't know.

"I see," James sighed. He looked around worriedly for a couple of seconds before picking up his bag. "Come on, Bulbasaur, we need to find Charka!"

Bulbasaur gave an irritated grunt as he pulled himself to his feet and started chasing after James.

It didn't take them long to find Charka. Growing impatient while waiting for James to collect the pecha berries, he'd wandered off into the woods and found a mago berry tree. He'd climbed it and was perched precariously on a flimsy-looking branch when James and Bulbasaur caught up with him.

"Charka!" James shouted to him. "Get down from there!"

Charka pointed out an attractive bunch of pink mago berries just out of his reach.

"Be careful!" James shouted, suddenly realising that the branch hung over the edge of a nearby river.

Charka reached out to grab the berries. There was a loud crack as the branch snapped and toppled down into the river, taking Charka down with it.

"Charka!" James yelled in alarm. Dropping his bag, he sprinted to the river bank. He was about to dive in when Bulbasaur skidded to a halt next to him and extended a pair of slender green vines from under his bulb. They wrapped themselves around the struggling Charka and pulled him to the surface.

"Are you alright, Charka?" James cried as Bulbasaur lowered the charmander to the ground.

Charka responded with a weak cry. He was soaked and shivering, and the flame on the tip of his tail had become much smaller.

"Not good," James murmured, glancing around desperately. He quickly returned Charka to his poké ball and started running towards Viridian City.

Bulbasaur called out to him as he caught up.

"We need to get Charka to the pokémon centre!" James called, glancing back. His eyes widened in surprise. As well as keeping up with him, Bulbasaur had also picked up James's bag with his vines. "Thanks, Bulbasaur!"

Bulbasaur grinned back.

The two of them were interrupted by a cry. All of a sudden a pidgey shot down from above and seized the bag in its claws.

"Not now!" James shouted desperately. He stopped and spun round in time to see Bulbasaur, still grasping the bag with his vines, fire himself into the air slam into the pidgey from below.

The pidgey was flung back and, with a spooked cry, flew off into the woods again.

"Great work, Bulbasaur!" James smiled, stopping for a moment to take the bag back from Bulbasaur before tearing off towards Viridian City again.

Bulbasaur grinned back as he raced alongside him.

Viridian City, Kanto

4:31pm, 1st April 2005

James and Bulbasaur were both flaked out on a sofa in the trainers' lounge in the Viridian City pokémon centre. The large room was full of sofas, armchairs and coffee tables, though there were surprisingly few other trainers in there. A pair of older boys were discussing battle strategies on a sofa nearby, while a lone girl and her pidgey were sat on an armchair on the other side of the room. One was reading a book. The other seemed to be asleep.

Charka's condition had worsened slightly by the time they'd arrived at the pokémon centre, but the nurses had acted quickly. He was still resting, though James was expecting to be called to retrieve him soon. Bulbasaur had insisted on staying with them until he was sure that Charka was alright, although James had offered to take him to Livvi while he waited.

"Hey, Bulbasaur," James said suddenly, looking down at him.

Bulbasaur opened his eyes sleepily.

"Back when you saved Charka, that move you used was Vine Whip, right?"

Bulbasaur nodded.

"Thanks for learning it to save Charka." James smiled gratefully. "I don't know what we'd have done without you."

Bulbasaur smiled back.

"Still," James sighed. "I wonder what your trainer will say."

Bulbasaur shrugged.

"I guess you're right." James nodded. "There's no point in worrying about that yet."

Bulbasaur nodded. They lapsed into silence for a few minutes.

"That bulbasaur is really cute." James heard a girl's voice to his left. "Is it yours?"

He looked round. A girl about his age wearing a pair of blue jeans and a thick, pink hoodie over a light yellow T-shirt was looking at him. She had kind brown eyes and chestnut hair, which was tied back in a ponytail, though a couple of loose strands hung down over her forehead.

"Actually he's not mine," James replied quickly, pulling himself to his feet. "I'm delivering him to another starting trainer."

"Huh?" A look of realisation passed across the girl's face. "Are you James Burton by any chance?"

"Th-That's right," James replied in confusion.

"I'm Livvi Weston!" the girl introduced herself. "I'm the new trainer Professor Oak sent you to find!"

"You are?!" James quickly offered his hand. "Nice to meet you. Sorry I haven't been able to deliver Bulbasaur to you yet."

"It's not a problem," Livvi replied, shaking his hand. She looked down at Bulbasaur again. "Nice to meet you, Bulbasaur. I'm your new trainer."

Bulbasaur greeted her cheerfully.

"Are you okay with the nickname 'Barru'?" Livvi asked, patting him on the head.

Barru nodded.

"You already had a nickname planned?" James said as he handed her Barru's poké ball, her trainer card and her Pokédex.

"Yeah." Livvi nodded. "There was an amazing pokémon trainer who I met when I was little and she had a bulbasaur named Barru."

"So you're just copying it?" James frowned slightly.

"What did you nickname your starter then?" Livvi demanded. She glanced around. "Where is your starter anyway?"

"Well..." James was about to start explaining the situation when he noticed one of the nurses appear in the doorway.

"James Burton?" she called. "Your charmander is ready to be picked up!"

"Thanks!" James called back.

"A charmander, eh?" Livvi said as he picked up his bag. "I hear they're supposed to be a handful to raise."

"More than you think," James replied with a sigh. He walked out into the lobby and went to the reception desk.

"So what happened?" Livvi asked, following him.

"He fell into a river on the way up Route 1," James replied, handing his trainer card to the receptionist, who checked it before handing it back alongside Charka's poké ball.

"Take care now," she said sternly. "Make sure to keep a close eye on him when you're near a river."

"I will." James nodded. "Thank you for taking care of Charka."

"It's no problem - it's what we're here for," the receptionist replied.

"Is he okay?" Livvi asked as James turned away from the counter.

"Should be." James nodded. He released Charka from his poké ball.

Charka cried energetically as he burst out.

"Are you feeling better, Charka?" James asked.

Charka nodded apologetically.

"Great!" James grinned, patting him on the head.

"So, James," Livvi began as he stood up again. "Are you busy now?"

"Not really," James replied. It was starting to get late, so he didn't want to set off after Dean yet. "Why? Did you need something?" he asked Livvi.

"Well," Livvi began. "It's just that I told my parents that I'd invite you over for dinner to thank you for bringing Barru to me."

"Huh?" James said in surprise. He scratched his cheek. "Well, I don't mind coming over..."

"Awesome!" Livvi beamed, grabbing his arm. "Come on, I'll take you there!"

She led James out of the pokémon centre. Behind them, Charka and Barru shared bewildered looks before hurrying after their new trainers.

I should probably add at this point that all events depicted in this story are fictitious, though some of them may have been heavily based on anything funny or interesting that has happened around me.

I'm really excited that I finally finished rewriting Chapters 1-5 (it only took me three months more than I was originally planning). I'm hoping all the changes and improvements will come as a pleasant surprise to any previous readers. If this is your first visit to Pokémon Journey: Kanto, then you're fortunate enough to have avoided the original Chapter 1, which wasn't exactly the finest example of my writing.

As well as making the chapter longer, I've given much more time to description and given James and Dean more background information that wasn't present in the original version.

Anyway, the story may have finished its run, but any comments are still appreciated.

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James's Team:


Charka (Charmander): male, naïve, often scatters things, likes sweet food, fire type, Blaze ability, known moves are Scratch, Growl and Ember.

Livvi's Team:


Barru (Bulbasaur): male, timid, highly persistent, likes sweet food, grass-poison type, Overgrow ability, known moves are Tackle, Growl and Vine Whip.