Summary: [Jamie x Jack, somewhat chronological drabbles] At 17 years old and about to go to college, Jamie was no longer a child. But that didn't stop Jack from stopping by his window, fearing the day his first believer would no longer believe.

A/N: OMG just saw the movie and I'm already obsessed with Jack. The explosion of fanart/fanfic ideas swirling around in my head is more than I can take lol…I started writing these drabbles literally right after I saw the movie! Hope you enjoy!

Oh and please let me know of any inaccuracies, I'm sure there's a few…like, not sure if I got Jamie's eye color right.

Edit: likhitata kindly pointed out that Jamie's eyes are I fixed that in this chapter. There might be some other incorrect references though, please let me know if you spot any!

One - Reunion

He knew he wasn't supposed to be favoring one child like this. He was now a Guardian after all, and that entailed watching over and protecting ALL the children of the world. But honestly, was anyone going to blame him for visiting the one boy who had essentially saved them all? Even if it was almost every week.

Jack smirked slightly as he perched in his usual tree. He was certainly an official Guardian now, but that didn't mean he had to follow all the rules to the letter. Besides, as North had explained, they were more like guidelines anyway.

His thoughts were interrupted as the light inside the house turned on, revealing the boy he had come to see. It had been seven years since the fiasco with Pitch Black, and although he had seen Jamie only just last week, Jack felt a small pang as he watched the now 17 year old walk into his room. Jamie really wasn't a boy anymore - but what warmed Jack's heart was seeing the small stuffed figure of himself, propped up against Jamie's headboard. It was clear he still believed.

Ice blue eyes watched as Jamie went through his usual routine, greeting his Jack Frost figure as if he were really there. Having watched the teenager many times, Jack knew the boy's friends thought him strange for the ritual, but to him, it was a comforting thing to see. North had warned him of the inevitability of the children's sparks of belief fading out once they grew up. Jack hadn't wanted to believe it. He'd argued that at least the children who'd actually seen them would continue to believe, right?

Then three years ago, Cupcake had stopped believing. It wasn't soon after that the rest of Jamie's friends followed, which was when Jack had started visiting Jamie more and more, fearful of the day the boy would stop believing too. He knew he was only being sentimental since after all, most children did believe in him now. But Jamie had been the first child to see him, so how could he let go of that?

Jack shook his head, not wanting to think of such things. He focused again on the window in front of him, watching Jamie now talking heatedly on the phone. He frowned slightly, wondering what it was about - for the past few days, the teen was on the phone a lot, and it never seemed to end well.

Sure enough, after a few minutes of yelling the boy slammed his phone shut and tossed it onto his bed. He ran both hands through his dark brown hair, eyes shut tight in frustration.

It was getting late, and Jack knew he was supposed to have started his rounds by now. As a Guardian that wasn't attached to a specific time of the day or year, he'd been tasked with a more general sense of guardianship, simply watching over the children wherever he happened to be in the world. Still, he hated leaving Jamie so upset, so the minute the boy turned around, he leant forward and gently touched the tip of his staff to the glass.

The pale haired Guardian turned and jumped into the air, unaware of chocolate brown eyes now staring out the window.

Unfortunately, the next time Jack was able to visit was far too long for his tastes. Some of Pitch Black's nightmares had gotten a little out of control, and although the Boogieman was nowhere near as powerful as he had managed to get years ago, it had required a few of the guardians to take care of. Jack, being the most effective against Pitch's darkness, had of course volunteered to go.

It had taken longer than anyone expected to clean up; although Pitch himself was easily defeated, many of his nightmares persistently clung to their hosts, and the Guardians stayed for several more weeks afterwards, hoping their presence and occasional "accidental" sightings finally chased away the last of the fear. Then, North just had to take that opportunity to gently remind Jack of his duties to ALL the world's children, and he had been guilt tripped into staying a bit longer in that half of the world. It wasn't even winter in Australia...

By the time he returned, a whole year had passed. Hoping nothing drastic had happened while he was away like moving out, Jack silently alighted onto his tree perch, waiting for Jamie's room light to turn on.

He breathed a sigh of relief as the room finally filled with light, revealing the familiar brown haired teen. Immediately a frown crossed his face as he noticed Jamie's expression - the boy was definitely in low spirits. It seemed even after a year, whatever problems he'd been having hadn't gone away.

Jack quickly jumped to a higher branch as Jamie walked to his window, out of the teen's line of sight. He knew North would hardly care if he allowed Jamie to see him even if he was no longer a child, but he still feared the teenager would no longer be able to see him. He knew he'd have to find out eventually, but it wouldn't be tonight. Leaning forward, he was able to watch as Jamie opened his window, leaning out as if expecting to see someone.

A brief hope flashed through Jack's mind, only to be immediately squashed. There was no way he had noticed...


Jack's ears pricked as he picked up the soft muttered curse. Curiosity burned at him - why was Jamie so upset?

Silent as an owl, Jack slowly climbed down the tree until he hung from his original perch. By now Jamie had turned his back on the window to lean against the window sill, although he had left it open. Jack watched, becoming more and more confused as the teen simply stood there, head bowed with his back to the cold, open air.

Curiosity began to morph into concern, as half an hour passed, and Jamie still hadn't moved. Despite his namesake, Jack didn't want the boy to become too cold, lest he become sick. Maybe if Jamie felt a sudden chill, he would shut his window and return to the warmth of his home. Creeping forward, Jack slowly reached forward with his staff, intending to touch just the very tip against Jamie's back.

What he didn't expect was for the teen to suddenly whirl around, grab at his staff, and yank hard.