A/N: I know that Jack is no longer a normal human, but I'm assuming his body still functions like one. Specifically, I'm assuming he still has a body temperature (though much lower than normal), and thus is still able to blush. Which he does a lot of in this chapter :3 Also, I haven't skated since elementary school, but I tried to include stuff that seemed like common sense to me.

Skating Lessons

Jack was starting to become mildly disgusted with himself. He'd pondered and agonized over that stupid kiss so much that it was beginning to drive him insane, and when the spirit in control of winter started to get a few screws loose in the head, things were not going to end well.

The young Guardian took a deep breath, managing to keep himself from dumping a crap ton of snow over the city currently in front of him. There was no need to take his frustrations out on innocent bystanders.

Though one bystander in particular wasn't innocent at all. In fact, he wasn't even a bystander, since this whole mess was Jamie's fault in the first place. How dare he do something like that, then not even remember it? That just wasn't fair!

He groaned, then decided he needed to end this. Even Bunny had roughly shown concern for his distracted state, though of course it was expressed under the guise of several taunts about losing his touch. Then of course Tooth had to join in, and between the two of them they'd managed to get at least a general idea of what was troubling him. He'd barely managed to escape before they'd forced out just who was the cause.

Cheeks flushing at the memory, Jack flew down towards Jamie's window, determined to bring IT up, once and for all. He conveniently forgot the fact that he'd told himself the same thing every day for the past week.

Spotting the open window, the young Guardian rushed through without even waiting for a greeting. "Jamie! I need to ask you something - huh?"

The brunette turned around, a wide smile barely visible under the thick fluffy scarf. "Hey Jack! Just in time, I was afraid you weren't going to show up!"

Jack felt his previous resolve already slipping as his confusion took over. "Are you going out somewhere? Yesterday you said you had to study..."

"Yeah, but we haven't done anything in so long, and my exam tomorrow is for an easy class anyway. Come on, I saw a lake past the South Quad, and it's frozen completely solid! Let's go check it out!" The brunette eagerly brandished a pair of ice skates.

Immediately, Jack felt a twinge of pain at the sight of the skates. He'd never actually told Jamie what had happened in his past life. It had never really come up, and to be honest, Jack wasn't sure he ever wanted to bring it up - the battle with Pitch had certainly allowed closure for some things, but not all...

Realizing what his silence could have been interpreted as, Jack quickly shook himself out of his thoughts and opened his mouth to respond. Before he could get a word in however, he was cut off by Jamie's remorseful tone. "I know I've been kind of moping a lot lately and I'm really sorry I brushed you off so many times. I shouldn't have done that, no matter how depressed I got. And...well, I guess I'm saying I miss just hanging out, you know?"

Jack couldn't help but smile at the puppy dog look on Jamie's face. How could he say no to that? "Well come on then, what are you waiting for?"

Fifteen minutes later found them standing in front of the aforementioned lake, with one boy laughing loudly as he continued to slip and fall, the other lingering at the edge clutching tightly at his staff. Jack hadn't thought it would affect him this much to see someone close to him skating on a lake again. Yet here he was, focusing everything in his being at keeping the lake's surface frozen by at least several feet, despite the fact that the few inches already frozen were more than sufficient.

"Jack! What's wrong, don't you want to try?" A sudden look of understanding came across Jamie's face, followed by a grimace. "Oh, well I guess it wouldn't be that exciting for you, being able to fly and all."

Despite his misgivings, Jack didn't like the suddenly discouraged look on Jamie's face. He realized the brunette must have really been trying to make things up to him for him to show such disappointment. With a quick shake of his head, he stopped focusing on the lake and floated over to his friend, currently sprawled out on the ice from yet another fall.

"You're not very good at this, are you?" Jack commented, amused as he helped Jamie up.

"Yeah, this is only my third time in my entire life." Jamie explained, wobbling in place. "These are my friend's skates too, and his feet are definitely bigger than mine by at least two si-whoaa!" He yelped as he began to tip over again.

Without even thinking, Jack rushed forward to catch the falling body, snaking his arms under Jamie's while supporting his back against his chest. By the time he managed to steady the brunette, the winter spirit realized their faces were extremely close.

His immediate instinct was to back away, however doing so would probably cause Jamie to lose his balance again. Instead, the young Guardian had to settle for fiercely fighting down the blush rising in his cheeks while mentally cursing the slight waver in his voice. "Y-you need to straighten your feet out more. Here, like this."

Waiting until Jamie looked as if he wouldn't fall over again, Jack floated back a few inches with a quick sigh of relief before crouching down on the ice. Carefully, he maneuvered the brunette's feet and ankles until they were no longer in such a precarious configuration. As soon as they were positioned to his satisfaction, Jack quickly backed off, relieved that his face didn't feel quite so warm anymore.

"This is a lot harder than I thought it would be." Jamie grumbled.

Jack couldn't help but laugh at the look of intense concentration on the teen's face. "Try and hold your arms out and steady as you move. It'll help you balance." He advised.

As the young Guardian continued to teach his friend, he was surprised to find that his previous anxiety had all but disappeared. Then again, he was probably being silly for worrying. After all, he was the spirit of winter, and could easily sense any points of weakness in the ice. Plus, it was just too funny to watch the amount of flailing the brunette thought was necessary to stay balanced.

Even more amusing was that even after two hours, Jamie still couldn't skate across the lake without falling down. Jack couldn't help but tease him about his stunning lack of coordination, but promised they could definitely continue their impromptu skating lessons another day.

It wasn't until he was halfway across the world resuming his duties as the bringer of winter that he realized with consternation that he'd forgotten, yet again, to ask about that stupid kiss.

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