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Chapter notes: Sorry for any historical inaccuracies, history is NOT my strong point lol. If there are any incorrect facts, please let me know! The only reference used was this quickly googled article: listverse dot com /2011/07/14/top-10-important-events-in-us-history/

Edit: Okay, I fixed this from the original version, which basically ignored the fact that Apollo 11 was during the Cold War...lol thank you BexiLynn for pointing this out ^^;;

History Lessons

It had been an agonizing week for Jamie. Excruciatingly so, in fact. He didn't know what he'd say to Jack when he saw him again, especially considering the fact that there was no way the winter spirit had forgotten that kiss like he had. Which only brought forth even more questions - why hadn't he brought it up? But since he kept visiting afterwards, surely he was okay with it? Or maybe he hadn't brought it up because he didn't want to, and that meant he actually hadn't been okay with it?

Jamie shook his head, struggling to focus on the task at hand. Of course these thoughts always chose to strike at the most inopportune times, like in the middle of doing homework for one of his worst classes. But it had been an entire week since his memories returned, and yet he felt like he was no closer to sorting out his feelings than during that fateful walk home. But he needed to be calm and sure of himself when he brought this up to Jack so he wouldn't simply start babbling like a fool...

"Argh!" Jamie yelled out before plonking his head down against the desk. Staring so closely at the illegible scribblings of his failed history essay only served to aggravate his frustration even more. God he hated history, why did he even pick this class? Oh right, because he thought it would give good source material for writing fiction, but did they have to make it so incredibly dry and boring?

A quick tapping noise interrupted his thoughts, and Jamie turned his head to see his Guardian friend perched on the window sill, grinning his head off. The brunette quickly fought down the rising panic as he moved to open the window.

"J-Jack! Hey, I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow..."

The winter spirit raised an eyebrow before hopping into the room. "Busy tonight? Is that why you're beating your head against the desk?" The amused grin returned, this time accompanied by a glint of mischief in ice blue eyes.

Sensing what Jack was planning, Jamie laughed loudly while keeping a wary eye out for any magical snowballs suddenly aiming for his face. "Ahaha, no, it's just this stupid essay I'm stuck on..." Among other things...

Jack scrunched his face up in a grimace at the most hated word. "Another essay? These things are starting to sound worse than Pitch!"

"Oh they're much worse." Jamie muttered. He turned back to his desk, expecting the pale-haired Guardian to begin poking around his room, the usual reaction to when he was too busy with homework to play. Normally he would have regretted this missed chance to spend time with his friend, except he couldn't help but feel relieved that maybe he wouldn't have to bring that up tonight.

Just as he was about to starting writing again, the brunette yelped as he felt a sudden chill spreading over his right shoulder. Chocolate brown eyes widened as he realized Jack was currently floating over him, peering curiously at his half finished essay.

"So what are you writing about, then? Another Guardian story?"

Despite the cold that naturally came with the winter spirit's presence, Jamie felt his cheeks starting to flush. They weren't that close, but he was suddenly reminded of kissing those blue tinged lips which he could now clearly see. He found it ironic that the only thing he couldn't remember now was how the kiss had actually felt...

Jamie found himself watching, mesmerized, as Jack began to read his essay. The Guardian furrowed his eyebrows in concentration and his lips moved slightly as he mouthed some of the unfamiliar words aloud. The brunette couldn't help but notice the other boy's unusually long eyelashes, an observation that only made him blush even more.

Jack moved back as he finished reading, breaking the strange spell that seemed to have overcome him. "Well, that's an odd way to write about Manny, that's for sure." He commented, an amused smile on his face. "You got the date wrong though, it's 1969, not 68."

"O-oh, it's not supposed to be about the Man in the Moon...well I guess it is, but not as a Guardian. It's just a history essay about the space race..." Jamie trailed off as a thought occurred to him. "Wait, you're really old!" He suddenly exclaimed excitedly.

Jack winced at the seemingly random exclamation. "Hey, no need to remind me. Besides, you're the one who looks older than me anyway!"

"No no, I mean, you were there when it happened!"

"Well I wasn't there when they did it, it wasn't exactly winter in the US at that time-"

"But still! You had to have heard some things about it, it was such a major event that other countries had to have covered it in their news, and people would have talked about it forever even later in the year when you would have been back in the States-"

"Whoa, slow down Jamie!" Jack laughed at the desperate look the teen was currently giving him. "I can't help if you don't tell me what you're actually looking for!"

"Right right, sorry...but I'm just so bad at researching this kind of stuff, and I can't ever tell which article's actually being objective since most of the ones I'm finding are written by American authors. But since you were actually alive at the time, you could tell me just the pure facts!"

Jack shook his head in bemusement. He certainly hadn't expected to give a history lesson when he visited tonight, but after being bombarded by the shining hope practically emanating from his friend, how could he refuse?

An hour later found one tired but extremely happy brunette, and a slightly dry throated winter spirit.

"Wow, I don't think I've talked so much since...well, ever. And that's over 300 years I'm looking back on." Jack commented, voice slightly hoarse.

"Thaaaank yoou, you don't know how much you've saved me!" Jamie cried out, hugging the amused Guardian despite the chill. "If I didn't have enough to write about, I would have had to pick a different topic but it's way too late for that and I definitely wouldn't have finished in time..."

Maybe it was the sheer relief, happiness and adrenaline from finally completing his hated essay. Or maybe it was because Jack was currently standing directly in front of the lamp, creating a beautiful, almost ephemeral look to him. Thinking back, Jamie would never know why he did what he did, except that he probably wasn't thinking at all when he suddenly leaned forward and captured those slightly blue lips with his own.

Two pairs of eyes widened as both boys realized what had happened. Jack reacted first however, jumping out of Jamie's arms with a panicked look on his face. "Jamie, I...I..." The brunette could only watch, confused, as the winter spirit seemed to struggle with himself before giving him a look of pained devastation. "I'm so sorry..." He whispered before fleeing through the window.