by Satin Ragdoll

Spock dreams...

He is in the glade he has dreamed of before, when a small, furry rodent, apparently an Earth rabbit, barrels straight at him from the brush and freezes at his feet.

He reaches down to pick up the tiny creature when he hears a familiar voice, "Where are you? Come back here, you little... Spock! No, no, no! Don't pick it up! Awww..."

The creature regarded him with bright brown eyes before it twisted out of his hands and fell to the ground, taking off.

Spock turns to see the owner of the voice he heard, looking defeatedly at where the animal had disappeared back into the brush. She sagged, "Now I'll never get them back under control."

Spock quirked a brow. This was the woman he knew as Dolly, and others knew as Satin Ragdoll. She was a writer, who's words had apparently altered his reality to at least some degree. He addressed her, "Did I err in handling the creature, Dolly?"

Dolly sighed, "It's not your fault, Mr. Spock. You didn't know. But...plot bunnies are worse than tribbles, once they get picked up. First, they burrow. Then they multiply!" She groaned, rubbing her temple, as she walked away, "Oh, my head!"

As Spock watched her leave he noticed movement in the bushes as a furry head with bright eyes poked out to watch him. A little farther away in the brush he noticed another pair of eyes... and another...and another...

Fin! Fin! Please, Fin! Blast it, Spock, wake up!