Sleeping Beautiful

Chapter 1

Everybody knows the fairytale Sleeping beauty right but you don't know every single version of it and you think that every ending will be the same.

Somewhere remote

In Victorian England

When I was born my mother threw a party to celebrate the birth of her new daughter Alice Withelthorpe in our castle that had been in our family for several centuries.

One of the guests at my party was a very strange woman clad in black like a widow, she had a black cat and an array of bats with her and these eyes that were so red that they could be mistaken for bleeding. I don't remember this woman but my mother quite often told me about her, describing every little detail of her.

"Oh Alice, she wasn't invited to the party but she somehow just arrived in our castle" Mother would say.

I was looking in the mirror just after the servants had got me dressed one morning around my 16th birthday.

Then all of a sudden the mirror cracked and a lump of glass landed on my stomach, which then pierced right through my skin.