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On a cold, winter's night in Middleton, fresh snow fell from the heavens on Christmas Eve, the entire town covered in a blanket of white. Just like the classic song Bing Crosby sang, it was going to be a White Christmas.

But on this cold night, two very special families had joined together at the home of Kimberly and Ronald Stoppable, the Possible's and the Stoppable's. Gathered together in the living room, the older generation sat on the couch. Rufus, still alive despite his old age, was napping on Hana's lap, the eight year old stroking him as he slept. Kim was curled up in her husbands arms, smiling as their five year old children, Annabel and Dean, kept looking at the clock on the mantlepiece, next to a row of cherished family photos.

"Santa's not coming yet kids," Kim said, smiling at them. "Besides, he only visits when you're sleeping. You better go on up to bed or he won't stop by."

"Well, can we at least open our birthday presents early before we go to bed?" Annabel asked, utilising a full blown puppy dog pout, a secret weapon Kim used often herself. "Pwease?"

Her parents tried to resist the PDP but the 'Pwease' Annabel added broke their defenses.

"Argh, okay, knock it off! Just put that pout away!" Ron laughed, raising his hands in mock surrender. "Alright, you can open one birthday present, but only one! Deal?"

"DEAL!" The twins said in unison, laughing as they scrambled over to the tree and picking out a birthday present each, Ron leaning over to kiss his wife on the cheek.

"I so totally blame you for teaching her that," He whispered jokingly, a smirk on his face. "Boy is our daughter good because of you."

"Well, I could say the same to you for teaching Dean how to use his ninja skills to get to the cookie jar on top of the fridge," Kim countered with her own smirk, giggling as Ron tried to think of something to say back.


As their children picked out a present each, ones from their parents, and begun unwrapping. Annabel was delighted to have gotten a new doll to play with, while Dean got Pain King and Steel Toe action figures. As they hugged their parents, Kim noticed a slightly puzzled expression on Annabel's face.

"What is it sweetie?" Kim asked, gazing into her daughter's eyes. "Did we get you the wrong one?"

"No, it's not that," Annabel said, shaking her head. "It's just, I always wondered...well, why are our birthdays on Christmas day?"

"Ah, well there turns out to be a bon-diggity story to that," Ron said, remembering what was considered to be the most crazy and downright weirdest night of their lives. "You wanna hear it?"

"YEAH!" They said, scrambling over and huddling up to their father, Ron wrapping them into a comfortable hug.

"Alright then, you kid's comfy?" He asked, smiling when they nodded. "Okay then, now this story takes place five years ago. Your mother and I were coming back from visiting Brick and Monique in Silverton, while driving in one of the worst snow storms we had ever seen..."




An entry for Whitem's Third Annual Snow Daze Holiday Story Contest

-Chapter I-

Early Presents

Five Years Ago...

It was the night of Christmas Eve, snow falling thick and heavy while Ron drove the Sloth, concentrating on the road ahead while his wife sat in the passenger seat, gently rubbing the large bump on her abdomen. They were coming back home after visiting Brick and Monique's new home in Silverton, delighted by the news that they recently found out they were expecting their first child, Monique asking Kim and Ron to be Godparents to which they accepted the honor. Rufus wasn't with them at the time; he stayed behind in Middleton to help keep an eye on Hana, as he and Ron were the only ones capable of handling a toddler that was highly trained in the arts of ninjistu. Also, the Middleton Babysitter's Union refused outright to look after Hana, after several babysitter's had to go into therapy for not being able to handle what is now known as a 'Toddler Terror' event.

As they continued driving, the radio station they were tuned into was playing classical musical Christmas hits, Ron smiling when Kim started to sing along to MC Honey's 'Ho Ho Homie's Holiday Jingle', joining in with his wife. Although he couldn't sing as well as her, they had to admit that they sound pretty spankin' whenever they sang together.

Once they finished their little duet, Ron sighed when the snowfall started to get heavier, concentrating on the road. The wipers on the car barely able to keep the windscreen clear.

"Man, it's really startin' to come down hard, huh KP?" Ron said, squinting through the windshield. "We better find a place to stop until the weather clears up a bit."

"I think there's a truck stop not too far from here," Kim said, activating the Kimmunicator on her wrist and punching up interactive road map program. "Now let's see...according to GPS tracking, we are here and the only thing that looks close to shelter is...Jack's Stables."

"What, a stable?" Ron said, raising an eyebrow as he looked at his wife. "As in, horses sort of stable?"

"Well its not exactly one star accomodation but it'll have to do," Kim said, brushing a few strands of hair from her eyes. "And it's not like we have to stay in the actual stables, we'll ask the owner if we can wait inside his home for a bit until the weather cle...RON, WATCH OUT!"

Ron's eyes returned to the road and he gasped as a deer standing in the middle of the road came into view, entranced by the bright headlights and frozen in place. Hitting the brakes and twisting the wheel hard, they cried out in alarm as their car swerved, spinning out of control. Wrestling with the steering wheel, Ron frantically battled to regain control of the Sloth but the wheels had lost traction. The Sloth came to a halt when it careened into a snow drift, the windscreen cracking upon impact as the car lay on its side, the engine revving before dying out with a spluttering cough.

Rubbing his head, Ron groaned as the world span, fighting back the queazy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He didn't feel like he broken anything, which he counted himself lucky for. His thoughts sudden turned to Kim, turning his head to see his wife groaning weakly while a hand was clasped to her head, looking very disoriented and confused.

"Oh man, Kim! You okay?!" Ron asked, his voice heavy with concern, unclipping his seatbelt to check her for any injuries. "Are you hurt?!"

"Ron, I-I'm fine," Kim said shakily, smiling weakly as she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. "Just a little dizzy, that's all. Boy, that deer came out of nowhere, huh?"

"Kim, I-I'm so sorry," Ron frantically said, in a apologectic tone. "It's all my fault! I should'nt have taken my eyes off the road and..."

"Ron, chill," Kim said, leaning in to plant a kiss on his lips. "It was an accident and no one got hurt. Now I better call Wade, let him know what happened."

Hitting a button on the Kimmunicator, she waited until the screen was replaced with the image of a young adult Wade, still living most of his life in his house

"Hey Kim, how...wait, why's your hair hanging to the side?"

"Probably because the car is lying on it's side," Kim said quipped, registering the panic on his face. "Relax Wade, we're not hurt but the Sloth is out of action. We had an encounter with a deer on the road and we crashed into a snow bank. We're heading to Jack's Stables for shelter, can you send someone to help us?"

"Sure thing Kim, I'll send someone to assist you when the snow clears up. Emergency services are struggling to respond in this weather."

"Thanks Wade, you rock," Kim said, shutting the Kimmunicator and glancing at Ron. "Well, better get moving then.

Kim unclipped her seatbelt while Ron kicked out the front windscreen, the cold air blowing snow inside the car. Gently helping her out the car, Ron grabbed the emergency supply kit from the trunk before they set off to the stables. They walked for what seemed like an hour, marching through the snow, their clothes becoming damp. Ron noticed Kim was shivering and wrapped an arm around her, holding her tightly until they finally arrived at a worn, wooden sign that read: 'Jack's Stables'.

Making their way carefully up the path, they walked up to a large house, the interior completely darkened. Ron knocked on the door several times, wondering if the owner was asleep when Kim rolled her eyes, pointing to a crude, handwritten sign on display at the window, reading: 'Visiting family in Texas. Back in a few weeks.'

"P-Per..f-fect," Ron muttered, his teeth chattering in the cold. "Let's guh-guh-get into the stuh-stables."

Slowly making their way around the back, they found the stables were empty; the owner had obviously taken his horses with him, carefully opening one of the stable doors and going on inside. It was warmer but not much, though it beat staying outside in the cold and at least they were protected from the snow. Exhausted from the long walk, Ron gently helped Kim lay down on a pile of hay before looking around the stable, finding a few lanterns with candles inside. Taking out a box of matches from the emergency kit, he struck a match and quickly lit the lamps before extinguishing the match with a flick of his wrist.

Kim smiled as Ron started to hang the lamps up on hooks found around the stable interior, closing her eyes to get some rest. She was about to drift off to sleep when she felt peculiar sensation down below, as a warm, wet sensation was spreading over her lap. Opening her eyes wide in embarrassment, she sat up and saw her lap was damp, her face going red in embarrassment. It was one of those moments where she felt like she was going on a first class trip to Humiliation Nation.

'Oh perfect! Yeah, way to wet the...wait a sec,' Kim thought, until it suddenly dawned on her what was happening, her heart starting to beat like a jackhammer as she begun to panic. 'No! Oh no! It's too soon! The doctor said they weren't due for another month!'

"R-Ron," Kim said shakily, gently clutching her abdomen while she tried to remain calm. "Ron? Honey?"

"Just a sec Kim," His voice said from the other side of the stable, while he continued hanging up the lamps. "Man, with a few lanterns up, this place actually looks kind'a cozy."


"Yeah, KP?" He said, noticing the damp patch on her legs. "Oh boy, had an accident KP? I mean, it happens to the best of us and..."

"No Ron, I didn't wet myself!" Kim said in an annoyed tone, but mostly because she was annoyed with herself. "My water's have broken."

Kim sighed when Ron had a confused expression on his face, rolling her eyes while she waited for the news to finally sink into his brain. It was after about thirty seconds of waiting when she saw his jaw practically drop to the floor in shock.

'Right, now he get's it!'

"Y-Your water's b-b-broke?" Ron gulped, the color draining from his face. "But, it's like a month early! The twins can't come out now!"

"Yeah, well try telling that to them!"

"Okay, don't panic," Ron said, heading over to Kim and unstrapping the Kimmunicator from her wrist. "I'll call Wade and tell him to send an ambulance or something to help us."

Kim nodded, trying to keep calm while Ron called Wade, waiting for a few seconds until his face appeared on screen.

"Hey Ron, what's up?" He asked, taking a sip from his hot chocolate.

"Okay Wade, we got ourselves a serious sitch here! Kim's going into labor and we need an ambulance right now!"

Wade coughed in surprise, spraying the screen with his drink and taking a moment clean the screen before speaking.

"THE TWIN'S ARE COMING?!" He practically yelled. "BUT IT'S A MONTH TOO EARLY!"

"WE KNOW!" Kim yelled in frustration, making both the men jump.

Ron gulped when he heard Kim's outburst, his mind flashing back to the day of their wedding reception. Dr Possible told his new son-in-law about the story of Kim's birth and what Anne was like when she went into labor. Apparently she was so aggressive at the time, that even the most hardened Army Drill Instructor would be brought to tears by her.

'Okay, this is so not looking good!' Ron thought, while Wade typed a few commands onto the computer keyboard

"Alright, I'll see what I can do!" Wade said. "Just hang in there, everything is gonna be okay!"

Ron strapped the Kimmunicator to his wrist when the screen went blank, heading over to Kim's side to comfort her. They always imagined that their children would be born in a hospital, with their parents by their side; not alone in some barn on Christmas Eve. Breathing in deeply, Kim grasped Ron's hand, terrified out of her mind. With the snow and their location in mind, they would be in serious trouble if the birth ran into complications. It wasn't so much as her life that Kim was frightened about.

She was frightened for her unborn children's lives.

"R-Ron, I'm scared," Kim gasped, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

"Listen to me KP," Ron said soothingly, stroking her hair while he held her hand, giving it reassuring squeeze. "I promise you. Everything is going to be okay."

As he continued to console his wife, Ron Stoppable didn't know just how crazy the night was going to get.

Thank you to all who have read this, I hope you will enjoy this tale that is KP spin on the Bible Nativity tale.

Next chapter will be up soon as I aim to have this complete before Jan 4th. SC90.