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-Chapter IV-

Baby, Baby, Baby, Woah!

"Is the story nearly over?" Annabel said as she stifled a yawn, Ron nodding as he brought his kids closer to him, registering the tiredness in their eyes. The clock on the mantlepiece shown the time of 11:31pm, way beyond their usual bedtime of 9pm. He thought about stopping the story and continuing tomorrow but it was nearly over so he decided to make it quick.

"Yeah, it's nearly over," Ron answered, smiling softly at them. "I'll wrap this story up and then it's off to bed with you two, otherwise Santa won't stop by to visit."

"Awww, but daddy..."

"Hey, those are the rules kiddo," Ron said, trying to keep the sterness in his voice to a minimum. "Now, your mother was facing the toughest and scariest moment of her life, terrified and hurting real bad. However, she was lucky that she was not alone..."

Drakken instantly regretted the moment he had his hand grabbed by Kim, however she had such a powerful grip that it seemed physically impossible for anyone to break out of. The moment the paramedic's told Kim to push, her grip on his hand tightened to such an extent that it felt powerful than the crushing abilities of a Boa constrictor. Eye's bulging out of their sockets from the pain, Drakken tried to scream but all he could manage was a whimper, tears threatening to fall.

Ron on the other hand was lucky that his training at Yamanouchi taught him how to tolerate extreme pain, something that Kim would most likely would want to master if they ever decided to have another kid. He figured from Drakken's facial expression that the bones in his hand were nearing their breaking limit, a problem that Ron didn't have to face. His MMP aura heightened the durability of his body that rivaled Shego's, enabling him to take quite a lot of punishment.

A feral scream; one that was a mixture of excruciating agony and panic, erupted from Kim's throat as she pushed with all her might. Concentrating on her breathing, Kim fought back tears and prepared to push again. The sooner she got it over with, the sooner she would be able to hold her bundles of joy in her arms.

"Okay, almost there Kim," Anne said in a gentle tone. "Just one more push sweetheart, you're doing great. Shego, Junior, the towels nearly warmed up yet?"

"Almost done," Shego said, concentrating on generating a low yield glow on her hands to warm the towels Junior held in his arms.

Taking a deep breath, Kim screamed again as she pushed again, ignoring the howl of pain from Drakken as her crushing grip tightened.

"AAARRRRGGHHH, JUST PUSH THEM OUT ALREADY!" Drakken yelled, tears of pain rolling down his eyes.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M DOING!?" Kim screeched back, deliberately giving his hand another squeeze in revenge. "I SWEAR DR. D, IF YOU DON'T STOP WHINING, I WILL SO TOTALLY..."

"KIM, FOCUS AND JUST IGNORE DRAKKEN!" Shego yelled, shooting Drakken an annoyed look. "EVEN IF HE'S BEING A COMPLETE WUSS!"

"BUT SHEGO, SHE'S...YYYAAAARGGGHH, MY HAND!" Drakken cried, sobbing as Kim gave another squeeze that resulted in a sickening crack coming from his hand. "MY HAND! I THINK SHE'S BROKEN HAND!"

"Did she?" Dean asked, while all the adults started laughing.

"She sure did," Ron chuckled, smiling at Kim. "Y'see, your mother's hands have a very powerful grip which has it's uses."

"What, like opening pickle jars?" Annabel said.

"Well yeah," Ron said, leaning closer to Kim and wrapping a loving arm around her shoulders before speaking in a sly tone of voice. "Among other things, eh Kim?"

"Ron," Kim giggled, playfully smacking him on the arm while her face started to blush.

"Ahem!" Anne coughed, shooting them both a 'not in front of the kids' look, her arms crossed in a no-nonsense manner. Ron chuckled weakly when he saw his parents had the same look on their faces, as well as his father-in-law; James quietly mouthing the words 'Black hole' which Ron knew all too well. Annabel, Dean and Hana however had confused expressions on their faces, while Rufus had to clasp his paws over his mouth to contain his hysterical laughter.

"Uh...oh boy," Ron gulped, his voice wavering in pitch.

"Daddy, what did you mean by other..."

"Woah, uh...hey!" Ron interrupted, in his usual Ron-ish behaviour, trying to get out of every parents worst nightmare; inquizitive questions from their kids. "How about we continue with the story? Now then, after your mom broke Drakken's hand..."

The sound of Drakken's loud sobbing was masked by another loud scream from Kim, so loud that everyone thought it would wake the dead, the young heroine pushing again until she felt something leaving her body, followed by sounds of a newborn's cries and the excited gasp from her mother.

"Kim, good job!" Anne said, smiling as she wrapped up the newborn bundle in a blanket that Shego handed to her. "It's a boy! A beautiful baby boy!"

Ron's jaw dropped at the sight of the newborn baby in Anne's arms, his son. At that very moment, Ron never felt of proud in his life, fighting back tears of joy. It took a moment for him to finally register what felt like a dream come true. He had a son and his daughter was yet to follow. A paramedic begun tending to the newborn infant, motioning for Junior to assist him in cleaning the infant up while Anne and the other medic focused on delivering the second child.

"K-K-Kim," Ron managed to say, his voice trembling with emotion. "W-We're...we're parents!"

"Oh Ron," Kim gasped, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I am so haaAAAARRRRGHHH!"

Drakken cried out as his hand was crushed yet again, sobbing uncontrolably as Kim begun to push, her screams drowning him out. Stopping to catch her breath, Kim felt like she expended all of her energy, completely exhausted. Kim knew she had to continue but she felt like she couldn't push anymore, her body relaxing slightly from exhausting, letting go of Drakken's hand which allowed the madman to clutch his injured hand to his chest.

"About...time!" He muttered, wiping a few tears of pain from his eyes.

"Hey, Dr. D!" Shego snarled. "Why don't you zip it for a while?"

"Don't tell me to zip it Shego! You have no idea how much this hurts!"

Drakken trembled when he realized he said something pretty much stupid; gulping as Anne, Shego, the female paramedic and to his horror, Kim, shot him very annoyed glances that would instill fear into an army of Bebe robots. Feeling very uncomfortable, Drakken decided it was best if he just shut up and try stay out of their way, shifting his eyes uncomfortably around the room.

"Kim, you're almost done," Anne said, giving her daughter a reassuring smile. "Just keep on pushing. You can do it!"

"I-I-I can't," Kim moaned, her face damp with tears and sweat. "I'm so...so tired."

"Kim, I know you feel like you want to sleep and that your body won't let you," Anne said. "But you can't stop now. Just a few more pushes and you're done. You can do it!"

Those words seemed to help find Kim a hidden reserve of strength, taking in several deep, rapid breath's. Her hand instinctively shot out to grip something, hoping to just squeeze a plank of wood but to Drakken's horror, she grabbed onto his uninjured hand. For him, there was only one thing that he could possibly say in a sitch like that.

"Aw craAAAAARGGGGH!" Drakken yelled, feeling the bones in his unbroken-yet-soon-to-be hand start to crack under the immense pressure.

Kim's screams filled the air as she pushed with all her might, pushing until she had to stop, taking several breath's as she looked around the stable. She saw the looks of encouragement from her mother and husband, the look of utmost respect from Shego and Drakken's face, tightly scrunched up from the pain he was in. Taking in another deep breath, she pushed again, screaming the place down while her mother and husband gave her words of encouragement until it was over, crying with relief when the cries of another infant filled the air. Trembling, Kim looked up and saw her mother and the medic cleaning up the child before wrapping her in another blanket.

"Is...is the...," Kim began to say, trying to find the words.

"She's alright," Anne said, chuckling with joy at the sight of her grand daughter.

Shego sniffled, wiping away tears that were falling with the back of her jacket sleeve, smiling at the sight before her.

"Oh, Dr. D," Shego said, her voice quivering with emotion. "Isn't this the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?"

"Y-Yes...v-very," Drakken managed to say, still sobbing from the pain he was in. "C-Can I have s-some morphine, p-please?"

Kim couldn't help but laugh, as Drakken slowly made his way over to a paramedic who begun to give him something for the pain. Turning her head to gaze into her husbands eyes, Ron leaned in to kiss her tenderly on the lips.

"Proud of ya Kim," Ron said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and holding her close to him. "I love you."

"Love you too, sweetie," Kim whispered tiredly, glad the ordeal was almost over. They still had to get to the hospital.

"Well done Kimmie," Anne said, checking her watch. "Son was delivered at 12:07am on December 25th, daughter at 12:15am."

"Wait...it's Christmas morning?" Ron said, smiling happily. "Man, talk about a bon-diggity gift."

At that moment, they heard a weak groan coming from the other side of the stable as Motor Ed came to, getting up off the floor and rubbing the back of his head. Staggering over to them, he blinked his eyes tiredly before finally speaking.

"So...uh...I miss any-," He was about to say, noticing the two newborn bundles before looking at Ron and smiling. "Oh dude, you'da man! Seriously, you so totally rock!"

"This coming from a tough guy who fainted?" Shego smirked, giggling when she saw him start to go red with humiliation.

"Uh...well you see, er...thing is...that..."

"Hey, at least you get to see the after birth," Junior said, realizing it was a bad thing to say from the way Ed reacted earlier, his face turning pale yet again.

"A-After...birth?" Ed gulped, eyes widening in horror.

"Maybe Ed shouldn't see this," Kim said, registering the look of horror on his face. It was when she noticed her mother's eyes were focused on the final part of the birthing process, Kim looking down in surprise and realized it had already happened. "Huh, would ya look at that!"

"Urgg, I think I'm g-gonna...urk," Ed groaned, his eyes rolling back into his head as he keeled over for the second time.

Ignoring the unconcious 80's throwback on the floor, everyone's attention returned to the new arrivals of the hour, Anne handing the newborns to their proud parents to hold in their arms. It felt like time had stopped for a few minutes the moment Kim held her daughter in her arms for the first time, the same which be said for Ron and all first time parents. Shego smiled and gave Ron a gentle, playful punch on the arm, followed by a friendly kiss on the cheek.

"Congratulations Stoppable," Shego said, doing the same to Kim in a sister-like fashion. "You too Princess."

"Thanks Shego," Kim said, smiling when she saw a tear rolling down her cheek. "Hey, was right again. You do care."

"Wha...woah, no, that's just...er...allergies. Y'know, hayfever."

"Yeah, sure," Kim chuckled, smirking when she saw that Shego knew she wasn't buying it, much to the thief's embarrassment.

"We have to take you and your children to the hospital to recover, Mrs Stoppable ," One of the medics said, motioning for the other paramedic to follow her outside and help unload the stretcher in the ambulance.

"You better ride back in the ambulance with Kim and the kids," Anne said to Ron, before glancing at a wacked out Drakken and his unconcious cousin. "I'll give them a lift to the hospital. Drew, how are you feeling?"

"Despite having both hands broken, I feel pretty darn good," Drakken said dreamily, with a slight slur, the morphine already taken hold.

"Uh...sorry for breaking both your hands, Dr. Drakken."

"Quite alright Poss...I mean, Mrs. Buffoon," Drakken mumbled, swaying on the spot. "Was bound to happen anyway. Oh, feelin' a lil' bit dizzy, heh heh. Think I better lie down."

Before he could say anymore, he staggered over to a large pile of hay and fell face first into it, snoring away upon impact. Junior and Shego begun helping to gather up the supplies, taking them outside to put in the trunk of Anne's car before returning to carry the unconcious form of Motor Ed to the backseat of the car upon Anne's orders. She agreed to take Drakken, Ed and Junior to the hospital, Shego following behind on her motorbike.

Wrapping the newborns up warmly, Shego helped carry baby Annabel to the ambulance while Ron carried Dean, the paramedics placing Kim onto a stretcher and loading her into the back. Once inisde the ambulance, Kim relaxed when she heard the engine fire to life, completely exhausted from the craziest night of their lives.

As well as one of their best.

"So that was how we were born?" Annabel said tiredly, her eyelids growing heavy as the night went on.

"Yep, but it was touch and go for a moment though because you two were born a month too early," Ron said, feeling a little drowsy himself. "But it was that one Christmas night we were blessed with the best present ever. You both were in the hospital for quite some time before we were allowed to take you home, but while you were there, close friends and family stopped by to see you, such as your Great Nana Possible, Kim's uncle Slim and cousin Joss. Even Shego stopped by to visit a few times, along with Dr. Drakken and Motor Ed. Hoo-boy, took a while for the awkweirdness between Ed and Kim to go, that's for sure! Anyway, it's getting late so it's off to bed with you guy's."

"Aww, but daaad," Dean whined, letting out a big yawn. "We're not tired!"

"Oh yeah, well that yawn of your's say's otherwise. Now c'mon kiddo's, Santa's on his way."

Getting up, Ron carried Dean upstairs while Kim carried Annabel, the little ones asleep before they even reached their room. Tucking their children into their beds, they kissed them both goodnight before heading back downstairs to say goodbye to their parents, little Hana already asleep.

"Goodnight Kimmie-cub," James said, kissing his daughter goodbye before hugging his son-in-law. "Goodnight Ronald. Oh and for the sake of our grandchildren, try to keep you and Kim's private activities under your hat, alright?"

"Uh...got it Mr Dr. P," Ron said, with a slight blush. "Merry Christmas guy's."

"Merry Christmas!"

Waving goodbye, they watched as Ron's parents got in their car, with Hana in the back with Rufus on her lap; while the Possible's got into their car, driving off into the night. Quietly closing the front door, they went up to their room to get ready for bed, changing into their pajama's and climbing into bed. They had to get their rest because they knew what they were like when they were kids, waking up at 6am to sneak down to the presents to opening them early and those two little monkey's sure did take up after their 'rents.

"Goodnight Kim," Ron whispered to his wife, wrapping a loving arm around her waist and snuggling up to her.

"Night sweetie," Kim whispered, closing her eyes before suddenly adding. "Oh before I forget Ron, Yamanouchi gives training in pain tolerance right?"

"Yeah, they do," Ron said, propping himself up on an elbow with a quizzical expression on his face. "Why ask Kim?"

She didn't say anything back. The only thing that was attributed to an answer was the sly, knowing smile on her face.

The End

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