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Genie in a Bottle

Zoro's Liquor

"You're late," she snapped shutting the book she had been reverently scribbling in to glare at him.

"You were just too absorbed in writing to notice me. I've been here for 15 minutes," he barked back.

He uncrossed his arms and ventured into the room a bit more. He refused to admit that he spent that duration of time period watching her write. She looked a lot more at ease when she was writing, no scowl would mar her brow, and her eyes always were alight with mirth. It was different… to say the least and he always liked seeing her with her guard down, no curses at him, or threats of a debt unpaid, she looked happy and the change in his friend was enough to make him keep his silence and observe her, if only for a short while, to remember her like this when he was fighting with her over something trivial. It kept him from saying something too rash or mean to her, despite how angry she could make him get. His favorite part was watching her finish wording something. She would always sit back with a self-satisfied grin that reminded him of his successes of beating a strong opponent or knowing that he would beat them with ease. He plucked a book off the shelf and fell unceremoniously to the floor next to her feet. He made himself comfortable on the edge of the rug but the hard flooring beneath always made him squirm after a bit. No matter how hard he tried he could never get comfortable in the library.

"You were still late even if you got here 15 minutes ago. I asked you to meet me 20 minutes ago," she said her eyes narrowing.

"Well I'm here now," he shrugged and flipped open the book he had grabbed to a random page. He lightly skimmed the contents. He knew this book like the back of his hand, but it never hurt to go over the basics now and then. Practicing swordplay wasn't all in actual practice sometimes reading and silent reflection was required. She sighed obviously annoyed with him.

"I can't record everything accurately in the log book if I don't have everyone's perspective," she stressed lecturing him. He was surprised she didn't start with 'you stupid lazy swordsman', that phrase normally came free of charge with the said lecture.

"I don't see-"

"It's important to me," she growled interrupting the age-old argument that they had every time she needed to hear his side of the story and he wasn't willing to comply fully. "I like writing down all of our memories. It makes me happy."

"Not everything we go through is happy."

"I never said that. I never said they were happy memories for us to relive. It's just important to me."

He was dangerously close to setting off her infamous temper and he knew it. One more snarky remark and she'd hit him roughly upside the head; demand that he spill all the details for his part of the 'adventure' and then kick him out. He wasn't done reading, that he had this particular book memorized was irrelevant, plus he couldn't stop half way through a task. And the rough patch on the floor was quiet comfortable, he might even be able to nap here after this 'little talk'. Part of the reason he was even considering listening to her was that he hated that he was always kicked out of a room just because she decided it for whatever reason, be it his hair is green or his large and growing debt was stressing her out. He decided to bite his tongue and accept her answer. However stupid and vague it was at the moment wasn't his concern. After a few more moments of thick silence between them he nodded indicating that he was listening to her.

She asked a few questions. Where he was, what had he been doing, who did he fight, how did he get reunited with everyone, it was the same every time. And his answers were almost always uncannily similar to his previous responses. He would wander off, he was distracted, he had been training, he was always fighting some higher up loser in the scheme of things that the crew was involved in, and he randomly stumbled upon somebody and would use their better sense of direction to get back to everyone or better yet he was already back on the ship waiting patiently.

He finally breathed out a sigh of relief as she carefully set her new sheet of information next to the other seven. A few of his answers had been embarrassing but at this point he was past caring. He only stumbled a few times. He watched as she started sorting through some of the sheets that contained all of his friends' side to their latest adventure. She would order them, string together the stories that matched and turn it all into one story about all of them. To him this was a stupid habit of hers. She wasted so much time and energy recording their memories, like one day she would need it to look back on them, like one day they all wouldn't be together. He scoffed and flipped his book open roughly back to the same page he had been on.

"You don't need to stay here if you disprove," she said tersely not looking up from her desk as she scanned her notes.

"I just don't see the point. You record all the major things yet none of the day-to-day stuff. Surely we spend just as much time bonding on a 'boring' day than a full one," he bit out.

She eyed him curiously.

"That's part of the appeal. If anyone were to ever stumble across our log book, they would know about us, they would know our personalities, and they would know we cared for each other. It would be the day-to-day stuff that matters the most to us but they have no idea what really goes on. Every person works differently so it would be left entirely to their imagination."

"So you want to leave what we do in our free time to some random person's imagination?"

"No. The point is they know who we are, and what we did. We are pirates but moral ones."

He snorted at that, not bothering to hide his smirk.

"If you leave out the day-to-day things they would hardly know about our morals aside from our battle tactics. If an enemy raided our ship he would have full and complete access to a lot of personal thin-" realization dawned on him and he let his mouth snap shut on its own. At least they wouldn't be personal day-to-day things, his thoughts finished for him.

"You're not such an idiot after all," she cooed before chuckling. "Besides… I like to imagine someone seeing all of our stories compiled together and just… seeing us all of us."

He mulled over her words for a moment before deciding he had no clue what to make of them or their meaning.

"How so?" he finally questioned. He was used to light conversations with Nami after these interviews, sometimes they would just sit in compatible silence, other times he would be kicked out for being too much of a smart ass for her to handle.

"I like writing all of this out…" she was blushing but her face was turned so that he could only barely make out that her ears were turning a slight shade of pink. The room was dark enough to disguise it from anyone else but his sharpened senses were able to catch it. She took a deep breath. "I like writing this entire thing out. Maybe one day I'll write a book based off of our adventures."

"Isn't that what the log book is for?"

"I meant like a fictional book," she quickly moved and bent over the desk. Judging strictly by the tone of her voice she was embarrassed about admitting this to him. "I like to escape into writing. Organizing what we all did, how we did it, it's like training me to write a book one day."

He felt his eye brows raise in mild surprise. It was almost like she liked telling him about this. She was starting to rant now, her posture rigid like she was daring him to speak up or make fun of her for it. He knew she was waiting for him to say something but he was at a loss for words.

"I don't see what you'd write about," he said slowly still unsure if he was wrecking the moment between them. She turned slightly and eyed him before her eyes flashed down to his book. Grinning she tucked a stray hair behind her ear.

"Of course you wouldn't. You just sit there and read boring pieces of literature with straight facts. You couldn't possibly know the joy of reading about characters and wild adventures, far off places, plots, love-"

"I don't need any of that stuff."

"It's just for fun… oh wait you don't know how to do that. You're an unfeeling robot swordsman," she teased. He knew she was teasing but he still couldn't help but be flustered by her words. She had a way of getting under his skin.

Stung a little more than he should have been by her words he growled and stood up.

"Goodnight Nami," he said stiffly and strode out of the room. He was done interacting with her for the night. She was back to navigator mode. She would tease him and mock him and frankly he got sick of it. He had enjoyed the peace for the few moments they lasted. He obviously had made her uncomfortable again for her to pick on him. He didn't even glance over his shoulder and let the door shut loudly behind him.

It wasn't his night for watch but he still didn't want to go to bed yet, the sun had barely set when he had gone to the library and he had been in there for maybe an hour or so. It wasn't late enough, but he didn't exactly crave anyone's company. Usopp and Luffy were playing a round of cards on the lawn, Franky was tinkering with something next to them, Chopper was curled up next to Robin and they were both reading, he growled under his breath at the sight of the books. He knew that those two were logical and they would read straight facts but he had seen them both reading some fictional story before. Right now that irked him. Growling under his breath he made his way to the kitchen.

Sanji was bustling around the kitchen. The dishes from dinner had already been put away but the scent of something delicious hung in the air. There were a few crates lying haphazardly in the corner, part of their spoils from the last island they had visited. Sitting on top were several bottles full of liquor that the islander's had given just for him. Knowing that Sanji wouldn't begrudge him his spoils he ignored the fridge, and made a beeline for the first bottle within in his reach.

"Uhhh… what the hell do you think you are doing?" Sanji snapped his head popping up from over the top of the fridge.

"Uhhh… grabbing a drink," Zoro mocked. His good eye rolled in exasperation as he popped the cork out and took several long gulps. He grabbed another and shoved it quickly into his pocket hoping that the cook didn't notice.

"Put it down you shitty ass swordsman," Sanji growled slamming the fridge door and making his way quickly over to him.

Sanji only reacted this way to something Zoro did when he insulted him directly or if it was something to do with Nami. Seeing as his sarcastic comment wasn't enough to get such a response he had to guess that this was with the later mentioned.

"Don't get your tutu in a twist," he said taking another deep sip.

"Nami-san said to make sure you didn't go through the entire stock in one night," Sanji sniffed ignoring his comment; he gathered the rest of the bottles and placed them gently in the icebox before locking it. He sent Zoro a pointed look and then resumed doing whatever the hell he was doing. Zoro didn't really care.

He still had his book clenched tightly in his hand as he sat down at the table. He was busy being distracted by the pleasant burn of liquor in the pit of his stomach to notice the book, and he was fine with setting it aside as he took another swig from the bottle. His body warmed slightly and a pleasant shiver raced to his spine and numbed him but he didn't feel the distracting buzz that always lured him to sleep. His mind was still clear he flipped open his book again to scan the first few words.

When he glanced at the clock on the wall he inwardly sighed at the time. It was a quarter past three. He must have dozed off because a blanket was draped around his shoulders and a steaming mug was next to his arm. He glanced back to the half empty bottle of liquor next to the mug and frowned. The label was smudged and he couldn't make out what it was. He wasn't one to pass out from only half a bottle of anything. He could handle his liquor. He reached out and absent-mindedly rubbed the label, squinting to read the fine print. The door squealed open and he honestly hoped that it was anyone but her at the moment.

"Hey Zoro," her shrill voice cut through the air like a knife. He winced and placed the bottle back on the table.

"What do you want, witch?" he growled.

He turned to face her at the door, making sure to keep a bored annoyed expression plastered on his face as she frowned at him.

"That isn't a very nice hello," she looked curious about something as she came further into the room. Her tone was already dismissing him even with her hurt sounding words. He had to tread carefully, this was Nami at her craftiest at times like this, and her demeanor said it all.

"Why is that bottle shaking?"

"What are you talking about?"

"The bottle on the table in front of you-"

She was cut off by a loud whistle that emitted from the bottle. Blue smoke began to hiss out and fill the room. The door shut loudly behind Nami who looked scared as she quickly grabbed his arm and hid behind him tugging him several feet away from the now swaying bottle on the table.

"What the hell?"

His question was masked by a loud pop as red sparks shot out of the bottle and the smoke completely blocked his vision. For a split second all he could sense was Nami pressed tightly against his back and the tiny squeak that escaped her. There was a rumbling growl and a shadowy figure erupted out of the glass.


It was blue, and man like. He stretched his arms over his head and yawned loudly. His body almost completely filled the room before he exhaled, his voice coming out like the roar of a dragon. Nami shrieked loudly in his ear.

"Christ woman. I wish you would shut up," Zoro hissed trying to distance himself from her vice like grip around his chest. Her voice climbed another octave making his head feel like it was splitting open.

"Jumping the gun slightly aren't you master? Your wish is my command," the blue man nodded his head. His piercing black eyes were locked on Nami and Zoro felt the need to step in front of her to block the man's view. Nami's screech suddenly stopped but her grip on his chest tightened. He suddenly wondered why the hell he wasn't wearing a shirt and wondered when he had abandoned it earlier. It was probably before he had gone to see Nami earlier when he had worked out.

"What the hell are you?"

"I'm your genie," he answered simply. "I'll skip the long introduction of my origins and fill you in on the rules."

"Rules, what rules?"

"The rules for your remaining two wishes."

"That's stupid. I don't even want one wish. Get the hell out of here."

"You've already used one."

At this, Zoro felt his brain stop momentarily. It literally stopped working until he felt a tiny fist beat into his back rather roughly a second later. He turned his head slightly to eye her, wincing as she punched him roughly in the face. He could practically hear her screaming at him as her mouth was opened in a silent shout but no words escaped her 'Zoro you BASTARD!' Rubbing his cheek he looked back to the blue man.

His chest was muscular, his shoulders were board. He looked powerful. He had black eyes that held a certain amount of amusement and boredom mixed into his gaze. His cheek bones were sharp, and his black hair swirled oddly on top of his head like an ice cream cone.

"I won't bring back someone from the dead, you can't take back wishes, I can't make people fall in love, you can't wish for more wishes, and I can't kill anybody."

"I didn't mean to make that wish earlier," Zoro snapped as he eyed the blue man. Nami was glaring at both of them but she still made sure to stay behind him. He could sense her uneasiness. The genie looked friendly enough but there was an ominous feeling in the air. He could taste the trouble that was brewing.

"But your wish is my command. I can't ignore a wish," the genie said as he rubbed his fingers against his chest in a bored like manner.

"That's insane. Who wouldn't make a spontaneous wish if some freak jumped out of a bottle? Why the hell were you in my liquor anyways?"

"Your liquor?" the blue man sputtered.

"Yeah. The bottle I was drinking out of-"

He felt a sharp rap to his head and fell forward to have Nami glaring down at him. Her mouth was still opened in a silent scream, her mouth forming the words that looked suspiciously like 'Zoro you stupid dumb ass you weren't supposed to drink that'. He winced but caught her arms in time before she could hit him again. Standing up he maneuvered her to the table. Careful of her failing legs he easily dragged her to the bench at the table and sat her down. Wearily he sat behind her, careful to keep her arms behind her back and firmly in his hands. The genie was studying them with an interested look. Zoro glared at the man.

"Answer my question."

"Is that a wish?"

"It's a command," Zoro growled his fingers itching to grab his swords but Nami's struggling hands were keeping him occupied.

A flicker of emotion shot across the genie's face as he glided over in front of them. It was then that Zoro noticed that he was missing the lower half of his body. In its place was a ghostly like tail.

"That was my home while I waited for a new master. My original home was destroyed."

"So a liquor bottle is more suitable? Can't that break easily? It's so small how do you sleep in there?"

"You're rather full of questions," the genie remarked smirking. He 'sat' on top of the table. His body floated above it by an inch as he peered down at Zoro and Nami. Zoro felt Nami inch into his chest slightly to lean away from the genie and he felt his own body hunch forward to cover her slightly. The genie laughed and Zoro felt his blood start to boil.

"Fix Nami… now."

"There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her," the genie said his smirk growing wider.

"She isn't beating the hell out of you or nagging the hell out of me. You're doing something to her. I can't keep her restrained this easily."

The genie looked surprised for a moment before snapping his fingers. An explosion of energy seemed to surge through Nami's body as she roughly shoved him off and dove towards the genie. Her eyes were alight with furry and her mouth was torn open in a silent scream. She fell through the man but she kept trying to hit him.

The whole scene was awkward because it was soundless. Zoro felt uneasy watching the soundless navigator and her frustration was easy to see.

"Give her back her voice."

"I told you. I can't take back wishes."

"Can't I wish to unwish that first one?"


Zoro growled in frustration. Nami was still throwing violent punches and kicks at the genie, her face red in anger and her own frustration. Seeing the uselessness of it Zoro reached out and pulled her away feeling helpless in the process. Helpless because he had no clue what was going on, helpless because his friend was frustrated and he couldn't fix this right away, and helpless because this was all his fault.

"This has to be some trick. Magic isn't real," he grumbled as he pulled her further away from the blue man. His eyes never leaving the strangely colored man as he pushed Nami back behind him. "People aren't blue."

"People normally don't have green hair either, yet here we are," the genie chuckled.

"You don't see me jumping out of liquor bottles and taking away people's voices," he growled.

"I didn't jump. I floated out. Speaking of the bottle, you might want to use the rest of your wishes. I've never heard of anyone being able to drink that stuff and surviving."

"What's in that anyways? I've never had alcohol like that."

The genie snorted and rolled his eyes to Nami.

"Is he always like this?"

She cracked a small smile before nodding and glaring at the blue man again.

"You drank some of my soul… uh… well I guess it's… uh… soul juice. It's pure magic. Mortals can't handle that."

"What the hell? Soul juice?" Zoro blenched.

"Shouldn't you be more concerned about making some wishes? You're going to die soon."

The genie stated it like it was a fact, like he was going to die. Zoro growled.

"Let's get this straight. One, I'm not going to die because I drank some of your disgusting soul juice," he paused and watched as a curious look shot across the genie's face again. "And two you're going to give Nami her voice back. One way or the other I'll make you."

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