Genie in a Bottle



By the time you read this letter I will be a few hours away in town somewhere... This is hard to write. I know you don't like to read and you think that fairy tales are a bunch of bull crap. I'm sorry I must be short but I did have a point with that, be sure that everyone doesn't come looking for me. I have left on my own free will. I have stolen something that was a bigger deal than I understood at the time. Be sure you guys find someone who can tolerate Luffy, and stay out of my stuff! Especially my desk!

Much love,


Of course the first place he ran to check to see if she was really gone was the library. A room he went to seldom, unless it was for her. As he dashed up the stairs a reminder of the last time he had gone to this room started to dance its way up to the forefront of his mind. How serene she had been as she scribbled down all their adventures together, how utterly happy it made her. Her letter had to be a bunch of bull shit. There was no way she would just up and leave like that, without an explanation to any of them, just a flimsy piece of paper as an excuse.

Despite being in incredible shape, the stairs and climb up the latter had left him winded. He bent over catching his breath before surging into the room.

It still smelled like her. The air was tainted with the smell of fresh ink and tangerines. For one wild and joyous second his mind conjured up the image of her sitting at the desk just like she had been last time. His hopes were dashed and a low growl escaped him as he blinked and her likeness disappeared.

"Dammit woman," he cursed under his breath storming over to her desk. In his anger he was tempted to flip her desk, but that would just be pointless and once he found her he was sure to pay for that big time if she ever found out. Instead he settled for slamming open a few drawers. He was surprised to find one of his books in the first one he pulled open. He snatched it up just as a piece of paper fluttered out and to the ground.


Thank god you aren't a total idiot. Don't you dare drag the others into this… I was kind of caught… by the man whose gold chain and pendant I stole the other day. The stupid jerk ran into me the other day when we were in town, so it was only fair that I made him pay me back in kind. Although I don't think that was his idea. Either way he is giving me enough time to write a final farewell to everyone to explain what happened. The first one he was looking over my shoulder, but I think he grew bored with that. I still don't have a lot of time, but I am trying to stall him. Dear god, you all sleep like the dead. And why the hell did you leave a mute girl alone on watch last night? Just because I was upset doesn't mean you should leave me alone. Idiot.

This man. His name is Rick? I think. I've just been calling him Dick in my head… all puns aside. DO NOT TELL LUFFY. This man is dragging me off to his castle. It is in the center of town and IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS. If you come save me I will scratch off 30% of your debt to me.

See you soon,


Three things irked him about this letter. The first would be that he agreed with her about leaving a mute girl alone on watch last night. They had talked to Robin about the genie, and the woman hadn't given them the greatest news about the subject. It was unheard of to drink the substance inside of the bottle, so who knew what the side effects were, but also that the owners and the people who saw the genie would wind up dead in all the things that Robin had read. Even without her voice Nami had thrown quiet a huge fit, and at first he thought it was for her own life, until she angrily scribbled on a piece of paper asking if he had felt threatened at all by the genie's presence, or if he felt like he could trust the blue man. He had answered her honestly, telling her no he didn't trust the blueberry, and that had just set off the navigator even more. Storming out of the room she insisted he instruct everyone to leave her alone for the night and let her take watch.

The second part of the letter that annoyed him was the fact that she knew he would come storming up her to look for her, and his first instinct would be to tell the captain about this. There was no reason to keep this from Luffy but knowing Nami it was because she was afraid of the damages their captain would cause to the town in search for her. It would be like releasing a demon unto the town, not that he was much better, but at times he had a little more tact than the captain. Without her voice they would either have to pay for the damages, or flee town, and the second option wasn't available to them at the moment; and Nami would never fork out money willingly if it could be avoided.

The third part was that she managed to distract the man long enough to write two letters, one a big decoy for him to find the second. He felt his skin crawl as he thought of what antics she could have possibly used and what that man might have done to her. Bristling, he shoved the letter into his pocket and pulled out the bottle that was always on his persons lately.

With a swish, and a plume of smoke the blue man stood before him.

"Before you say one word I have several things I want to clarify with you," Zoro snapped drawing his cursed sword and hoping beyond hope that this would work. He launched forward and pressed the blade tightly against the genie's neck. He felt his smile turn murderous as a trickle of blue blood spewed out and slide down his blade, and the genie's eyes widened considerably.

"Stop messing with my crew. I can tell that you are interfering with them. Second. I swear I will kill you now if you so much as cause a hair on Nami's head to be hurt—"

"It wasn't my doing. That stupid girl stole something rather important—"

"I don't give a damn about what she stole. I know you're involved. So you better start hoping you truly are immortal," he hissed pressing his blade closer to the genie and drawing out a thicker line of blood.

"Alright!" he squeaked. "Alright!" he pushed the blade away and rubbed his neck, studying the blue substance with fascination. "You caught me. But it is the price of the wish…"

"I never wanted to make that wish," Zoro snapped. He was also annoyed because it was obvious that the genie had not given him a private moment since he had woken him up. All the conversations he had with the crew, and with Nami this floating smurf knew about. He gritted his teeth considering what Robin had told him with a little more caution. He had to tread carefully, he had to get Nami back.

"There is a price for everything. A price for ownership, a price for a wish… a price for freedom…" the genie's gaze locked on the bottle, a small frown on his face.

"I'll cut that damn bottle and free you. Take that as payment for the wish," Zoro quickly offered.

"It isn't that easy. I can be bound to anything. A wish is the only thing that could free me…"

"I'll free you once I know Nami is safe," Zoro started. "But I might cut you afterwards for all the trouble you've been causing."

"Fair enough," the genie grinned. "I'm assuming you need me to find the way to her?"

Always hating to admit that he was directionally challenged, Zoro stomped out the door letting it swing shut behind him. He knew that the stupid genie was hovering over his shoulder.

"You better hope nothing has happened to her," he growled darkly before turning and telling Luffy that he was going to town to find a fishing shop.

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