All around the United States the country sat watching the news the following morning.

"Following the harrowing events last night in San Francisco we have received word from Washington that the government is capitulating to Dr. Harry Potters demands. We go live to our reporter Trish Taka- Sorry, Trish Tilby at the White House."

The image cut to inside the Oval Office. This was very unusual as interviews like this were rarely given to reporters there. Sitting next to each other were the President of the United States and Harry Potter, opposite them was a slightly scowling Trish who was not pleased with her anchorman's slip up.

"Thank you Matt." She said tightly, before she pasted a smile on her face. "I am sitting here with the President of the United States and Harry Potter."

She turned to the two men. "Gentlemen, Matt used the term 'capitulating', but that is not what I read or am hearing from either of you."

The President spoke up uncomfortably. "When Dr. Potter arrived unannounced in the Oval Office last night he made it clear that he was not 'asking' for a surrender. He was not negotiating terms. He was literally taking control and we could either cooperate or get out of the way."

"You threatened to kill the President?" She asked.

"Nah, I don't need to do that." Harry laughed. "Let's face it, I control multiple planets, I could click my fingers and send him to one of them where he would be no trouble to me."

"But you did kill someone in the Oval Office?"

"I did. The man was guilty of crimes so foul that I killed him on the spot. But there was another man who was not guilty of crimes but at the same time he was not the right material for a leader. There was too much ego in him."

"Speaking of ego, what does this make you? What title do you now hold?"

"No new ones. I have no intention of sitting on a throne and throwing out orders. As time goes by I will switch out the heads of government. This is only to prevent people getting big heads and trying to take over. It also ensures that they get a break.

"Take the President here." He indicated the man sitting next to him. "He's a decent man. He has made some terrible mistakes, Osborn being the most prominent, but he has never made a mistake out of maliciousness. So, whilst I will be removing him from his position as President in a few years, I may request he take the position back a few decades later."

"But what about the constitution and the laws about only serving two terms?"

"What would be the point of taking over if I didn't improve things? The rule about two terms is to prevent dictatorships. Many laws will be thrown out. I had intended to take over the world within a couple of centuries. But I was wrong. This world is far too volatile and I need to take action now before it descends into a complete meltdown."

"How are you planning to improve things?"

"Medical care is free, effective immediately. All medical procedures are to be performed by magic. All doctors will be trained as magicals.

"Over the next decade I will be eradicating the need for money. Food, housing, clothing, it will all be free."

"That sounds very… utopian, but what if farmers decide they don't want to grow crops if no one else will be working? Who will distribute food?"

"Education is an important part of life and it is necessary for civilisation to exist. Part of education will be community service. Many menial jobs will be filled this way, of course most will be filled by convicted criminals."


"Think about how much money goes into locking up criminals. Any criminal who is convicted will be forced into community service as part of their sentence. They need to pay for their crimes and I don't personally think that a limited loss of freedom is enough." Harry said with clear disgust.

The interview continued on much like that. Trish would ask a question or bring up a topic and Harry would answer it. For the most part the President just sat there silently. The bottom line was that other than free medical services there would be no immediate changes. Everything would be introduced over the next ten years.

"For a malevolent dictator you ain't half bad." Ben Grimm smirked as they sat in the throne room of Victor Von Doom in Latveria. Their comfy recliners were made from transfigured Doombots. They were roasting meat over a small bonfire in the centre of the room.

Harry just saluted him with a chicken leg.

"Pass the legs." Johnny Storm asked.

The platter of chicken legs floated over courtesy of Reed Richards' rubbery arms.

"I have to say, I do appreciate you letting us lead this mission." Reed said sincerely. "Victor has always made things personal between us."

"Whilst I agree it has been worse for you and your team Reed, I have to also express my thanks." Ororo smiled. "Doom has taken a perverse pleasure in meddling with all of our lives."

"I hear dat!" Peter remarked.

"Seriously, Pete. Don't, you just can't pull it off." Johnny grimaced.

Peter saw everyone else with similar expressions. "Playa's gonna hate." He sighed.

"It's 'Hater's', Hater's gonna hate. Now seriously, cut it out or I will silence your ass." Ben groaned.

"I am much better at magic than you."

"I wasn't gonna use magic, Webhead."

"I'll shut up." He managed not to sound weak.

"I still can't believe it. No more Doom." Sue remarked as she looked around the throne room.

"Yeah, what are we gonna do for fun now?" Ben grinned.

"China's been getting uppity." Harry said casually.

Everyone stared at him.

"He's really not joking, is he?" Johnny asked.

"Would it really matter?" Ororo asked. "In the end all nations will answer to Harry. Wakanda already does."

"Wakanda doesn't need me." Harry asserted. "Wakanda is practically paradise. Because of this my role is more as a protector from external threats and not internal. T'Challa is all Wakanda needs for now."

"Who are you going to ask to run China? I assume you aren't going to ask T'Challa, he already has most of Africa and now Latveria to run." Reed asked.

"Blackbolt. I've been trying to convince him to return to Earth so his people can enjoy a natural atmosphere. I can tell he is wearing down."

"Let me guess, you went Medusa." Sue smirked.

"Damn straight!"

Considering the Breakworld Armada had eradicated the Skrull's lunar invasion force before they could set foot on the moon, Medusa had been singing his praises. It might also have had something to do with making all Inhumans magical and thereby enabling Blackbolt to communicate with every one through the magical telepathy.

"Matchstick, give it another blast, there's still some intact glove over here." Ben said with glee.

The fire erupted with a woosh as Johnny blasted it and the remains of Victor Von Doom's armour continued to melt in the heat.

"You know, I thought that once you publicly started to take over the world you wouldn't have any time for us." Lorna sighed happily as she snuggled her naked form into an equally naked Harry.

Harry had grabbed his soul mates and teleported them straight to the Savage Land where Scott, Jean and Emma had vacationed before the move to San Francisco. He was fed up of all the stress and trouble and decided it was time to take a break.

All around him the other girls where relaxing naked in the sun. The beauty of this place was that they were completely alone.

"Harry, we – oh god! I'm so sorry!"

They were usually alone.

Scott slammed his hands over his eyes.

"I'm on vacation Scott, someone had damned well better be dying." Harry grumped.

"Could you put some clothes on and talk to me outside, please!" Scott begged.

"Better do what he says, lover. Scotty can't handle the hotness." Dani grinned.

Harry got up and began walking over to Scott, conjuring clothes as he went. When he reached Scott he placed a hand on his shoulder and teleported them away.

"You can open your eyes now."

Scott looked around and saw that they were in his office at Greymalkin Industries. "You were out of contact! You couldn't have left a note or something? Especially something with a warning about not teleporting in unexpectedly. For god's sake, you didn't even put the privacy runes up!"

The privacy runes were usually placed around a house, they redirected teleporters to a receiving zone to prevent people from simply popping into the house. There were also charms that provided similar protections outside buildings.

"We really weren't interested in rune work when we got here." Harry said pointedly. "Now, why am I here?"

"Why are you here?! Why are you here!?" Scott asked incredulously. "You made all these massive changes and now people are protesting! Riots are threatening to break out."

"So put them down. You know the basic rules and laws I implemented. You commit a crime and you get pumped with veritiserum and sentenced accordingly."

"Protesting is a crime now?" Scott asked challengingly.

"Don't be obtuse Scott." Harry warned. "A peaceful protest is fine. Probably won't achieve anything, but if they start threatening the safety and security of other people and property then they commit a crime and you put the whole thing down as a warning."

"They aren't going to like this mandatory veritiserum screening. It goes against the Fifth Amendment."

"It's a ridiculous law. It protects criminals, it gives them protection and harms the victims and the public even more. What is the point of a 'right' that gives people the freedom to harm others because they want to?"

"What about those who might have been unwitting or unwilling participants?"

"Veritiserum means you can question a persons motives and make a reasoned decision. The law should not be applied like a factory mould. Every case is different and has different motives, that's why murder is well defined from man-slaughter.

"What are they protesting anyway?" He asked as an after thought.

"The free health care system."

"What? But it's free health care. How can they complain?"

"Taxes. They are saying you are going to raise taxes."

"What taxes? I already cut all taxes. Nobody pays any taxes!" Harry was nearly shouting in disbelief. "For the love of god! Scott, go there and arrest the lot of them. Dose every single one of them with veritiserum and find out who was committing crimes."

"On what grounds am I arresting them though? The riots are small, minor damage."

"Arrest them for that, all the rest you can arrest for slander, libel, false accusations and anything else you can think of. There are what, a few thousand protestors?"

"A few hundred."

"There are millions of people in the country who are not causing trouble and I won't have a small few ruining life for the rest of them. Make it happen Scott, if I have to do it myself I won't be gentle about it." Harry said warningly before he teleported back to his girls.

Scott wanted to kill Harry. He knew it wouldn't stick but that was why he wanted to do it. The bastard had put him in control of the SHIELD detachment to the United States. They were still called the X-Men and the Avengers and other various teams but he was now the top cop for the United States. He answered to Steve Rogers and Harry alone.

It was a very sucky job and he was definitely putting in for vacation time. But he had to admit, Harry had definitely done what he came to this world to do. He had saved mutant kind, brought peace to numerous galaxies and countries. He had eliminated a lot of suffering as well. All that was left for him to really struggle with was dealing with the fools in the population who sought to cause trouble, and that was a never-ending task… for anyone but Harry. But Scott wouldn't find that out for a while.

The End

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