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There she was, laughing with her friends. No boyfriend in sight. This time he would speak to her and he would not make a fool of himself.

Ten feet… 'I can do this!'

Nine feet… 'God she's so beautiful.'

Eight feet… 'Maybe I can offer to carry her books?'

Seven feet… 'Damn it! I have too many of my own!'

Six feet… 'Why do I feel queasy?'

Five fe- 'Crap!'

Clark Kent stumbled and dropped his books.

"Clark? Are you ok?"

'Brilliant.' Clark thought. 'She notices me now.'

In the distance he could hear Chloe crowing over winning the bet. Lana Lang knelt down and helped him retrieve his books.

"Nietzsche, Clark?" Lana asked as she picked up The Will to Power. "So what are you? A man or a super man?" She smiled.

"Just a man." Clark said weakly as he began to feel weaker and weaker.

"Kid, you don't look so good." Said a male voice with an English accent.

"Strange… don't feel to good either." Clark groaned.

"Why don't you head in and I'll sort him out?" He heard the man tell Lana.

With Lana gone Clark felt instantly better. 'Why does it always happen around her?' He wondered in frustration.

"Take my advice, stay away from that girl, she is not good for your health." The man chuckled.

Clark looked up to see a young man in his early twenties with messy black hair and bright green eyes smiling at him.

"Easier said than done, we're in the same classes and we're neighbours." Clark smiled weakly.

"And you have the hugest crush I have ever seen on her." The man laughed as Clark looked around frantically, hoping that no one heard him.

"Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows about your crush." The man said as he picked up Clark's books. "She probably knows."

"Oh god." Clark groaned.

"It's not that bad, she is quite beautiful. Having a crush isn't the problem. It's how you control it and allow it to control you that matters."

"What do you mean?" Clark asked curiously as he accepted the rest of the books.

"You have a crush. Accept and acknowledge that fact. She clearly has a boyfriend. Accept and acknowledge that fact. As long as she has a boyfriend the only thing you can be to her is a friend. If you try to be more than that you come off as a jerk and a fool for trying to get between them."

"So I should stay away from her?" He asked forlornly.

The man ran a hand through his hair thoughtfully. "Maybe for today. We will talk later… oh, I'm Harry Potter by the way."

"Clark Kent." He shook the man's hand. "Are you a teacher here?"

"Me? No, I just came by to wish my friends a good first day. You'll probably see them later."

"Erm… ok." Clark thought it was a little strange for an older male to be hanging around a high school and to have high school friends, but he was far too polite to say it.

The bell rang.

"See you around Clark." The man said as he began walking away, leaving Clark to head inside.

'Emma?' Harry thought mentally to his telepathic friend.

'Yes Harry?'

'Clark Kent is not human; he's a good kid though. There's a girl with a necklace that has a green stone in it. It's not an emerald, it has a really bad effect on Clark, it was killing him. I need to get a look at it or find out where it came from.'

'I will see what I can do.'

'Oh, and the guy looks like a shoe in for Scott's team.'

'I'll be sure to let him know.' Came the amused mental voice of Emma Frost.