AN: I've never once read a Superman comic, mostly because I don't know where to get them. Most of the information I've learned about this superhero is from the films and the internet. There aren't really facts in this story, but if any of it sounds inaccurate, I'm sorry. Anyway, enjoy!

Lois or Jimmy? How could he decide? They both meant so much to him, and to everyone around them. But, he had to decide, or they'd both be killed. He couldn't cope with losing them both at once.

Superman looked at the two hostages, taking in their pale skin, almost translucent after being locked in windowless rooms for a week. Lois had a small cut on her forehead, the dried blood almost hiding it, and her hair was matted, but she was still beautiful. She was looking at him with pleading eyes.

Jimmy was worse off. His face was covered in blood and bruises, his eyes gazing at him, looking but not seeing. There were hand marks around his throat, dark from continuous strangulation. He was shaking violently, another symptom of shock. The situation was too traumatic, so he had blanked out.

"Well. Choose, Superman. The beautiful reporter, or the loyal photographer? Which of your friends do you want to save?" the small, fat drug lord sneered, his voice tinged with a sense of victory. He had beaten Superman, and knew it.

"Boss, I think we should let him know what they think," the tall, steroid-injecting man suggested, grinning manically.

"That's an excellent idea, Miguel. Lower the gags. The boy might not answer, he's far off." The voice mocked Jimmy, amused greatly by the boy's current trauma.

The men holding his friends pulled down the gags, and Lois was instantly screaming at him.

"Please, Superman! Save me! I'm too young to die. Jimmy's in too much shock. Don't make him suffer!" A sharp slap to the cheek shut her up, and the gag was pulled back over her mouth.

"Selfish bitch. What do you have to say, Mr Olsen?" the leader snarled, mockingly, dragging Jimmy's head back by his long red hair. The hostage struggled weakly to rid himself of the rough hand. But Clark knew that, in his head, Jimmy had no idea what was holding him, and it broke the Kryptonian's heart.

How could Lois want Jimmy to die? How dare she try to convince him to allow the loving, carefree photographer to die! How dare she act so selfishly. At that moment, all the love and desire he had ever felt for her was gone, melting into hatred. His decision was made.

"Superman, pick up the hostage you want to save," the druggie ordered, putting on the voice of a game show host.

Clark walked determinedly towards Jimmy, not looking at Lois. He knew if he looked at her, her puppy eyes would convince him to change his mind. He didn't want to change his mind.

Slowly and carefully, he scooped up the shivering boy, allowing the exhausted head to rest against his muscular shoulder. To his surprise, he felt a weak hand grip onto his uniform, clinging to it like a lifeline. Without a look back, he ran from the building as the explosion tore it to the ground. He felt no regret as he took to the air, only reassurance. Cradling the tense body, he was reassured. He had definitely saved the one he cared for most. The one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. The one and only, Jimmy Olsen.