Location: Aboard the Normandy

Time: Mass Effect 1 before first landing on the Capital

"Ms Sheppard I need to tell you about a C Sec investigator that may be of use to the Alliance so before visiting the council talk to him and here is his profile" I say.

"Yes sir" Sheppard says.

Then I hand her the file.

It reads.

Name: Adam

Age: 20

Eye color: Red

Race: Human/Krogan (Looks human but has the height and build of a Krogan with out the hunched back)

Sex: Male

Height: 7 foot 9

Occupation: C SEC Investigator

Armor: Wears Light Gladiator Mark IV (Purchased with own Credits)

Weapons: Wields a Cobra IV (also purchased with own credits)

Class: Vanguard and Adept implants

Biotic capacity: Rivaled only by Asari Justicars

Skin: As tough as a Krogan's but looks human.

Mussel tone: Looks like a medium build but he can lift about 1000Lb due to his Krogan heritage.

Family: Orphaned at birth. His father died in a Element Zero Mine collapse. He was born in a eezo mine his mother died giving birth.

"Well Holy shit is he even done growing?" Sheppard asks.

"The Doctors have yet had reason to believe he is at full height" I say.

"Damn his biotic abilities are insane".

"Yes well that is one of the reasons he was chosen and the other is that he qualify to be a specter but the counsel will not allow this form of half bred to join" I say.

"Does he know about this?".

"Yes I have sent him a picture of you so he knows how to look for".

"Well I look forward to speaking with him".