Adam's POV

Location: Where the Normandy is going to dock

Time: about 20 sec before Normandy landing

I am wearing a blood red trench coat with a C SEC uniform under it my gun in the right pocket. I have my armor under my uniform. I can see the Normandy coming in for a landing. I have a head set that is a connected to Bailey

"Adam we have confirmation that the load boom earlier was not your bomb but a breaking and entering attempt" Bailey says over an intercom.

"Ok Bailey I am going to shut off the head set" I say.

Then I turn off the headset and put it in the left side pocket in my trench coat.

Then the SR1 Normandy stops next to the platform next to me and then magnetic clamps go down then hook up to the Normandy. After about a min the air lock opens then a woman with red hair an N7 Alliance standard armor with blue eyes, a Pale Complexion, about 5 foot 9 and Caucasian skin.

"Are you Anna Sheppard," I ask while she walks towards me.

"Yes I assume you are Adam," She says stopping next to me.

"Yes" I say.

"Do you have a last name?" Sheppard asks with a friendly voice.

"Never knew about my families last name due to the miners not telling me and there is no record of their existence" I say with a dead serious tone.

"Oh I am sorry I should not have ask" Sheppard says with a hint of sadden voice.

"Don't worry about it does not bother me" I say with a more friendly voice.

"Well it would bother me because I lost my parents in a slaver raid," Sheppard says with a little bit of a sad tone in her voice.

"Sheppard your not getting paid to stand around and talk" Says Anderson with a serious voice.

"Anderson" I say plainly.

"Well this is the first time meeting in person," Anderson says.

"Yes it is," I say with a casual tone.

"Well Sheppard you need to go to the council and if possible bring Adam with you" Anderson says with serious tone starting to walk away.

"Yes Anderson" Sheppard says with a military tone.

"Well Sheppard what are you doing on the citadel" I ask with a more casual voice.

"Well first I need to tell the council about Saren"

"Well I saw him moving shipment of Geth Pulse Rifles"

"I guarantee they will say you're fabricating that"

"I figured as much well I can present this to them and maybe they'll listen"

"Or just piss you off" Anderson says while walking away

"Yes or just piss me off," I say.

The Counsel meeting area

"This could easily be fabricated," Says the Turian councilor

"This man has never followed the rules so why should we trust him" says the Salarian councilor.

"Why don't you call Saren?" Says the Asari councilor

"Lets," says the Salarian councilor

Then a hologram of Saren appears on a ledge above us.

"Where you on the citadel today" asks the Asari councilor.

"No" Saren says.

"There you have it he was not on the citadel today" Says the Asari

"Now I understand why my uncle hated you fools, you morons take one persons word over many others, you all are so stupid I am surprised the Asari made it off their home world. I understand how the Turian's and Salarian's. I guaranty with out prothean help they would be treated like the humans are now." I say angrily.

"You dare say that about the Asari" Says the Asari councilor.

"You know he is right about the Asari and that has made you mad" Says the Salarian.

"Well I think we should also bring up Sheppard's and Adam's Spectreship," Says the Turian councilor.

"When was Adam nominated?" Asks the Asari councilor.

"It was between me and the Salarian via Omni tool," Says the Turian councilor.

"So Adam is a Spectre but not Sheppard?" asks Anderson.

"No they are both" Says the Turian Councilor.

"You two are now Spectres the right hand of the council you answer to us and your military only" Says the Asari with a hint of annoyance.

"Adam can we speak alone?" asks Anderson.

"Sure where do you want to meet?" I ask.

"Meet at the Normandy" Says Anderson.

Then Anderson walks away.

At the Normandy

"Adam why don't you join the Alliance you already have been trained, Hell for all I know they may give you your own ship due to your Spectorship" Says Anderson.

"I'll join but I want to be on the Normandy until I can afford my ship" I say.

"Deal" Says Anderson.


I don't have a clue about the councils names if anyone does please tell me.

Sorry for the long break