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(1) May

"Fuck," she muttered dejectedly looking down at her phone. Her hair was curled and her makeup was big tip perfect. She had on her work shirt and her apron was lying in her lap. He was supposed to take her to work. Twenty minutes until shift change.

"Want me to take you?" I asked.

She tried to hide the excitement, distress, mixed up emotions but for me, those eyes were like an open book. She shrugged. She wanted her boyfriend to be there for her like she needed him to be. Like he never was. It'd be easier for her to avoid and ignore me if he was here.

"He's supposed to be here," she sighed.

I stretched a bit and ran my hands through my hair. The couch was a bitch but I'd been too lazy to walk back to my place the night before. I stood up and pulled my shoes on. I had to rifle around under the table for my shirt. I wasn't quite sure how it got under there. Fat blunts had a way of making the night before a little blurry. I didn't miss the way her eyes were on me when I pulled the shirt over my head. Stealing looks when she thought she could. I see you, babygirl.

"Come on, you'll be late," I said grabbing my keys off the table.

She nodded and followed me to the Caddy. When I started it up cool air conditioning pumped from the vents and the speakers bumped. She smirked. She was thinking about how I was just like the rest of the guys.

"This better, skatergirl?" I asked as I skipped tracks to some Sublime. I knew they were her favorite.

She beamed.

"You didn't have to change it. I listen to rap too," she said with a shrug.

She was used to rap. Everybody listened to it. But I knew better. I knew Jake was always telling her to turn that shit off when she cranked up her tunes. Sublime and Zepplin and The Killers. She hummed along happily as I guided the Caddy through traffic. The sunshine through the window made the natural blonde in her hair shine.

"What time you get off?" I asked.

"I close. So probably not til late. Everybody is supposed to be at the house tonight though," she said. She made it sound like she was just letting me know. But really she was checking up on me. Wanting to know if I would be there without really asking. I nodded.

"Call me if you need a ride," I told her as I stopped in the restaurant parking lot and she climbed out.

She smiled again.

"Rose is closing too, she'll give me a ride," she said leaning in the rolled down window. "Thanks for the ride, Romeo, you're my hero."

She headed in, ponytail swinging, ass bouncing, hips swaying.

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This is going to be somewhat of a tribute to the ghetto fabulous, white trash, crazy folks I ran with back in the day. Some of the best times of my life happened when I was getting that first taste of freedom after high school. So prepare for smoking, drinking, carrying on with some ExB (eventually) sexy times. And it'll be EPOV (yes, that is E. The nickname will be explained/make sense/come into play as the story goes along) with maybe the occasional pipe in from B. I'm playing it by ear. As for length and updates, the chapters will be short and I plan to update once or twice a week.

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