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(20) January

I had to read Romeo and Juliet in high school. All the chicks were like it's so romantic. I didn't get that shit. All I saw was some dude who got played out by one chick and then moved on to another chick just to get played out by her so bad he offed himself. And all these ditsy bitches are like oh, they were supposed to be together, it was fate and they had to die to keep their love. Bullshit.

I never gave much thought to fate and love and all that shit. I thought about getting ahead and getting laid. Right up until I saw that girl and that smile. And the way she looked at me, it had me thinking that maybe I did go through all my fucked up times for a reason. Maybe it all got me to right there. Right there next to her.

Then everything went straight to hell. Quick too. Jasper damn near kills himself and I'm like shit, this ain't good. But then that fucker has to beg on his fucking knees. That fucking no good douche bag. And bam, he's right back in her arms.

I thought that maybe she was just taking care of him 'cause he didn't have anyone else up to task. She was just standing up for an old friend. So I gave her some space and some time. It was so fucking hard. After having that little taste, I wanted her next to me at all fucking times. But I tried real hard to give her room 'cause I knew she needed that. But I felt like I was in limbo, not knowing if she was still gonna hop in the Caddy with me today or. So I took a walk. Across the complex to her place. Some shit I regretted immediately. As soon as I saw her all wrapped up in that bitch ass dog.

I felt like someone took out my insides and started a bon fire in there. I felt sick as shit. I took my ass home and smoked my fucking brain. I don't know how I smoked that much without passing the fuck out.

Now I'm groggy as all hell throwing the last of my shit in my baby. I wanted to leave this morning but apparently I was in a coma.

"Hey, boy, can you give me a ride?" her teasing voice feels like a punch to the gut.

"The fuck you want?" I ask standing up from out the backseat to look at her over the top of the car.

She looks confused. Guess she didn't expect me to be mad… hurt… whatever.

"I… I thought you had room for me," she says quietly.

I look at her hard. What kind of shit is this bitch playing?

"Yeah, that offer had a time limit. I ain't got room for both of y'all in here," I tell her.

Now her eyes are welling up. What the fuck?

"Both of us?" she asks. "What are you even saying right now?"

"Your boyfriend, Bella," I tell her.

"Romeo – Edward, I had to –"

"Yeah, yeah, same fucking story. You're all he has blah, blah, blah. I thought you were over that shit. I thought you were gonna be my girl. But I guess it turns out you just wanted a break for a hot minute. Well, girl, I surely hope you had fun."

I slam the door to make my point. It feels good.

"You dumbass," she says shaking her head glaring at me.

And I'm fired the fuck up, I'm around that car in two freaking seconds. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I wanna shake the shit out of her. But I know I can't do that. I wanna scream and tell her she don't get to be pissed here. I'm the one who's been played out. I get to be pissed. That I can do.

Then I see it. A big fat duffle bag sitting next to her feet. I dead stop. And I know I've got that dumb dick look on my face 'cause I can feel it.

"Uh…" I'm just babbling. I have no idea what to say.

She arches an eyebrow at me.

"Like I said, you're a dumbass," she spits at me.

"But you never answered my calls… my text. And last night I saw you with him," I tell her.

"My phone is dicked. I was trying to get a new one this morning but I couldn't get a ride. I came by earlier and pounded on the door but you never answered," she explains. "And last night was the end. The very end. Over. Done. We we're saying our goodbyes. People do that when they've been together forever."

I let out a deep breath I didn't know I'd be holding and sit my ass against the Caddy.

"Fuck," I mutter running a hand through my hair.

"Dumbass," she huffs.

Now I'm smirking at her.

"You make me crazy girl," I tell her.

She's playing mad.

"I should stay my ass here," she threatens but there's no weight behind that.

I'm still smiling when I walk around and climb in the driver seat. I start my baby up and the music starts pumping through the speakers. Her music. I see her trying to fight a smile. She loses.

"Get in the car, girl," I tell her. I throw in gear like I'm really gonna go anywhere without her.

Then she laughs. It's like music. It's like sunshine. It's perfect. She throws her bag in the back and climbs in next to me. She leans over close and lays her head on my shoulder as I pull out the parking lot.

"I love you, boy."

"I love you too, girl."

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