Made a new story!
This one is going to tell parts of the human like history of Prussia.
This first chapter is told by Prussia himself, but for the next one you can sent in your review.


-The mistakes in the dialogues are made intentionally to express the way of speaking of the little countries.
-There are no pairings yet. I'll warn you if there are going to be some in the next chapters.

Chapter 1. Bird-Würst.

Greetings! The awesome me is here to tell you a story!
Take when I was only a few decades old for example, and still the Teutonic Knights.
When me and a couple of other countries were creating our flag…

'Mine is gowing to have red fo shawr!' a small England decided, taking a red crayon out of the little box.
'Non! You cannot, I need that one twoo!' France yelled and he tried to grab it out of England's little wrists.
'Gewt of me, you stupid fwog!'
'You want to fight, non?'
'Come at meh!'
France pushed the big-browed boy so hard he lost balance, and the only way for England
not to fall, was to grab the long hair of his enemy.
France let out a piercing cry before launching himself on the smaller boy.
So came the red crayon was rolling over to Spain, who picked it up, without even looking up at the two little fighting countries.
He colored the rest of his flag with an almost violent speed with the red color, while mumbling; - Is tomato color, tomato.-
That was the moment I decided that black probably was the most awesome (and most safe) color in the pack.
First, I colored the top- and bottom parts with my black crayon, like a frame.
Then, what was awesome enough to be in that frame?
I looked around me.
Well, it certainly weren't the little boys who were fighting with a crayon… and eachother.
I looked outside, trees… nah, clouds… no! clouds and trees weren't awesome at all!
The little me staggered towards the window to take a closer look.
Up high in a tree, was a small mother-birdy feeding her even smaller baby-birdy's worms.
The worm was like a small moving pork-würst, when the mutti held it for the little baby, and it bit it, the worm splashed, and a brown gravy-like liquid came out.
'Es ist bird-würst..' the small me mumbled. 'Birds eat bird-würst.'
Suddenly I knew what was awesome enough for in my flag's frame.
I trotted back again and started to draw the birds body.
'Spain is done.' The brown haired boy nodded approvingly, when every white space on the cloth was filled with red or yellow.
'Schön?' The little me asked surprised, seeing I had only just started.
Spain lifted himself up, and sat down again beside me.
'Bird?' he asked interested.
I nodded and told him; 'Birds sind awesome! they eat worm-würst!'
'Why's he black?'
'You used all yellow!' the small I said grumpily.
Spain thought a second, then he jumped up again, retrieved the yellow crayon, and handed it at the awesome me.
'Spain help?'
'Nein, I wanna do it self.' Honestly, what if that tomato-brain had drafted all over my awesome bird?!
When the wings were done too, I grabbed the yellow crayon out of Spains hands and continued with the beak. An ordinary one wasn't enough, so I decided to make it long and sharp at the edge.
'Oi Teuto? Can Spain make bird too?' Spain asked when he had gotten enough from just watching.
'No! You flag is not awesome enough! And my name is not Teuto!'
Spain pouted.
He crawled towards his flag again and made something that looked like a lion with a fire-breath.
Well, maybe that was quite a bit awesome, I decided.
And maybe Spain and I could become friends in the future…