Author's Note: I am so scared to post this because 1.) There are some excellent little gems in this fandom and I hope to do it justice 2.) The fandom seems a bit dead and I am worried no one will even bother reading this 3.) How in the hell am I going to write J.D and be able to do my love justice? I guess I'll just give it a whirl, and see if anything comes of it. I do not own Heathers, but if someone wanted to give me J.D with a big red bow on his head under the Christmas tree this year, I wouldn't be one to decline.

Disclaimer: This is AU, so I hope you don't mind. If you are wary of AU, still give it a try because you may end up liking this fic.

Chapter One

"You're really going to do it, aren't you?" J.D. glanced up from the pack of dynamite in his hand to see Veronica standing a few feet behind him. She had a gash on her head from where he had slammed her against the cinder blocks. J.D. had to remind himself that suicide bombers probably don't go inspect their girlfriend's - ex-girlfriend's - injuries. Instead, he sighed, bit down on his lower lip, and shook his head.

"You're not going to change my mind, darling." He was impressed. That blow was meant to knock her out for awhile.

"I-I know."

J.D.'s brow furrowed. He wasn't quite expecting that reply. He titled his head to the side, raised an eyebrow and waited for an explanation. Veronica was not one to give up. She had faked her own suicide to throw him off, and she had come down here with a gun poised to kill him. So then why did she look almost defeated. Come on, you're tougher than that. At least try to put up a fight. Sure, you'll lose, but hell...

"I just...all I have ever wanted was for my high school to be good. I wanted everyone to get along."

"The only place everyone gets along is in heaven, darling."

Veronica folded her arms over her chest, ignored the pounding and the warm wetness of blood against her scalp, "I didn't want it to be like this."

"Drastic times call for drastic measures."

"I don't want any more bodies, J.D. Please. No more."

"I told you I am not changing my mind on this," J.D. scowled and returned to fiddling with the dynamite.

"You really are a sociopath, aren't you?"

That got his attention. Glancing up, brows furrowed, J.D. shrugged, "It is what it is."

"You don't care? Not even about me?" She was grasping at straws, and she knew it. She was the last card she had left to play.

J.D. exhaled impatiently, pushed himself up off the floor and walked towards her, "You know that's not true."

"You were coming to kill me the other night."

"You became a liability - a loose end. I don't do messes well, darling, and you were a mess. I didn't want to kill you, but we all have to do what we have to do. Hell, I still don't want to kill you; but like I said, it is what it is. You don't have to die today though, Veronica. You have options."

"That bomb will go off in five minutes. My options are limited."

"You have two," J.D. explained, "You can chose to still be against me which gets you nothing but an obituary in the paper tomorrow and a hell of a lot of pain in a few minutes; or you can chose to be with me. Come back, Veronica. Come back to me. The school will blow, but we have time to get out of here."

"And go where? And what makes you think I would want to go anywhere with you?"

"Because you have had ample opportunity to shoot me dead right here, right now, and you haven't. To me, that says you don't really want to. You're here talking to me. That says something. That says a lot of somethings."

"Alright," Veronica sighed, not really knowing why she was going to say what she did except for the fact that she was forever bound to the psycho before her, "So where would we go?"

"Anywhere. The world is our oyster, darling. Hell, I'd even let you pick the city, the town, the state. You decide. We will make a living off of this."

"Off of what?"

"Well, once the school blows, everyone will think we died in the blast along with everyone else. We can be free to go wherever we want. We can tour the country, darling, ridding the world of evil at every rest stop."

"Oh, no, no. I...I am not going on a killing spree across the country with you. That...that's crazy!"

"Of course it is, love; I came up with the idea. We'd be together though - you and me. We'd be free of Heathers and society. We could make our own society, just you and me. We could make our own rules, Veronica. We can wake up when we want, and go to bed when we want. We can go wherever we please. We can be with whomever we please. No more high school, no more cliques."

"You're seriously insane. You need help."

"You're just now realizing this?" J.D. cocked his head to the side and grinned that grin Veronica was growing too dangerously attached to. It was a psychotic grin, a Cheshire cat grin. But just the same, Veronica found it mesmerizing.

"J.D..." Veronica protested, glancing towards the clock ticking down on the bomb, "We don't have much time."

"Exactly. Decide, darling. Do you want me to kill you, or do you want me to save you? I can either be your devil or your redeemer but you get the choice."

"I'd rather die than be with you," Veronica spat out the words as though they were a foul taste in her mouth. J.D. merely chuckled.


"It's true. I would rather die than be with you. Besides, you've already killed me. You killed me a long time ago. I don't want to be this person I am when I am around you. I used to be smart and funny and I used to have goals. I wanted to go to Stanford. I wanted to major in..."

"But you wasted all that, darling. You threw away your GPA for gloss and keggers. Now look at you. You'd be nothing. Oh sure, you'd go to community college or something. Maybe study secretarial work. But you won't amount to anything. I am giving you a chance to be free - to travel, to make a difference, darling. I am giving you the chance to be saved."

"Saved," Veronica scoffed, "Three minutes."

"Fine," J.D. hooked up the last bit of dynamite and adjusted his coat before turning to leave, "You're beautiful, you know that right? It's a shame really."


"So pretty," J.D. reached up and touched Veronica's cheek. She recoiled, but he grabbed her and pulled her closer to him, "Oblige me in one last kiss, darling."

Veronica thought about fighting back. She genuinely considered all her possibilities - kneeing him in the crotch, slapping his face. However, at the same time, she knew that these were her last minutes alive, and J.D.'s kisses were always so intoxicating. Maybe just one last kiss wouldn't hurt.

She didn't fight it at all. Instead, she found herself enjoying the kiss, and even kissing him back. The kiss was the usual - passionate, messy, painful, and dizzying. Veronica felt her head grow light and her knees buckle underneath her. J.D. grabbed her bottom lip between his teeth and bit down painfully. She whimpered and J.D. chuckled against her lips.

He pulled away, smirked, ran his hand through his hair and shrugged, "It was nice knowing you, darling."

As he made his way towards the door, Veronica watched, her jaw agape, as he walked slowly backwards. When he was just about out the door, he dramatically bowed to her, waving his hand mid-genuflect like a genuine gentleman.

"I must bid you adieu, sweet Veronica..."

He erected, then turned to leave, but not before pausing a second at the backdoor of the boiler room.

J.D. placed his hand on the knob of the door that led up the flight of concrete stairs towards the outdoor basketball courts. He didn't have much time, and neither did she, but it was worth the wait. Eventually, J.D. sighed and gave up. He cracked the door open to make his escape. Just as his foot was about out the threshold, he heard the word he had been waiting for -