A/N: So, this is the first spin-off from chapter one and is Lassie/Shawn. This ending is basically Lassies saves the day and they have sweet, hot sex. No real warnings other than the sex.

Just as Shawn could feel himself about to give in, the door burst open, startling both men on the bed. Lassiter stood in the doorway, gun drawn. "Put the gun down, McTiernen!" His eyebrows furrowed together, his jaw clenched, waiting for an opportunity to pull the trigger without endangering the hostage.

The mob boss smiled, moving the gun from Shawn's thighs to under his chin, pushing the psychic's chin up, pressing his head back against the sheets. Shawn looked over at Lassiter, embarrassed beyond belief, gulping against the metal pressed to the underside of his jaw. "Lassie…"

"Shut up, Spencer." Lassiter locked eyes with him, looking more serious than ever before.

"Yes, shut up, Mr. Spencer." He held the gun firmly, his extra hand back on Shawn's wrist, holding it in place against the mattress. "Detective, you're in no place to be making requests."

"It wasn't a request, shoot him and you will regret it. Drop the gun and you can hope that your expensive lawyers can cut you a good deal. It's your pick, but I am not lowering my weapon."

He stood, looking back and forth between the psychic and the detective a moment before chuckling and loosening his grip on the gun. Before getting up, he leaned back in, lips tickling Shawn's neck as he spoke. "Guess I'll just have to ravish you in my dreams then, hm?" He looked up at Carlton from his position, grinning wildly at how much his position angered the Head Detective. He had noticed not only Shawn's attraction to him in the past week of the investigation, but the detective's attraction to Shawn as well.

Lassiter was about to lose his cool when the mobster backed away and dropped the gun to the floor as he stepped off of the bed. He signaled with his gun for the man to move away, along the wall. When he was far enough away from the weapon, he called in the other officers, who came in the room, cuffs ready, pinning him against the wall before restraining him and escorting him out.

The detective holstered his gun and walked over to the bed. "You all right, Spencer?" He sat on the edge of the bed as Shawn sat up, ignoring his question. "Shawn?"

The psychic was stuck in his own head, realizing what almost happened. He felt guilty and a little bit sick that he would have let it happen and enjoyed it. He barely notice when Lassiter started talking to him.

"Jesus, Shawn, you're shaking. Are you hurt?" Carlton began to look him over for injuries before he jerked away.

"No, I'm fine." He adjusted his shirt to cover himself up, feeling exposed under the older man's intense gaze. "I just…" He looked up, not able to find the words. He gave up trying and buried his face in the detective's jacket, surprising both of them.

Lassiter wrapped his arm around the younger man, not sure what to say or what else to do. He felt bad for Shawn, and he felt a little guilty himself for enjoying the sensation of their closeness. He closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling of Shawn's breath creeping through his clothing, warming his skin.

The detective rested his head on top of Shawn's, rubbing his back gently. "It'll be fine, he'll be locked up for a long time."

Shawn wanted to scoff and insist that he didn't need to be comforted like a child, but in all honesty, Lassiter's words did make him feel better. He brushed off the somewhat awkward moment, pulling himself away. "Can you get these off of me?"

As if on cue, an officer came back into the room with the key they had taken off of McTiernen, offering it to the detective. Shawn rubbed his wrist, looking up curiously. "How did you know I was here?"

"Well, you never do what I expect and you're never where you say you're going, so when the call came in about a possible shot fired and this was the location, I just knew…"

"Oooh, Lassie's got a little bit of this…?" He held his hand to his head psychic-style, smiling slightly for a moment before getting back to seriousness. "If you hadn't…"

"But I did. Don't go there, Shawn. You can't focus on the bad things that almost happen, you'll go crazy. All that matters is that you're all right." They stared at each other for a moment, both a little off put by the realness of their situation. Their relationship, both professional and personal over the years had been so flippant, it took them both off guard.

Shawn took in what he said, nodding in agreement, recognizing a feeling in his gut. Even if they never really acknowledged it before, they relied on each other a lot. They had both saved each others lives several times and had helped the other through hard times. He didn't understand why this was the first time that he had felt his stomach churning with butterflies.

"Can we go now?" Shawn's words carried an unspoken understanding and Lassiter nodded, helping pull Shawn off of the bed. Their hands lingered long enough to remove any doubt from either of their minds.

At Lassiter's apartment, they stood inside the door, both moved hesitantly. Carlton's hands moved along Shawn's sore wrist, gently guiding him through the hallway to the bedroom. He cupped Shawn's cheek with his other hand, moving in for their first kiss, slow and searching. They had all night to get to really know each other and he was more than willing to take his time.

Shawn shivered, it was so different than anything he had ever experienced before. It was no less passionate, but the tender, slow nature of the others movements were new to him. He was used to fooling around, no sugar-coating, no sweetness, nothing but the means to the end. He realized that when you slowed everything down, you could really feel it, really focus on it. He could tell you the exact lines that his former lovers had traced over his body, his memory was just that good, but to actually take the time in the moment to be able to savor them was easily going to be his undoing.

Carlton took deep breaths to keep himself from rushing too quickly with Shawn. After what happened just before, he couldn't forgive himself if he scared him away. Part of him wanted to throw Shawn on the bed and let the flood gates crumble as all of his pent-up want for the younger man exploded, but the wiser part wanted to make the night last forever. He wanted to make love to Shawn until they couldn't keep their eyes open.

Carlton was intoxicating him, as they kissed and touched each other, Shawn realized that the man tasted like coffee and smelled like gunpowder, an odd combination that was completely Lassiter. He moved forward, nudging them backwards until the detective's legs hit the bed and their kiss was broken. There was only a moment's hesitation to regain balance and breath before Shawn found himself being pulled down, sitting on the lap of his soon-to-be lover. More bravely than before, slightly more assured by the noises that he was almost certain that Shawn didn't realize that he was making, he started to remove the psychic's shirt, licking and nipping the collar bone underneath.

Shawn ran his fingers through Lassiter's hair, guiding them into a lying position by giving a gently tug backwards. He shrugged out of his shirt as he sprawled out over the incredibly hot detective underneath him. They stared at each other for a second before before they both threw all of their inhibitions out the window, lips and hands completely losing all semblance of hesitance.

Carlton ran his hands up Shawn's sides, fingers digging into the warm, soft skin that he had spent so many months thinking of touching. As much as he loved the feeling of Shawn's weight on top of him, Carlton couldn't relinquish control so soon. He desperately needed to feel Shawn below him, caught between the wiry, muscular detective and the firm bed, with nowhere to go.

With that thought in mind, Lassiter gripped the hips tighter and tossed Shawn to the side, climbing on top of him, immediately removing his own shirt. Shawn's hands went to Lassiter's belt buckle, not able to remove it and unbutton his pants fast enough. The older man stood up just long enough to slide his pants and briefs down, kicking them off to the side before tugging Shawn's pants off by the cuffs.

He took a moment, staring down at the sight below him, waiting for any sign that he should stop while he was still physically capable. All he saw was a beautiful, incredibly aroused man, looking at him very impatiently. He reached down, slowly removing Shawn's underwear like he was unwrapping a present he'd been waiting too long to open.

He must have been holding his breath because when he finally saw Shawn fully exposed, he felt like he was going to pass out. He practically dove back onto the bed, pushing Shawn back to the pillows.

"Have you ever...?" Carlton didn't know a polite way to ask if he was a virgin or a slut or somewhere in between.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He was writhing against the sheets, waiting for it to finally happen when he had a thought that he hadn't had before. "...Have you?"

"Only with women. I've never been interested in men before." Carlton was unsure of himself, not wanting his inexperience to stop them from being together.

"Never?" Shawn could understand having not experimented with men, but having not had feelings for or any interest in any man before was a little surprising.

Carlton ran his fingers along Shawn's cheek. "Just you." As he leaned in, Shawn grabbed him, kissing with a renewed vigor, obviously not caring about his inexperience. Before getting too caught up, Shawn paused again.

"Do you have anything for this?" He motioned to accent what he was saying by shifting his hips against the man on top of him.

Lassiter's face went blank, having not thought about what they would need. "I don't-" He stumbled with words, trying to make sense. "I didn't think this would ever happen..."

Shawn smiled at him, pushing him back, sliding out from under him. He disappeared into the bathroom, rummaging around for a moment before returning with a small tub of Vaseline and a hand towel. "It's just like you to have the very basics of skin moisturizing."

"I don't like to smell like a woman." Lassiter was very matter of fact in his assertion that regular lotions, even unscented, smelled like flowers and estrogen. Shawn crawled on top of him, holding the container as he burried his face in the detective's neck.

"Mmm, I don't like you smelling like a woman either." He took in the masculine scent and didn't fail to notice the slight shiver that came from the older man under him as his slick hand made contact with Lassiter's most sensitive parts.

Before positioning himself flat on the bed again, he took a moment to run his lips along the smooth skin of Carlton's neck up to his ear. He sucked in the soft flesh, proud of himself for the groan that he caused with his actions.

Lassiter enjoyed the feeling of Shawn's lips and tongue on him, but was reaching his breaking point quickly. He flipped the young man again, this time digging his fingers in more deeply than before as he rocked their bodies together.

Shawn gasped, his own fingers clawing into the strong shoudlers above him. He had been with masculine, dominant men before, but nothing compared to the feeling of Lassiter hovering over him.

"What do I need to do?" He had an idea about the logistics of their situation, but wasn't sure where to start. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't. Just do it." Shawn closed his eyes and almost begged, getting rid of any doubt that Lassiter had. "Go slow at first."

He nodded as he pulled Shawn's hips closer to him as he positioned himself, taking a moment to stroke them both before getting down to business.

As he slowly entered the man below him, the imediate pressure made him groan. The warm, tightness made it difficult for him to move slowly; all he wanted to do was push hard and fast until he was spent, but he couldn't risk hurting Shawn.

"Ngh, god, Lassie..." Shawn's approving vocalizations sent tingles down his spine, directly to his dick. He couldn't have imagined that sex with Shawn would feel so intense. He felt like a teenager again, ready to be done before he's even really started.

He paused for a moment once he was fully inside of Shawn, trying to get his breathing back to normal. "It's okay, you can move."

"Not yet..." Lassiter's fingers wrapped around the sheets, his eyes closed in concentration.

"You won't hurt me. It's okay." Shawn put his hand on Carlton's, hoping to ease is mind.

"It's not you I'm worried about. I need a second." Because his eyes were closed, he didn't see the mischievous look on Shawn's face as he realized that Lassiter is a little too turned on.

He moaned and his eyes snapped open as Shawn shifted his weight, forcing Lassiter to go even deeper. The detective's hands shot to his hips, holding him down as he took a deep breath.

If he weren't so lightheaded from the sharp pleasure of Shawn purposefully clenching around him, he would have scolded him. Instead, he began to pull out slowly, causing Shawn to whine, thinking that he was actually retreating.

Instead, he paused for a moment before pushing back into Shawn with all his might, the young man's hips held to tightly for him to squirm away as Lassiter tested his limits. "Fuck..."

Before Shawn could catch his breath, Lassiter was moving again, another deep, full thrust. "Oh, God-" The smug look had been completely wiped off of his face as the man above him continued to rock into him in the most perfect way, bordering on too rough, but only just so.

Shawn reached his hands out, latching them onto the back of Lassiter's neck, pulling him down for a breathy, wet kiss. Carlton moved his hands to prop himself up on the bed, allowing Shawn to arch his back in time with every movement. The new angles and the feeling of Shawn sliding against his mouth and his body only applified the pleasure and Catlton could feel himself getting close.

"Ngh, yes..- Ahh!" Shawn's hot breath landed against his lips and his fingers tightened in the short black strands of his hair as his toes began to curl against the sheets. Lassiter let himself drop down, placing loose kisses on Shawn's shoulder as his pace became more erratic.

"Touch me, Lassie.." The words whispered into his ear were almost enough to send him over the edge, were he not so determined to finish his partner first- after all, he has never be accused of being a selfish lover.

He waited a moment before moving, curious to see just how desperate Shawn was for his touch. "Please... Fuck! Please, touch m-" Shawn bites his own lip mid-sentence as Lassiter finally complies, lean fingers taking hold of him firmly.

He loves the way that he can feel Spencer's muscles moving under him, tightening and flexing as he writhes, desperate for release. With one hand grabbing the sheets and the other between his teeth, for the first time since Lassiter entered him, he is silent. His eyes are closed tightly and Lassiter changes his pace from long and deep to shallow and rapid as Shawn climxes in his hand, entire body shaking.

The sight of Spencer looking up at him, beathless with wet lips and red cheeks, chest heaving and covered in his own come is what finally puts him over the edge only seconds later. He buries his face in Shawn's shoulder to keep from letting out an embarrasing sound as he comes down from the single most mind-blowing orgasm of his life.

Lassiter slid to the side and they stilled, both still breathing heavily from the exertion and too caught up in the post-coital bliss to speak or move. Lassiter knew that they should clean themselves up, but he didn't have it in him to move out of Shawn's grasp- he'd only just gotten there and he had a feeling that he never wanted to leave.