Summary: Ever since Artemis Fowl the Second was born Butler has been there by his side, watching him get hurt and change, succeed and break. A collection of one-shots focusing on some parts of the young genius's mind no one else had dared witness.

No pairings, no slash. Lots of angst. Hopefully.

A/N: This was supposed to be a one shot. But more and more scenes came into my mind and I had to either make a huge one shot or make it a series. I picked the second one because I probably wouldn't have finished it if it was too huge (the abandoned fanfics squealing in my computer are proof enough of that) and because it's about time I posted a story with more than one chapter. I am also hoping to make a Last Guardian fic sometime soon too.

Also, this is the first time writing in first person (at least in a fanfic) so bear with me, especially with the OOCness of this.

So enough rambling. On with the story…


One of Madame Ko's most important rules is to never get attached to your principle. However, as much as I appreciate everything she taught me, this is the one rule I wasn't able to follow. My life is too connected with his for it to be possible. Artemis Fowl the Second has been the main point of my life ever since he was born. I practically raised him. I've been there when he was happy and I've been there when he was sad. When his facade broke and the great Artemis Fowl became the child he really was. What? You don't think that's possible... He's still human after all. Don't forget that.

I still remember the day of his birth...

The nervous waiting outside the door, trying not to think about how different my life would be the moment I met my new charge. A charge that was nothing more than a baby. At least that was what I had thought. As you and I both know, he wasn't just any baby, any innocent child. I realized that the moment I saw those icy blue eyes, piercing into mine like he was studying me. Thinking about it, he probably was.

As he grew older, it became clearer. How different he was, how special. And just how hard it would be to take care of him. Especially when he got involved in things that were somewhat less than moral.

Then again, considering what that kid had to see growing up, I couldn't blame him…

Ok, I promise this was only so small because it's the introduction.
Maybe a bit lazy too. The next one where there will be an actual memory will be longer. Really!
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