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Everybody knows the story, Cinderella, don't they? I always thought it was some fairy tale like the other ones; Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and much more. Like how I thought Wizards are fake. I just didn't think you can take out a magic wand and wave it around and magic appears. I just didn't believe it all that till my sixth birthday.My mama told me she was a celestial mage.

I just stared at her in disbelief. There was no such thing as wizards, right?

"Mama, There's no such thing as a mage!" I told her.She just laughed and shook her head at me, like I was the crazy one. "Anything is possible if you only believe, Lucy-dear." She would pat my head just so gently.

I looked up at her, thinking would I become a wizard too? Would I be one like her? And so I asked, "Will I become a mage too?" She just nodded smiling. "Yes, My dear." She replied, voice like silk.

"Like in Cinderella?When Cinderella got transformed into the beautiful princess and met her true love, it is possible that will happen to you." She pointed at me and smiled. I was real happy to hear that and I gave her a big grin, pouncing into her arms. "I love you Mama!" I would say and she would reply with an, "I love you too, Lucy-chan."

Then a few days later she died due to this sickness she's gotten. My father remarried this ugly woman with two daughters of her own. They were both so ugly like her but, what mama told me was never to judge a person by their looks.

She wasn't just ugly; she was mean and lazy too! She would make me do everything for her and it killed me inside every day. My father was always away so he never knew what was really happening to me. She made me cook and clean and all their dirty work.

Is this the Fairy Tale you were talking about Mama?

"Lucy, get down here! I need you!" Her stepmother, Starla, shouted. Again, lying on the couch while pressing on the buttons on the remote, she called Lucy to do stuff for her. Soon, Lucy's voice echoed from upstairs, "Alright!" She of course had to work for her step-mother which she didn't like at all but she was her step-mother, she had to.

Lucy stood in front of the woman, dressed in an apron and in jeans and a shirt, looking pretty casual. She huffed and put her hands on her hips, staring at the ugly woman. "Yes, mother?"

"Lucy, I need you to go pick up my dresses for at the cleaners." She said while popping a grape into her mouth, not even looking at Lucy but focusing her attention on the television screen.

Lucy tried not talking back to the lady, sighing she nodded. "Okay, I'll be off" She turned around to leave but Starla's voice interrupted her leave. "Also, cook dinner for your lovely sisters and I."

"Yes, ma'am." And with that she walked out the door.

Lucy went out after taking her apron off, not wanting people to think she was some house keeper or maid. She walked along the pathway to the town, on her way to the cleaners as she jumped up and down, humming some unknown tune. Her keys jingled by her side and her wipe attached by her belt. She, of course was practicing her stellar magic.

Ever since her mother had passed away, she held the keys and used them. Practicing secretly while she was alone. She was a powerful mage and she could beat her stupid family but, she couldn't do that. Her father re-married for a reason and she wouldn't want to break his heart.

Lucy walked in the cleaners, sighing as she saw the old man sitting by the desk. She greeted him and asked for the dresses, letting him go to the back to find them.

While she was waiting a strange boy – to her – walked in while Lucy was waiting. He wore a scale white scarf and he had pink hair. Damn, he could rock pink hair.

Lucy stared at his hair and looked at him top from bottom. He looked decent, and cute.

Not noticing she was staring, de looked at her and grinned. "Hey, what's up?" he asked startling the blonde. She looked away and blushed embarrassed that she was caught staring at him.

"P – Picking up clothes . . . What about you?" Lucy asked him, a bit interested. "Me? Well my father owns this place so I'm here to check up on things." He smiled making Lucy smiled back. He seems very nice.

Soon, the man came back, hanging Lucy's dresses on the rack as he started to sum the cost up. "Here are your clothes, Ma'am." He looked up to see the pink-haired male, an instant smile coming on his face. Lucy never saw this man smile before, he must be important.

"Oh, Mr. Natsu! Hello, what can I do for you?" He's talking formally to him too even though he was much younger, who was this guy? "Good morning." The guy replied laughing, grinning at the tiny old man.

Lucy didn't want to keep Starla waiting, she excused herself. "Thank you, but now I have to go." Lucy said about to pick up the clothes but another pair of hands grabbed them. "I'll help you and I'll pay for you this later." The pink-haired male flashed the man a look making him nods while he exited the place making Lucy shout, "Wait!" and run after him.

Lucy tried catching up to him, the guy walking even faster. "Wait, I can take those by myself! Wait!"

"Catch me then!"

"Wait – What?" Lucy realized that he started to run and laugh, making Lucy's eyes widen. She started to run after him, laughing with him. She hasn't acted or laughed like this since she was 6 years old. She felt alive.

Lucy finally caught up to him and they started walking and talking, the two acting as if they were friends for years. When they were coming closer to Lucy's house, Natsu decided to act. "So, what's your name?"

"My name?"

"Yeah, there isn't anybody else here, not unless you count the bugs and animals." Lucy giggled as he flashed a goofy grin, looking at him with a smile. "My name is –", "There you are! I was getting worried!" Starla shouted cutting her off. The two looked towards the woman by the small house, Lucy's face instantly dropped.

"Mother . . ." Lucy muttered, a hint of disgust coating her words. Natsu noticed and gave Lucy a glance, looking back at the woman.

"Who is this fine young man? Hello," Starla smiled making Natsu smile nervously. "Hello, I help your daughter with these." He showed Starla the dresses he was helping, handing it back to Lucy who held her hands out. "Thanks." Lucy muttered before she walked inside the house, leaving Natsu alone with Starla.

"Thank you, now have a nice day. Goodbye." Starla smiled at Natsu and went inside leaving him all alone. Natsu sighed and ran a frustrated hand through his hair, looking up at the sky.

"Damn... So close on finding out her name..."

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