Chapter 1 - May

"I just think, since we're both legally adults now, that it's time we do this. You know, get it over with. I mean, I've been pretty patient Katniss."

Katniss couldn't believe what she was hearing right now. Her boyfriend of only three months, Cato Jones, was asking for what must be the tenth time since her eighteenth birthday two weeks ago if they could finally have sex. She definitely liked Cato, but she was beginning to think that she liked him as more of a friend than a lover.

"Cato please! We talked about this. I'm just not ready yet. Believe me, when I feel like I'm ready for this I will tell you. Just please be a little bit more patient."

She knew she may have been pushing Cato just a little bit, but to be perfectly honest, even just the thought of having sex with anyone made her feel uncomfortable. Katniss only wanted to have sex with someone that she was absolutely positive that she was in love with, and only oner person had ever even come close to making her feel that way. She still thought about him every day. About those shining blue eyes and wavy blonde hair that made girls swoon over him. They had had a very brief relationship when they were sixteen, lasting only a month, which was almost two years ago. Suddenly, he and his witch of a mother had to move to Ireland. She was never really sure why, because he was here one day and gone the next, with only a note to explain where he had gone.

Peeta Mellark.

That one name was able to send a slight shiver down her spine and so many good memories come rushing back into her head.

Katniss realised that she had zoned out thinking of Peeta. Cato had stormed out after she refused to have sex with him, probably to go to the bar just down the street. "As usual," she thought. Recently, Cato had made a habit of just running out instead of confronting problems. When they had first gotten together, Cato had been a model boyfriend. He was caring, kind and never tried to pressure her to go further than she wanted to. Now though, he had been moody, distant and was forever trying to get her to let him take her virginity.

She sighed and just decided to do some studying and have an early night in bed. Cato would probably just go home after he was done getting drunk, so it didn't really matter.

About three hours later, there was a loud knock on the door of her apartment. Katniss silently cursed, hoping the knock wouldn't wake up her little sister, Prim, who had gotten back from her friend Rue's house about an hour ago. She pushed her book off her lap and walked to the front door. When it was opened, she was immediately hit with a strong smell of alcohol. After she winced, Katniss looked up and saw Cato's misty grey-blue eyes staring back at her.

Peeta's are much bluer. And warmer.

Dammit. Stop thinking about him. You're never going to see him again. Never.

"Why are you here at this time?" she inquired.

"Katniss.. I've really fucked up," he paused to roughly rub his hands over his face, and continued. "I was at the bar and there was this girl, I think her name was Glitter or Glimmer or something. Anyway, I had been drinking a lot and.." he trailed off, and Katniss started to fear the worst.

"Cato? Please just tell me what happened?"

"Katniss please forgive me. Please, I need you. I love you" he started to grovel how much he loved her and didn't want to lose her, and eventually Katniss had to know exactly what had happened.


He jumped and looked startled, but stayed quiet for once. "Cato, please. Just tell me what happened."

"I slept with her."

For a few seconds, Katniss couldn't breathe. She couldn't believe what was happening. She had been cheated on.

"What..what..why? Why would you do that? Was I not good enough for you? Just because I'm not some little slut that won't put out for you, you have to go get it somewhere else? God, if you thought it was this bad why didn't you just leave?" Katniss was absolutely fuming.

"What was I meant to do? I thought you'd eventually stop being a frigid little prude but I didn't think that it would take this long!"

Cato had crossed a line, and he knew it. A look of guilt flashed across his face, and Katniss was just about to slap him across the face when Prim suddenly appeared out from her room, still looking her beautiful self even when her hair was mussed up from sleep. She looked confused and scared, her eyes darting between the two. "What's going on?" she asked. Sadness took over from the anger for a few seconds. Prim had always loved Cato. He treated her well and always seemed to have time for her. It almost made her regret what she was about to do.

"Cato. Out. Now. And don't ever even consider coming back here again."

That was it. He was gone with a slam of her door.

Katniss thought she should probably feel sad, or she should be crying, or even feel something. Her boyfriend had just cheated on her, and she had broken up with him. And she didn't feel a thing. This made her guilty. How was it that she was so cold and emotionless that she hasn't even shed one single tear? Maybe since Peeta left, there's just no hope of her ever falling in love. He took her heart across the ocean and never came back, never called, never emailed, never even tried to contact her. This made her want to just stay locked away in her apartment forever. For the first few months Peeta was in Ireland, Katniss just completely shut down. She now understood why her mother had shut down after her father had died. She would just sit there in her rocking chair, staring into nothingness. This happened when Katniss was fourteen, and she had never really understood until Peeta came along.

Katniss had first noticed Peeta staring at her one day in school. She had been eating lunch with Prim, when she looked up and met the most dazzlingly bright blue eyes she had ever seen in her life. He didn't drop his gaze when she looked back at him, but smiled at her. Katniss quickly flitted her eyes away, blushing fiercly. She couldn't understand her reaction, but put it down to being a sixteen year old girl who had never gotten a boys attention before in her life. The next day, she heard that a new bakery had opened in the small town she lived in. Prim begged and begged her to take her to see it, and she finally gave in.

After school that day, they walked to the bakery and opened the door. Katniss was dumbfounded when she was met with the same pair of dazzling blue eyes that had been staring at her not even two days ago.

"Hey! Don't you go to my school?" He asked, flashing her a breathtaking 1000 watt smile.

"Uhh- Um.. Yeah, yes I think so." She mentally cursed for sounding so nervous, but she couldn't ignore the butterflies raging in her stomach.

"Well, my name's Peeta Mellark. Nice to meet you." He held out his hand, looking at her expectantly. She quickly shook it.

"Katniss Everdeen, and this is my sister Prim." she mumbled. Prim, being her usual confident self, gave him a kind smile and shook his hand excitedly.

"Well Katniss, what would you like?" He motioned to a huge selection of cakes and pastries behind a glass screen. She walked over to get a better look, and her eyes landed on what looked like a very small loaf of bread, which had a sign above it that said 'Cheese Buns'. "I'll have one of the cheese buns please". Prim selected a pink cupcake and they paid.

The food was so amazing that they ended up going back the next day, and the next, and the next. Every time they were there, Katniss and Peeta fell into easy conversation, never coming across any silence. After a week, Prim ran outside because it had started snowing and she wanted to see it. Peeta shifted awkwardly on his feet and looked at Katniss through his blonde curls. "Hey, um, i was, um, wondering if you maybe wanted to go out with me sometime? It's totally ok if you don't want to, I mean there's no pressure if you don-"

"Peeta! If you stop babbling I'll go out with you."

"Oh, Ok well i'm free tomorrow night if you want." He looked like he was on cloud nine, which confused Katniss. Why would someone get flustered over her? She wasn't ugly, but she wasn't 'pretty' either. Prim was the pretty one. With her long, straight, golden hair and bright blue eyes, all of the girls in her grade at school envied her, which resulted in them being a little mean to her.

"That sounds great."

And she knew she was a goner.

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