This is the epilogue. Sorry it's short, but what else is beyond this? A life of growing up and shit like that.

I'll have a poll up soon for what visual novel/otome/dating sim to play next.

It was a slow, agonizing wait for the day of the meet-up. The twat-I mean, Kat- was super pissed off that I had "disappeared" for a "couple of hours". I didn't know what to say to explain what happened, so I just didn't. I doubt she'd believe me anyway, with how often she has trouble even believing herself.

Anyway, it was a slow wait. It's like when you're super excited for something, time seems to drag on longer. Maybe that's why kids always say that the last day of school is the longest. That's still no reason to burst into song and dance around your school, though. Stupid HSM was all that was on during the wait, and for some goddamn reason Kat had to watch every single one, though she spent the entire time picking it apart or singing along. I had no choice but to sit beside her with popcorn and watch. What else would I do?

So, because of this, I was momentarily confused when I woke up this morning to see that my calendar (which I had rarely used, but I started after the incident) said it was September 29th. Bryce had decided we'd all meet up today and eat a super deliciously made picnic, and he'd even sent all of us a reminder text yesterday. Not that he hadn't continually reminded us throughout the week. Bryce is really chatty, and I barely got any time to play my new game obsession because he wouldn't shut up! Thane and Lena were rather normal, and we had normal chats (though Lena kept sending me pictures of clouds...).

Spencer... was an oddity. Sometimes he was really talkative, sometimes he was unresponsive, and occasionally he was rather awkward with whatever he was trying to get at. Somehow, he reminded me of Rhett from LRR, although he's not a red-head, and he only has two younger siblings whereas Rhett was swamped with younger sisters. With that in mind, I couldn't stop picturing Spencer in a Romeo costume, and therefore couldn't stop laughing. Kat kept getting angry about that, and at times threw some things (stuffed animals or pillows), but I started retaliating ever since I got back. With her, you have to retaliate twice the amount of pain, and then she'll stop because it's too much effort and not enough reward.

...I'm getting off-topic again. The point is, it's the day of meeting back up at the amusement park, and Kat's driving me because I don't have a license (why would I need one when I can just get her to do it for me?). Since Kat is coming along, her little friends are coming along too. Speaking of her friends, it seems that Mel broke up with Kendra in the few hours I was gone, and it appeared to have ended badly. Kendra moved away somewhere, and told me to "go fuck myself", though I have no clue why. Oh well, I'll respect her wishes and leave her alone. Maybe she'll come around?

"Jay, will you stop fucking mumbling to yourself? I'm trying to listen to the goddamn music." Kat glares at me as the weird Barbie Movie (I can't remember the name of it, doesn't this one have that cat, Seraphina or something?) music plays loudly. Jade and Alexis are dying in the backseat from her terrible taste in music. In fact, I think Jade's hands are miming the action of strangling Kat. I hope she doesn't do that while we're still in the car.

"Turn down the music, you're going to make us all as deaf as you are." I lean against the window, staring at her. Kat glares futilely again, but after some more staring on my part, she freaks out and smacks the mute button. The four of us sit in silence for the rest of the car ride.

We were early, as in TWO HOURS early. Not that being early is a problem, since I usually arrive forty minutes early for everything, but what were we going to do now? Stand in front of Arlo/the tree for two hours in silence? Alexis and Jade walked off to go get something to drink, I think, leaving just me and Kat to stand by our lonesome.

In front of the amusement park.

The amusement park that Kat is now banned from for causing a ruckus in the café last week.

I'm pretty sure I can see some of those employees glaring at us. Are we famous?

I glance at Kat, who apparently decided that she couldn't muster any motivation to get into actual clothes today. Instead, she was wearing her hello-kitty footie pajamas, and her green hoodie (does she think if she wears that, nobody will see her pajamas?). I, for once this summer, had put on real clothes. I was wearing a grey, baggy t-shirt with a green (and earless) gummy bear on it that said "I can't hear you", and a pair of blue, baggy shorts, not to mention my scarf. It's a really nice scarf. Nobody can tear us apart.

Now that I think about it, this is almost like we've switched roles from last week. I wonder, when the guys (and Lena) show up, are they going to mistake Kat for me just solely based on the fact that she's in pajamas? Damn, why'd I think about that! Now I'm really curious!

"...Jay?" Mine and Kat's heads turned to the source of the sound: Thane, who was wearing an orange sweatshirt and some jeans. "You're here even earlier than I am. Er... who's the clone?"

I shrug, "We're OCD about punctuality, kill me. This is my twat sister, Kat. Her friends are here too... somewhere."

It makes sense that Thane assumed he'd be the first one here. He IS the only one who naturally lives in East Cigam (besides Arlo, but he doesn't count obviously). He would have been first, too, if we weren't so free all the time. I've been ready to come for hours! I barely got any sleep last night, too (though that might have to do with my new obsession).

Next to come was Lena, then Spencer, and Bryce was last. I guess it's because he lives the farthest away. West Cigam is quite a few miles away from here. Lena and Bryce had difficulty figuring out which one of us was me, but Spencer had no problem pointing me out.

"It's because you're wearing that stupid scarf... and your eyes are green, not blue." He had scoffed at me, though he didn't look me in the eyes when stating this. It was kind of adorable, I must admit.

A few minutes after the group got together (and stopped picking on Kat and I for being near identical), Alexis and Jade showed back up, with Alexis holding a few bags of cotton candy and a couple bottles of Sprite (half of which was handed over to Kat). I was shocked when Kat offered Lena one of her bottles. Kat never shares her soda, being the greedy bastard that she is. Maybe it's because Lena is cute? She's wearing a knee-length pink dress, and pink sunhat (unlike her old hat), and she's shorter than Kat is... so maybe that's why? Well, good luck to them, I suppose. Kat proceeded to stick onto Lena like glue for the rest of the picnic like the stalker she is.

In the meanwhile, Bryce and Alexis seemed to click, what with them both being cheerful people and all. Not just that, but Bryce is kind of a clumsy idiot, and Alexis likes those types. They kept talking about the weather, and Alexis listened to Bryce talk about his psychology project, where he revealed that he had seen our rag-tag group when we were originally in the park. No wonder he had been somewhat wary of Kat when I introduced her.

Jade was sitting between Kat and Thane, looking like she was a cat between two dogs. I swear, sometimes she's more socially inept than I am. Thane made a comment about a some weird online game (Mabinagi? Mabinogi? I don't pay attention to that shit), and Jade started talking to him animatedly. Apparently she's really into that stuff. I myself am more of a visual novel/otome/dating sim gamer.

Spencer and I sat beside each other in silence. He stared at his sandwich that he hadn't touched in the last five minutes while I played Sudoku on my phone. There wasn't much for us to talk about, but it didn't seem to matter. It wasn't an awkward silence, I actually didn't mind the quiet for once. The eight of us ate and talked for a few hours, until the amusement park security came and told us to leave because we were "acting suspicious". I just barely managed to stop Kat from attacking them, and we all left. None of us wanted to go home yet, though, so we went to a movie theater and saw that new Disney movie, Frozen. It was pretty good, and I didn't expect the ending (this is rare, because I've played so many scenarios that I can spot them from a mile away)! After that, the other six exchanged numbers (Kat forced hers on Lena, actually, but Lena kept it), and we all left.

It was a really fun day, and I'm actually glad that Kat forced her way into coming. No, scratch that. I'm glad Kat forced me to go along with her and her friends (who are my friends now too, I guess) last week to the amusement park. It was probably the best thing that would ever happen to me.

Maybe. Spencer told me during the picnic that he was transferring over to my school for senior year, so we'll be classmates now. I guess I'll have to make sure he doesn't get mugged or something. My school is kind of complete shit.

...Oh, Spencer just texted me and asked if I wanted to go with him to the amusement park tomorrow, but this time it'd be just the two of us. I respond with 'sure, sounds like fun', and shut off my phone before he can respond. I'll be early no matter what.

I guess I'll just have to suffer through this last school year. It'll be different from the others, though.

I'm not alone anymore.