Title: Oh Christmas Tree
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
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Summary: It's the first Christmas in England since the downfall of Sunnydale and all Xander wants is the best tree ever.
Warnings/Spoilers: Post NFA
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Prompt #335 from tamingthemuse- Perfume

Note: I'm not sure if there are tree farms in London but for my story there are. =)

Spike trudged along behind Xander an axe tossed over his shoulder. When Xander told him he wanted a Christmas tree for the counsel house he didn't fight him on it. Whatever made Xander happy Spike was more than willing to help. Of course that was three hours ago and Xander still hadn't found the right tree.

Bill, a watcher from the counsel told them they could have the pick of the litter from his tree farm. Xander was excited but now Spike just wanted to twist the little twerps head off the offer. Spike also knew it was because Bill had his eye on Xander. Another reason for the vampire to kill the pillock.

"What about this one, pet?" Spike asked pointing to a tree to their left.

Xander scrunched up his face. "It has bald spots."

"How about this one? It doesn't have bald spots," replied Spike.

Walking around the tree Xander came back to stand beside Spike. "It has brown spots. A Christmas tree is supposed to be green."

Spike sighed and pointed to the next one only to receive a shake of Xander's head. "What's wrong with this one then?"

"It's too short. We're going to be putting it in the living room of the counsel and it's a big room so it needs a big tree. If we get a small tree it'll look funny," explained Xander.

"What? Never mind, let's keep looking." Spike placed a hand on Xander's lower back and pressed on.

Xander started to look distressed. "What if we can't find one?"

"We will," Spike promised.

It was thirty minutes later and Xander was jumping up and down with excitement. He didn't care that he was a twenty four year old man; Xander was acting like a kid at Christmas. He'd found the perfect tree. It was eight feet tall with not brown pines and not a bald spot in sight. "This is it, Spike! This is our Christmas tree," Xander said beaming with pride as if he had been the one to plant it, water it and grow it.

Spike simply smiled, happy that Xander was happy with his choice. He let the axe fall from his shoulder and began to cut the tree down. Xander stood back out of hacking way. The last thing he needed was to lose a limp.

Once the tree was cut down Spike and Xander carried it to Xander's truck, secured it and headed back to slayer central.

The tree gave off a perfume smell of the forest that seemed to cover the entire room. Xander loved it as he inhaled deeply.

The slayers were gathered in the living room fighting with putting up lights and garland. They didn't have ornaments but that was fine. They'd buy some this year so they'd have for the next.

Xander sat back with Spike as they watched the girls laughing and smiling. They were able to just be normal girls and not have to worry about vampires or demons. That was really all Xander wanted. He turned and kissed Spike on the side of the mouth. "Merry Christmas," Xander said.

Spike kissed Xander on the forehead. "Happy Christmas," Spike replied with a smile.

The End