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Breaking the Rule

Sakura had just thrown Naruto on the bed and locked the door. She turned to him and he could see only one thing in her eyes. Lust. Sakura's room wasn't too big. There was a clock above the door. Her mom had only left fifteen minutes ago, so they had plenty of time for their shenanigans. Her room had a queen sized bed against the middle of the wall. Her blanket was pink (go figure) and her Pillows were white. She had one on each side of the bed. She also had a red heart shaped show pillow in the middle of the two. She had a glass sliding door that led to a balcony outside her room. She had pink curtains that flowed all the way down to the floor. To the left of Sakura's bed, there was a walk in closet with a mirror on the outside of one of the sliding doors. Directly across from her bed stood a brown wooden dresser. There was a small lamp near the right corner of the dresser. In the middle of it, there was a lone picture frame. In it was a picture of Team 7 when they first became a team. Sakura was leaning forward with her hands in front of her up to her chin. It looked like she was saying "cheese" for the picture. Kakashi-Sensei was in the back. He had his headband coving his left eye as usual. From what you could tell with his mask, he was smiling. His eye was slightly curved up to emphasize the smile. Although, it looked more like a nervous smile. He had one of each of his hand on Naruto and Sasuke's heads. Naruto had his arms crossed and was gritting his teeth. He was looking over at Sasuke with anger in his expression. Sasuke wore his usual scowl on his face. He seemed to be looking off in another direction. Upon further inspection, one could see that Sasuke's face was drawn over with black marker. He had been given a goofy mustache and a goatee. He had also been given goofy looking glasses and had a tongue drawn sticking out of his mouth in red marker. Naruto wanted to laugh at that but Sakura had regained his attention when she started strutting over to him.

"Wh-what are you going to do to me Sakura?" Naruto stuttered.

"Oh, nothing you won't enjoy." Sakura said seductively.

Naruto gulped. Uncertainty in his eyes. He had dreams of doing things with Sakura. Dreams that would give the pervy sage plenty of "information" for his books. Of course he would never reveal the contents of those dreams to him, even if he was tortured. And, although Naruto particularly enjoyed those dreams, that's all they were. He had never had real experience with these kinds of things. Yet, here he was. In Sakura's room, about to do God only knows what. Before Sakura approached Naruto any further, she turned to her dresser and put the picture of their team facing down on its frame.

"Why did you do that?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Well, we don't want Kakashi-Sensei and Sasuke seeing what we're about to do, do we? Sakura turned to him and smirked.

Naruto froze. This was really happening. His dream girl was about to pleasure him in her own bed. He would be happy, if he actually knew what he had to do. He was starting to regret not asking his mentor advice on these kinds of things. If there was any time to know how to be a pervert, it was now.

"You know Naruto, you shouldn't be nervous." Sakura stated.

"Eh?" Naruto managed to say, a little surprised at what Sakura had just said.

"I mean, I've never done any of this myself." She admitted.

She blushed and looked away shyly. This relaxed Naruto, seeing as Sakura now looked as nervous as he did. And she was telling HIM to relax.

"I may have not done any of this before, but, I'm just letting my instincts guide me. My body is telling me what I want and what I should do."

"O-ok Sakura. I'll try."

Naruto felt better now. Hearing what Sakura said gave him more confidence. He was listening to his body, and she was right. Somehow, he didn't know how, but somehow his body seemed to know what it should do. Sakura went over to her balcony door and closed the curtains so no one could have a sneak peak at them. She turned around and walked over to Naruto. She crawled onto her bed and got close to him. Real close. Their bodies were only inches apart. Naruto looked in Sakura's eyes again and he saw the same lust as before in them. Maybe even more now. He was starting to grow accustomed to these new feelings now. He wanted her bad. And she was willing to give him what he wanted.

"Before we do anything, I want you to know that I love you, and…you're the only person I ever wanna do any of these things with." Sakura said.

"I feel the same way." Naruto said.

"This is my first time doing these things. So don't blame me if I'm bad at any of it." She said shyly.

"The fact that it's you doing it can't make it bad. I'll love anything you do." Naruto reassured her.

Sakura smiled. She wasn't able to hold back anymore. Her body began to move on its own and she pushed herself against Naruto and kissed him. She started off rough and only got rougher from there. Naruto didn't hesitate and let his body do the work. He sat up and wrapped one arm around her back and placed his free hand on the back of her head. Sakura wrapped both arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Naruto poked Sakura's lips with his tongue and she opened them to let it in. She met her tongue with his and they fought for a long time. Sakura's hands started to roam Naruto's body. Moving from his back, down to his hips, and his chest. Naruto ran his hand up and down her back while he stroked and sometimes gripped her hair. This kiss was even better than their last one. There was a lot more passion and fire in it. Sakura moved her right hand down his chest and over where his manhood was. She could tell he was hard. The presence of her hand caused Naruto's breath to get shallower during the kiss. She then grabbed what she could through his pants. This caused Naruto to gasp. Sakura smirked and took the opportunity to push him on his back. Naruto was stunned.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"You'll see." She said in a husky voice.

Sakura grabbed his pants and pulled them down. Naruto's eyes practically shot out of their sockets. Sakura looked at his manhood which was bulging against his boxers. It almost looked like it was going to rip through them. Sakura was entranced by it and couldn't seem to look away. Finally, she regained her focus and ripped of his boxers. There, his member stood tall in all its glory for her. She had to admit. She was very impressed. It was bigger than she thought it would be. Naruto didn't know what to say. He was stunned speechless. But in the back of his mind, he knew what she was going to do. And he wanted it. Bad. His wish was granted. She grabbed him and a wave of pleasure shot through his body. He held back a moan that tried to escape his throat. But, it was short lived after Sakura started pumping her hand slowly up and down his shaft. He moaned loudly and Sakura was glad to know she was pleasuring him. Sakura moved her body beside him without letting go. She then kissed him while pumping up and down. Naruto moaned some more and started to buck his hips a little, signaling that he wanted her to go faster. She did and she deepened the kiss as well. Naruto's breath was getting husky, and he managed to say something.

"Sakura. It feels so good. Please don't stop."

Sakura got turned on even more after hearing that. She stopped kissing him and pulled back. Naruto looked confused. She moved to the bottom of the bed and hovered her head over his member. She looked at him and smiled. Naruto knew what was coming next. Then she plunged it into her mouth and started licking it. Naruto gripped the blanket with his hands trying to hold back a scream. Sakura didn't waste any time. She started bobbing her head as fast as she could while licking him too. Pleasure rippled through Naruto's body in waves. No sooner did one wave end that another one started. He could feel something building in his lower region. Sakura didn't let up. She kept bobbing relentlessly desperately wanting him to release his seed in her mouth. She wanted to taste him. Naruto couldn't hold on any longer. He was at his limit.

"SAKURA!" He screamed. He thrust upward and came into her mouth. So much of his seed spurt from him that it overflowed and dripped out of Sakura's mouth. She swallowed all that she could. He tasted so good to her. She licked up the rest that she couldn't hold in her mouth. They were both panting and looking into each other's eyes. Sakura then spoke.

"How did I do?" She asked nervously.

"Better than I could ever have hoped." He said panting and smiling at her.

She smiled at his response. Then she realized that her panties were a little damp. She was so busy pleasuring him that she forgot about herself. Naruto saw this and he sat up and pulled Sakura close to him.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you." He said smoothly.

His voice sent shivers down her spine. She waited with anticipation at what he would do. Taking his cue, Naruto gently laid Sakura on her back. He then sat up on his knees and took in the sight of her. She looked so sexy the way she was sprawled out on the bed. The lust in her eyes even stronger now. He wouldn't keep her waiting any longer. He slowly moved his hands up her thighs and to the waist band of her black shorts. He pulled them off slowly and noticed that she was wearing red panties. Just the sight of them was enough to make him hard again. He then pulled the slightly damp panties off as well and tossed them to the side. He took in the sight of her woman hood through the skirt that was threatening to fall backwards due to Sakura's knees being spread apart in the air.

"Naruto?" She whimpered softly.

Naruto looked at her. Her face said it all. She was practically begging him. He then took his index finger from his right hand and traced circles around the outside of her flaps. She gasped at the touch. He then stuck it in. She moaned just as loud as loud as he had earlier. He started to pump his finger slowly back and forth inside her. Her breathing turned shallow. Her eyes were closed but she could feel that her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. Her tongue hung loosely from her mouth as she panted. A feeling of pure bliss taking over her entire body. She then felt Naruto add another finger. Doubling the feeling of pleasure for her. He leaned over her and kissed her like she had done to him not too long ago. He started pumping his fingers faster now. Sakura moaned into the kiss and felt the vibration in her chest. Soon Naruto started pumping as fast as he could. Sakura grabbed his back and attempted to dig her nails through the fabric of his jacket. She started thrusting against his hand, trying to get his fingers to go as deep as possible. He then stopped and pulled out. He lifted himself up from her and she looked disappointed and angry. But then he took her knees in his hand and spread them wider. Without hesitating, he plunged his tongue inside her, and the pleasure returned like never before. She moaned louder and louder each time his tongue plunged deep inside her. She felt her climax surfacing. She thrust her hips against his tongue and soon she couldn't hold on any longer.

"NARUTOOOOOOOOOO!" She screamed, similarly to the way Naruto had before.

Naruto lapped up the juices that were flowing from Sakura's womanhood. It was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted. He even dared to think it was better than Ramen. He could definitely get used to that taste. Sakura was panting and gasping for air after her massive orgasm. She felt satisfied, yet, she wanted more.

"Naruto?" She said to him.

"Yes Sakura?" He replied.

"I…I want you…inside of me." She said.

She turned her head away but looked at him with her eyes. He wore a look of uncertainty and hesitation.

"But Sakura?" He said.

His expression turned nervous and he started sweating.

"Don't you remember what your mom said?" He reminded her, while his voice cracked.

She shook her head.

"It doesn't matter. She was only joking. If she really meant it, she wouldn't have left us alone in the house. Besides…I love you. And I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So I wouldn't feel any regret if we did this now. Plus, I learned a medical technique that can prevent pregnancy. It was taught to all medical ninja, in case something happened on missions such as rape." She said reassuringly.

Naruto moved his hands to her skirt and unzipped it. He pulled it down off of her and tossed it somewhere on the floor. Her womanhood fully visible now. Sakura sat up and unzipped Naruto's jacket. She pulled it off of him and she noticed the necklace her mentor had given him. She smiled as she thought of how Tsunade would either congratulate her, or scold her. Depending on whether she was drunk or not. Naruto took the necklace off and placed it on the floor. He unzipped Sakura's blouse and pulled it off of her. Throwing it randomly somewhere in the room. Sakura then lifted Naruto's black T-shirt off of him. He wasn't ripped, but he was definitely toned. He already had a six pack and the muscles on his arms looked firm. He was now completely naked in front of her. The only piece of clothing she had left was a red bra that matched her panties. She smirked as she reached behind her to undo the hook that was keeping it on. Naruto stared as she took it off and hung it over the bed before dropping it. Naruto couldn't look away. Sakura's breasts weren't huge, but they weren't small either. But to Naruto, they were perfect. Now they were both naked and they stared at each other, admiring the other's body.

"Ok. I'm ready Naruto." Sakura said confidently.

"Ok. I trust you Sakura…But if your mom really does come after me, You're not getting off the hook that easily." He joked.

"Shut up and do me already." She said mockingly.

Naruto dove at her and kissed her with everything he had. She did the same. Naruto took his member and slowly moved it inside Sakura. It felt like it hit a wall and he heard Sakura whimper in pain.

"Sakura! Are you ok? Did I hurt you?" He asked, a look of worry on his face.

Sakura smiled at him and placed a hand to his cheek.

"No. It's ok Naruto. It's my first time, so this is supposed to happen. But once you push inside me more, That wall will break. I'll feel a little pain, but it won't last long." She explained.

Naruto looked at her for a minute. But he eventually nodded and went back to kissing her. He pushed in again and he felt the resistance disappear. Sakura but his lip and held in a yelp. Naruto waited for her to give him the signal to go on. Soon, she started moving her hips up and down. Taking him inside her more. It was more pleasurable than either of them had felt before. Naruto started thrusting at the same rhythm Sakura was. They moaned into each other's mouths from the building pleasure in their bodies. Naruto moved his left hand to grope Sakura's left boob. She let out a gasp. He started to rub it in circles while he started to thrust harder into her. This caused Sakura to wrap her arms and legs around him. Her nails digging into his back. He then switched hands, and breasts, so the other one would get the same amount of attention. Sakura started thrusting up faster prompting Naruto to pick up the pace as well. Suddenly, Naruto grabbed her waist and flipped her over. Sakura was surprised at first, but found that she liked the new position. She sat up as she straddled him and started to ride down on him. He grabbed her ass with both hands and used them to help push her down on him more. Their bodies were glistening in the light from the sweat the built up in their heated love making. He started thrusting upward faster. He could feel Sakura getting tighter around him. The feeling brought him closer to his climax. He moaned louder than ever.

"Sakura…you feel so tight. It feels so good." He said in a husky voice.

"And you feel so good deep inside me. Harder Naruto! Harder!" She begged.

Naruto obliged and thrust up with all his might, while he pushed Sakura down on him harder. Both of them were reaching their orgasms. Sakura slammed her hips down on him as fast as she could to finish them both off. Sakura's walls closed completely on Naruto's member and that did it for the both of them.



They both yelled each other's names at the same time as they both came. Naruto shot his seed deep inside her womb, while Sakura's juices spilled all over Naruto's member. They were both lost in ecstasy. Sakura collapsed on top of Naruto a few seconds later. Naruto moved his hands from her butt to her back and hugged her gently. He took one of his hands and started stroking her hair.

"That…was absolutely amazing." Naruto said.

"I know. I've been wanting to do that for a while now." Sakura admitted.

"No kidding. Really?" He said sarcastically.

Sakura looked up at him and punched him playfully in the shoulder.

"Hey! That huuuuuuuurt!" Naruto whined playfully.

"Oh please. I've hit you much harder than that." She cracked.

Naruto laughed and Sakura joined in. As their laughing subsided they embraced in a hug. Sakura sighed and sounded contempt with what she and her new lover had just done. She lifted her head and gave him a loving kiss. She knew without a doubt that she would be with him for the rest of her life. She looked up at her clock and sighed. Her mom would be coming home soon. So they had to fix themselves up. She gave him one more kiss before she reluctantly pulled him out of her. They got dressed and fixed their hair which had been a mess after what they just did. Sakura made sure to fix the blanket so it wouldn't look wrinkled from all the action it had sustained. Sakura sprayed an air freshener to cover the scent of their passion from her mom if she came upstairs. Sakura then administered the technique she learned to prevent pregnancy. Although, she wouldn't mind having Naruto's child, she thought they should be older first before they attempted to have one. Sakura unlocked her bedroom door and went into her bathroom to freshen up. Naruto sat on her bed and waited for her. He was still in a daze. That had been better than what he had ever dreamed of with her. The reality and closeness he felt with her couldn't be matched. Her loved her with all his heat and it made him happy that she finally felt the same way. He laid back and stared at her ceiling. He could feel sleep overcoming him and couldn't stop it. Soon he fell asleep peacefully on Sakura's bed. Sakura walked in a few moments later and found him sleeping. She smiled lovingly at him and walked over to him. She kissed him on the forehead and crawled into bed next to him. She wrapped an arm around him and snuggled closer.

"Goodnight my Naruto. I love you. Sweet dreams." She said sweetly to him.

She soon fell asleep along with him and began to dream about their future together. About ten minutes later, the downstairs door opened. Mebuki walked in and saw that neither Naruto nor her daughter were downstairs. She saw that Sakura's door was opened slightly with the light on inside. She walked up the stairs and poked her head through the door. She found the two sleeping peacefully on the bed. She smiled knowingly at the two.

"They look so cute together like that." She said to herself and paused for a few seconds. "Maybe I won't have to hurt him after all." She chuckled. "After all, how could I hurt the one my Sakura loves the most?" She slowly closed the door and went back downstairs. Both Naruto and Sakura were left to dream about the future they had together. And they knew that it would be a happy one.


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