reading Cullen style.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the storys charecters nor do I want any copy write to happen I will be copying what happens in the book but changing certain things a little.

"Hey, Edward did you order these books?" Alice asked me as I walked in the door; all the while, she placed the books on the coffee table.

"No, I have not ordered any books for a long time Alice, what are the names of the books?"

"Twilight, New moon, eclipse and Breaking Dawn."

"Such a peculiar set of books, is there a note?"

"Oh yeah but I could not open it maybe you can Edward."
She handed me the note and I tried to open it yet it was no use and try after try I was getting for frustrated. Then I turned it over to see the words "for the mate to open

So I grabed the books and the note and ran upstairs to my room to ponder what the phrase ment.

I had no mate so my mate could not open the note for me to read, maybe its for both of us. And when I looked at the package the name "Bella Swan was there," she's the police chiefs daughter, nan she cant me my mate I thought. But then I rationalized it and thought yes, yes she could and would be my mate.

i stood in the same instant giddy with exictment for the frist time, of a new day.

Hey Guys this is my new story I know this chapter was short but the next will be much longer because he will go through the day and meet bella and all that. Reviews are appreciated and loved but are not required. Also check out my Other story "The Loins" and one closely like it "my mate, my love."