Son of Darkness

Death comes to claim who his parents are not,

And destroying his father they forever fought,

Ending his name the people cheered for he freed them,

Many believed that the Dark Lord was beaten,

On his 15th the truth will be told,

Never knowing what his future will hold,

Holding new knowledge close to his heart,

A hero can never give up his part,

Riding on light with a past filled with darkness,

Old evils come to do what no one will guess,

Learning with pain he will stay with new father,

Denying his memory of what had occur,

Riddle me this and riddle me that,

It comes to the day 2 years after the fact,

Destruction with allies on a life long ago,

Dealing with the pain of a forgotten foe,

Living he will never be the same again,

Ever in darkness the eternal sin.

Harry read it over and over but he still couldn't understand it. Hermione, a week after school ended, sent him a book of prophesies. What he was supposed to use it for, he had no clue. But there were some pretty strange things in there.

Yawning, he jumped into bed hoping for a dreamless night. Unfortunately for him, he didn't have that pleasure.


He was in the hall of a big mansion. Torches lit all the dark spaces in the room and it was filled with many, black robed figures. Death Eaters. Voldemort stood in front of them and many whimpering children. There were close to thirty teens and scared kids with ages ranging from 7 to 17.

"Lucius. How is progress?" Voldemort hissed to the closest Death Eater. He stepped forward.

"Quite good my Lord. We have 59 children. 32 with new identities and the rest in front of you are waiting for you Master." He bowed deeply.

"Good. And what of the Potter boy. What progress has been made at his relatives house?" Lucius shifted his feet and bit his lip.

"Well, we still haven't been able to get past the wards surrounding his house Master. We're working on it though!" he said quickly. The Dark Lord growled.

"Get a way past those wards! The boy will soon be too powerful to grab from them! Get working on it now!" then Lucis Malfoy fell to the floor in pain as the cruticus curse overcame him.

[end dream]

Harry bolted up in bed, clutching his scar. He clenched his jaw so as to not cry out and wake his relatives. He thought to himself, trying to figure out why Voldemort would think he could get so strong.

Hedwig hooted in her cage, checking to see if he was all right. Harry smiled at her and curled back up in bed. Sleeping peacefully for the rest of the night.


Vernon Dursley grumbled as he went to open the door for the early morning guest. Outside stood a tall, pale man with blond hair, a nice suit and a briefcase. The man gave a fake smile to the annoyed Dursley.

"Hi, I'm Victor Hamstra and I'm doing interviews of urban families for the newspaper. You will be paid a reasonable amount of money for a short interview with each member." Vernon had been scowling until the mention of money.

"Come in, please. I hope our family feels welcoming for you." Smiling, he ushered Mr. Hamstra into the living room and called Petunia and Dudley from the kitchen. He looked back to see the man frowning. "What's the matter Mr. Hamstra?" Vernon asked worriedly.

"Oh, well I can only interview families that have 4 or more members living at home. Sorry." He got up and started for the door.

"Wait!" Vernon shot up "We, uh, have a nephew that lives upstairs?" Victor smiled.

"That's fine, bring him down."


Harry was laying on his bed reading when there was a knock at his door. He sighed and before the door was even completely open he was pulled into the hall, "There's a man downstairs that wants to interview the family. Behave!" Uncle Vernon whispered harshly.

Sighing again, Harry made his way to the living room. Turning the corner he saw a pale, blond haired man with sharp features and grey eyes.

"Malfoy." He whispered. Lucius Malfoy turned and gave a cold sneer. Pulling out his wand as Harry rushed to the cupboard to where his was locked. Petunia and Dudley were already stunned and with a simple spell, so was Harry's uncle.

"Ah ah ah Potter. We'll get those for you, don't worry." And before he could do anything, Harry was surrounded by Death Eaters and they apparated away with him.


Harry found himself in the exact same room as his dream. Voldemort stood in front of him and surprisingly his scar didn't hurt. Many small figures stood behind the Dark Lord.

Glowing red eyes met green and Harry winced, but not from pain. "At last you are with me my son." Voldemort whispered, "Now you will gain your true destiny. Olbiviate." And with that, Harry remembered no more.


The Dark Lord watched in satisfaction as the boy's eyes flashed white for a short second before becoming very confused. "W-where am I?" he stuttered then he whispered, "Who am I?" Voldemort smiled, he finally had the Potter boy to do with what he wanted.

"Your name is Daemon Harold Riddle my boy. You are going to be trained here and if I ever hear you cry, you will be killed immediately! Lucius! Take him to a room. He will start training in the morning!" The snake-like man grinned evilly as the young boy was dragged away.

He will be the perfect killer.


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