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"Ron! Ron!" Hermione yelled as she spotted him slumped by a tree on the grounds.

"What do you want?" Ron said as icily as he could.

"I need you to look at this picture before Madam Pince finds out I took it from the Library!" Hermione shot back.

"I don't need to look at stupid pictures right now so("

"Ron this is important!"

"It can't be as important as what I'm doing now is it?"

"Yes it is! If you just look at the picture then you'll see why I think it's so important!"

"Ok, ok. Show me the stupid picture" Hermione handed him the photo.

"This is a picture of Tom Riddle I got from the library(well?" Hermione asked.

"I think it's a fake picture! An excuse! You're trying to get me and Cameron apart!" Ron yelled at her. "I will not believe it's true until I ask Cameron if its true and he confesses! Then and only then will I believe your stupid picture!" He glared venomously at her and saw Daemon walking up from behind.

"Hey Ron, having any trouble?" Daemon asked glaring stonily at the witch.

"No, I was just getting rid of her. She seems to think that just because you look a little like this guy that you're his son." Ron handed Daemon the photo. Daemon looked at it confused.

"Who is he?"

"Tom Riddle, a.k.a. The Dark Lord."

"What? I can't be his son! I'm a vampire and you-know-who isn't a vampire is he?" He glared at the witch. She was too smart, he'd have to get rid of her soon.

"Yeah Hermione, plus, we found out that Harry was his son remember? And he doesn't exactly look like Harry does he?" Ron stared at Hermione to see what she would say to that. She just rolled her eyes.

"Are you blind Ron! He has black hair, green eyes, he looks just like Harry!" Daemon was interested now. Who was this Harry?

"Harry would only be half vampire anyway Hermione! Only his mother was a vampire!" Wow, Ron is more an idiot than I thought. Daemon rolled his eyes this time.

Hermione growled in frustration and spoke slowly. "Ron. Anyone who has more than 25% vampire blood turns into a full one on their 17th birthday. He was half so he would now be a full vampire. Don't you get it! He's just trying to get you to join Voldemort! That's why he's taking you to his house!" Then Daemon stepped in between them with his hands up.

"Stop okay! Do you know how annoying it is to have to people fighting about you when you're standing right beside them! Ron, I need to talk to Granger for a minute all right. I'll meet up with you on the train." Ron frowned, but nodded and went to collect his things. Daemon sighed and turned to the anxious looking Hermione and shook his head at her. "I thought I told you to stay out my business Mudblood. One of these times you are going to get yourself into a situation where brains won't help you." He glared at her and instead of backing down like she did before, she just looked at him.

"What happened to make you hate us Harry?" Daemon sneered at her.

"I don't know who you think I am, but my name's not Harry!" he growled low in his throat.

"Yes it is!" Hermione cried desperately. "Try to remember what we've been through together! You're not like this!" Daemon hissed and with a quick motion she was pinned against the tree with his hand at her throat.

"You don't know anything about what I'm really like Mudblood." he hissed and squeezed the thin throat under his hand tightly and she choked for breath. Then, like a savior, Malfoy ran up behind then.

"Cameron! The trains going to leave soon." reluctantly he released the Gryffindor and, with a final glare, followed Malfoy towards the waiting train.


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