"I think that sleep deprivation as finally gotten me," Rose whispered.

"Why's that?" the Doctor answered quietly.

She pointed to the console of the TARDIS. "I swear that I just saw something moving. Like a little goblin or something."

"Hallucinations? Tell me you're joking."

"I swear I saw something over there. Doctor, we haven't slept in three weeks."

He scoffed. "We have slept some."

"One hour a night does not count. You're just as tired as I am."

"Yep. This Time Lord has officially run out of energy for the first time in over nine hundred years."

The two travelers were seated on the floor of the console room. Rose's hair was sticking up in twenty different directions and it looked like she had been punched in both eyes. The Doctor wasn't much better. He had stopped wearing his suit for the last week and switched back to the casual jumper of his former regeneration.

Rose idly curled up into his lap and tugged on the jumper with a smile. "Never thought I'd see these again."

"Well, I didn't like that my suits were covered in feces and vomit. I've had to adjust. I see you've gone back to your mother's old maternity clothes."

She shrugged. "Comfortable and I don't care if they're ruined. Plus, I still haven't shed all of the weight yet."

"Are you sure? You look the same as before the children."

"Rubbish. I'm a mess. My hair alone is dreadful. You're looking well, though. What's your secret? Do you use eye cream or something?"

"Nope. It's just a perk of regenerating. Can you imagine if I hadn't changed? Blimey, I'd look awful. I was already showing my age back then. It'd be terrifying now. Wrinkles everywhere. And the poor children would have the largest ears."

She chuckled. "So what? I liked you in leather. Our girls would still be the most adorable babies in the universe, and they'd probably still have your energy. I'm just waiting for the crying to start again. What has it been now? Five minutes of silence?"

He considered the time. "Almost ten. It's nearly a record."

"I knew that twins would be hard, but this has been ridiculous. I mean, in the best possible way. Although, as much as I love our daughters, I really miss sleeping."

"You're not the only one."

They grew silent and Rose attempted to drift off. Instead, she saw something moving again and leapt upwards. The Doctor put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Rose?"

"I saw it again. Did you see it?"

He was becoming very concerned about her. "No. I didn't. Get some rest."

When she shut her eyes, she felt him jump. "Doctor?"

"I think that I saw something now."

"Okay, so this isn't in my head."

They stood up and quietly moved towards the console. Rounding the room, they both stopped in their tracks. Rose put a hand to her mouth and the Doctor was literally speechless. She pointed at the floor and he nodded in recognition.

"That's…" she started, unable to finish.

"I know."

"But how?"

"I don't know."

"There's no way that…"

"I know."

"How could…"

"I really don't know."

On the floor, one of the twins was crawling about. The Doctor stepped forward and scooped his little one up in amazement. Rose stared with bleary eyes and a fraught smile.

"Her first time crawling. That's unbelievable."

"I don't understand it, Rose. She's three weeks old. And apparently she has escaped her cot and the nursery. This is more advanced than Time Ladies should be. It must be a result of combining the human and Time Lord DNA. Take the Gallifreyan aptitude for advanced development and add in the instincts and persistence of a human…you get a super baby."

"Super baby?" Rose laughed. "It might just be that she's ours."

"That could be it. Now, let's get you back into your nursery, Sarah."

"That's Hannah."

The Doctor paused. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. She's wearing white today and Sarah is wearing pink. Besides, Hannah has the shape of your face and Sarah has the shape of mine."

"Right. Of course. I'll get it eventually. They're just so identical it's mental. Sorry 'bout that, Hannah Banana."

The parents took Hannah back to the nursery and set her down in her cot. She made a fuss and began to sob. The Doctor and Rose both froze, waiting for Sarah to join in the noise. When she didn't, they turned around and were met with an empty space.

"Oh no," the Doctor grimaced. "I thought that we had the best locks in the universe."

Rose motioned to it. "The lock is shut. Somehow, she got out anyway."

"Well, I'll go look for her and you watch Hannah. We can't have another getaway. These two never stay put where they're supposed to. I wonder where they get that from…"

"Oi, don't start. I wonder why the three week olds are already running around and looking for trouble. Where could they get that from?"

He grinned and took off into the TARDIS. After checking the kitchen, console room, garden, library, and ten other rooms, he was getting worried. In a calm voice, he started to call for her.

"Sarah? Sarah Bear? It's your dad. Come out wherever you are. This isn't time for hide and seek…"

Pausing in the hall, he heard the sounds of an infant. He followed the noise to the bedroom he shared with Rose, but she was nowhere to be found. He listened closely and heard the unmistakable evidence that there was a robot dog under the bed.

"Powell, come here."

The robot puppy slid out from under the bed excitedly. "How may I be of assistance, Master?"

"Where is Sarah?"

"Playing under the bed."

He got down on all fours and peeked under their bed. Sarah was against the wall with a smile on her face that looked just like his. He held out his hand and she backed away. Groaning, he attempted to go in after her. The bed wasn't meant for grown men to crawl beneath, so he used Powell to jack it up high enough. Once he got closer, the infant scurried out and away. He chased her into the hall and finally got her into his arms.

"Sarah Jaclyn Tyler, this is not a way to behave. You need to stay in your nursery."

The baby smiled at him. Both of his hearts melted, but he still wasn't happy with her actions. He entered the nursery where Rose was standing in the middle of the room. She pointed to the cot with a cute grin. "Watch."

He observed as Hannah easily slipped between the bars. Rose picked her up and put her back inside. Hannah smiled at the game and did it again. She held the baby tightly and looked at the Doctor with a mix of worry and amusement. "I don't think that the makers of this crib thought that babies this small could move like our daughters."

"Well, we'll just fill in the gaps and make it solid. No problem there. I'm guessing the doggie door was their method for escape. I should probably close that as well. Found our Sarah."

"I see that. Where was she?"

"Playing with the puppy under our bed."

Rose frowned. "Powell…"

"He doesn't understand that they aren't old enough to run about yet. I didn't think this would be an issue."

"No one did. It's bloody impossible. Babies are usually, what, four to six months before they move like this?"

"Yep. But, that's our children. Impossible."

They grinned at the memories. If it weren't for those aliens in that lab, they wouldn't have ever had their twins. Then again, they weren't exactly planning on children at all. It was a happy happenstance, albeit a taxing one.

Rose sat with both of the girls until the Doctor could fix the cot and door situation. Once he did, they put the girls down in their respective places. He had a very stern expression.

"Now, listen you two. You are to stay here and take a quiet nap. No more breakouts. Got that, girls?"

He took their silence as a yes. After that, the parents tiredly wandered into their room. Rose gave Powell the robot a verbal chiding while the full sized K-9 was ordered to guard the babies. If they escaped, K-9 would send off an alert.

"I think that we need a nap more than they do," Rose yawned as she burrowed into their bed.

He nodded and draped himself around her. Two minutes later, one baby was crying and K-9 was sending off alerts. They darted into the room to find Sarah bawling and Hannah attempting to pull herself up. Rose went to Sarah and the Doctor picked up Hannah.

"Well, Rose…I think that I picked the perfect middle name for Hannah Rosaline. She takes after her mother."

Rose raised an eyebrow. "How do you mean?"

"She never gives up."

"Oh, God. She's going to be hell when she hits her teenage years."

"I'm looking forward to it."