"I can't believe it. One year. Already," Rose sniffled as she dressed the kids for cold London weather. "Seems like only yesterday we woke up in laboratory and were told that we'd have children."

"Well, that is the way of time, Rose. Do you know what today is, girls?" he asked his daughters in passing. He was busy gathering their presents in a bag.

"Our birthday," Sarah answered, fighting Rose against her pink coat.

"And Christmas," Hannah added as she discreetly reached into Rose's bag for some makeup.

Rose caught the movement and put it back. "You aren't allowed to wear makeup until you are much older, Hannah. And you, Sarah Jaclyn, need to let Mummy put this coat on you. It's cold."

After finally agreeing to wear the coat, the family wandered out of the TARDIS and onto the Powell Estate for a tiny gathering for the twins and Christmas. Jackie threw open the door in a festive jumper and quickly embraced each member of the family. Hannah ran right past her to see Mr. Tails. The Doctor and Sarah refused to keep the cat, so Jackie volunteered to take him. Sarah went for the pudding on the table and Rose pulled the Doctor under some mistletoe.

She kissed him enthusiastically with a big smile. "Merry Christmas, Doctor."

"Merry Christmas, Rose. Let's put the presents under the lamp."

"Where's the cute robot dogs?" Jackie wondered as she brought in some more food. "They should be here."

"Charging," Sarah explained. "I played too much."

Chuckling, Jackie pecked the girl on the forehead. "Such an energetic one. When are your mates getting here? You do know that I had to cook for half the population."

"They should be here any second. You'll love them, Mum. Great kids. Great dad. We haven't met his wife, but I'll bet that she's lovely…" Rose answered while she scooped up Hannah before the infant climbed the curtains.

It took about twenty minutes before they heard the knock. In the meantime, they had fun with Christmas crackers and opened a few small birthday gifts. When they heard it, Jackie opened the door and kids poured inside. She about got knocked down by the group.

"Easy!" Pablo called to his children as he walked inside in a full Santa suit, complete with a large bag of toys. "You must be Jackie Tyler, Rose's mum. I'm Pablo and this is my wife Martina."

His wife was about his age and had the baby in her arms. They all said hello and made their introductions. Hernando and Hannah instantly disappeared with Mr. Tails and Sarah sat with the older girls to play games. She instantly got bored with them and went to find her sister instead. Augusto clung to Pablo's leg as he attempted to talk to the time travelers.

"Thank you for inviting us. It's great to get away from my mum's place for a bit. We had a nice breakfast, but that's all we can take. Happy birthday to the twins! One year. It's a big occasion. We got them a little something. Where should I put the gifts?"

Rose pointed to the decorated lamp. "Right there. I know it's a bit weird."

"Not really. That explains everything," Pablo replied as he set the gifts out.

The Doctor frowned. "I'm sorry?"

"There's a tree just outside. I can go bring it in if you'd like. We always wait to the last minute too."

Jackie, Rose, and the Doctor exchanged looks. "Tree?"

They heard a whirring sound and the Doctor and Rose quickly started to move kids and people away from the wall, not noticing that some were missing. Jackie and Martina dragged them to the kitchen while Pablo stayed back with his friends.

"Doctor, what's going on?"

"Killer Christmas tree. That's why we stick to the lamp," he explained as he searched his pockets. "Rose, I don't have my sonic screwdriver. I swear that I did when we left."

"I have my sonic makeup applicator," she answered as she started to dig through her bag.

The tree started to chip away at the wall and the Doctor waited impatiently. "Rose!"

"Don't rush me! You know how women are with their bags!"

"What can I do?" Pablo called over the noise.

"Do you have a sonic device by chance?" the Doctor asked hopefully.

Pablo scowled. "Sorry, I must have left it on my other spaceship."

Meanwhile, Hannah and Sarah were with Hernando exploring a closet in Rose's old room. Sarah had swiped the screwdriver from her dad and decided to teach Hernando how to use it. When there was the commotion, Mr. Tails went under the bed. Sarah tugged urgently on Hannah's sleeve. They nodded and Hernando timidly followed them towards the doorway. They observed the tree, noting that it was almost through the wall. Hannah grabbed the screwdriver and went running. The other two followed.

Rose was still searching for her sonic device. The Doctor and Pablo were helping. Jackie popped her head around the corner, completely missing the fact that three children weren't accounted for and just darted in front of her. "Bloody hell, will you hurry up in there!"

"Trying, Jackie!" the Doctor shouted anxiously.

Hannah messed with the settings on the sonic screwdriver, groaning when she didn't know what to do. Hernando caught up and tried to protect her. She gave him a smirk and turned to Sarah. "What setting?"

Sarah told her sister the right setting, and Hannah pointed at the tree just as it came inside. In sparks and lights, the tree exploded. Slowly, Rose and the Doctor turned towards the children.

"What are you doing with my sonic screwdriver?" the Doctor asked in amazement. "And how'd you know what to do? I've never told you what to do if Christmas trees attack. Although, I should have. This is London."

"Sarah knows everything," Hannah rolled her eyes.

"I do. I'm clever," Sarah agreed. "Stole from you, Daddy. Sorry. So Sorry."

"We'll talk about that later. Question is, why is the tree back? Who is controlling the drones this time?" the Doctor hummed curiously.

Rose thought for a moment. "If something is controlling it, we should be able to track it, right?"

"Yes. Hannah Rosaline Tyler, return my sonic screwdriver this instant."

Guiltily, she handed it over. He went to the shards of the Christmas tree and picked through it until he found the control mechanism. Using that, he found the frequency and adjusted the screwdriver accordingly. The screwdriver bleeped and he grinned.

"Shall we follow it?"

"What about Christmas?" Pablo asked with a nod to the kitchen full of terrified people.

"This is Christmas when you're friends with us," Rose informed him with a pat on the back. "You can stay with my mum and wait for us to get back if you'd like."

"Are you mental? A chance to run with you two? Let's go," he decided as he turned to the kitchen. "Martina, stay with Jackie and the kids. We have to go do hero stuff."

"I'm coming," Hernando argued.

"He is," Hannah decided without consulting anybody.

The two kids already started for the door with Sarah in pursuit. Rose and the Doctor followed with Pablo right behind. Heeding the bleeps of the sonic screwdriver, they wandered a few blocks until Pablo stopped everyone. He looked at a large and odd building. It didn't fit with the others and resembled something from a science fiction film.

"That usually isn't there," he told his time traveling friends.

"He's right. It's not. Doctor?" Rose asked.

Carefully, they moved closer and the sonic went mad. He grinned excitedly. "We've found the source! Now, children, you are to stay close and not run off. Do you understand? Particularly you, Hannah. I know how you are."

She pouted. "Oh okay!"

Together, they entered the structure from a front door after the Doctor unlocked it. Inside, it was clearly some sort of spaceship or futuristic structure. Upon exploring various levels, they came to a control room. Inside, there was a group of aliens that looked more like little bunny rabbits. The girls squealed excitedly and Rose pulled a face. "So cuddly and cute, yeah? Surely they aren't bad news."

"No. They are. They have a Napoleon complex. Have to compensate for their small size and fluffiness. No one get too close," the Doctor said, discreetly dragging Hannah back to his side by the jumper. She scowled as Sarah laughed.

"What do they want?" Pablo whispered from behind the Doctor.

"You heard the man. What do you want? And exactly why were you trying to kill me?" he demanded.

The lead bunny alien, which adorable with its dark polka dots, hopped forward. "We detected your technology and found your life sign. Our ship was just passing by when the alert went off. After taking a closer look, we have decided that this planet is perfect for our population. We're going to kill all the humans and claim it as ours. We know who you are, and you would stand in our way. The last of the Time Lords."

"Well, you've got me there. I certainly would stop you. Though, you interrupted our Christmas. That was very rude. So, we'll make this quick. Leave now so that we can go open our presents. If not, things have to get very ugly."

"No. We aren't leaving," the bunny leader answered.

Rose sighed. "Mistake, mate. Big mistake."

"Sarah, why don't you hold onto this?" the Doctor said with a wink as he passed her his sonic screwdriver. "Hannah, why don't you go over there to take a look at the screen? I'm just going to look at this console right here…"

Understanding completely, Sarah switched settings on the screwdriver and Hannah got ready at the screen. The rabbit aliens weren't threatened by one year old humans, so they chuckled at the scene before them. Casually, the Doctor quickly switched a few things around on the console. He nodded and the girls went into action. Sarah used the sonic on a nearby control box and Hannah adjusted the settings. The result was a force shield that trapped the aliens in their place.

"How'd they do that?" the aliens demanded. "They're just babies!"

"Our babies," Rose informed them happily. "Doctor, we're waiting for instructions."

"Right! Pablo, you go over to that and hold that lever. Hernando, you go over there with Sarah. She'll tell you what to do. Rose, you're with me. Hannah, hold your position. We're going to overload everything!"

He went to a station with Rose and showed her what to do. On his signal, they each did their task. With all of the commands coming in at once, the ship couldn't handle it. It attempted to do everything at the same time and began to short circuit. They ran for the door as the camouflaged ship began to fall apart. The Doctor paused in the doorway.

"Merry Christmas!"

With that, they ran into the street and watched the building catch fire and start to crumble. Slowly, they walked back to Jackie's flat to finish their celebration. When they arrived, Jackie and Martina were busy cutting up cardboard boxes and patching the hole in the wall. Martina gave Pablo a very friendly greeting while Jackie glared, "It can never be normal on Christmas. Never."

"Normal is boring," the Doctor scoffed. "Besides, we're all in one piece and ready to celebrate! Who's hungry? I'm starving. Tell me there's something banana."

They sat down to a lovely, albeit drafty, dinner. Once that was done, they started to open presents. Chaos ensued with seven children all playing and screaming at the top of their lungs. Rose was with the Doctor on the couch. He had an arm around her and a paper crown on his head. She was busy petting Mr. Tails and watching their girls play with the other kids.

"You know, those girls have taught me something…" Rose hummed thoughtfully.

"Have they?" he wondered with a wide smile.

"Yep. I didn't think that it was possible to love you any more than I already did. I was wrong."

"Blimey, I need to start carrying a tape recorder! That's another bit I would love to have. I could play it over and over and over—"

"Keep going and I'll take back what I just said. Anyway, what I was saying before, I see so much of you in them. I'm so glad that we had kids, Doctor. Best thing that has ever happened in the history of the universe. Sometimes, I hate that we can't have loads more."

He smirked at that and leaned in close. "Who says we can't?"

"The lab was a one-time thing. You said it yourself. It can't happen any other way."

"I happen to be very clever, thank you. I'd bet that I can replicate the process. Might take some time and research, but anything is possible. I would like a boy. A ginger. Well, I'd settle for a blond. I see some of you in the girls, but I'd want him to be a spitting image of you."

"Well, I want two boys. Not at the same time, though. I'd be barmy to do this twin thing again."

"Two boys and two girls. Sounds brilliant. Let's do that."


"Why not?"

The girls got into a shouting match over a new toy just across the room. Then, Pablo slowly wandered by them with his older daughters each on a leg and little Augusto hanging from his hair. He sent a look at his friends with a heavy sigh. After he struggled to the other side of the room, Rose and the Doctor exchanged glances.

"Maybe we should wait until the girls are a bit older before we have more," Rose suggested.

"Yeah, that sounds like a genius idea."

Sarah and Hannah accidentally crashed a remote control helicopter, which was Hernando's, into the cardboard patched wall. The entire thing fell down, and the tape they used to keep the boxes together took off the paint. Then, the girls made a run for it. Jackie put a hand to her forehead. "My wall!"

The Doctor and Rose lethargically got up to follow their daughters, chuckling the entire way…


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