Friendship is Questionable

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This is a story me and my friends made. Note- every character in this is real. Not ponies, in the real world. You know what I mean.

Just read, okay? You'll like it.

CHAPTER 1: Friendship? What's that?

This is just great.

A pair of forest green eyes glared at the wreckage of a carriage, it's once white wood now splintered and cracked into the ground. The wreckage itself had created a good size crater into the earth, the harness split apart into an odd V shape.

Bubble Frost sighed for what only could be the millionth time. The rain had been pouring mercilessly ever since the carriage had been shot down, with no end in sight. The clouds, shockingly, seemed to be getting darker and heavier with rain by the moment. It brought a wave of depression over the unicorn, who sat slumped against the remains of a tree. Said tree had been the unfortunate target of the lightning strike that had decimated the carriage.

"Bubble Frost!" The pony perked up, her ears doing the same as her eyes came to rest on an approaching figure. Said figure looked no bigger than a foal, waddling forward in a rushed two legged trot. He came out of the mist of the gloomy weather, panting as he came to a stop beside the pony.

"Oh, it's just you," Bubble Frost huffed, blowing away a wet fringe from her face as her counterpart sent her a weak glare, "Did you find anything, Patch?"

Patch, a baby dragon of orange scale, straightened up from his heavy breathing and gave an exaggerated cough, "Well, I found something."

The female raised an eyebrow, "And that would be?"



"...A gem."

The unicorn gave a loud groan, throwing her fore hooves over her head as Patch revealed a small ruby in his red claws. Oblivious to his companion's distress, he tossed it into his mouth and began to chew rather loudly. Peaking from under her hooves, Bubble Frost sent the small dragon an exasperated glare.

"No town? No other ponies? We're completely lost?"

Still oblivious, Patch nodded, "Yup."

Once again, Bubble Frost found herself sighing. This trip had gone from bad to worse in a matter of hours. It had all started when her partner apprentice had left the large city of Canterlot to prepare Ponyville for the Summer Sun Celebration, to celebrate the defeat of Nightmare Moon with the rising of the sun by Princess Celestia, also their mentor.

Of course, Bubble Frost had wanted to attend as well, but as always it seemed nothing ever goes the right way. On her way from Canterlot to Ponyville, and after bidding farewell to her mentor and reluctantly taking along her 'lowly' assistant, a freak storm hit. The twin guards that had been pulling the carriage had carried on in their flight, oblivious to the fact their harnesses were unhinged and no longer pulling along her and Patch.

"They probably won't even realize we're missing until they reach Ponyville…poor Twilight, she's going to freak out." Bubble Frost frowned at the rain, still bombarding the spot where she and her companion sat under the dead tree, providing no shelter whatsoever.

Patch turned to look at the unicorn next to him from where he sat, raising an eyebrow, "Well, we couldn't have been blown too far off track. Maybe Ponyville is just over those hills." He pointed to said land, though it was hard to make out with the haze of the rain. No trees could be seen around the area except the endless mass of grass that seemed to coat every hill that rolled on and on. Bubble Frost stared where he pointed, before standing up.

Now no longer hanging in the shadows, her coat came into dim light, it being a light brown. Her mane hung in a right sided fringe upon her head, separating at her ears where her horn was. It was elegantly straight; her tail was as well; and they were both a dark brown. She had a cutie mark the shape of a pink frosted cupcake.

Patch stood up almost as soon as Bubble Frost did, "So…are we going?"

"No use sitting around here and getting more wet-" Right as she said that, a branch from above broke from the force of the rain, falling limply beside the tree but unleashing a bucket full of water upon the unicorn below, who bitterly continued, "Let's just go."

Drenched, irritated, and depressed, Bubble Frost trudged forward through the rain, Patch following behind her with a noticeably more chipper attitude. It was quickly noticed by the unicorn.

"What's got you so excited?"

"Oh, you know, this and that- more of that than this, though."

A sigh.

"Forget I asked…."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Star Skip loved the rain. It was one of her favorite pass times as an aspiring artist. Considering Seasaddle got rain 24/7, she was a very happy camper. Being the artist she was, she hardly went out of her art studio unless the sun truly peaked out from the looming clouds, strong enough to create a rainless day. Those were the days where she'd go to the main feature of the town- the beach itself. It was serene and peaceful, also a perfect setting to draw the sunset or a rainbow created from the remnants of rain. It was the fun of painting things that got her cutie mark in the form of an art wheel in the shape of the letters DJ.

Sadly, no sun showed itself from behind the clouds, but Star Skip was content with where she was- carefully yet professionally painting on a canvas with a paint brush in her mouth. It worked better than with her hooves, even if it did restrict talking, but she had no need for such a thing at the moment.

She was in the zone.

A zone that was destroyed the moment the door was threw open and hit the wall with a loud crash. A squeak escaped her, the paint brush dropping from her mouth and onto the canvas and successfully ruining the painting. Turning on the door that was quickly blowing away all the warm air of the studio, her dark blue eyes widened at the sight presented in front of her.

A light blue coated pony stood there, a smug expression on her face as she stepped into the studio, before shaking her platinum blonde mane and tail much like a dog would. Like cotton stuffing, it puffed up into wild curls, her tail forming a downward spiral. Using her back hoof, she effortlessly shut the door, her nose in the air as she trotted over to the frazzled artist.

"Poprock…" Star Skip greeted meekly, lowering her head a bit as she hid behind her blank fringe. Her tail was the same color, both being in a windblown and softly kept state, along with her teal coat, "What's the rush?"

Poprock gave a large grin, "It's raining outside!"

Blinking, Star Skip looked out the window in time to see a flash of lightning, but nothing else seemed visible from the drenched glass pane, "…um, it's raining." She confirmed.

Popock's pink eyes flashed with mischief, "And you know what that means!" Star Skip slowly shook her head, her glasses shifting a bit down her snout.

"A Kraken hunt!" The curly haired pony cheered, kicking her back hooves outward and startling the teal pony in front of her, "Legends say a scale from its hide will turn you into a merpony!" The way her eyes widened and her mouth dropped almost into salvation had Star Skip wondering why her best friend was so obsessed with this subject to begin with. Supposedly it had something to do with her fish in a bubble cutie mark, since it appeared around the same time.

"You gotta come help me prep the harpoon!" She waited no further reply, using her head to shove the startled artist towards the door.

"W-wait, Poprock, I'm waiting for Tex to-"

"Huh?" The curly pony raised her head, "You mean he isn't back yet? I would have thought the weather team gave a warning for any pony outside of town to head in doors." At this, Star Skip quickly wheeled around.

"You mean there was no warning?!"

Poprock, unfazed by her friends sudden frantic change in attitude, answered casually, "Yeah, it's a little strange…this isn't normal weather for Seasaddle…wonder if our fellow Pegasus are being lazy."

As it is, both Poprock and Star Skip had wings, each the same color as their coat. Though they could be up above the clouds and away from the dreaded weather, they were too firmly attached to their professions to leave. Star Skip's being her studio and Poprock's being the ocean itself.

"Tex is still out there! We have to go find him!" The teal pony made a dash for the door, but surprisingly, Poprock planted her hoof down onto the girl's tail. What resulted was a clumsy summersault from Star Skip with her head landing straight into the door. Poprock remained standing firmly where she was.

"Woah, hold your hooves for a moment. I, the great and amazing future Merpony of Seasaddle, Poprock the great, am here to help." While proclaiming this, she turned her head and sniffed proudly into the air, her friend watching her dazedly upside down from her position on the floor.

"Now, where did Tex say he was going?"

"E-exploring, like always."

"Theeeeeen, off to the woods to find our lost Daring Doo impersonator!" Poprock gave a cheer, rearing up and waving her hooves before charging at the door in a similar manner Star Skip had done. Unfortunately, said pony was still crippled in front of the door, causing Poprock to trip as well and land on her side to the left of the door.

Groaning from the impact, both made a move to stand, but their heads collided as they did, Star Skips glasses falling off her snout and onto the floor. Poprock paid no mind, rubbing a hoof to her head.

"Ouch, that wasn't a good plan, wasn't it?"

No response.

"Maybe we should go one at a time?"

No Response.

Finally looking up with the question of her friend's wellbeing on her lips, all words failed her as she saw Star Skip staring blankly at her without her glasses on.

"Uh oh."


"WAAAAAHOOO!" The teal pony, which was once as shy and quiet as a mouse, was no longer there. What replaced her was not an artist, but a DJ. A very wild DJ.

And as she jumped around the room, kicking her hooves around and knocking some things down, she continued to whoop with joy and spontaneously spit out lyrics and strange rap noises. Poprock could only watch with a mix of exasperation and amusement at her friends personality switch.

"Okay, Star Skip, you had your fun now let's-"

"PARTY!" Star Skip laughed, jumping into a stack of boxes nearby, and reemerging with a pair of headphones around her neck. Poprock shook her head.

"No no, no party, we must save-"

"TIME! We have LOADS of it! Forever and ever, we'll party forever! WOOOOOAH!" She flew into the air, putting her hooves to her mouth to make a beat, which only furthered Poprock's aggravation.

"OKAY! We'll party on the way! Just quit interrupting me every time I try to make out a single-"

"Word." Star Skip crossed her hooves over her chest, giving a small tilt upwards of the chin in a form of a nod. Poprock groaned before swinging the door open, a gust of cold wind greeting her. She turned her head to her hovering friend, who loomed ready to burst into another beat at any given moment.

"I have no idea how Tex deals with you…" She leaned her head down to pick up the discarded glasses from the floor, mumbling though her mouth, "I don't even know how I deal with you…"

Stretching her wings, she hovered over to her friend, tossing the glasses awkwardly onto her face. Even though it landed on her head, it was enough to snap the rapping DJ out of it and kick the artist back in.

And all at once, Star Skip crashed to the floor with a squeak. Poprock gave a triumphant grin as her friend picked herself off the ground, fixing the glasses onto her face.

"Poprock? When did you get here?" Star Skip tilted her head up at her hovering friend, looking around confusedly at her trashed studio, then at the headphones around her neck. "What happened-"

"AREN'T YOU GRATEFUL!?" Poprock interrupted, flying intensely close to her friend's face, "I took out the beast rampaging through your home! Now we must exit and find your lost explorer before the beast gets him too! FOLLOW ME!"

Star Skip, still immensely confused and somewhat terrified of her friends actions, had no choice but to let herself be dragged out of her home and into the rain…

…leaving the headphones on the floor of her studio as the door shut behind them.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Flashes of lightning danced across the sky as Bubble Frost charged through the onslaught of rain, Patch following closely as fast as his clawed feet could take him. Up ahead, a small bunch of tree's lay nestled between two hills, clumped together.

"Up ahead! We'll take a break from the rain there!" The unicorn called back to her companion, before dashing into the underbrush and into the safety of the trees. Patch followed but stopped when he came upon Bubble Frost, who was pacing angrily through a puddle. Now briefly out of the rain, Patch smacked his head a few times in an attempt to get water out of his ears.

"What's got you so riled up?" He peered over at Bubble Frost, who stopped her pacing, to give him a glare.

"What? You're asking me that? Look at where we are! In the middle of nowhere, no idea where we are, and we're going to miss the Summer Sun Celebration! Now ask again, what's got me so riled up!" She stomped her hoof, but frowned when the water from below once again drenched her from it. Patch, uncertainly, continued on.

"I just think this could work out, ya know."

"What, dare I say, is so positive about this situation?"

He pointed upwards, looking smug, "We won't go thirsty."

Not bothering to respond, Bubble Frost merely settled on sinking into the puddle, groaning as she stuffed her snout into it and creating a multitude of bubbles. A few moments passed before she lifted up her head, ready to speak again but the suddenly horrified look from the dragon in front of her raised her confusion.

"Patch, what are you-"

"Behind you! DEMON PONY!"

Bubble Frost wiped around startled by a flash of lightning nearby that resounded with an echoing boom. In the midst of it, she made out a silhouette of a pony. With a scream, she jumped back with Patch, shaking in fear. They watched the silhouette for a moment, before the pony stepped forward out of the shadows.

And instantly, their trembling stopped.

"Hey." It was an Earth pony, that much Bubble Frost could tell. He had a tan coat, with fiery orange-red hair. A green bandana was wrapped around his neck, though soaked from the rain. He looked a bit dirtied, but didn't show any signs of it bothering him with his impassive stare.

The unicorn gave a sigh of relief, before pushing away Patch who she realized had been clinging to her the entire time, "Thank goodness, another pony." She gave a smile, "Hey there!"

He just blinked. Bubble Frost uncertainty carried on.

"Um, we crash landed just over that hill, and we need directions to Ponyville." She waited eagerly yet patiently for the answer. Unfortunately, none came as the pony un-expectantly turned hoof, and began to walk away.

"H-hey, wait a minute!"

"Bubble Frost!" Patch called after the unicorn, who galloped after the retreating colt. Groaning, he ran after them, back into the heartless rain and away from the shelter of the trees. The duo continued to follow the Earth Pony, who walked steadily and seemed unbothered by the torrential downpour around him.

"Where is he going?" The small dragon murmured from beside Bubble Frost, who flattened her ear against her head.

"No idea. We're gonna follow him anyways, though."

"What?! Why? He could still be a demon!"

The Unicorn gave him a dry look, "And I'm a hydra. C'mon, before we lose him." She ran forward after the colt, who had now approached a large expanse of trees that stretched far around them. Not hesitating, Bubble Frost ran after the mysterious pony, while Patch paused outside the forest.

Glancing around nervously, he shifted wait between two feet before grabbing his head, "Gahh! It's just a bunch of trees. Pull yourself together!" With that, he gave a loud breath before charging into the trees.

Only to crash into Bubble Frost, who was not even five feet into the foliage. She gave the grounded dragon an exasperated look before refocusing her attention on the colt, who now stood under a grouping of large ferns. Under the shadows, his blue eyes shown clearly as they met Bubble's Frosts gaze.


The Unicorn scowled. Was that his catchphrase?

"Yeah, do you know where we are? You see, our carriage crashed and we-"

She wasn't able to finish, as she was suddenly thrown to the ground. Patch suffered a similar fate, smacking into the ground next to her as they both gave pained groans. The cause of such would be the enigma standing in front of them, the tan pony. Now, all three were under the fern plants.

"What the hay was that for?" Patch grumbled, sitting up as Bubble Frost stood, although a bit wobbly. She had never been thrown off her own hooves before, and it felt worse than riding a carriage with only one pony pulling it through a tornado.

"Shelter." The pony answered simply, before adding as an afterthought, "I'm Tex."

Irritated, the only other pony mumbled 'of course it is' before giving a fake smile, "My names Bubble Frost, and the salamander here is Patch-"


"- as I said before, our carriage crashed and it'd be a big help if you could point us in the direction of Ponyville before a friend of mine freaks out over my disappearance." She waited for an answer, and her eye twitched when all she received was an 'Hn' from the pony.

The smile was completely gone now, replaced with a frown and a glare.

"Look, all I want is to get to Ponyville, or Canterlot, or at least tell me where I 'am! I'm not asking for one word answers, I'm just trying to get home!" She raised her hoof in anger, ready to stomp it down, but Tex grabbed it before it made contact with the ground.

"Bad idea."

Bubble Frost angrily blew away her fringe, "And why not?!"


She looked down where he was looking, and right below her hoof, was a piece of the fern that loomed over them. She narrowed her eyes on it, before stepping away. Her eyes glanced from it, to the fern, then to Tex who was standing stiffly in front of her. Finally, she was hit with realization.

"We're standing under a poisonous fern!? What IDIOT uses a place like this for shelter!?" She yelled, and Patch winced at how loud it was. Once again, Tex seemed unfazed, and merely shrugged as a response. This only fueled the unicorn's anger that she nearly would have screamed, if it hadn't before for a voice.

"Heeeey! TEX!"

All head whipped around to the source, to find two Pegasus land next to their hiding spot. And before Bubble Frost could sigh in relief that sane ponies had come to her rescue, they both gave freaky introductions-

One tackling Tex, and the other standing tall, ready to preach to the world.

"Tex! You're okay!" The teal pony, both of the two female, squealed, as she pranced around the stiff earth pony. He responded with his famous 'Hey' that had the glasses wearing pony swooning.

The platinum blonde Pegasus, however, trotted straight up to a gaping Bubble Frost, "I have arrived." The blue coated pony sniffed, looking smugly at the unicorn in front of her.

Patch, who didn't even seem like it bothered him how crazy the situation was, waved his claw, "Hey there, I'm Patch, and this is Bubble Frost!"

The Pegasus grinned at this, and smacked his head playfully, unintentionally making him fall, "Well aren't you pathetic! My name is Poprock, and swoony swan over there is Star Skip, with her special pony," this part was highly stressed, and loud enough for the couple to hear. Star Skip had frozen at it, her smile disappearing as a blush rose to her cheeks. Poprock continued on anyways, "named Tex."


Bubble Frost finally broke out of her shock to collapse to the floor, an aura of gloom surrounding her, "I give up. Sanity no longer exists."

"Hey…" Star Skip looked around skeptically, her earlier blush fading, "Why are we under a poisonous fern?"


"Makes perfect sense!" Poprock nodded sagely, before pointing her hoof in the air, "And when the storm passes, we can head back to town!"

Bubble Frost ears perked up, as Patch tilted his head at the eccentric pony, now off the ground, "Town? Is it near here?"

Poprock blinked at him, "Hmm? Seasaddle is the only town near here. Did you hit your head on something?" She blinked again before looking terrified, "Did I hit you hard enough to give you amnesia?!"

In a flash, Bubble Frost was deathly close to Poprock, staring intently into her face, "Did you say Seasaddle? A town? Where!? "

"Woah, calm your hooves. We're not going anywhere until this rain lets up. But yeah, Seasaddle is just a hop and a skip away." Poprock nodded to herself, not noticing how the unicorn deflated at this news, "Until then, let's play some games!"

"Games?" Star Skip questioned, still sticking closely to Tex, who had yet to move from his spot. If it wasn't for his breathing, he'd look like a statue. "What games could we play out here?"

"You know how in school we'd always play those introduction games, just to get to know each other? Even though we forget the very next day?" Poprock gestured to the five of them, "We should play that, since we haven't much else to do."

"Patch…" Bubble Frost whispered. He turned questionably to her, and raised an eyebrow when she shoved a rock into his hands.

"Uh…Bubble Frost?"

"Hit me. Right here." She pointed to the top of her head, "Knock me out and hopefully I'll wake up somewhere else."

The dragon only sighed before dropped the rock, "Your being to overdramatic. It might be fun here."

"Fun?!" She hissed, "All of Ponyville is probably in chaos now. Think of the chaos!" She gave a half terrified, half angry look to the dragon, who sent her another confused look. Sighing, she plopped down to the ground, noticing sourly that the five of them had now circled up.

"Now!" Poprock pointed to herself, "I'll go first. My name is Poprock THE GREAT! My likes include fish and art, my dislikes include salt. My dream- no my GOAL is to become the very first MERPONY!" As she said the last word, she shot to her hooves, standing tall and proudly.

Bubble Frost just sighed, raising a hoof to her face as everypony besides her stomped their feet with applause. Now it was definitely official, she was surrounded by crazy ponies.

"Hello." Star Skip waved her hoof, hiding behind her fringe now that attention had been drawn to her, "My names Star Skip. I like…um who I like is…" She shook her head, "My dream…my goal is…um…" She continuously passed glances at Tex, before shouting, "AN ARTIST!"

Again, the stomping, while Bubble Frost shook her head. Now it was the walking statue's turn.

"Tex." He began simply, "Likes…the forest. Dislikes…the forest. Goals…" He looked contemplative before nodding to himself, "The forest."

Applause followed, though a lot more frequent on Star Skip's end, and Poprock had to nudge her to stop. For his introduction, Patch stood up.

"Hey, my names Patch. I'm a dragon-" Poprock gasped at this, looking around to check if anypony else had realized this, "and I'm Bubble Frost's assistant. I like Gems and honesty, but dislike coughing, especially after mailing to many letters. My goal…is to fly." He sat back down, smiling even as majority of the group gave him confused looks.

"Fly?" Star Skip echoed and Patch nodded.

"Yup." He bent to the side, small orange wings popping up on his back, "One day, I'll be able to fly like all you Pegasus. But, for now, I'm stuck on the ground." The way he sounded so disappointed made Bubble Frost twitch. Nether-the-less, she gave a defeated sigh as all eyes turned to her.

"My name is Bubble Frost. I attended Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and became apprentice partners with another student there under Celestia's tutelage, I have-"

"YOU'RE WHOSE APPRENTICE!?" Poprock had jumped up, and Star Skip was now gaping at the unicorn in front of them. Tex remained, as always, unfazed.

Bubble Frost blinked, "I'm…Celestia's apprentice." They gaawked, so she continued on, oblivious to their growing shock, "I graduated recently and was supposed to set up the Summer Sun Celebration with my partner, but my carriage crash landed not far from here and I've been lost ever since."

"Wow." Star Skip muttered, staring widely at the brown unicorn, "That's…big."

"Yeah. If you were in that much of a rush, we could have helped you," Poprock turned her attention to Tex, "Your house isn't far from here right? Let's just head there for the night. The storm seems to be letting up."

"Really?" Bubble Frost turned her attention to the space outside the fern, and was surprised to see that the clouds had now let up their endless assault and seemed to breaking up, now revealing the dark sky above.

"C'mon everypony! CHAAAAAARGE!" Poprock dashed past everypony, running out into the clearing. Giggling, Star Skip followed her best friend with Tex following like a shadow. Bubble Frost watched them trot away, before turning to a confused Patch.

"We gonna follow them?"

The unicorn blinked, before gazing after them, "How did the storm clear up so fast? It could have only been a few minutes we'd been under there…"

"You mean you didn't notice? We've been under there for long over half an hour." Bubble Frost turned to stare widely at her assistant, who scratched his chin, "I guess, as the saying goes, 'time fly's when you're having fun with friends'."

Shrugging, he hopped after the three disappearing ponies, before turning over his shoulder, "C'mon Bubble Frost, before another freak storm hits!"

The stunned unicorn shook her head, giving a sigh before walking after the group. As she followed them, their joyous and rambunctious laughter echoing off the trees around them, Bubble Frost eventually found herself back into the center of the group. Laughing, talking, and momentarily forgetting she was lost, surrounded by insane ponies, and covered in dirt.

The only one, who really seemed to notice this, was the small dragon at her side, who sent the four ponies a knowing look.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tex's house was far from a house, it was a tree house. A BIG tree house. Out of all the tree's around, his had to be built on the one that was probably the size of a mountain. So, Bubble Frost was both irritated and relieved that she had reached the top, after five minutes of climbing an unstable rope ladder, to find everyone completely unbothered and now looking out the window to the 'house'.

Bubble Frost took a moment to gather the surroundings. A couch, a bed, a small kitchen area in the corner, and two windows on separate walls. It wasn't much, but it was enough for a pony to survive out in the wilderness. Though, sourly, she noted how there was nowhere to clean off their dirty coats.

"Bubble Frost, look! The town!" The unicorn snapped her head up to where the other four were looking out the window, before trotting over. She was filled with instant relief at the sight of the town in the distance. Now looking, she could see almost everything from where she was. The whole town was surrounded by trees, but on one side where it met the ocean. The town itself was a lit with lights, and the city hall stood proudly above it all.

But dread filled her as well, at the sight of smoke rising into the starless night and the flickering of lights, maybe a fire. The others seemed to notice this as well, by the heavy silence that filled the room.

"This…is bad. The town is ruined." Star Skip breathed, looking worriedly at the town, the ocean, and then the forest. "What are we gonna do?"

"Nothing for now." Poprock sighed, walking away from the window, "For now, let's wait till morning, and then we'll head into town to help with repairs. Stormcloud probably already has everything under control, knowing him."

Everyone silently agreed, finding places on the floor to sleep on, and Poprock claiming the couch alongside her friend, who completely refused the bed that Tex now slept in. Bubble Frost slept on the cold floor, mildly irritated with Patch sleeping so close to her.

"Poprock," The platinum haired pony raised her head sleepily in response, turning to the unicorn on the floor not too far away, "Who's Stormcloud?"

"The weather captain of Seasaddle," She replied in a low whisper, cautious of the sleeping Pegasus next to her, "He's known for having a fast reaction time. So there's nothing to worry about. When we get to town, I'm sure there'll be someone to take you to Ponyville."

Strangely, the thought didn't seem so appealing; nether-the-less Bubble Frost thanked the Pegasus before resting her head back down. It was strange, shouldn't she be leaping with joy now that there was an opportunity to get home? The thought of this town, Seasaddle, in ruins, though, did not seem appealing at all. Leaving it like this…didn't seem right.

"Enough." She quietly scolded herself, "Just wait till morning…and see what happens then."

"You're talking to yourself again." Came a murmur beside her.

The unicorn's eye twitched, "Go to sleep Patch."

"Yeah, yeah…"

Bubble Frost sighed.

What a mess I've gotten myself into.

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