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CHAPTER 4: What's a Date?

Star Skip didn't know about her.

Her split personality, that is. She likes to go by Skip Star. Almost everypony in Seasaddle knows about her little problem. She only comes out under one condition though…

"A double date!?" The teal pony screeched, hiding under a nearby wagon. Her two friends shared exasperated glances, "But-but-but I don't know if that'll work! What if Tex gets the wrong idea? What about the other colt? Will he get defensive? AH! What if they fight!?"

"Skippy, breath," Poprock waved her hoof up and down, hovering just above the wagon, "This is Tex, remember? He never hates anyone other than…uh…the forest which he also…loves…"

Bubble Frost rose an eyebrow as Poprock's face scrunched up in confusion, "Now that I think about it, he's almost as weird as Rue."

"How is this going to work?" The unicorn asked, using her magic to lift the wagon away from the trembling Pegasus underneath, "unless we find another couple, we can't do a double date."

"Here's my theory!" Poprock beamed, throwing a hoof over Star Skip's shoulders, who jumped in surprise, "Skippy here is too shy to be alone with Tex, so let's solve that with a double date! Our problem though, is finding a couple willing to spend their night with two complete strangers. But I have a solution!"

"Does it involve sanity?"

"Quite the opposite my dear friend!" The curly haired pony grinned, "We're going to explore the wonders of art and CROSS DRESSING!"

Star skip squeaked, nearly falling over while Bubble Frost blinked owlishly, "But…why?"

"Cause I said so."

"Fair enough." The Unicorn tilted her head, "But…who's' gonna be the colt?"

The Pegasus's smile bordered demonic, freaking out those around her.

"I had a certain albino in mind…"

Said albino had just entered the restaurant they left ten minutes ago trailed by two small Phillies.

"Ah, Klutzy Rue!" Berry Buzz greeted from behind the counter, "What can I do for you and the kiddos?"

"Cupcakes!" The two Phillies chirped and Klutzy giggled.

"Make that three!"

"Coming right up." Buzz excused himself as the three took their seats at the counter. Both Phillies differed greatly, one being a girl in her early teens. Her coat was a cream color, with platinum blonde hair with blue bangs. Her eyes matched Poprock's, being a light pink color. The other was a boy with a grey coat, much shorter than the other Philly. Blonde hair stuck out under a newspapers hat on his head and a long scarf dragged on the ground behind him.

"Rue! Rue! Rue!" The girl chanted happily, gaining the white ponies attention, "Are you getting sprinkles?"

"No way, Waffle Iron. I'm getting EVEYTHING!"

The boy choked, "Bwut, Rue. You'll get a tummy ache."

"Not if I hold my nose, Lil'Pip!"

"Here's your cupcakes!" Buzz announced, trotting back to the counter with a platter of cupcakes in his mouth. He set it on the surface before continuing, "It's on the house, by the way!"

"SATURDAYS ARE GOOD!" Klutzy shouted, throwing her head into her cupcake and creating a frosting mess. Waffle Iron cheered, imitating the other pony while Pip looked on in fear and confusion.

"Dwis seems shwugary." He poked his cupcake uncertainly to which Berry Buzz laughed.

"Don't worry. All of us at Coral Café know not to give Klutzy sugar at any time. I put salt in instead, but she doesn't know the difference."

The albino mare raised her head, splattered remains of her cupcake dripping everywhere, "You say somn'?"

The violet colt gave a mysterious smile, "Not a thing."

Pip sulked, pushing his cupcake away while Waffle Iron gagged on hers, "Dats gonna taste terrwible."

Buzz shrugged, "I did say it was on the house."

"Literally?!" Waffle Iron sputtered, pushing her mushed cupcake away. Buzz laughed, but all attention was drawn to the door as three mares walked in.

"Hey, Buzz, have you seen- AH, there's our mare!" Poprock flew into the restaurant, hovering over the counter with a large grin. Berry Buzz waved a greeting to Bubble Frost and Star Skip as they walked up.

"Hey you guys!" Klutzy grinned, wiping away the cupcake on her face. Star Skip grimaced while Bubble Frost perked up curiously.

"Cupcakes? They came?"

"Nope. Those are leftovers." Buzz sent a secretive wink to Pip who couldn't hide a snicker. Waffle Iron just looked disgusted. The Unicorn visibly deflated at the news, but no one paid any mind.

"Hey Rue, we need your help." Poprock continued, but was interrupted when the mare choked, "What?"

"IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!" Rue wailed, falling out of her chair and hugging Star Skip, who squeaked in surprise, "My friends need my help! WE'RE ALL DOOMED!"

"She has a point." Bubble Frost said blandly, to which Buzz chuckled. Poprock just rolled her eyes.

"Look, Rue. We need your help and it requires a blank canvas."

"But…" The albino stood, eyes going slightly cross, "I don't have a canvas. Maybe Star Skip does."

"She means we need to your white coat to help us dress you up." Star Skip explained.

"You're going on a double date with Tex and Skippy." Poprock deadpanned, making the teal pony shrink to the ground to hide her blush. "You'll be playing the role of the colt."

"Um-um-um I'm not sure my schedule can work for this." Klutzy blinked, "What was my schedule anyways?"

"Babysit us?" Waffle Iron put in helpfully. Pip hid behind his hat as he spoke up.

"It's owkay, we have to gwo anyways."

They shared a look and were about to leave until a certain blue Pegasus scooped them off the ground, "Hold it! You're coming to the next Aquanomics class, right? We still gotta learn the doggy paddle."



"Now get out of here you crazy kids!" Poprock grinned, shoving the two Phillies out the front door of the restaurant before shutting the door. When she turned back around, there was an unmistakable demonic glint in her eye.

"Time to dress up," She pointed a hoof at Bubble Frost and Klutzy Rue, "You two are now our lucky couple!"

There were two different reactions-

"YAY! Dress up!" Rue.

"WHY ME!?" Frost.

Star Skip sighed as her friend dragged the two mare's off before turning to Buzz, "Poprock asked me to ask you to set up a reservation at The SeaDragon. Could you be our server, too?"

"Not a problem, anything to help a friend in need."

She wasn't sure whether to be thankful or terrified.

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