When I woke up it was to Gale, staring at me, "Hey how do you feel," I said softly, in hopes that we stay like this for a while.

"I feel so much, now that you are a wake. Your pain meds is working like it always does." He said just as softly back. It took some working but I got 13 to agree for my mother and me to us our meds. People love it, so much better than 13 stuff, it just more nature then their stuff.

"Yeah but it is better than their stuff. Their stuff would put you out, and you would make you light headed" I said softly, lay my head on his shoulder that was not hurt.

He nodded his head, while gently wrapping the arm that as my head resting on it, around my shoulders, "let's get more sleep," he said and fall back asleep. I lay with him for a few more minutes, before I gently moved out if his hold that took another fifteen minute before I could get out of his bed.

I walked out if his room, checking on the clearest first, it was still only me. I walked over to Peeta's room and saw that Star was lying in Peeta's bed with Peeta asleep. I walked in quietly, and sit in the chair that is placed right next the bed, "How is he, and how are you doing?" I asked in whisper, as Star looks at me, while petting Peeta's head that lies on his chest, near his heart.

"We are doing great, he is doing much better. I heard that Katniss is leaving for 2 now. You got me out of there just in time, so of the healers are killing themselves and some are being taken into the mountain and never coming out." Star sits and tells me how everything is going at 2. I tell him how 11 having giving 13 more food, and everything else. When it came down it this war might be over before we know it.

When we both realize something, it is going to get worst, and we both know that we are going to see more death then before.

"Killing and Death at the cost of what, the madness before us, cause all of this. We are just going to follow what the people before us did." I said in anger.

"Has long as we do not follow complete in their footsteps we should be good," He looked around was doing something his hand to his ear. When I realize, what he was doing and asking.

"No, they cannot hear us in; no one wants to hear the sounds of people in the healing center. The person who runs thirteen, she wants to take. I am not sure if I want to see her running all fourteen areas."

"While what if we moved after this over to place where there is not a lot of people, and we can build our own homes, we have a breaker," He pointed to Peeta, "and a hunter." Star pointed behind me and I turn around to Gale standing on the other side of the door, I said open to the door and he almost fall in but he saved himself and walked over to me, he sat on the floor with his head on my lap, I started to pat his head and fall asleep again. "So this grad-puppy and hunter that won your heart." Star said looking him up and down. I nod my head with a shy smile on my face. "He is cute."

"Yes cute and protective. A breaker, a hunter, and two healers who know random things," Cinema said nodding his head. "That might be all we need but there is one more thing to add to the list." Cinema said.

Star looked up at the at the stars place all around the top of the room and counting his fingers off trying to find what he is missing before looking back down at Cinema, "Alright tell what are am I missing?" He asked with a puzzled look.

"Bizarre," Cinema said sweetly, "My parents will not care as long as they know where we live, and that they can and come visit whenever they want. We cannot leave him alone. Bizarre as become a part of Gale's life, and I do not think of Bizarre as my brother anymore." Cinema looked Star in the eyes, "Bizarre is like my and Gale's first child."

Just as I said that someone was knocking at the door, and Gale eyes fly open as he looks at the door, "Bizarre," and he running to the door and opening the door just to be right about Bizarre being there.

Bizarre ran into Gale's legs crying, into his legs. Cinema came up to them, and sat down as Gale got down his knees and let Bizarre cry into his chest, hugging him close. Cinema was rubbing Bizarre's back asking what was wrong very softly.

"I had a nightmare that you two left me behind." He said through a sods and hiccups.

"Do not every worry about us leaving behind Buzz." Gale said as he held him close, "I can never leave you two behind, I just got you two back, and that was nightmare. I never went to live through again." Gale said looking at the both of us. Cinema kissed Bizarre's head, and then kissed Gale of the lips.

Cinema turned Bizarre into his chest and held him sitting his lap. While Gale wrapped them both up in his arms.

Star looked at them and thought that Cinema was writing they looked a happy family, Bizarre being child, Cinema the mother and wife, and Gale the husband, and father.

Cinema looked up from Bizarre, and looked around at every one notice that Peeta had woken up but was looking very happy and peaceful where he was, Cinema smiled, "Welcome back to land of the living Peeta. You look very happy."

Peeta nodded his head into Star's chest, "I am very happy," He said.

"Star," Cinema said, "I think the plan is something that all five of us can do, after this madness is over."

"What plan," Gale, Peeta, and Bizarre said all at once.

Star and Cinema told them plan about after the war was over, they would go and live in a wood area, build their own homes, and live there.

That changed when Peeta said they could just live in the champion circle in 12, and just the cut of the fences. Everyone turned to look at Gale, who was resting his head on Cinema's, with his eyes shut. "I do not care was long as I have Cinema, and Bizarre with me."

Cinema kissed his head, and rests his head against Gale's, "That would take less work but for protection, we will need to set up something."

"Just leave that to me," Gale said not moving at all.

Everyone sat and talked, no one from the outside coming saying they need anyone in room all day. Cinema mom would come in to drop food off everyone, and then taken the plates an hour later.