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Fifty's Christmas Carol

by WeAreJorus

~ Prologue ~

The spirits were watching. They always watched. Some of the Watched were purely for entertainment value, others, in the hope of setting them on a different path. This one in particular was the latter. And this one, like so few, would need all three.

"What do you think?" One says to Two.

Two considers the object of their interest. "He has much to give, and has already given much. But he's disengaged and prone to forget. He's going to lose them."

"I concur," says Three. "But I fear we may have to hurt him more than he's ever been, and he's been damaged considerably."

"Do you think that's wise?" Two interjects.

Both of the latter look to One, who is quiet a moment. "It may be the only way. This one is special. He will never realize his limits if we do not test them. He would appreciate the sentiment, wouldn't you agree?"

Three nods. "Who should pass along the warning?"

"Send the old man!" Two offers. He's been hoping for the opportunity.

"Yes, the old man," agrees Three. "That would be best."

One considers the messenger. "Send word. We begin immediately."