Chapter 20

He was naked, blindfolded, gagged, cuffed to the bed and not happy about any of it. He cursed Frieza again and again as Cooler's tongue slid expertly over his flesh. He had never thought his master would share him, much less with the brother he notoriously hated, but once again he had been proven wrong. He moaned against the gag as teeth bit down on his flesh, praying to the gods in his head. The blindfold was ripped from his face and he found himself eye to eye with Cooler. He shuddered as those red eyes, so alike to Frieza's.

"Oh, try to hide my blade, will you?" he hissed, waving the knife in front of him. "I was going to go easy with it but..."

He brought the point down and drew it along the saiyans flesh, baring his teeth in a feral smirk as the man squirmed and let out a muffled scream beneath him.

"Like that, you little whore? I bet you do!" Cooler almost shouted, making a few more cuts into the pale, trembling flesh.

Bardock strained his neck to see that he had written the word whore before the blood thickened and obscured it from view. Tears filled his eyes as the tongue trailed over his wounds, bringing with it a stinging sensation.

"Please." he attempted to say, but it came out intangible beneath the gag.

"What's that, bitch?" Cooler snarled. "More?"

Bardock frantically shook his head but he already knew that it would be useless. Cooler ignored him, lifting the blade again and writing Cooler's above the word Whore. Frieza wouldn't like that, Bardock guessed. Again, Cooler drew his tongue across the cuts. This time, he threw the knife onto the bedside table. He yanked the gag from the Saiyan's mouth but before Bardock could utter a sound, he claimed him in a hard, dominating kiss. Bardock yelled out against the mouth as their teeth clashed together. Cooler bit down on his lip to silence him and the now familiar copper substance entered his mouth. The Lord drew away and reached for one of the black candles.

"No!" he begged. "Please!"

"Shut up." Cooler muttered, giving him a half-hearted smack on the thigh.

He brought the candle down so that Bardock could see the melted wax on the inside.

"Please." Bardock begged again as a tear slid down his cheek.

"Oh relax, whore." Cooler smirked. "You'll love it."

He tilted the candle, and the black wax dripped down onto the Saiyan's skin. He let out a loud moan of pain as the wax burned, then the pain faded. Cooler scraped the wax away and smirked at the angry red mark it had left in it's wake.

"Beautiful." he whispered.

"My Master's not going to like this." Bardock dared to say.

"Why?" Cooler asked.

Bardock almost didn't hear past the pain as more wax was poured onto him, leaving a bigger puddle this time.

"He marks you all the time." Cooler continued.

Bardock took a few ragged breaths before replying.

"Yeah, but you've written your name on me. It'll scar."

"Nothing the rejuvenation tank won't fix." Cooler shrugged, then continued with what he was doing.

It seemed to last a lifetime: the wax dripping, burning, drying and being peeled off, but finally Cooler put the candle back onto the bedside table.

"Now let's get to the really fun part." Cooler growled, giving him a chaste kiss.

Bardock could only give a weak nod, too worn out from the previous activities to put up a fight.

Cooler lifted up the Saiyan's legs, positioned himself and, without preparation, impaled the saiyan on his cock. Bardock couldn't stop the scream that tore from his throat. He couldn't remember the last time he had been taken like this, and it was torture.

"See?" Cooler muttered. "The candles were brilliant compared to this."

He moved quick and hard, every thrust bringing more pain and tears from his temporary slave.

"Please, please, please, please." Bardock muttered under his breath every time Cooler pounded into him.

After an eternity, a warm substance poured into him and Bardock let out a sigh of relief. It was over. He felt darkness cloud at the corners of his vision and fought it off.

"Time to get you in a tank then." he faintly heard Cooler say, his voice distorted as if Bardock was under water.

He felt himself be lifted into strong arms then gave up the fight, allowing unconsciousness to consume him.

I am so, so sorry for the delay guys! There's really no excuse for it when it's been three months but I guess I just got caught up in other things. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, although its a bit shorter than the others, and I swear I'll update a lot quicker from now on!