Author's Note: For those of you reading Lullabye, this is that new Mpreg fic I was talking about. :) This is my first time writing smut, so I hope it reads okay! I don't know how updates will go, considering I have school and other WIPs I'm working on, but I hope to update every week. I have no idea how long this will be, but at least ten chapters I'm going to guess for now? Title is from No One is Gonna Love You by Band of Horses.

Summary: Fill for this prompt on the gkm: AU. According to JBI and the latest gossip at McKinley, the bullied, nerdy sophomore Blaine Anderson is pregnant - and Kurt Hummel, junior, one of the Skanks, is the baby daddy.

Additional warnings: bullying, mentions of alcohol and drug use, mentions of past character death(no canon characters), some angst, mentions of violence

Jacob Ben Israel's blog gets updated only two hours after Blaine gives Jacob his ten page paper on The Scarlet Letter as a bribe to keep quiet. Blaine gets a notification on his phone clueing him in and after he sees the comments building and building every minute, he shuts off his phone and buries himself in a cocoon of blankets in his bed, thankful that his brother is visiting soon.

He definitely needs the support, because the shit is going to hit the fan tomorrow, and he doesn't know how his friends – and most importantly, Kurt – are going to react.

Blaine walks down the halls of McKinley with his head down, glasses slipping precariously down the slope of his nose, his arms tucked protectively over his still small stomach. All around him, students stare and point, laugh and sneer at him, throwing out insults and mocking him. He tries to ignore them, but it's hard not to let the harsh words filter into his mind when he gets slut and whore thrown at him with intense malice.

When he finally makes it to his locker, he finds Tina and Mike standing there with worried eyes.

"Hey, B." Mike says, his voice hushed and slow.

Blaine takes in a deep breath and looks them both in the eye and tells them, "It's true. I wanted to tell you myself, but… I guess JBI beat me to the punch."

Tina sighs and steps forward, her eyes darting back and forth, taking him in as she rubs his shoulders.

"Oh, Blaine, it's – it's okay. Everything's going to be okay, I promise."

Blaine turns his face towards his locker, not wanting the prying eyes around him to see him shed one tear and bites his lip to hold in a sob when Tina – followed by Mike – begins to hold him.

Kurt stomps through the front doors of the school, his eyes narrowed, phone held tightly in his fist. He clicks his tongue ring against his teeth agitatedly as Quinn hurries to keep up with him, her boots squeaking against the tile. As he continues down the hall, a jock laughs at him and Kurt bares his teeth, shoves the baseball player away from him and into the lockers, and flips him off without looking back. He hears a deep chuckle from behind him and sighs, knows that Puck has learned the news and wants in on the action.

Kurt ignores his presence and continues on, rolling his eyes at Puck and Quinn's hushed conversation about what Kurt is going to do now that he's a 'baby daddy'.

God, he needs a drink.

But first, he has a mongrel to strangle.

Blaine nudges Tina's arm at the commotion in front of them. He squints his eyes and lifts himself onto his toes, trying to see over the large crowd that has accumulated in the hallway of the English wing. There must a yet another fight. Tina purses her lips and shrugs at him, the both of too short to see over the crowd and find out what is actually going on, so Tina grabs Mike with a smirk and pushes him forward. They wait for Mike to tell them what's going on as they lean against the wall of their AP Lit class.

Blaine stares at his feet and worries his lip, thinks about what to say to Kurt now that the whole school knows he's pregnant – before Kurt even knew.

He's scared and stressed about all of this though, and he and Kurt aren't even officially together. Blaine doesn't even know if Kurt actually likes him. They fool around all the time – obviously, or else Blaine wouldn't be in this situation in the first place – and sometimes they do homework together and on occasion Kurt drags Blaine off to some concert in the city. But Kurt's never spoken to him at school or even invited him over to his house. Blaine's never even met his parents.

He sighs, his eyes closing, body slumping further down the wall, the stress of the past two weeks weighing heavily on his shoulders.

It is then that Mike comes running towards them, his jaw set and eyes angry.

"Hey, what's going on?"

Blaine waits for Mike to answer Tina's question, but he never does, just takes Blaine and Tina by the hand and leads them out of the school, Tina going with a confused look towards Blaine. Blaine merely shrugs at her and follows Mike.

Mike is silent as he leads them around the back of the school, towards the football field and bleachers – towards where Blaine knows Kurt likes to go to clear his head.

When they reach the Skanks' hangout, Blaine immediately spots Kurt. He's pacing, creating small dust clouds around his feet, his fists clenched and bloody. Puck is standing by the couch, his arms crossed, looking at Kurt with sympathetic eyes while Quinn sits quietly on the couch, picking at her nails and occasionally casting Kurt concerned glances.

Kurt's eyes flicker up and he stops abruptly when he sees Blaine, his gaze traveling down towards Blaine's stomach.

Blaine shifts nervously in place as Kurt continues to stare at him. "Hey."

Kurt eyebrows shoot up, his hands clenching and unclenching at his sides.

"'Hey'? That's all you have to say? Do you know what just happened, Blaine? Or are you still stuck in your perfect little world where everything is just glitter and rainbows?"


"Why the hell didn't you tell me?! I have to find out from that creepy little fuck Jacob that you're pregnant. Do you know how that feels, Blaine? Or do you just not care? Were you even planning on telling me?"

"Of course I was going to tell you! I just didn't know how and then Jacob saw me after my doctor's appointment and he ran that stupid story. I've been doing all his homework so he wouldn't run it until I could figure things out but-"

"Figure things out. What, like getting rid of it? What the fuck, Blaine, why-"

Blaine begins to lose his composure then, and his voice raises at every word.

"NO, Kurt! God, would you just let me talk? Do you know how terrifying this has been? And then I had to figure out how to tell you and how you would react and what I'm going to do about everything and I can't – Kurt I can't –"

Blaine leans back into Tina as she shushes him, Mike rubbing his back in small circles. He breathes in deep and wipes at his eyes, clearing his throat before he speaks.

"I know you're upset that you found out like this Kurt, and I'm sorry. I should have told you when I first found out, I know that." He stops then, lets out a deep sigh and then continues, his voice dull and lifeless. "I'm going home. I'm not feeling well and I think it's best to just let all of this blow over. If you want to stop by my place and talk about what we're going to do, then fine. If not, then – then I don't know, do what you want."

Blaine shrugs off Mike and Tina and leaves, the grip he has on his satchel turning the skin around his knuckles white.

The silence in Blaine's apartment feels lonelier than it usually does when he gets home. Usually when he comes home after a long day of getting pushed around, bruised up and slushied at school he'll turn his music up so that it's loud enough to drown out his thoughts, but not too loud that his neighbor will complain.

But not today.

Instead, Blaine toes off his shoes and sets down his bag at the door, and heads for the kitchen, grabbing a tub of ice cream from his freezer and plops down on his small couch, staring blankly as he scoops chocolate into his mouth.

He aches for the feeling of the heavy hand of his father rubbing his shoulder comfortingly, the quiet timbre of his voice telling him 'it's okay, sport, I'm here', for his mother's light touch against his cheek, whispering to him that 'everything will be okay'.

But it never comes, and it never will, not anymore.

Blaine contemplates calling Cooper, but he resigns himself to the fact that his brother is coming to visit next weekend, and he knows that this kind of news is something he should share face to face.

Everything is just so complicated. He didn't even know this could happen, his parents dying before they could talk to him about it. So now he's all alone in a small apartment, his only family left in LA – and he thinks, no, there's also the tiny little life growing inside of him. A baby that is half him and half Kurt.

It's so strange to come to terms with; that he, Blaine Anderson, the biggest nerd at McKinley, got knocked up by the Skank, Kurt Hummel.

Blaine thinks back to the night it must have happened as he sits in the silence.

Kurt crowds Blaine against the door to his room, his mouth hot, and his tongue fucking sinfully into Blaine's mouth. Kurt's tongue piercing only heightens everything and the feeling of the metal rubbing against the roof of his mouth makes his knees weak. Kurt slides his hands down Blaine's chest and lets them curve around, his palms fitting perfectly around each of Blaine's ass cheeks. Blaine moans, Kurt chasing the sound with his lips, as Kurt squeezes his ass and lifts him, forcing Blaine to lock his legs securely around the boy's waist.

He arches his neck backward against the wall behind him, gasping for air, his breath getting caught in his throat when Kurt chooses that moment to simultaneously run a finger down his crack and press a lingering kiss just below his ear lobe, ending it with a gentle bite, licking over the skin to soothe it.

"Kurt - god yes, Kurt. Bedroom, come on." He manages to gasp out, his voice broken by moans.

In response, Kurt sucks one last kiss over Blaine's clavicle before he moves them away from the wall and slowly walks towards Blaine's room.

Surprisingly gentle, Kurt lays Blaine down on his bed, removing Blaine's glasses with a fond smile. Blaine licks his lips and follows Kurt's slightly blurry form as he kneels on the bed.

He raises himself onto his elbows, biting his lip as Kurt slowly removes his thin t-shirt, his pants already unbuttoned and unzipped, the flaps hanging open to reveal pale skin.

Kurt crawls forward then, straddling Blaine's thighs and tugging Blaine's shirt over his head. When Blaine's chest is finally exposed, Kurt wastes no time and immediately begins to kiss across Blaine's smooth chest, Blaine arching into him when he moves downward, a wicked grin on his lips as he flicks his tongue against Blaine's nipple. Blaine squirms and whimpers when Kurt repeats the action, this time on the left.

"Kurt," he gasps, "Fuck, come on, stop teasing."

Kurt leans back and raises an eyebrow, his hand casually stroking his own cock as he speaks.

"Hmm. Tell me what you want baby. What do you need?"

Blaine closes his eyes, licks his lips and says quietly, "Fuck me. Please I - I need you, need to feel you."

He hears Kurt suck in a sharp breath and then he's leaning over Blaine, his fingertips light as they run down his chest.

"You're sure?"

Blaine opens his eyes then, focuses on Kurt's face, the bar through his eyebrow glinting in the dim light of the room. He covers Kurt's hand with his, the weight of their clasped fingers resting heavily over his heart.

"I'm sure. I want you, Kurt, want you so bad."

Everything shifts then, Kurt surging forward and capturing Blaine's lips in a kiss so passionate and gentle it makes Blaine's heart stutter.

They remove each other's pants slowly, Kurt's fingertips gliding lightly over the front of Blaine's thighs as he pulls down his jeans, Blaine taking a moment to stroke Kurt's cock reverently as his ripped jeans are pushed to his knees.

Finally skin to skin they take a moment and simply breathe, Blaine hooking his ankle over Kurt's calf as Kurt himself swipes a thumb over the arch of Blaine's cheek.


He nods, reaching over into Blaine's nightstand drawer where he knows Blaine keeps his lube. Kurt searches for a condom but comes back empty, Blaine swallowing hard when Kurt sighs and purses his lips.

"It's okay, just - I know you're clean and I've - I've never -"

A soft hand caressing his cheek and Blaine leans into the touch, pressing a kiss to Kurt's palm.


Kurt takes his time prepping Blaine, distracting Blaine from the burn of the stretch with sinful kisses and swipes of his thumb under the head of his cock. Eventually he starts to rock into the press of Kurt's fingers inside of him, moaning into Kurt's mouth at the feeling of Kurt brushing up against that wonderful bundle of nerves.

Kurt insists on three fingers, ignoring Blaine's pleas of 'now, now, want you now, Kurt - fuck me, please'.

Finally, when Kurt deems Blaine stretched enough, Blaine's hands gripping the sheets tightly, he spreads Blaine's legs wider, Blaine crossing his ankles together at the small of Kurt's back. Kurt looks into Blaine's eyes as he slowly pushes into Blaine, pausing with gentle eyes as he watches Blaine lean his head back onto the pillow, breathing in deep, his eyes never leaving Kurt's.

Then, when Blaine gives a small nod, Kurt rocks forward, his breath stuttering out over Blaine's lips. Blaine wraps his arms around Kurt's shoulders and his hips begin to move with Kurt's, groaning at the feeling of Kurt, so hot and thick inside of him.

Kurt moans, pressing kisses along Blaine's neck as his thrusts get faster and deeper, until the room is filled with the sounds of their gasps and grunts, the slick sound of Kurt pushing into Blaine harder and harder underlying their voices.

"Kurt, Kurt, ah, fuck yes, I – I'm gonna come, gonna come."

Kurt shifts on his knees, gripping Blaine's hips tightly and pounding into Blaine's ass, watching with dark eyes as Blaine arches his back, his head digging into the pillow beneath him, his toes curling. It only takes one particularly deep thrust and then Blaine is coming, his breath leaving him as he moans brokenly. Kurt groans at the sight of Blaine coming untouched, his hips stuttering as Blaine clenches around his cock. He only lasts three more deep thrusts before he's coming, Blaine gasping at the feeling of Kurt pulsing inside him.

Kurt shudders and kisses Blaine slowly, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. Blaine sighs happily into the kiss, his hands coming to rest shakily on Kurt's cheekbones. He and Kurt both hiss when Kurt pulls out slowly, and then Kurt is rolling over and pulling Blaine into his arms, kissing him softly on the cheek.

They lay in silence, ignoring the uncomfortable feeling of drying come and lube to simply curl around each other and breathe.

Blaine smiles as he listens to Kurt's heartbeat under his ear, squeezing Kurt around the waist. He's never felt more beautiful, more loved and wanted in his life.

He's never felt so happy.

Kurt stuffs his hands in his pockets, rocking back onto his heels as he stares at Blaine's door. His knuckles ache from punching in Jacob's face earlier – and a few jocks who decided they wanted to run their mouths. Kurt sighs and kicks his boot clad foot against Blaine's door a few times, rolling his eyes at the elderly man giving him a judgmental look from across the hall.

Blaine's door is opened slowly and Kurt raises his eyebrow at the slightly dazed look that Blaine is sporting. Blaine merely averts his gaze and lets Kurt in, taking Kurt's leather jacket from him and hanging it up before joining him on the couch.

Kurt takes in a deep breath, eyeing the empty carton of ice cream with amusement before he speaks, aware of how tense Blaine is next to him.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you today."

"It's okay. I'm sorry for not telling you."

He shifts on the couch, one leg bending against the back of the couch, the other stretching out to rest over Blaine's lap.

"So. We're having a kid."

"Yeah, I – we are."

Kurt nods, chewing on his lip, messing with the ring there, and succeeding in distracting Blaine. Kurt notices his dark look and chuckles lowly, nudging Blaine's thigh with his foot. Blaine smiles sheepishly and blushes, shrugs his shoulder and runs a hand up Kurt's leg.

"I'm glad you're here. I don't know what I would have done if I had to do this by myself."

Kurt frowns. "Well – I mean, yeah I'm gonna be here for you, you're having my baby and I - um… what about your parents though? I never see them around, but surely they'd –"

"My parents are dead, Kurt."

Kurt looks up in surprise, his hand automatically covering Blaine's and squeezing.

"What? When? Why didn't you – tell me?"

Blaine links their fingers together and sighs. "It happened almost three years ago. Car crash. And, I don't know, I mean we never really talked about that kind of stuff."

"So – but, you live here by yourself? How?"

"I was living with my aunt and uncle, but they were… horrible people. I got emancipated as soon as I could and my brother helps me out with rent and things I need, and I have a job at the bookstore on Willow Street. Emma – Ms. Pillsbury – she's like, my 'guardian', I guess you could say? She's the one who helped me get emancipated."

They sit in silence for awhile after that, Kurt drawing invisible shapes into Blaine's skin with his fingers. Blaine enjoys the simple silence, likes watching Kurt look so peaceful without the pull of alcohol or the rare moment when Blaine would witness Kurt under the haze of being high.

"You know what this means, right?"

Blaine hums in questions, leaning his head on his fist, watching Kurt with a small smile.

"I have to quit smoking now, Anderson, what the hell."

He laughs loudly at Kurt's annoyed face, squeezing Kurt's hand when he joins Blaine, his eyes glittering, their hands linked together.