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Jan Elizabeth Brady was sitting in the sofa in the living room. The house was quiet. Marcia at Girl Scouts, Greg at football, the other three children with their mom grocery shopping, and Alice had the night off. A rare thing for this house to be so quiet.
Jan missed her dad. Not Mike, but John, her real dad. It was painful for her when he passed away of the sudden heart attack. The two of them had a special bond that she never did have with her mom. Although her and Carol loved each other, of course.
"Oh, Daddy," Jan curled up in a ball and started to silently weep.
"Are you okay, sweetheart?" Mike asked coming from the back of the house.
"I just miss my other dad," Jan admitted not looking up.
Mike went over to the sofa, picked her up, and hugged her tightly.
"I love you, honey," he said not letting go of her.
"I love you, too, I just get sad sometimes."
"I know, I know my own boys feel the same about their own mom. It's alright."
With that he set her on the floor and wiped away her tears.
"Well, I think I'm gonna go take a bath to calm down," Jan said
"Okay, Sweetie."
She turned to walk up the stairs with a smile on her face and her soul comforted. She understands she is and always will be loved.

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