A/n: I've decided to to the 30 OTP challenge...with Dick and Babs.

Lettuce begin.

Execute: 30 Day OTP Challenge
Day 1 — Holding Hands

Sometimes, being a straight-A student with two extra-curricular activities was more than Barbara could handle. At times like these, when she was cooped up in the school library hours past class hours, she wondered why she decided to take up nighttime vigilantism as a third extra-curricular. It was official, she was a martyr.

It was with a great sigh of victory that the girl pushed back from the desk, dropping her pen and slamming the book shut a little harder than she usually would. She was finally done her homework, at long last. She's fallen behind on a government-class essay she needed to write and that threw her entire schedule out of whack. Juggling academics, ballet, and gymnastics was no walk in the park, and the drain was evident now that she finally stopped to...well, to not do anything. The girl slouched back in the hard plastic seat and glanced up at the clock over the doorway to the library. 5:47pm.

Barbara groaned aloud. If she sprinted, she could hit up a sandwich shoppe on her way to ballet recital and scarf it down before she made it to class. Otherwise, she'd tough it out until after practice, and after a bus ride home, and after making dinner with her dad to eat...at roughly eight or nine at night. She groaned again, only this time it was more of a whine. She reluctantly put away the books on their proper shelves, loaded up her belongings back into her backpack, and slid into her coat. With her backpack thrown haphazardly over her shoulder, she struggled to button up her coat while holding her other winter gear.

"Let me get that for you." The startled girl nearly jumped. Would have, in fact, if the voice weren't so familiar to her. Outside the library door Dick hopped up from sitting on the floor to his feet. "When you hit the books you really hit the books, Babs."

"Dick, why are you still in school?" The comment wasn't hateful, just earnestly curious. She finished buttoning up her coat, and held out her hand. Dick gave her the scarf and she wound it snugly around her neck, twice. "No one in their right mind stays here until this late. Except me, apparently." She jabbed at herself.

"I was waiting for you." He grinned at her as she pulled her wool beret on her head. She shot him an incredulous look. "I'm in my left mind."

"Oh shut it. You and your stupid reverse words." She chuckled despite giving him a shove. "Any plans for this evening?"

"Just the usual. Go home, jump around in my trampoline room and wonder why was I cursed with such devilishly good looks until dawn." He laughed.

"I envy your life." She laughed back. The two walked to the school exit, wincing simultaneously as they stepped out into the frigid air. A sleek black sedan was waiting, Alfred behind the wheel.

"I was actually hoping I could talk you into playing hookie tonight and coming over my house for dinner and TV." He revealed to her, waiting as Alfred pulled up closer. There was hope in his eyes, and that look paired with her fatigue made for a pretty tempting reply. "Please? You've been spreading yourself thin for days. Bruce always says that sometimes the best remedy for a system overload is to stop and reboot."

Maybe he was right. A break couldn't hurt. And quite frankly, Dick understood best out of everyone just how tired she was, and all the reasons too. She bit the corner of her lip and nodded, blowing hot air into her bare hands.

"I get to pick the show we're marathoning." She agreed. The wonder bird laughed delightedly, taking his own hands that he was rubbing together for warmth and holding hers. There, with a list full of to-do and her nose nipping with cold, Barbara felt more relaxed and warm than she'd felt in days.

She held his hand tighter.

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