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What happened fifteen years ago?

There was a lot that had happened fifteen years ago, and that was the problem, finding out what and how it was connected to Miss Eleanor and Sweeney Todd. Anna frowned, skimming through old articles in the library, she'd never liked Eleanor, always knew that Robert could do much better.

The only problem was, Robert couldn't marry his maid.

She paused on one article in particular, using her finger to skim read along the words...

"Mrs. Lovett's pie shop, once the home of the most famous pies in London, now the home of the most gruesome crimes. Mrs Eleanor Lovett and her lover barber, Sweeney Todd had been unseen for days, and neighbours of Lovett's had urged authorities to gain entry to check on the two. What the Police found however was the remains of humans and a bloody crime scene. It appeared that the most famous pies in London had a special ingredient of human...'

'Eleanor Lovett is believed to be dead, but her whereabouts and Sweeney Todd's are currently unknown... Both are wanted dead or alive on charges of murder..."

Now it made sense.

Oh, this was delicious. She was going to have a field day with this information. Human remains found at Eleanor's old pie shop? Her and Sweeney Todd wanted for murder? Robert was going to get rid of them if he knew about this, if he turned her in. The baby would be killed too... that stupid retched little thing.

From the moment Eleanor had been introduced as 'Lady' of the house, Anna had felt off about her, there was something behind those dark eyes that hid secrets and now she knew just what those tasty secrets were.

She wondered if they still had that reward out for her? Was it two for the price of one? The blonde smirked, glanced around and folded up the article before slipping it into her bag. There were many things she could do with this, bribe for money, give Eleanor and her 'lover' to the Police, or show Robert.

If she showed this to Robert, he could recognise that he'd been with the wrong woman the whole time and fall to his knees and beg for Anna-

The chances of that happening where slim, so she decided to brew up her own little plan.

Something as tasty as Mrs Lovett's most famous meat pies.