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A R.L Stine's story line!




The House of No Return

We were afraid to go too close to the house, so we stayed down at the street, staring at it. Staring across the bare, sloping front yard. No grass was able to grow in that yard, the trees, gnarled and bent, were all dead. Not even weeds sprouted in the dry, cracked dirt. At the top of the sloping yard, the house seemed to stare back at us. The two upstairs windows gaped like two unblinking black eyes. The house was wide and solid-looking, built of bricks that had been painted white many years ago, but now the paint was fading and peeling. Spots of red brick showed through the like bloodstains, which made it look even more creepy at night.

The window shutters were cracked, several had fallen off, which gave the house a haunted look. The beams of the front porch tilted dangerously, a strong wind could blow the porch over easily. No one lived there, the house had been empty for years and years, longer than we can remember. No one could live there. The house was definitely haunted, everyone in the city said it was. There was a legend of the house, and everyone knew of it: if you spent the night inside that house, you would never come back out. And that's exactly why we brought kids there, that's why we dared them to go inside.

You couldn't join our Dangerous Shadows Club unless you stayed in the house – by yourself – for an hour. Staring up at the house, bathed in a haze of pale moonlight, I shivered and zipped up my jacket all the way up to my chin. I crossed my arms over my chest as I looked at my friends.

"How long has he been in there, Bakura?' Marik asked me.

Seto and I both raised out wrists to check our watches. "Only ten minutes," I told Marik.

"Fifty minutes to go," Marik said. "Think he'll make it?"

"That Ryou is pretty brave," I replied thoughtfully, watching the moon disappear behind a cloud. "He might last another five minutes!" I said grinning.

Marik and Seto snickered along with me. The three of us felt safe down here by the end of the street. Poor Ryou probably didn't feel too safe right now, well, he is inside a haunted house. Trying to stay there an hour so he could join our club.

I turned and saw a light rolling silently over the street, coming towards us, a white, ghostly light. My breath caught in my throat.

/It's a car,/ I realized, as it floated closer.

A car with only one headlight, the first car we'd seen all night. The beam from the headlight washed over my two friends and me, forcing us to shield our eyes. As it passed, we turned back the the house – and heard a a shrill scream. A wail of pure terror.

"Here he comes!" Marik cried.

Sure enough, Ryou burst through the front door, he stumbled off the crumbling porch and came tearing across the dead, bare yard. His hands waved wildly in front of him, his head was tilted back, and his mouth was frozen open in one long, high shriek of fright.

"Ryou – what did you see?" I called. "Did you see a ghost?"

"S-something touched my face!" he wailed. He ran right past Seto, Marik, and me, screaming his head right off.

"Probably only a spiderweb," I murmured.

"Bakura – we've got to stop him!" Seto cried.

"Ryou! Hey – Ryou!" we called him name and chased after him, our sneakers slapping loudly on the pavement.

Waving his arms frantically and screaming, leaning into the wind, Ryou kept running. We would never catch him at this rate.

"He'll run home," I said breathlessly. I stopped and leaned over, pressing my hands against my knees, trying to catch my breath. Up ahead, we could still hear poor Ryou's frightened wails.

"Guess he doesn't join the club." I said, still breathing hard.

"What do we do now?" Seto asked, glancing back at the house.

"I guess we find another victim." I replied.

Yugi Mouto seemed like the perfect victim, he had lived in Domino City before, but moved away, he had recently moved back into Domino City with his grampa after staying in Egypt with some friends for a year. And he started in the eleventh grade like me and we had a few classes together. Yugi had pale amethyst eyes and was very short, he had gravity defying hair that stuck up in five points. His hair was in three colors, purple, black, and blond, he was a kind but shy kid, and he seemed really nice. One day after school, I saw Yugi walking home and I hurried to catch up with him. It was a windy October day, all around us, red and yellow leaves were falling from the trees. It looked like it was raining leaves. I said hi to Yugi and started telling him about our club, I asked if he wanted to join.

"It's only for brave people," I explained. "In order to join, you have to spend one hour at night inside the house on Willow Hill."

Yugi stopped walking and turned to me, squinting at me with those pale amethyst eyes. "That house is still there? I thought they tore it down, and besides, isn't it supposed to be haunted?" he asked.

I laughed. "You don't believe in ghosts – do you?"

He didn't smile, he expression turned very serious, the light seemed to fade even more in his eyes. "I'm not very brave." he said softly.

We started to walk again, our sneakers crunched on the leaves strewn over the sidewalk. "We'd really like you to join the club," I told him. "You're brave enough to spend one hour in an empty house, aren't you?"

He shrugged and lowered his eyes. "I-I don't think so," he stammered. "I've always been afraid of being alone in dark rooms," he admitted. "I believed there was a monster in my closet until I was eight!"

I laughed at his joke, but his expression remained solemn, this kid definitely wasn't kidding.

"When I go to a scary movie," Yugi continued. "I have to duck under the seat when the scary parts come on."

Marik and Seto came running up to us. "Are you going to do it?" Marik asked Yugi. "Are you going to join the club?"

Yugi shoved his hands deep in his jean pockets. "Did you guys spend an hour in the house?" he asked. Seto smirked while Marik laughed his heart out.

I shook my head. "We don't have to," I told him. "We started the club, so we don't have to go in the house. We already know we like danger, new members have to prove themselves."

Yugi chewed thoughtfully at his lower lip, we turned the corner and kept walking. The house was up the hill, at the end of the block, we stopped in front of it and stared at it. It looked creepy even during the daytime, but I wasn't ready to say that out loud.

"See? It doesn't look scary at all during the daytime." I said.

Yugi swallowed hard. "Needs a paint job," he muttered. "And how come all the trees died?"

"No one to take care of them," Seto said.

"How about it Yugi?" I urged. "We really need new members."

"Yeah," Marik agreed. "A club isn't much fun with only three teens in it."

Yugi had his eyes on the house, he kept his hands jammed in his jean pockets. I thought I saw him shiver, but it might have been the wind rustling his jacket.

"W-will you come with me?" he asked.

"No way," I said flatly, shaking my head.

"We can't," Seto explained. "The idea of the club is to show how brave you are."

"We won't come in," Marik said. "But we'll wait out front for you."

"Come on, Yugi," I urged. "Do it, it'll be fun! It's almost Halloween, get in the spirit!"

He swallowed a couple of times, staring up at the house, then he shook his head. "I really don't want to." he murmured in a low voice, so low I could barely hear him. "Guess I'm kind of a scaredy-cat."

I started to plead with him, and if Marik or Seto told anybody that I held my hands together in a pleading signal, I would smother them in my sleep. But I could see that Yugi was really embarrassed, so I didn't say anymore. Yugi waved good-bye and hurried off towards his house, Seto, Marik, and I watched him until he disappeared around the corner.

"Now what?" Seto asked.

We held a club meeting at my house two nights later, it was a pretty boring meeting. None of us could think of another cool kid to join our club. And we couldn't think of anything fun to do.

"Halloween is Saturday," I moaned. "We should be able to think of something scary to do."

"What are you going to dress up as?" Marik asked Seto.

"An Egyptian Priest," Seto replied. "I've already got the outfit and the fake golden scepter that goes with the outfit."

"But weren't you a Priest last year?" Marik asked.

"So? I like being a Priest! It's better than you dressing up as a weird Egyptian Guard!" Seto snapped, slamming his laptop shut.

"At least I change the way my outfit looks every year." Marik muttered.

Yes, Marik planned to dress up as a Egyptian Guard, but with a few of his own modifications. He always makes two to three changes every year. Me, I was planning on being an Egyptian thief, with the blood red cloak and the painted scar over my eye and everything.

"We need more club members," Seto sighed. "You can't have a club with just three people."

"Yugi would be perfect," I replied. "If only he weren't such a scaredy-cat."

"You know," Marik said. "it would be really good for Yugi to get over his fears."

"Huh? What do you mean?" I asked. It's not every day Marik says something that makes actual sense.

"I mean we could help Yugi out," Marik replied, smiling. "We could help him be brave."

I still didn't understand. "Marik – what are you saying?"

His smile grew ever wider. "We could force him to go into the house."

I called Yugi later that night and invited him to go trick-or-treating with us. He said yes, he also sounded really grateful. I assumed that he didn't have very many people to do something like this with. He had left this school a year ago, and most of the people he knew had moved away or had been switched to a different school. And not very many people talk to him. The three of us met at my house on Halloween, Marik flicked the piece of metal that was on the edge of his spear and kept grinning and laughing like a madman. I was very good looking, with the help of Seto, I had a very real-looking scar over my left eye and two scars across that one. Seto had been practicing his speech of the Egyptian accent, he was very good at it too, I of course didn't bother.

"Where's Yugi?" Seto asked in his Egyptian accent. It was so good, I almost spun around to see who was speaking. "Is he meeting us here?"

"Yeah, where is he?" Marik demanded.

We were all a little tense, we were playing a mean trick on Yugi, we knew he would be mad. But by the end of the night, he'd feel good and will be thanking us for forcing him to go in there. The doorbell rang and we all went to answer it, Yugi stood there in the porch light. His face was covered in something that made his skin look tanned, he had a weird fake golden crown on his head and was wearing something that looking like a dress. Seto had once told me that it was a tunic and young kids in Egypt used to wear them, he also had a dark purple cape draped over his back. He raised his hand in a friendly wave, it was also covered in the strange stuff that changed his skin tone. Seto smirked, Marik laughed, and I snorted.

"What are you suppose to be – a weird Gypsy dancer?" I joked.

Yugi looked hurt. "No, I'm an Egyptian Pharaoh." my eyes widened as I realized that he was in the same theme as me and my friends.

"Very scary," I lied. I handed out trick-or-treat bag. "Let's get going." I lied again and led the way down the driveway and up the street.

We stopped at a couple of houses and collected candy so we wouldn't give Yugi any ideas by not stopping at any. It was a cool, windy night with a tiny silver of the moon, gusts of wind kept fluttering our costumes and making our trick-or-treat bags fly up. We were approaching the house on Willow Hill, I had a heavy feeling in my stomach. My hands suddenly felt ice cold, I rubbed them together to make heat.

/I hope Yugi can stay in the house for one hour,/ I though. /He's such a nice guy, but his looks can attract girls attention, I'd like him to join the club when he gets over his fears tonight./

Such a nice guy, and we were about to do such a mean thing to him. But he would quickly get over it, and he'll be glad that we made him test his bravery. The eerie house came into view, I saw Yugi glance at it, then quickly turn to cross the street. He didn't want to go near it, especially on Halloween night, that would make it worse.

But Seto and I grabbed him by the arms, Yugi cried out in surprise. "Hey – let go! What are you guys doing?"

Yugi struggled to pull free, but Seto and I were much bigger (literally) and stronger. Marik led the way over the bare, dirt yard, up the sloping hill to the dark, silent house. Yugi tried to swing both arms, tried desperately to break free, but Seto and I dragged him onto the tilting porch and up to the front door.

"No! Please!" Yugi pleaded. "Please – don't do this! Don't!"

I turned to him, and even under the tan make-up, I could see the terror on his face. The poor teen was totally freaked! I knew I had to say something before we forced him into the haunted house. So I said something.

"Yugi, you'll be okay," it was cheesy, but it was better than how I treated my other victims-I mean new members. "Go inside, it'll be fun, we'll wait for you, I promise." total lie, but I had to get him in there for him to become a new member.

"You'll be proud of yourself." Marik told him, helping to push him up to the door. "And then you'll be in our club."

Marik went to the door and began pushing it open, it was thicker and probably heavier than it looked. Seto and I moved to shove Yugi inside, but to my surprise he reached out and grabbed my arm. "Let's all go in together-okay?"

I glanced at Seto and Marik. "No way," I replied. "You've got to prove your bravery, Yugi. See you in an hour."

We gave him a hard shove inside the house. Then we slammed the heavy door behind him.

"He seems so... scared," Seto said, his voice switching back to his original accent.

"He'll be okay," I said. "Let's wait for him down by the street."

We took our places at the bottom of the driveway, and waited.

And waited.

We checked out watches after ten minutes, then after twenty minutes, and after half an hour. My eyes shown with impression.

"Yugi is going great!" I whispered, my eyes on the dark windows of the house. "I didn't think he'd last two minutes."

"He's a lot braver than I thought," Marik said from behind his insane look.

We huddled close together, staring up at the house as the wind shook the trees all around us. Heavy clouds rolled over the moon, covering us in darkness. We waited ten minutes more, then ten minutes more.

"He's going to do it," I said, checking my watch again. "He's going to stay in there for a whole hour!"

"Let's really give him a big cheer when he comes our," Marik suggested.

As the hour ended, we counted off the last thirty seconds our loud, one by one. Then we took a few steps up the driveway, eager to congratulate Yugi and welcome him to the Dangerous Shadows Club. But the front door didn't open, the house remained dark and silent.

Ten more minutes passed.

"I think he showing off." I said.

No one laughed, we kept our eyes raise to the house.

Ten more minutes, then ten more.

"Where is he?!" Seto said, accidentally slipping back into the Egyptian accent. "Something's wrong, Bakura."

"Yugi should be out of there by now," Marik said in a trembling voice. (yes trembling)

I felt a chill run down my back, all of my muscles were tightening in dread. I knew my friends were right. Something bad hah happened inside that house. Something very bad.

"We have to go in there," Lori urged. "We have to find Yugi and get him out of there."

All three of us exchanged frightened glances. We didn't want to walk up that driveway, we didn't want to go inside that house to look for a kid.

But we didn't have a choice.

"Maybe we should wait a few more minutes," I suggested, trying to stop my legs from shaking. "Maybe he doesn't have a watch. Maybe he's –"

"Come one, Bakura." Seto gave me a hard tug. "Yugi isn't coming out, we have to go get him ourselves."

The wind swirled around us, fluttering our costumes as we made our way up to the front door. I started to open the door, but my hand was so sweaty, the doorknob slid under my grasp. Finally, Marik and I pushed open the heavy door. The rusty hinges creaked as we opened the door and peered into the solid blackness.

"Yugi?" I called. "Yugi – you can come out now!" my voice sounded tiny and hollow.

No reply.

"Yugi? Yugi? Where are you?" all three of us began calling him.

The floor groaned and creaked beneath us as we took a few steps into the living room. The wind rattled the old windowpanes.

"Yugi – can you hear us? Yugi?"

A loud crash made all three of us cry out.

The front door had slammed shut, we peeked at it and cried out again to see that it wasn't even there anymore!

"J-just the wind, guys." Marik choked out.

"Really? I don't think the wind's responsible for making the door disappear Marik!" Seto hissed.

It was much darker with the door closed and gone, but it didn't stay dark for long. Pale light flickered at the top of the stairs. It looked at first like dozens of fireflies clustered together.

I gasped as the light flared brighter, and floated down the stairs, like a shimmering cloud.

"Let's get out!" I cried.

"Tell me! How do we do that with the door gone!" Marik yelled at me.

The shimmering cloud spread around us, and inside it I saw two frightening figures – a ghostly man and woman, hazy and transparent except for their red, glowing eyes.

Their terrifying eyes sparkled like fiery coals as they circled us, floating silently.

*I can see right through them!* I realized. This house really is haunted.

"Wh-where's Yugi?" I managed to choke out.

The man's voice was a dry whisper, the sound of wind through dead leaves. "Your friend? He went out the back door." the ghost replied. "About an hour ago."

"We didn't want to let him go," the woman whispered, her red eyes glowing brighter. "But he made a bargain with us." she snickered, a dry, dead laugh. "He promised that if we let him go, three kids would come in to take his place."

"And here you are," said the ghostly man, flashing a terrifying, dead smile. "Here you are."

"Don't look so frightened, kids." the woman rasped, floating closer. "You might as well make yourselves at home, you're all going to be here – forever!"

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