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Khushi walked out of the bathroom wearing a simple red sari with intricate gold coloured designs. As she applied make up she got lost in thought. She thought of all the intimate moments spent with her husband Arnav. How he made love to her with such care.
Just thinking about him made her remember how his fingers would roam on her body making her shiver in pleasure.

Heavy footsteps caused her to snap out of her reverie. She looked up to see that it was the devil himself.
"Home already?" She questioned.
"I wasn't going to be late for the pooja. I would never have heard the end of it from you," he answered teasingly. She thought of a smart retort but was suddenly lost as she locked her hazel eyes into his light brown ones.
He strode forward in two quick paces not breaking contact and wrapping his strong arms around her bare waist. As his hard fingers touched her, she felt her body tingling causing her knees to go weak. She closed her eyes as he bought his mouth towards hers.
"You should wear this colour more often. It doesn't look as bad on you," he teased.
Before Khushi could comment he pressed his lips onto hers, forcing her reply to stay trapped in her mouth. He smiled into the kiss causing Khushi to scowl.

She wrapped her arms his neck, pushing herself even closer. His grip tightened around her waist as he started to push her against the wall. He bit her bottom lip causing her lot let out a moan. She unbuttoned his shirt and it fell to the ground forgotten. As he pushed her even further into the wall, something poked her. She looked down, she smiled a sneaky smile.

Before she could say anything, she was interrupted yet again. But this time, by a knock on the door. Arnav pulled away reluctantly quickly buttoning his shirt and fixing his hair as Khushi did the same.
When Khushi opened the door she turned to see a very annoyed Di.
"It's almost time for the pooja and you guys are still not downstairs!?"
Khushi made a mental note to lecture the Laad Governer for distracting her.
"And is chote ready?" She asked. She looked ahead to see Arnav still looking like he was after he came back from work, well almost. Anjali looked even more annoyed.
"Why isn't he ready yet? What have you guys been up to? Seriously!" she said angrily.
At that comment Khushi's cheeks started to glow a bright scarlet colour.
At that, Anjali left muttering about being on time.

Khushi gave arnav a deadly stare causing him to run to the bathroom in fear. She fixed her hair and make up to remove any evidence of what happened not long ago and ran downstairs hoping the Laad Governer would make it on time.

Once Arnav came, he sat next to her and they started the ritual. Every time she looked at him he winked at her and blew kisses at her. What has happened to him? She thought to herself, remembering their first encounter.

"I love you," he mouthed.

Akash who saw this said, "I love you too bhai!"

"Well it is great to know that you two brothers have such feelings for each other," Anjali joked, "But that can wait. Come on, we need to clean up!"

The whole family sat in the lounge chatting when suddenly nani said, "So when will I get some grandchildren to play with?"

Khushi and Payal blushed and looked anywhere but at the family.

The two sisters excused themselves and muttered something about cleaning.

A few minutes later Akash said, "Bhai don't we have some work to do? Ah I mean we have a meeting tomorrow, right?" he said covering up his sentence that sounded a bit inappropriate for the situation.

"Yeah. Let's go," Arnav replied a bit too enthusiastically.

"Right, they meant go make some babies right?" Anjali joked when she knew they were out of earshot.

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