I know another story right I'm sorry, but I can't help it I've decided to start one of my challenges however I am slightly changing it so Naruto is the older brother and just so you know now that this will be a NarutoxFem Itachi and Naruto will be 4 years old when his younger brother is born, however despite this being the main pairing I am going to add some saucy stuff for Naruto with other ladies some of the moment may also be romantic I plan to have Naruto be lovers with Tsunade, Mei, Koyuki and maybe some others however in the end the pairing will be NarutoxFem Itachi while eventually the other women will just become friends with Naruto, so no asking for harems as I don't do them.

Naruto will have a bloodline in this maybe even multiple since I've decided to give Naruto Moukton.

Nimato will be the Canon Naruto.


Chapter 1

Naruto eyes widened at the sound of a baby crying…no this wasn't any baby crying this was his new baby brother.

Naruto Namikaze son of the Fourth Hokage was 4 years old he was now the eldest son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki he was relatively tall for his age his hair he also had the same shade of blonde as his father however at the tip of the sides that hung down where red at the ends, his eyes where bright blue also the same as his father and now by the looks of things his brothers as well.

He stood there unable to form words he watched as Biawako take his brother to see his mother getting curious Naruto walked over to his parents he saw the smile on their faces and couldn't help but smile himself.

"Nimato" Kushina said as the young infant cried "Say hello to Nimato…Naruto-chan" Kushina said Naruto could only stare in amazement as Nimato's Azure blue eyes opened and stared at him for what felt like hours.

However before Naruto could say anything Biawako had come and collected Nimato and was getting ready to wash him.

"Thank you Kushina" Minato said to his wife as held her hand and tears forming around his eyes, Naruto smiled at the love between his parents , he watched patiently as his father prepared to fully seal the Kyuubi back into his mother apparently the seal weakened during pregnancy so his father was needed to look after the seal.

"Arghh" A voice shouted from behind them Minato and Naruto quickly span around.

Their eyes widened when they saw Biawako on the floor with two other nurses obviously dead, however that's not what Naruto was worrying about as right now he was glaring at a masked man who was holding his brother.

"Fourth Hokage step away from the Jinchuriki" The masked man said pulling out a kunai from his sleeve and pointing it at Nimato.

"Alright just calm down" Minato said narrowing his eyes at the man as the man held his new born son hostage.

"Speak for yourself I'm perfectly calm" The masked man said chucking Nimato in the air and prepared to stab him however Minato using his superior speed caught Nimato before the masked man could land his attack.

"You live up to your Yellow Flash moniker…but what now?" The masked man asked, Minato's eyes widened at the explosive seals around the blanket of Nimato, thinking quickly Minato disappeared in a yellow flash.

"MINATO…NIMATO!" Kushina shouted, Naruto quickly jumped in front of his mother he may not know a whole lot of Shinobi skills he had been taught the basics by his parents.

The masked man looked amused for a second while looking at Naruto.

"You plan to stop me?" He asked laughing slightly before dashing forward attempting to grab Naruto, however just as the masked man was about to grab Naruto wooden branches formed out of the ground and flew towards the masked man but to Naruto's surprise they fazed through him and smashed into the wall behind.

"Moukton?" The masked asked to himself slightly, "It seems I won't kill you after all you may be some use to me in the future" And with that said the man dashed and phased through Naruto and chopped him in the back of the neck, the last thing Naruto heard before succumbing to darkness was his mother shouting his name.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes however he was surprised when he found himself outside he could feel the cold hitting his elbows since he was only wearing black T-shirt and three quarter blue shorts.

Picking himself up Naruto shook his head he still felt slightly dizzy after being hit, at the sudden thought Naruto's eyes widened as he looked around and his memories came back to him.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught something on his hand he sighed when he saw his father flying thunder god marker.

'Dad must have rescued me…but why am I here?' Naruto thought however the sudden sound of a roar made him turn his head around.

No. Naruto thought looking at the scene in front of him as his mother and father had been impaled by the Kyuubi's claw, quickly getting back to his senses he took off towards them he idly noticed the chain like barrier around them.

"TOU-SAN...KAA-CHAN" Naruto shouted stopping when he saw them both turn to him and smile.

"Take care of Nimato-chan…Naruto-chan" Kushina said while Minato nodded.

"Seal" Minato muttered and suddenly all Naruto could see a bright light and as fast as it had come it disappeared just as fast.

Naruto shook slightly at the sight of his parent's limp bodies tears fell and despite this Naruto turned to a crying baby and smiled while picking him up still unable to stop the tears.

"I will protect you" Naruto said while Nimato giggled and tried to grab Naruto's finger.

"Naruto-kun" The voice of Hiruzen Sarutobi said he approached them in his battle gear with two other Anbu's.

"Yes Hokage-sama" Naruto said not even looking towards the old man.

"We need to get you and your brother away from here" Hiruzen said bending down and helping Naruto up while the young blonde still kept hold of Nimato, Naruto stopped a second and took a glance of his parents dead bodies before looking towards Hiruzen.

"What about my parents" Naruto asked.

"Let us deal with them Naruto-kun, let's get you and your brother to my office we can talk about what's next" Hiruzen said tiredly, Naruto nodded and walked back with Hiruzen.

Hiruzen stared at the young boy in front of him and sighed Naruto had been through a lot he had witnessed war and now the death of his parents, but right now there was something worst he had to tell the young boy.

"How are you feeling Naruto-kun" Hiruzen asked the young boy.

"…." Naruto remained silent as he stared at his baby brother, the last piece of his family.

"Sensei" A voice from the window spoke Hiruzen looked towards the window and smiled bitterly.

"Jiraiya I'm glad you came, I know how you must be feeling right now but there are important matters we must discuss" Hiruzen said tiredly as Jiraiya looked towards Naruto and the baby before sitting in a chair next to Naruto.

"Jiraiya as you must have heard the Kyuubi escaped from Kushina and attacked the village both Minato and Kushina didn't make it" Hiruzen stopped as he looked at the downcast look on both Naruto and Jiraiya's face.

"Before Minato died he sealed half of the Kyuubi's power into his new born son Nimato" Jiraiya smiled sadly as he looked at the baby.

"However we have a problem Jiraiya…no doubt that the other villages will have heard of this and with our weakened force we will be destroyed, Iwagakure will definitely start a war with us hoping to destroy the remaining Namikaze family" Hiruzen looked towards Naruto who looked shocked.

"We could probably hide Nimato…but Naruto…the only thing stopping them from attacking before was Minato and I'm not ce…" Hiruzen said before Naruto stood up and looked towards Jiraiya.

"Jiraiya of the Sannin?" Naruto asked, Jiraiya nodded.

"So you are the same Jiraiya who is both mine and Nimato's godfather?" Jiraiya nodded once again.

"Could you hold Nimato please" Naruto asked quickly handing over the young baby towards Jiraiya who picked up the baby.

Naruto smiled, before turning towards Hiruzen and shocked both Hiruzen and Jiraiya by falling to his knees and placing his head down to the floor his nose grazing the wooden floor boards.

"Hokage-sama…please protect Nimato…I'll do anything I'll leave the village if I have to just please…protect him…please" Naruto begged sobbing a little at the end.

"Naruto-kun" Hiruzen said slightly as he looked towards his student who wore a shocked expression.

"P-please" Naruto said, Hiruzen stood up from his chair and walked around his table towards Naruto and crouched down placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Naruto-kun you do understand what you're asking for don't you, you would be declared officially dead and until Nimato is strong enough to protect himself you would have to stay away from the village and your brother"

"Yes…just please keep him safe" Naruto pleaded once more.

Hiruzen sighed despite his human instincts telling him to refuse such a request of allowing Naruto to leave the village his leadership instincts were also kicking in and knew this was the best idea, if word had gotten out that the Namikaze family had been killed it would satisfy Iwagakure and would stop them attacking.

"Alright Naruto-kun, I understand…I really wish this didn't have to happen…but I promise you I will protect Nimato-kun" Hiruzen said, Jiraiya looked up in shock and betrayal, his sensei was actually going to let his godchild alone in the world outside the village.

"Thank you Hokage-sama" Naruto said crying.

"However Naruto-kun…you will not be going alone, my student here will be taking you with him until you can take care of yourself, I'm sorry Naruto-kun but you will have to grow up fast" Hiruzen said solemnly.

"I understand Hokage-sama but about my brother?" Naruto asked.

"Your brother will go by the name Nimato Uzumaki…officially only 4 people will know of his relation to you and your parents myself, Jiraiya, you and my Anbu captain Hatake Kakashi" Hiruzen stopped looking towards Naruto and turned to Jiraiya.

"Jiraiya I need you to go too Minato's house and collect the notes of Hiraishin No Jutsu and some clothing that will hide Naruto-kun's appearance" Jiraiya nodded handing the baby back to Naruto and disappearing.

"It seems I'm not going to be able to watch you grow up Nimato" Naruto said with a sigh as the baby cooed, Hiruzen sighed sadly at the sight of a once full family now torn apart.

Naruto sighed as he prepared everything ready for him to leave the village, he did feel content that the Hokage would protect Nimato while he was gone, however these where not the only thoughts going through Naruto's head right now.

'I must find out who that man was, he will pay for what he has done I don't think telling Hokage-sama or Jiraiya-sama would be wise they would think I'm making it up…also I need to find out what that guy meant when he said Moukton' Naruto thought before he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"You ready Gaki" Jiraiya said looking at Naruto who now wore a black anbu clothing and brown cloak with the hood up.

"Yes Jiraiya-sama" Naruto said respectfully before Jiraiya lightly punched him on the head.

"None of that formal stuff with me Gaki…how about Jiraiya-sensei" Jiraiya said enthusiastically, Naruto gave a small smile and nodded.

"Alright take one last look around you won't be seeing this place for a while" Naruto took one last look most of Konoha was still lying in rubble thanks to the Kyuubi but…this was his home he had walked the streets with his parents.

"I'm ready Jiraiya-sensei" Naruto said both now student and master began to make their departure from Konoha.

As Naruto and Jiraiya were about to make it towards the gate Naruto's eye's caught sight of a girl who looked to be around the same age as himself she had black hair that reached her middle back, black eyes and she was wearing a blue top with black bottoms he idly noticed the Uchiha symbol on her back.

However the sight that killed him was that she was holding a baby a baby that didn't look much older than Nimato.

Noticing his stare the young girl caught his gaze, Naruto was thankful he had his hood up, quickly turning his head Naruto and Jiraiya left with the peace of mind that Nimato would be safe under Hiruzen.

As Naruto took his first step out of the village he looked up at the night sky and smiled a little.

'At least some people will stay and look after their siblings' Naruto thought his mind drifting back to the girl he saw unaware of how wrong his thoughts where Naruto continued walking.

Okay done I know a lot of people will be asking why is Naruto acting more mature than he should be but believe this is just the start also people who ask why isn't Naruto crying over the death of his parents trust me again I will get to that and you will see he doesn't cope as well as you would expect, with having Moukton believe me this is important to the story and since it seems Uzumaki's a distantly related to the Senju I thought it would be cool to have an Uchiha and Senju romance and on another note Kakashi does not know that Naruto has survived only that Nimato is his brother.

I will finish my other stories so don't worry.