Chapter 25 is here and it's going to be quite the chapter in my opinion were going to see a new sort of grown up Naruto however he will still have some growing up to do but he will show that he's grown up a little…another thing is Naruto will be powerful how powerful I'll let you decide on what you think.

Izumi will also be developed she will still for her most part be stoic…except at certain moments but I'll show why soon but her relationship with Naruto will have changed dramatically at some aspects.

Another thing I'd like to say just for a fair warning is that Naruto will have powers similar to Luffy from One Piece and for those of you have never watched One Piece it's basically a power called Haki however in this story the power will still be chakra like in One Piece Haki can be used to inflict more power in a punch, kick etc. Same with Chakra so you'll have to wait and see how I include this.

Also for those of you who are finding the story confusing…I don't really understand how it could be but I'll happily answer any queries you have as long as it doesn't involve giving out spoilers but generally if you don't understand something it will be because I haven't explained it yet.

Anyway here is chapter 25,


Chapter 25

The sun was shining the birds where tweeting happily in the trees and the area was all around peaceful the only signs of any destruction on the island was a missing mountain that had been reduced to nothing but a pile of rubble.

"Naruto…" A woman said walking through the trees.

The woman was around five foot nine. She had black hair that was split into three ponytails two laid across her shoulders and stretched down to the top of her chest and another ponytail down all the way to back of her neck. Her eyes where an onyx black and where quite narrow her lines under her eyes had become thinner but where still noticeable her beautiful pale skin blended perfectly.

Her body had grown into a hour glass shape and despite bandaging her breasts down they're shape could still be seen through the cloak she was wearing. Her ass had also developed nicely and was tight on her clothing.

Who was this woman exactly it was none other than Izumi Uchiha the only female Uchiha still alive the woman that had brought down the great Uchiha clan with her own hands, and now she was a young woman at the age of sixteen nearly seventeen and she had just finished her year and a half training and was ready to show why the Uchiha clan should be feared again.

"Yeah…I know" A deep voice said from a cloaked man as he sat on the left over rubble from the once giant mountain.

The cloaked man stood up standing at an impressive six foot three his cloak was dipping over his face hiding his facial features however the cloak was ripped at the shoulders showing his toned tanned muscular arms, his hand where bandaged up to his elbows with his fingers showing. He had rid himself of his top and was showing his defined six pack, he was sporting a pair of black pants with black sandals.

The cloaked person lifted their head up so their mouth could be seen and straight away a large grin grew on the person's face.

"I'm ready…" The man continued leaving behind the destroyed mountain and made his way to the boat to get off the island it had been eighteen months and Naruto Namikaze was ready to make his mark on the world again.

Wave Country 3 hours later

Kakashi looked towards the man in front of him…Tazuna was it he could feel his rage growing at the fisherman the man had lied to them from the get go, he had the feeling there was something more to this mission however he'd never expect it to be this.

At first he had thought that maybe it might just be a simple assassination mission but his gut told him there was something more the demon brothers Gozu and Meizu made that obvious to him.

He had watched the two brothers attack his student and he was tempted to save them when he watched Nimato fall down however he had to keep his position so he could tell what the demon brothers want.

The next revelation shocked Kakashi to his core to find wave had been taken over by Gato the famous business man all around the world for his shipping however the most shocking news was that both Naruto and Izumi had been part of the reason for this.

The news of Naruto's death at the Raikage hands had shocked him he had exploded in rage and was even tempted to try attack the Raikage it was only the words of the Hokage that had stopped him and reminded him that even if Naruto was dead he could still look after his sensei's legacy by protecting Nimato.

But to imagine his sensei's son would put a country in this much trouble was unthinkable and he vowed himself to straighten out Naruto's mess.

Nimato stared ahead of him he had been feeling uneasy the whole time and it wasn't the cut he had suffered from earlier that had turned out to be poisoned ever since old man Tazuna had explained what was happening in this country he had been feeling weird.

'Naruto Namikaze' Nimato thought he knew the name of the Yondaime Hokage and knew this Naruto was related to him somehow…how he had no idea but he was going to find out as if someone like him who was the son of a hero could turn evil he would certainly like to beat some sense into him.

Sasuke glared in front of him…she wouldn't stop would she, destroying lives one after the other hearing about the condition of Wave only intensified his rage towards Izumi he would make sure she would pay for all her deeds…Sasuke wasn't sure about this Naruto truthfully he had never heard of him but he knew he was related to the Yondaime Hokage somehow but if this man got in the way he'd make sure to kill him as well.

Sakura being one of the smartest in her graduation class studied on a regular basis she knew exactly who Naruto Namikaze was the famed son of the Yondaime Hokage who had gone rouge due to the mental stress of his parents death, the hero and then turned villain of the Kirigakure civil war, and then killed at the hands of the Yondaime Raikage there had been pictures of him all around when he had first made his name in the world however Konoha had quickly tried to hide them however from the picture people had seen the Konoha. academy girls and upcoming Kunoichi had fallen for Naruto's looks and his tragic story and stated how they wanted to fix him even Sakura herself thought Naruto was attractive and rivaled his looks against her crush Sasuke.

"Kakashi-sensei" Nimato said getting a look from the Jounin and everyone else.

"Who is…Naruto Namikaze?" Nimato asked getting an interested look from Sasuke and Sakura while Tazuna gritted his teeth and was about to shout something until Kakashi placed his hand on the old bridge builder.

Kakashi frowned under his mask at the question his first and initial answer was he's you're brother but Kakashi knew how much the Hokage protected that secret so for now he'd stick to what the Genin's where taught in the academy.

"Naruto Namikaze…he was the son of the Yondaime Hokage from reports he was said to be an exceptional upcoming shinobi…and after the death of his parents he left the village at the age of four travelling the world by himself…however he met his end at the hands of the Yondaime Raikage after an intense battle" Kakashi explained getting a nod from Sakura who had read as much, Sasuke narrowed his eyes a little if this man had been with Izumi just what level was his sister on.

"Ah…then what about his mother" Nimato asked with a stammer while Kakashi thought about Kushina for a second before smiling at Nimato.

"You…know I think she died just after he was born" Kakashi lied after the Kyuubi attack the Hokage had gone through a great effort to try hide Kushina's existence since she was a very proud woman and despite taking Namikaze as her last name she still kept Uzumaki as her name as well and it wouldn't have been long before people caught on about Nimato and Kushina's relationship.

While Kakashi was thinking this he missed the slight narrowing of Nimato's eyes. He knew what he had seen in that family photo of the Yondaime there was the Yondaime Hokage himself a little boy who Nimato could now confirm as Naruto but he had seen that pregnant red haired woman who was holding Naruto's hand…Nimato wondered briefly why his sensei was lying but quickly shook of the thought there was no way a Jounin like Kakashi would lie to him after all he was his student so he assumed Kakashi didn't know Naruto's mom.

"Please that monster is nothing more than scum" Tazuna raged before Nimato quickly threw a kunai that launched past his head and into a bush making a thud sound.

Everyone gasped at the sound of metal piercing fleshed and Sakura ran towards the bush and gasped once again when she noticed that the kunai had pierced a snow white rabbit.

"NIMATO-BAKA" Sakura shouted at Nimato who cowered in defeat as his crush shouted at him.

Kakashi's eyes widened as he stared at the rabbit everything felt off and the colour of the rabbit…no rabbit that colour could be found at this time of the year meaning…

"DUCK" Kakashi shouted and both Nimato and Sasuke jumped to the ground while Sakura pushed Tazuna to the ground with her narrowly avoiding a large blade that spun above them lodging into a tree Kakashi narrowed his eyes slightly at the sight of a man standing on top of the blade.

"Well…well if it isn't Kirigakure's missing-nin Zabuza" Kakashi said in a serious tone looking towards the man standing on the hilt of the giant blade.

Zabuza was a tall man with bandages around his mouth and pair of stripy pants. Nimato stood there for a few seconds before realizing this was his perfect chance to show up Sasuke however as he took one step forward Kakashi placed hand in front of Nimato.

"I'll take this one…he's on a completely different level" Kakashi stated raising his hand to his headband.

"This will be a tough battle" Kakashi said lifting his headband revealing a three tomoe Sharingan.


The cloaked man walked down the road of Wave country it had been over a year since he had last been here and he could see Gato's influence and it wasn't good, the reason he was in wave was unknown however Izumi had gone back to the Akatsuki base in Amegakure to report what the two of them had been doing the last eighteen months and for some reason the cloaked man felt some pull towards Wave.

The sound of fighting quickly caught his attention and out of a giant explosion of water came a slightly injured Zabuza and on the other side seemed to be an exhausted Kakashi who had his Sharingan out.

Smiling slightly Naruto began to whistle and walk forward towards the scene gaining everyone's attention.

Both Kakashi and Zabuza's eyes widened as they heard the sound of whistling…and it was close there was no way someone could get this close without them noticing in some way. Looking towards the source of the whistling both men narrowed their eyes at the sight of a cloaked man walking on the water towards them.

Kakashi raised his eyebrows as he watched the cloaked man stop right behind Zabuza as if waiting for the swordsman to make his move. Eventually after getting angry at the man's mocking Zabuza swung his blade around in an attempt to slice this cloaked man in half.

However both Zabuza and Kakashi gasped as the cloaked man caught the blade in his hand with no damage being taken…Zabuza tried to retrieve the blade and pull it back however the man's grip was so tight Zabuza could do nothing but stay there and narrow his eyes at the man who had caught his blade.

"Who are you?" Zabuza asked feeling the strain of his battle with Kakashi and if there was any chance he could delay this battle he would take it.

"Interesting question…Who am I? I'm afraid however I can't answer that since I don't know who I am myself not fully anyway" The cloaked man said a smile showing on his face angering Zabuza the man looked down towards the blade in his hand and grinned.

"Nice sword…I think I might take this" The man cheerfully said releasing the sword free from his grip.

"Over my dead body" Zabuza shouted bringing the blade above his head and bringing it down onto the cloaked man.

"That's exactly what I had hoped you'd say" The man said his voice taking a deeper and darker tone before side stepping the downward strike and landing a heavy punch in the ribs of the swordsman causing him to gasp in pain.

"B-Bastard" Zabuza grunted in pain jumping back to give himself some distance from the mysterious man…he wasn't normal Zabuza assumed dodging a swipe from him was extraordinary but his movements they were that of an experienced fighter and his hits he'd never been hit so hard before in his life.

Zabuza quickly went through hand seals before shouting.

"Suiton: Suiryudan No Jutsu (Water Dragon Bullet Technique)"

Immediately a large water dragon appeared and flew towards the man and surrounded him completely. The cloaked man watched in interest as the water surrounded him but what no one saw was the glow in the Azure eyes underneath the hood and immediately the water around him split apart destroying the technique.

"Tell me Zabuza-san do you have any regrets?" The man asked walking towards the stunned swordsman as he stood wide eyed, however after hearing the man's question Zabuza narrowed his eyes and in attempt to stall the man answered truthfully.

"Yes…" Zabuza admitted bringing his sword in front of him and pointed it towards the man however the action proved useless as the man grabbed the tip of the sword.

"Will you tell me them?" The man asked and Zabuza glared at him before smiling slightly.

"Maybe if we meet again" Zabuza said getting a raised eyebrow by the cloaked man however just as he was about to say something several senbon flew and hit Zabuza in the neck causing him to topple over but before he could sink into the water and Kirigakure hunter-nin appeared.

"Thank you for your assistance" The hunter-nin said and both the cloaked man and Kakashi narrowed their eyes but before they could say anything the hunter-nin disappeared via shunshinning with Zabuza and the sword.

"Interesting…" The cloaked man said before feeling the presence of three more chakra signatures he had originally ignored them since they weren't that powerful but now he got a look at the owners of the chakra his eyes widened slightly and his fists clenched, his thoughts where interrupted however as out of the corner of his eyes he saw Kakashi falling face forward.

"Idiot" The man said appearing in front of Kakashi and supporting the Jounin on his back.

"Hey you hood guy what are you doing to Kakashi-sensei" Nimato shouted pointing a finger at the cloaked man and the three Genin all thought they heard a gasp however they quickly shrugged it off.

"You're sensei isn't in the best of condition…I'd assume interrogation would be better after there was a place for him to heal" The man said and Nimato went shout again as the man ignored his question however a quick hit to the back of the head from Sakura quickly shut him up.

"Idiot can't you see he just saved our lives if he wanted us dead he'd have killed us already and you provoking him is not helping" Sakura ranted and Nimato held his head down in shame before grinning.

"Ah, right sorry" Nimato apologized.

"T-That's alright…but still is there anywhere I can dump this guy" The man said indicating to Kakashi.

"That's right follow me I'll take you back to my house" Tazuna stated walking ahead and was closely followed by the cloaked man, the three Genin stood there as they watched this mysterious cloaked man walk off carrying their sensei.

"I don't trust him" Sasuke stated and Nimato nodded in agreement.

"but he saved Kakashi-sensei's life" Sakura said before realizing that Tazuna and the man carrying her sensei had begun to get further away from them.

"We'll have to wait for Kakashi to wake up for the time being we'll follow and if that man tries anything funny we'll eliminate him" Sasuke stated causing Sakura to gain stars in her eyes and fawn over how cool Sasuke was while Nimato frowned at how Sasuke was getting ahead of him again.

"We can trust you right?" Tazuna asked as he gave a side glance to the cloaked figure.

"That's for you to decide" The cloaked man said re-positioning Kakashi on his back as he felt the presence of the three Genin run towards them. Tazuna on the other hand smiled slightly at the answer…he did trust this stranger he had seen first-hand that you couldn't judge a book by the cover.

"So do you have a name?" Tazuna asked and three Genin listened in to the conversation with interest.

"Ah…a name…I never thought about that" The cloaked man mumbled before widening his eyes.

"That's right just call me N" The now identified 'N' said while Sasuke and Sakura deadpanned at the man's answer it was a clear lie however both Tazuna and Nimato seemed to buy the name.

"Wow…your name's one letter that's awesome" Nimato said in awe while Tazuna nodded in agreement.

"Yeah…it's incredibly super…AH we're here" Tazuna stated as a house came into sight.

'N' eye's widened under his hood at the house but he quickly gained his composure as Tazuna knocked on the door and almost immediately Tsunami came and opened it with a smile however her smile vanished when she noticed the situation and quickly ushered everyone in.

'N' held his breath as he looked at Tsunami afraid at any moment she would recognize him and everything would be over.

"Lay him down here" Tsunami said to 'N' indicating towards the sofa and he nodded dropping Kakashi onto the sofa.

"He's alright he's exhausted himself he will be fine in a couple of hours" 'N' stated more to Nimato, Sasuke and Sakura as they most likely worried about their sensei. The three Genin sighed in relief however Tsunami narrowed her eyes slightly before walking into the kitchen.

"'N'-san…I think I should tell you now that I can't afford to pay you any money for this" Tazuna stated awkwardly worrying that 'N' might leave and abandon them.

"Don't worry about…that, I have my own reasons for being here helping you is a bonus" 'N' stated and Tazuna smiled and nodded gratefully.

"And what would those reasons be?" 'N' turned his head towards Sasuke who was staring at him with narrowed eyes.

"Well…the thing is…" 'N' placed his hands on his chin before a large grin grew on his face as remembered something.

"I got lost" 'N' said and everyone in the room dropped their jaw at his answer no one could possibly believe that.

"Ahahaha…you're pretty stupid to get lost" Nimato laughed while Sasuke and Sakura stared at him in disbelief.

"You think so?" 'N' said with a chuckle before flopping down onto an unoccupied chair.

"Yeah but you're strong how did you stop that sword no eyebrows had?" Nimato asked and while Sasuke was peeved that the man had ignored his question he still was interested in this man's power.

"Now…if I told you that I'd have to kill you" 'N' stated getting a gasp from the three Genin however 'N' quickly laughed and waved his hand.

"I'm just strong" 'N' answered before Tsunami appeared in the door way she was wearing a blue top, cream pants and pink apron.

"Dinner's ready" Tsunami said with a smile and 'N' smirked making more than she had to…typical Tsunami.

As everyone except Kakashi sat around the table in the kitchen digging into their foods 'N' couldn't help but smile.

"You know 'N'-san you don't have to keep your hood up" Tsunami informed causing him to gasp on his food and begin to choke slightly while everyone around the table sweat dropped.

"I…prefer it up…I have horrible burn marks" 'N' replied missing Tsunami narrowing her eyes once again while everyone else felt sorry for him.

'N' quickly ate his dinner after that before excusing himself from the table since Tsunami kept on asking far too many personal questions and he was certain she knew who he really was.

Watching Kakashi groan made 'N' smile it had been to long since he had seen the man he had aged considerably but it was still the same Kakashi he remembered.

"How long do you plan on pretending to be asleep?" 'N' asked and sighed when he watched Kakashi sit up groggily his one lazy eye looking at 'N' for a second before flopping back down on the sofa.

"I wasn't awake for long…but it seems I should thank you for saving me and my team…'N'" Kakashi said narrowing his uncovered eye at 'N'.

"I'm sure you can repay back the favor one day…Kakashi" 'N' replied also narrowing his eyes the atmosphere in the room immediately changed and under his hood 'N's eyes glowed blue and a force crashed into the wooden walls cracking them.

Both Kakashi and 'N' where stopped however by the sound of shouting from the kitchen immediately 'N' stood up and Kakashi tried to follow but his body wouldn't allow him.

"Relax Kakashi…" 'N' stated and as he was about to walk into the kitchen he felt something bump into his legs looking down he gasped slightly as Inari was looking at him with fear in his eyes.

Quickly pushing past 'N' Inari ran upstairs and into his room, 'N' on the other hand walked into the kitchen to see the depressed faces of Tsunami and Tazuna and the shocked faces of Nimato, Sasuke and Sakura.

"What happened?" 'N' asked and immediately Tsunami glared at him while Nimato asked a question that had him interested.

"Who's Kaiza?" 'N' froze at those words and stared at Nimato…this was definitively the conversation he did not want Nimato to hear.

"Let's go into the other room…I'll tell you everything in there" Tsunami said and the Genin moved into the other room where their sensei was lying down awake however everyone stayed silent as Tsunami sat down in an unoccupied chair and sighed.

"As you most likely know a little over eighteen months ago wave was taken over by a man named Gato…" Tsunami started and she could tell she had the attention of the Konoha team and 'N'.

"However what you don't know is…was someone was standing up to Gato and that person was Kaiza he was…is my husband…for months he protected the borders of this country from Gato and exhausted himself everyday but he still found time to be a father to my son" Tsunami said with fond smile thinking about her deceased husband and her face turned to a sorrowful one.

"But then they came…" Tsunami stated getting interested looks from everyone in the room while 'N' looked out of the window his lips in a tight line.

"Izumi Uchiha and Naruto Namikaze" Tsunami said and both Kakashi and 'N' flinched while Sasuke's face turned into a glare at his sisters name.

"At first they seemed like good people they even said they were a couple…wearing matching clothing…I thought nothing of it but…he…Naruto began to flirt with me and…I…I didn't know Kaiza was working so hard to save wave and I ended up flirting back with Naruto" Tsunami admitted shamefully and Kakashi narrowed his eye while Sakura and Nimato gasped. Tsunami looked up to 'N' for a moment before turning back to everyone.

"One thing lead to another and I ended up cheating on my husband with Naruto…while he was working so hard to protect us Naruto and I…we were…well intimate…and after a week of this it happened both Naruto and Izumi lured Kaiza out and handed him over to Gato" Tsunami admitted tears leaking out of her eyes as she realized how much of a mistake she made.

"It was when I and Inari noticed a large crowd gathered we realized what was happening…Kaiza was being publicly executed and stood next to him was Naruto and Izumi just watching the man who had let them into our lives be killed" Tsunami continued wiping the tears in her eyes.

"After that Gato took complete control over wave and…perhaps because of guilt or maybe it was something else…Naruto made sure that Gato wouldn't attack me or my family…however after news of his death Gato left it a eighteen months before finally making his move on us" Tsunami explained and 'N' gritted his teeth slightly while Kakashi was wondering what made Naruto help Tsunami was it because he was grateful for the sex or was it something else…perhaps Naruto wasn't a loss cause after all.

"Do you think he's dead? Naruto I mean" Nimato asked and Tsunami sighed while placing her head in her hands.

"I wouldn't count on it…he's the type of person that would keep getting up even if he was wounded he wouldn't die in battle" Tsunami stated getting gasps from the three Genin while Kakashi sighed hoping what she said was true.

"Do you hate him?" Sakura asked confused that the woman seemed to still speak highly of Naruto.

"….No…I never did…angry yes but I never hated him, I realized that he never truly wanted to do it…and that he did care about us…and that he was in pain as well when Kaiza died" Tsunami explained and Nimato and Kakashi frowned at the thought of Naruto.

"So…uhm why does Inari hate…heroes" Nimato asked and Tsunami frowned.

"Because the only two heroes Inari has ever had were Kaiza and Naruto and they both left him and he believes heroes are worthless" Tsunami explained and Nimato stood up and began to walk away.

"Nimato, where are you going?" Sakura asked as Nimato stopped.

"To prove to Inari that heroes still exist" Nimato said before walking out.

"So what do you think about this 'N'-san?" Kakashi asked turning around to look at 'N' however he widened his eye as he noticed 'N' had already left.

'When…I didn't hear or feel him leave…he's good' Kakashi thought narrowing his eye before turning to Tsunami who smiled.

"It's alright 'N'-san must have been a little affected by my story don't worry" Tsunami said waving off the subject.

Tsunami sighed as she dropped the bag of rubbish into the trash can outside it had been a long day the Konoha team had made their way upstairs and Tazuna had gone to bed as well…it was a long day it was never easy bringing up painful memories like this and it took a lot out of her.

"I know you're here" Tsunami stated as 'N' was leaning on the wall outside the house his arms crossed.

"Why are you here…Naruto?" Tsunami asked and 'N' pushed himself off the wall before a small smile appeared on his face.

"I should have known you'd realize it was me" 'N' said pulling down his hood causing Tsunami to blush slightly.

Naruto's face had matured a lot his jaw had become more defined his eyes had narrowed and his hair had become more spiky while the red highlights stayed on his bangs.

"It's been awhile Tsunami…you still look as beautiful as before" Naruto said while Tsunami shook her head.

"I'm afraid flirting isn't going to work on me anymore Naruto…I plan on being faithful to my husband even if he is dead" Tsunami told Naruto and he smiled slightly.

"That's good…I'm glad" Naruto said with a sigh leaning back on the wall and Tsunami did the same as they stood there in silence for a few minutes.

"It's true you know…I don't hate you" Tsunami stated and Naruto sighed before looking into the sky.

"I wish you would…it would make things a lot easier" Naruto replied gaining a small smile from Tsunami.

"And that's why I won't…making things easy for you would be pointless" Tsunami said before frowning.

"Why did you come back here Naruto?" Tsunami sighed and Naruto glared slightly ahead of him.

"I have something that needs taken care of" Naruto replied and Tsunami shrugged.

"Whatever you're reasoning if it comes back on us I'll kill you…anyway goodnight Naruto" Tsunami said kissing Naruto on the cheek and walking back into the house leaving him standing there looking at the moon.

"I can't believe I'm here again" Naruto whispered looking at the moon.

Done finally and where back in wave also I'd like to just say now that whenever Naruto has his hood up I will refer to him as 'N' as we may know his identity but the others don't and also I hope you like how Naruto was reintroduced since as I was writing it I was imagining him whistling the kill bill whistle also I want to add that even though Naruto is far above Zabuza now he was easily able to defeat him thanks to him already being weakened.

Next chapter it will be Naruto's interactions with Team 7 and he'll find it hard to keep his emotions down when it comes to Nimato. Also I wonder what Naruto has planned.

Until next time…