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With Tsunade her love for Naruto is a mixture of lust, admiration and respect, she lusts heavily for Naruto as she'll even admit that despite loving Dan more than anyone she is turned on by Naruto's body more. She admires him for everything he shoulders and she can understand his burdens slightly and he can also understand her and that's where most of her love for Naruto comes from and finally she respects Naruto for what he's doing and what he's been through and all in all she does love Naruto just not in the same way as Dan and they both know it as with Naruto she also feels like there's something missing.

Anyway without any further ado…here's chapter 34


Chapter 34

The sound of loud painful screams could be heard in an underground lair in the land of fire, coming from a room the sound of the screams could be linked back to Orochimaru of the legendary Sannin.

His arms had been made completely useless and the treatments he was trying to use now where exceptionally painful not to mention unsuccessful at this rate he'd have to resort to that technique however it was too soon he had hoped Sasuke-kun would have come by now and he'd be able to steal the body of the Uchiha.

However the way things were going now he'd after wait another three years before he could get his hands on what he wanted, not to mention it was even more of a bad time due to reports given to him that Jiraiya and young Nimato-kun had been spotted near him and to make it even worst Tsunade and Naruto-kun had also been spotted and the way he was now he'd be destroyed if he was spotted by either group.

Orochimaru's eyes widened slightly at the thought of Tsunade…she could help him with this after all she did hold some resentment towards Konoha also he could bring back the two people she loved most.

He frowned slightly at the thought of Naruto ever since he found out that the boy had the ability to use the Hiraishin No Justu he had been wary of him but he had become even more wary when he had found out Naruto had the ability to use Moukton and was able to control it…it was a mistake on his part Orochimaru summed up if he hadn't have over looked Naruto's progression when the boy was younger he would have noticed his Moukton abilities after all he was the reason Naruto had those powers in the first place.

"Kabuto were leaving, hurry with your preparations" Orochimaru said with urgency as he ordered his right hand man to hurry up.

"Where are we going Orochimaru-sama?" Kabuto asked raising his glasses as he stared at his master in wonder.

"To see an old friend" Orochimaru grinned whether Naruto was there or not, no one was going to stop his plans from proceeding and if that little brat got in his way he'd show him why he was known as the strongest of the Legendary Sannin.

With Naruto

Naruto panted as he rolled over onto his side of the bed his body was covered in sweat and he had a content look on his face. No more than a second later Tsunade flopped down next to him laying her head on his bare chest, she was just as sweaty and exhausted not to mention just as satisfied.

It had been two weeks since Naruto had joined up with Tsunade and Shizune of course every two or three days one of Izumi's summonses would come by to check up on his progress on making Tsunade return to Konoha and become Hokage.

Regarding that there had been no real progress whenever he brought up the subject to Tsunade she'd just brush it off and ignore him. He was trying to find out why emotionally she did not like the idea of going back and becoming Hokage but again she was pretty tight lipped on it.

So throughout the two weeks both Naruto and Tsunade went at it like rabbits whenever they could. They had done it in the shower, in public and they'd always end every night by fucking one another. To be fair when Tsunade had asked him before to join them this is exactly what she said would happen and he wasn't going to complain either since she'd always go out of her way to pleasure him sexually.

"I needed that" Tsunade said panting as she placed her chin on Naruto's chest so she could look him in the eye.

"You always say that" Naruto panted his fingers lightly scraping her body before they settled on her ass where he began to trail his finger over the Hiraishin marker he had left on her.

"What can I say whenever I see you I just want to kiss you and have you inside of me…and having you around all the time does not make it easy for me I swear if I was a lot younger you'd be in trouble" Tsunade commented placing small affectionate kisses on Naruto's chest.

Naruto frowned slightly at Tsunade's comment she was always mentioning how old she actually was despite how much she hated being reminded of it, he could tell she was depressed by how old she was really.

"I don't doubt that" Naruto smirked one that Tsunade copied immediately before shuffling her naked body closer towards Naruto's face.

"Shut up" Tsunade said before kissing Naruto again their naked bodies glistening in sweat under the careful eye of the moon's glow.

Tsunade yawned as she woke up she quickly unraveled her limbs from Naruto's body and placed a kiss on his forehead before getting out of bed.

Walking towards a mirror in the room Tsunade admired her naked form…this is what she had looked like when she had been in her mid thirties. Placing her hands on her stomach her hands glowed green, she wasn't really worried about getting pregnant anymore since she was probably past the age where she could carry a child.

Out of all her regrets in her life that had been her biggest, her family lineage the Senju's where gone once she died and it depressed her a little. Shaking her head Tsunade walked towards the bathroom and turned the shower on before stepping under the sprays of hot water.

As she cleaned her body she couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at what she and Naruto had done the last two weeks…slut was a strong word for even her but if she where to describe herself now even she would admit she was Naruto's slut during the last two weeks she had done some dirty things to him, such as rim jobbing she had even role played being Hokage after Naruto's suggestion and he was her subordinate she had asked him to help relax her after a long day.

A frown appeared on her face as she thought about Naruto. She could tell what he wanted however she couldn't do it. There was just no way she could go back to Konoha, and become Hokage…that had been Dan and Nawaki's dream and they died like idiots believing in that position more than anything else. There was just no way could she do the same it hurt too much.

"You shouldn't stand around naked, when I'm around you know" Tsunade smiled as she heard Naruto and felt his body press up against hers.

"I don't see why not…considering we spend most of our time naked when where together anyway" Tsunade replied as she felt Naruto place his hands in her hair.

"True…" Naruto said kissing Tsunade's neck as they continued their shower together.

Both Naruto and Tsunade walked out of the hotel together, Shizune would now normally get breakfast on her own before meeting up with Tsunade and Naruto of course the two of them had took advantage of this and had spent the extra time they had either in bed or having sex.

Naruto smiled as he noticed Tsunade wince slightly as she walked ahead her legs were separated by a fair amount. Tsunade noticed the smile and sent him a small glare that told him to shut up.

Naruto just continued to grin it was her fault after all she was the one that kept begging him to go 'harder' and it didn't help the fact that she loved anal sex as well and that would always leave her sore after.

"You reap what you sow" Naruto laughed but quickly shut up after a slap to the back of the head.

"Shut up" Tsunade muttered in embarrassment.

As the two continued walking Naruto stopped suddenly and narrowed his eyes. Tsunade stopped as she noticed him do so and as she was about to ask what the matter was she narrowed her eyes she could sense it as well.

Nodding their heads to one another they disappeared in a flicker…it had been awhile since either of them had sensed this presence and it wasn't a good feeling at all.

With Shizune

Shizune glared at the two men in front of her…out of everybody it could have been it had to be Orochimaru and his subordinate. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't afraid of the Snake Sannin in front of her because after all this man was known for his intense cruelty.

"Shizune-chan…be a good girl and tell me where Tsunade is" Orochimaru's snake like voice cut through Shizune and it felt like her body was unable to move.

"I-I-I don't know where she is" Shizune stuttered the killing intent from Orochimaru was almost making her lose consciousness.

"You know I don't like liars Shizune-chan" Orochimaru smiled and Kabuto pulled out a kunai from his sleeve preparing to attack Shizune, but before he could attack Orochimaru snarled slightly stopping him.

"We have an uninvited guest" Orochimaru snarled looking up on top of a wall, it was lucky all of them where in a deserted street however the snake Sannin ignored the appearance of Tsunade appearing next to Shizune and focused his glare on a crouching Naruto.

"Creepy as usual it would seem Orochimaru" Naruto smirked at the snake Sannin before sending a glance to Kabuto.

"And it's you again…I'm surprised your still alive after what I did last time" Naruto commented his eyes narrowing slightly and Kabuto gulped slightly before smirking.

"Well if it had been anyone but me I'm sure your attack would have worked" Kabuto replied and it was as if all of a sudden the gravity increased and he found it hard to stay on his feet he could feel the amazing killing intent Naruto was sending him.

"Is that so?" Naruto asked preparing to attack but before he could Orochimaru cut in.

"Wait a minute…we did not come here for a fight, I came here to talk to you" Orochimaru said looking towards Tsunade hoping she would hear him out before a battle started.

"What do you want?" Tsunade asked raising an eyebrow the man in front of her was no longer her friend and teammate.

"A proposition" Orochimaru smiled thinking about how she would react.

"And why should I listen to you?" Tsunade asked as she prepared herself to fight her old teammate.

"Because I can give you the two people you want most in the world back" Orochimaru stated and Tsunade's eyes widened as did Shizune, Naruto on the other hand frowned at what he was planning.

"That's impossible…" Tsunade said gritting her teeth her anger growing.

"It's not, I've perfected a certain Jutsu that would allow me to bring back the dead" Orochimaru explained and Tsunade bit her lip she wanted to believe him she wanted to accept however she knew her old teammate to well.

"And what would I have to do?" Tsunade asked she knew there would be a cache there had to be Orochimaru wasn't the type of person who would do anything for free…not anymore he wasn't the same friend he had been to her and Jiraiya.

"Heal my arms that's all I ask and I'll bring back the man you love and your little brother" Orochimaru grinned as he noticed Tsunade bite her lips…she was thinking about it he noticed Shizune look worried for a second before a unbelievable heavy pressure fell on the area.

"Oh…what's this? Could it be that I'll be taking the heads of two Sannin today" Naruto said releasing his chakra the effects where noticeable straight away by the walls beginning to crack.

Tsunade gasped as she remembered Naruto was here. His chakra was crushing even for a Sannin like her she could also see the effects it was having on Orochimaru. It wasn't like she was going to accept the proposition straight away but at the same time she couldn't help but think about it she loved both Dan and Nawaki so much.

"Please as if, I was just wanted to know what he wanted" Tsunade replied back and the pressure lessened however she could see the scowl on his face.

"Then you'll have no problem refusing then?" Naruto asked his eyes narrowing onto Tsunade…he was extremely serious about his threat if she did heal Orochimaru he knew how much damage the man could cause not to mention the Sandaime Hokage died sealing Orochimaru's arms and it would be like spitting at his sacrifice. So despite what he may feel towards Tsunade if she made the wrong move here…he would kill her.

Tsunade bit her lip again, what was she doing? She knew with her old teammate if something sounded to perfect it usually was however before she could answer Orochimaru smiled.

"You have one week Tsunade, otherwise I'll get what I want from you anyway" Orochimaru grinned and before he knew it Naruto had appeared behind him and slammed a Rasengan into his and Kabuto's back.

Naruto eyes narrowed slightly as he noticed the forms of both Orochimaru and Kabuto disappear and in their place made way for two completely different people.

'He sacrificed two people in order to use this Jutsu…the coward wouldn't even come in person' Naruto thought before glancing towards Tsunade.

"I was serious you know…work with that snake and I'll kill you" Naruto stated Shizune gasped slightly while Tsunade sighed.

With Orochimaru

"Damn that Namikaze…I should have killed him when I had the chance he's become nothing but a hindrance now" Orochimaru snarled as he sat down.

"Do you think she'll agree?" Kabuto asked and Orochimaru grinned.

"Of course however that Namikaze might prove a problem" Orochimaru frowned glancing at his arms…if only he could use them then he'd show that brat a thing or two.

"What should we do?" Kabuto wondered knowing Naruto was not a foe either of them could take on at the moment.

"Let me worry about that, I'm sure I'll find a way to leash him" Orochimaru said thinking about little Nimato-kun especially since Jiraiya and Nimato would be arriving in the town later today.

With Naruto

Naruto sighed as he walked around town with the sun setting. The situation with Tsunade was frustrating him he could tell she was tempted by the offer of seeing Dan and Nawaki again however he couldn't tell what her next action was going to be.

Feeling a familiar chakra Naruto quickly hid in an alley and waited for the sources of the chakra to walk past.

"Ah, this sucks, we've been travelling all day and we still haven't come across this Tsunade woman" Nimato moaned and Naruto widened his eyes at the sound of his brother and it also looked like he had been spot on about Jiraiya's plan. He would come looking for Tsunade to become Hokage after all she was the woman he loved.

"Don't shout out that information stupid" Jiraiya shouted causing both student and teacher to glare at each other. Naruto would have laughed if it wasn't for the situation he was in.

Watching them walk past Naruto decided to follow his sensei and little brother perhaps these two could convince Tsunade to come back and become Hokage and succeed where he failed.

Naruto continued to watch both Jiraiya and Nimato for a little while longer it was surreal to him as he watched the two since it reminded him of the time when he traveled around with his sensei.

As he continued to watch them he raised his eyebrow as they entered a bar, he could feel Tsunade and Shizune's chakra in there it seemed like the meeting was going to happen and Naruto knew immediately that both Tsunade and Nimato's personalities would clash.

With Tsunade

Tsunade frowned as she stared at the young Uzumaki in front of her…he was annoying to say the least but what annoyed her the most was his and Jiraiya's persistence that she should become Hokage it was the exact same story Naruto had told. Why was it everyone thought she should become Hokage…she wasn't worthy.

As she looked at Nimato she could see the resemblance in both him and Naruto, granted Naruto may have been better looking and smarter however she could see they were brothers straight away.

"What are we wasting our time here for? Why would you want this old drunk to be Hokage Ero-Sennin?" Nimato asked and Tsunade felt her eyebrow twitch…old? Oh if he only knew the things she had done with his brother he certainly wouldn't be calling her old.

"What was that brat?" Tsunade asked putting on foot on the table while clenching her fist. Nimato forever the stubborn Genin stood up on the table and glared at Tsunade.

"What's the matter you going deaf?" Nimato asked and Tsunade growled…he was definitively as cocky as his brother that was for sure.

"Let's take this outside" Tsunade said with a growl the brat was hitting a sore spot for her and she was going to make him regret it.

"Lead the way" Nimato argued back and Tsunade smirked he may be stupid but he was brave and reckless.

Tsunade ignored her student's pleas not to fight Nimato and continued to walk into the street it was pretty deserted so she wasn't worried about causing too much damage.

"Sure you want to do this?" Jiraiya asked Nimato as they walked out he was certain Tsunade wouldn't hurt Nimato to much but he knew she would make sure he learnt his lesson.

"Yeah, someone has to teach that hag a lesson" Nimato stubbornly said…this woman had insulted his heroes and she wasn't going to get away with it.

"I can't believe it, me…one of the legendary Sannin's is actually fighting a Genin" Tsunade muttered her eyebrow twitching as she heard Nimato's comment she could certainly see Nimato took after his mother a lot more.

"One finger…that's all I'm going to use" Tsunade said emphasizing her point by holding out her finger taunting Nimato.

"Huh, you'll regret underestimating me" Nimato shouted pulling out a kunai and throwing it at Tsunade and rushing forward however to his surprise she had caught the kunai by using her finger to go through the ring at the end of it. Before he knew it she was in front of him and was able to knock his forehead protector off sending it flying in the air. Nimato opened his eyes to see Tsunade flick his forehead and send him flying into a building.

"Brat before I knock you out…tell me why do you want to become Hokage so much?" Tsunade asked walking towards Nimato as he held his forehead in pain.

Ever since she had met him Tsunade had wondered why Nimato was so defensive against the Hokage why he idealized them so much…they all died in vain everyone did who believed in the title it was an unavoidable fate.

"That's easy…" Nimato panted standing up this woman was a lot stronger than he had thought however she was certainly strong enough to hold the title however he still hated the way she viewed the Hokage's.

"Because Hokage is my dream" Nimato said with conviction and Tsunade's eyes widened the images of both Dan and Nawaki appearing behind Nimato.

'Hokage is my dream' Tsunade closed her eyes at the sound of her dead lover and brother flowing through her head.

Nimato noticing her hesitation after his answer decided to try his new Jutsu it was now or never, he was so close to mastering it.

Everyone's eye widened as a sphere of blue chakra started to appear in Nimato's hands.

'What? He's learnt Minato's jutsu…that's not a Genin technique' Tsunade thought as Nimato rushed towards her but before he could get to her she smashed her finger off the ground shattering the surface causing Nimato to trip and hit his Rasengan into the ground causing a small explosion.

After the dust cleared Tsunade narrowed her eyes at the damage, there was a small mark from where the attack had hit but it was still not complete it was nowhere near as powerful as Naruto's or Minato's Rasengan. By the looks of things it was due to the fact he was unable to continue to control the chakra.

"What are you trying to do Jiraiya? Teaching a Jutsu like that to a brat, it's no wonder his head is filled with ideas of becoming Hokage" Tsunade accused looking towards her old teammate while Nimato glared at her as he was helped up by Shizune.

"Unlike you my dream is to become Hokage and once I master this technique I'll be one step closer towards that dream" Nimato said and again Tsunade's eyes widened before grasping the green stoned necklace in her hand.

"Alright let's make a bet…if you can master that technique in one week…I'll give you this necklace and I'll become Hokage" Tsunade said both Shizune and Jiraiya were surprised by Tsunade's bet, was she really planning on giving that necklace to someone again, was she finally taking a chance again.

Tsunade herself wasn't sure why she was betting her grandfather's necklace however Nimato's conviction to become Hokage reminded her of both Nawaki and Dan and for a moment it felt like they were back telling her what she should do.

"Fine, I'll win that necklace and master the technique and I'll drag you back to Konoha if I have to" Nimato promised and for a second a smirk grew on Tsunade's face before she turned around.

"Come Shizune…we've wasted enough time here" Tsunade ordered walking away closely followed by her student.

Jiraiya smiled as he watched Tsunade walk away she was still the woman he loved. Turning his attention onto Nimato Jiraiya raised an eyebrow as the Jinchuriki began to walk off.

"Where are you going?" Jiraiya asked.

"To train…I've only got a week to win the bet after all" Nimato replied walking off causing Jiraiya to smile before he narrowed his eyes and disappeared in a Shun shin.

With Naruto

Naruto stared in curiosity at Nimato's retreating figure from the roof of the bar, the boy was an enigma to him…he was stupid, rash and annoying however at the same time his conviction was beyond anyone Naruto had ever seen, his reckless behavior made people believe in him and his annoying personality seemed to grow on you.

Watching as an older brother Naruto couldn't be more proud watching his little brother attempt the same jutsu both he and his father had learnt. Nimato was clearly still having difficulty performing the technique but that was due to his poor chakra control.

Also seeing him interact with Tsunade was as expected however he wasn't expecting her to make a bet with him perhaps there was still chance for Tsunade to become Hokage after all.

"I see so it was you that I could sense" Naruto turned his head to see the familiar face of Jiraiya smiling at him.

"As expected…I've never been able to hide my presence from you sensei" Naruto smiled back as Jiraiya stood next to him.

"Well I am great but I would like to know why you're here this isn't one of your capture missions is it?" Jiraiya asked gauging Naruto's reactions.

"No…I'm here for the same reason you're here" Naruto replied before narrowing his eyes.

"Orochimaru was here earlier" Naruto stated and Jiraiya frowned he had suspected so…especially from the way both Shizune and Tsunade were reacting to one another.

"What did he want?" Jiraiya asked in concern, an appearance from his old teammate was never good.

"For Tsunade to heal him and in return he would bring back Dan and Nawaki" Naruto answered and Jiraiya raised his eyebrow at how Naruto knew the names of those two people however he quickly shook of the thought and frowned.

"Bring them back…you mean…" Jiraiya started frowning at the implications.

"Edo-Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation)" Naruto finished the technique was unforgivable and monstrous he also knew of it because he had once used it himself.

"So what do you plan to do now?" Jiraiya asked he was never quite sure what his student was thinking.

"I'm…thinking I might watch how this bet turns out, see you later sensei" Naruto smiled before disappearing in a yellow flash.

"Jeez…you brothers are way too unpredictable" Jiraiya said scratching his head however he suddenly smiled today had been a good day he had seen the woman he loved and his student and now to finish off the night he would have a few drinks and find some women who would spend the night with him.

With Naruto

Naruto appeared in a yellow flash in Tsunade's room. He smiled at the sight in front of him it was Tsunade wearing only her white top and black panties that did nothing to cover her plump ass. Naruto smiled as he noticed the Hiraishin marker on her ass showing.

"Oh…you came, I was beginning to think you had left" Tsunade said and Naruto could hear the traces of sadness in her voice.

"Well the thought had crossed my mind" Naruto admitted scratching his spiky hair.

"I had a run in with your brother and Jiraiya you know" Tsunade said trying to change the conversation.

"I know I saw…seems like he's getting stronger" Naruto admitted with a soft smile.

"He's still a brat, he even tempted me into a bet" Tsunade laughed grasping her necklace once again causing Naruto to narrow his eyes.

"This was their promise wasn't it, Dan and Nawaki right?" Naruto asked walking towards Tsunade and taking her necklace in his hand.

"To become Hokage…was their dream" Naruto muttered Nimato's face popping up into his mind while he examined the necklace.

"That title…and that promise, is meaningless it's never kept" Tsunade said bitterly and Naruto frowned slightly.

"That's why you were thinking about accepting Orochimaru's offer right…so they could keep it?" Naruto asked and Tsunade slowly nodded her head causing him to sigh.

"I see…so that's what it was…that technique though…Edo-Tensei is…unforgivable, when you bring back the dead with that technique…they don't really come back" Naruto said in sadness and Tsunade sent a glance to him.

"You speak like you've used this technique before" Tsunade said and Naruto frowned.

"I have…" Naruto stated casing Tsunade's eyes to widen in disbelief at what he was saying.

"It was during my time in the land of water" Naruto said thinking back and how to start.


A fourteen year old Naruto smiled as he walked past another friendly rebel, he had been in this war for several months and he had seen his fair share of blood, destruction and death while he had been here.

"Naruto-sama" Naruto heard his voice being shouted and turned towards a rebel shinobi who was shouting him.

"Yes?" Naruto asked he had known all too well when he was called for it was never a good thing. It usually meant he was getting called out for battle once again.

"Mei-sama has requested your presence…she says it's urgent" The rebel shinobi said and Naruto sighed he had hoped he would be able to just get some sleep and rest until the next battle.

"Of…course I'll be right there" Naruto said more to himself as he disappeared in a yellow flash surprising the rebel shinobi.

Naruto appeared in a yellow flash inside Mei's office he would at least try for her to put on a smile after all she was the only real friend he had here.

"You rang?" Naruto said and Mei smiled at his appearance…he was just yum and if it wasn't for the constant worry of war she'd have had her way with him already however until it looked like this war was going to end she'd put off seducing Naruto…for now.

"I did, I've required what you asked for?" Mei said and narrowed her one showing green eye at Naruto.

"What do you need it for?" Mei asked and Naruto smiled he wasn't going to tell her the truth but he wasn't going to tell her nothing.

"I need…" Before he could finish Mei held up her hand signifying him to stop talking.

"You don't need to tell me…I was just testing whether you would…however I do request before you go through with whatever your planning…please make sure you don't cause yourself pain" Mei said seriously she had a feeling she was better off not knowing what Naruto was planning…her heart couldn't take it she preferred to watch him and be next to him she understood she could never truly understand him.

"Okay…thank you Mei" Naruto said sincerely Mei had always been there since he had joined this war never forcing him to answer questions, never forcing him to do stuff…she just allowed him to be him.

"If you'd like to thank me another way…I can certainly think of a few" Mei said smiling while licking her lips.

"I think I'd like that…" Naruto said smiling back their continuous heavy flirting was well known throughout the rebel army.

"Well make sure you do" Mei said and Naruto nodded at her before disappearing in a yellow flash.

Naruto appeared once again in a yellow flash however this time he appeared back in his own cabin and he immediately noticed the scroll lying on his table with a note next to it. Walking towards it he smiled as he noticed the hand writing.


Inside the scroll is what you requested…

Love Mei…

Simple as always Naruto thought Mei was after all a woman who usually got right to the point.

Picking up the scroll Naruto placed some blood on it before a cloud of smoke appeared in the room.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the sight in front of him…it was a man who was handcuffed and blindfolded not to mention he was dressed in rags.

"Where am I?" The man questioned and Naruto studied him for a second the scroll he had given Mei had allowed her to capture a living being in it and of course she had accepted the request from him to bring back someone in it and she had immediately sent some shinobi where the criminals where usually at in small towns and villages.

"You shouldn't be concerned about that" Naruto answered with an emotionless tone. The man was scared there was no doubt about that but the less he knew the better off he was.

"What are you going to do?" The man asked in fear.

"You don't need to know" Naruto answered and this time the man's anger seemed to get the best of him.

"So you're not going to tell me where or what you're going to do and you accept me to just take it?" The man questioned and Naruto could actually see his point of view.

"I'm going to kill you" Naruto replied and the man froze.

"W-What…why?" The man stuttered in fear.

"Your death is necessary" Naruto replied once again pulling out a kunai and preparing to kill the man in front of him, however the next words he heard froze him.

"Please…I have a family" Naruto froze at the man's words.

"What?" Naruto questioned hoping the man was lying to try trick him…he had heard this lie a few times.

"My mother…she's sick" The man answered and Naruto closed his eyes a frown appearing on his face.

"Then…I apologize…but I have something I need to do" Naruto said stabbing the man in the top of the head killing him instantly.

Going through a number of hand seals Naruto placed his hand on the floor and said.

"Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei" Immediately a coffin rose from the ground and Naruto waited in anticipation for the lid to fall off and when it did he gasped at the sight in front of him.

Red hair…Check…the woman in front of him was certainly Kushina Uzumaki…his mother she stood there in the coffin her eyes closed and her body motionless.

Seeing her there was surreal to him, there was so many things he wanted to say and do. This was after all the woman who he loved more than anyone else she was his mother the woman who he had spent most of his time with as a child and the kindest woman he had ever met.

However just as he was about use a seal to make her move he frowned noticing the cracks on her skin, it made her look fake. He wondered briefly if he should have just left the dead lie but he had missed her. He had no idea what he was doing anymore he had no goal and felt like he had no place in the world. She was the woman who always understood him and knew what to say no matter what.

Using the seal to make her move Naruto gasped when she opened her eyes…they weren't his mother's eyes they were blackened out.

"Who's there?" Kushina asked causing Naruto to raise an eyebrow couldn't she see him…perhaps his summon had been imperfect and had defaults however he was glad to hear the sound of his mother once again.

"If I've been brought back then you must be using that unforgivable Edo Tensei Nidaime-sama created" Kushina said out loud and Naruto smiled she understood but before he could speak out the next words shook him to his core.

"Whoever you are you should be ashamed of yourself to mess with the dead do you have no humanity…this body…maybe real…but this life is not…the dead die for a reason you should let them rest in peace" Kushina shouted at Naruto causing his eyes to widen…what was he doing? He had been so obsessed with seeing his family again he had murdered someone who did not need to be killed he had took a son's life from his mother.

"I'm…sorry" Naruto said his voice filled with sadness and his mother smiled, he was slightly glad she had not recognized his voice.

"Everyone deserves a second chance…just make sure you help people who need it and make sure you don't rely on the dead to help you" Kushina said with a smile, she was always like this so forgiving and kind it made Naruto feel ashamed to be her son…he wasn't worthy.

"Okay…goodbye and thank you" Naruto said going through hand seals and the coffin slowly closed up before lowering back into the ground.

Staring into space for a few seconds Naruto clenched his fist…what was he doing…Why was he alive?

"Fuck" Naruto shouted tossing the desk closest to him across the room, he regretted reading the instructions of the Nidaime Hokage for the Edo Tensei he regretted being born and most of all he regretted that he was a failure of a son, a failure of a friend and most of all he regretted being a failure of a brother.

"Fool" Naruto said to himself gritting his teeth in anger at how useless and selfish he was. It seemed after all he had been unable to prevent what Mei most likely predicted…he had hurt himself today…badly.

End of Flashback

Tsunade stared in shock at Naruto he had used that move himself and it had been while they were still meeting up for their romps. However he always seemed so energized so…okay, it was only now she could see how much he was suffering.

"Bringing back the dead…is certainly unforgivable…but bringing them back for your own happiness is just as bad" Naruto said and Tsunade frowned. She had wanted Dan and Nawaki back just for herself, she had never took into consideration how they would feel.

"I…I just want to see them so much" Tsunade said gripping onto Naruto's sleeve and he smiled in understanding the longing to see the deceased was always painful.

"I know" Naruto said pulling Tsunade into a hug his chin resting on her head and after a few seconds both of them pulled back slightly before wrapping their arms around one another kissing each other as hard as possible.

Falling onto the bed Tsunade straddled Naruto before cupping his face.

"I'll make you forget for tonight" Tsunade whispered leaning down and kissing her blonde haired lover.

Ah Finished bit of a build up for things to come but still a pretty solid chapter…so Naruto knows the Edo Tensei and he even summoned his mother you're probably wondering how but I will say he…does have a part of her DNA still but I'll show that later. I also find that Naruto's story is a lot more complicated than most would think I've shown a little in this chapter but…there's still a little more to come.

So…Naruto and Tsunade being lovers is coming to an end soon…I'll make it a farewell that everyone will remember. I will say now there will be a confrontation between Jiraiya and Naruto over Naruto's sexual adventures with Tsunade and I can guarantee he won't be happy.

Anyway this chapter I felt sorry for Naruto…he's really is still that little boy who just wants to be with his family…though he is growing up and maturing a lot and by the end of this arc both he and Tsunade will be a lot more mature…and well Tsunade will move on from her grief and she will have the same relationship with Nimato the canon Naruto had with her.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed.

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