I'm back…thank you all for reviews and comments on the last chapter, I know a lot of people might find it sexist that I'm only letting Naruto sleep around…but I want you all to know that I have also done that for a reason other than to please the harem readers, also when writing lemon scenes I tend to make the characters a little OC don't you think however it's because I have no idea how their character would react in them sort of situations so sorry about that, also for those who have a problem with Naruto having sex at such a young age I've based it purely on the life of a ninja especially one without a village where they could die anytime and I'm sure they would not want to live without any regrets.

Also I've decided that I'm going to make my non lemon chapters a little longer…however this may cause a little more wait, now finally for all those wondering why I'm letting Naruto sleep with Shizune and only doing it once I'll explain.

The whole lemon with Shizune is basically for Naruto's character development, I wanted to show last chapter that Naruto is starting to realize he can trust people a little as he usually keeps to himself and shuts down when it comes to personal questions…however he still isn't to the point of trusting people I want yet so…who knows what will happen, with the whole only having sex with Shizune once I wanted to show that as it shows that there was no love in it at all just pure sex, that will help both Naruto and Shizune feel less lonely.


Now anyway chapter 5…

Chapter 5

Naruto groaned tiredly as he slowly woke up from what he would call an excellent night looking to his right he found the reason why he had such an excellent night.

He smiled slightly at the sight of Shizune using his chest as a pillow, the black haired women had really done a number on him last night he did at one point believe she was unsatisfiable since she had him at an orgasm one after the other now that itself was a new one for Naruto as the only other women he had slept with were all civilians who never had the stamina to keep up with him and being an Uzumaki his stamina was far higher than most.

Yes it could be said that Kunoichi's had far more stamina than civilian women not that he was complaining though, Shizune took him by surprise last night and he could honestly say that whoever ended up marrying Shizune would be lucky especially if they were gifted with a life that he had experienced last night.

A soft moan broke him out of his thoughts as he saw Shizune slowly waking up she looked up at him and smiled before leaning in and giving him a quick kiss on the lips once she pulled back she raked Naruto's chest lightly with her finger before sitting up letting the cover fall off her revealing her bare skin to Naruto.

"Are you going?" Naruto asked a little surprised by how early it was in the morning, Shizune stood up and turned around and gave Naruto a small smile.

"Yeah, It's probably for the best I get back to my room before Tsunade-sama comes to check up on me" Shizune answered while picking up her clothes.

"Yeah the she'd probably try killing me for what we did last night" Naruto said sitting up.

Tying the obi of her black kimono Shizune nodded and looked towards the mirror in the room and began to straighten her hair out.

Naruto awakened as well decided to search for his clothes and proceeded to get dressed hoping to get a couple of hours of training in.

After they were both dressed Shizune walked towards the door and turned around and leaned into Naruto who was right behind her.

"Thank you for last night Naruto-kun…I want you to know that you can trust me with anything" Shizune said wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck and giving him a slow heated kiss in which Naruto was more than happy to return.

Pulling away Naruto gave one last smile and nodded, while Shizune smiled sadly and walked out of the room leaving Naruto alone to ponder.

"Well that was different" Naruto mumbled to himself strapping his katana around his waist and walking out of his room.

On the way out of the hotel Naruto could feel his eyebrow twitching as he remembered the old man behind the receptionist counter giving him a smirk that told him that the man knew what he did last night with Shizune especially if his comment about being up all night meant anything.

It took about 20 minutes for Naruto to find a decent training area that was secluded and far enough from the village the he could train and not be disturbed.

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu" Naruto said putting his hand in a seal instantly 5 exact copies of Naruto appeared.

Wordlessly Naruto slowly unsheathed his katana and watched as the clones quickly unsheathed there's and ran towards him.

Ducking under the first slice Naruto rolled backwards and lifted the sword above his head and blocked a downward strike from another clone. Quickly noticing a clone running towards him Naruto waited until the clone was right next to him and moves his katana away causing the clone he was defending against to fall forward with its attack and sliced a clone making it explode in cloud of smoke.

Grinning Naruto stood up and looked around as the remaining 4 clones circled him, running towards one of the clones Naruto sliced at one but was quickly blocked and pushed back another clone ran behind Naruto and attempted to attack him from behind, however using the momentum the clone gave him when it pushed him back Naruto held the katana vertically downwards covering his neck and stopping the clone from taking his head of his shoulders.

Seeing the clone in front of him attempting to strike him down Naruto kicked it in the stomach sending it flying using the surprise the clones were showing at the offense Naruto out powered the clone behind him and pushed it's katana back and quickly spun around and sliced the clones stomach making it explode in a cloud of smoke.

Sweating slightly Naruto noticed the two clones run over to the one he had kicked down and helped pick him up.

"Giving up?" Naruto smirked knowing the clones had the same personality as him, and no one knew how to annoy Naruto more than Naruto himself.

"Huh you wish, you want us to give up because you're tired idiot" One of the clones said while the other two started to laugh.

Feeling his eyebrow twitch Naruto cursed himself for trying gain an advantage by mocking his clones of course he should have remembered that the clones would know how to annoy him as well.

"Bastards" Naruto growled in bad temperament something he blamed his mother for since she was always someone who could be riled up easily.

The three clones smirked before charging at Naruto in a triangular formation Naruto took an intake of breath before closing his eyes and crouching slightly Naruto swung his katana with one hand blocking the clone at the front parrying the blade seeing the two clones at the side ascending on him Naruto held out his palm and formed a rasengan and launched it into the clones gut making it explode.

Noticing the two clones coming to attack him Naruto ducked under one swing and quickly side stepped and downward strike and took a hold of the clones shoulder and sent it flying into the other causing them to fall to the ground.

Naruto smiled as he felt a small trail of blood run down his cheek from the clone that attacked with the downward strike.

"Got you" Naruto said disappearing in a yellow flash behind the clones and quickly swiping through both their torso's and made them explode in smoke.

Naruto sighed as he wiped the blood of his cheek and then looked at the palm of his hand.

'I'm getting better at using the Hiraishin No Jutsu now it won't be long until I'll be strong enough to take down countries by myself' Naruto thought before quickly putting his hands together.

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu"

Elsewhere in a small darkened room two figures could be found talking to one another.

"Orochimaru-sama is it wise we stay in this country…I've had reports that your old teammate Jiraiya is looking around these parts with a cloaked individual and Tsunade is also in these areas" A man with grey hair and round rimmed glasses said.

"Ah…Kabuto you shouldn't worry so much Jiraiya is merely a pest if I come across him I'll crush him same with Tsunade however this cloaked individual you say…hmm I've got a task for you I want you to identify and engage him try find out what technique's he possess" Orochimaru said smiling with an evil gleam in his eye.

"Do…you…know who it is Orochimaru-sama?" Kabuto asked narrowing his eyes.

"Hmm I have an idea…if the individual has blonde hair I want you to inform him I know who he is and I know what he wants to protect" Orochimaru said as he walked out of the room while laughing.

Naruto opened his eyes and looked at the clear blue sky above him he had finished his training and was trying to decide whether he should go see both Tsunade and Shizune or just relax out here a little more, deciding that Tsunade would probably be mad if he never at least showed an appearance he stood up and sighed before walking back towards the village.

"So why are you in such a happy mood" Tsunade asked her apprentice as they both sat down at a bar while Tsunade had a cup of sake in her hand and Shizune just sat there with Tonton in her hands.

Shizune blushed at her master's question it was true she had been humming from the moment she had met up with Tsunade she had even found herself smiling for no reason at all.

"Ah-what do you mean Tsunade-sama" Shizune asked nervously hoping to try fight down the blush she had.

However Tsunade never answered she only narrowed her eyes at Shizune, she had an idea why the women was so happy but she couldn't understand why she would have sex now the last time she was like this was a little over 2 years ago and also…who.

"It doesn't matter anyway have you seen the brat" Tsunade said while sipping on her sake.

"Brat? ...and here I was coming to visit both of you" Both Tsunade and Shizune looked towards where the voice came from and saw Naruto walking into the bar.

"Well no one asked you to…has that perverted sensei of yours got in contact with you yet?" Tsunade asked looking at him seriously.

"No…" Naruto answered he also found it a little strange that his sensei hadn't contacted him yet but he did say he would be gone for a couple of days so he didn't really care.

"Ah fine…so Naruto any plans for your birthday?" Tsunade asked with an evil glint, Naruto gulped knowing that if he answered anything that was remotely perverted she wouldn't have a problem beating him.

"Eh…no not yet" Naruto answered scratching his head he looked towards Shizune and found her blushing and once she noticed his gaze she immediately looked down.

"Ha…you'll probably do something perverted" Tsunade said loudly and crossing her arms over her chest.

Naruto frowned slightly granted he may be a bit of a pervert but what guy wasn't and he had even seen sometimes women that were more perverted than him.

"Who…knows, but speaking of my birthday do you think you could teach me something…you know for medical use" Naruto asked looking towards Tsunade.

"Isn't training from one Sanin enough?" Tsunade asked.

"Well Jiraiya-sensei has taught me how to defend myself but when it comes to healing myself or others I don't know anything" Naruto said.

"Fine think of it as an early birthday present come on let's go this place is starting to annoy me anyway" Tsunade said standing up and walked towards the door.

"Is she sober enough to train" Naruto leaned in whispering to Shizune hoping that Tsunade wouldn't hear.

"Surprisingly she sometimes performs better when drunk" Shizune stated bluntly and stood up and followed Tsunade closely followed by Naruto.

Outside Tsunade had found a small opening at a the edge of the village where it was quiet in front of her she had Naruto staring at her intently while Shizune was at the side lines watching.

"So…what to teach you" Tsunade said while tapping her chin with her finger, Naruto could feel his eye twitching.

"Oh…so I'm going to teach you the Mystical Palm Technique" Tsunade said pulling out a scroll and inside was a fish flopping around.

"Why…is there a fish in there?" Naruto asked pointing towards the fish.

"That is your test subject…here I want you to try this" Tsunade said placing her hands over the fish and immediately her hands started to glow green.

Naruto watched in amazement as the fish amazingly started flopping around even more lively than it previously was.

"Now I want you to do exactly the same as I just did all you do is travel chakra to your hands and send it to the fish I don't expect you to get it first time so I'm going to leave you here and come find me once you've finished at the hotel" Tsunade said walking off back into the village.

Naruto glanced at the retreating form of Tsunade and sighed he could see how sad she was even if she was trying to hide it, he could see that Tsunade was hurt and he couldn't blame her…he could understand her to some point after the death of his parents, he saw Shizune send him a small smile before following Tsunade.

"Well I might as well get started" Naruto said placing his hands over the fish and smiled when he saw them glow green it was no way near as good as Tsunade's but he was surprised that he could actually do it on his first attempt…perhaps those chakra control lessons Jiraiya had constantly drilled into him where useful after all.

A few hours later…

"YESSSS" Naruto shouted in triumphant as he watched the fish bounce lively on the scroll, he had been practicing hoping he could get the fish to stay alive, he had always been told he had good chakra control.

Just as he was about to get up and find Tsunade he picked up the sounds of someone moving in the trees, narrowing his eyes and quickly putting his hood up on his cloak Naruto turned towards were the noise was coming from.

For several seconds there was no noise in the area and as Naruto scanned the trees he quickly caught sight of a figure perched on a branch.

Quickly reaching into his kunai holster Naruto threw a kunai towards the figure his eyes widened slightly when he heard the sound of steel hitting flesh and the figure fall out of the tree.

Quickly dashing towards the figure Naruto kept one hand on the handle of his Katana and waited for any sign of movements after several seconds of no movement Naruto moved towards the figure and widened his eyes when he saw a black haired person laying on the ground.

Naruto ran to the person and turned him around he found his kunai in the chest of the man, pulling it out Naruto narrowed his eyes at the body.

'This person hasn't just died…his skin colour and temperature proves that but why would someone leave a dead body in the tree unless…' Naruto's thought's where cut short at the sound of someone moving behind him thinking quickly Naruto ducked a kunai that would of sliced his throat however it did rip the hood where parts of Naruto's blonde hair was sticking out.

Grabbing hold of the attackers arm Naruto pulled him forward and kicked him into a tree sending him sprawling at the bottom of the tree.

Quickly composing himself into a standing position Naruto narrowed his eyes at his attacker, whoever this was they were more than you average bandit.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked emotionlessly watching the person stand up, the person was panting and holding his ribs and instead of answering charged at Naruto once more.

Naruto watched the unknown attacker charge again and without blinking bent his knees waiting for his attacker.

However Naruto's eyes did widen slightly when he saw the attackers hands start to glow green quickly deciding to move out of the way of one strike Naruto grabbed the attackers wrist and bent it behind his back and shoved his face into the ground.

"I'll ask you again who are you" Naruto asked while placing his katana towards the incapacitated attackers throat.

Naruto narrowed his eyes when he heard no answer deciding to find out on his own he pulled the hood down and was surprised when he saw a man who had grey hair and circle rimmed glasses his face was slightly bruised from the impact of the floor.

"Who sent you?" Naruto asked narrowing his eyes from under his cloak as he dug his katana a little into the man's throat.

"Ah-it was Orochimaru-sama" The man said in shaky voice, Naruto scowled when he heard the snake Sannin's name.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Naruto asked harshly staring at the back of Kabuto's head.

"My name is Kabuto" Kabuto said while silently cursing at the fact he had been captured, he was fairly confident in his abilities as being trained under the snake Sannin himself who wouldn't…however it was more disturbing how easily he was taken down especially with such precise movements to stop any forms of attacks and he also cursed himself for not being able to completely reveal his capturer however he was able to confirm that he did in fact have blonde hair if he could only somehow relay this information to his master.

"I see…so tell me why I shouldn't just end your pathetic little life" Naruto asked sending out a little killing intent.

Kabuto started to panic after hearing Naruto's statement, this was something Orochimaru had not foretold him, how would he get out of this.

'I know who he is and who he wants to protect' Kabuto's eyes widened slightly as he remembered his masters words…was this a test for him also…was Orochimaru testing his ability under pressure.

"It would be unwise to kill me…I am scheduled to meet Orochimaru-sama and if I am let's say incapacitated I was told to leave you a message by Orochimaru-sama himself…he knows who you are and who you are protecting" Kabuto said with a small smirk.

Naruto's eyes widened at Kabuto's words…no this couldn't be possible he was supposed to be known as dead…how could that snake find out and better yet how did he find out about his connection with Nimato.

"Get out of here" Naruto commanded standing up and gritting his teeth.

Kabuto slowly stood up and smiled at Naruto's posture he had him and he knew it all he needed to do was see his face.

"Show me your face and I'll ask Orochimaru-sama to save this person you are protecting" As soon as the words came out of his mouth he suddenly felt a pressure that he had never felt before not even Orochimaru was able of such killing intent he could feel his legs shaking and beads of sweats dripping down his face.

"I won't tell you again" Naruto said turning his back on Kabuto and tightening his knuckles.

Kabuto being intimidated by the killing intent Naruto was sending slightly nodded and jumped into the trees and ran away.

Back with Naruto he was shaking with rage…a rage he had not felt since he had thought of that masked shinobi that ruined his life…all that effort he put into protecting Nimato and out of nowhere some loser and Orochimaru was threatening him by threatening his brother.

Not realising a couple of hours had passed since his meeting with Kabuto Naruto still found himself not moving from the exact same position when Kabuto had left.

His hair was now shadowing his eyes his fists where shaking and clenched so tightly that they had turned white quickly lifting his head up revealing his cool azure eyes Naruto snarled.

"Threatening me…Orochimaru…Kabuto, I'm going to make you regret that" Naruto said disappearing in a yellow flash.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was ultimately pissed and was going to show the world if he had to what would happen if anyone threatened his family.

Alright that chapter is done took a little longer than I had thought but I'm glad by the way the chapter turned out I know people will probably be thinking I'm OP Naruto but at this stage Kabuto would be fodder for Naruto and I also tried to show a different side of Naruto from what I've shown as the last couple of chapters I've shown a brighter side of Naruto due to being the son of Minato and Kushina so I wanted to keep Naruto's humanity a little intact where he can converse with others.

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