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Now onto the re-cap of last chapter we had a little bit of Hashirama's perspective in the story since he is quite an important character being Naruto and Tsunade's son and also his perspective does also add to the story quite a lot. Also we had Naruto and Izumi meet up with Koyuki and she invited them to her wedding which they will be going to. Will they be able to avoid the big shots there such as the Kages or will it turn out to be an all-out brawl.

With the wedding it seems a lot of behind the scenes works are going on, I wonder how this wedding will be interrupted those of you have been paying attention may see what's going to happen but anyway it will definitively involve Tazawa somewhere along the line and again those who have been paying attention may remember which chapter he was first introduced.

Anyway time for chapter 70.


Chapter 70

Nimato smiled as he walked back to Konohagakure through the desert of Kaze No Kuni, it was complete and successful mission in the end and looking to his side nearly he laughed as Kakashi was being carried by Gai due to the fact the over usage of the Mangekyo Sharingan had proved too much for Kakashi.

Of course being carried by Gai was not what Kakashi wanted since the maniac had no sense of Kakashi's condition and trailing him across the ground. The other members of Gai's team also seemed quite happy as well Nimato had noticed since it had been a long time since he had seen them…of course even they were a higher rank than him with Neji even being a Jounin.

Sakura also seemed in high spirits the rescuing of Gaara also gave her some hope that maybe both she and Nimato had become strong enough to bring back Sasuke. She knew that when they returned to Konohagakure they would have to attend the wedding of Koyuki but after that they could use the information she had gained from Sasori surrounding Orochimaru to try pinpointing Sasuke's location.

She had been constantly nagged by her parents at how much of an honor it was to have been invited to the wedding however Sakura had never really been to a wedding and wasn't sure how to act herself she knew for certain that she'd have to be polite especially if there was nobles at the wedding and that also meant she'd have to keep Nimato polite otherwise Tsunade would be breathing down her neck.

For Nimato, Sakura and Kakashi it was kind of both sad and good that Koyuki was getting married good in the fact that Koyuki had now obviously found someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with but it was still slightly sad in the thought that it only seemed like yesterday Sasuke had been with them with their ridiculous missions saving people now it seemed like so much time had passed since then.

"I can't believe we got an invitation to Koyuki's wedding" Sakura stated getting a small nod from Nimato he too couldn't believe it he wasn't to bothered about the fact there would be loads of nobles and influential people there it was hard to imagine for him the same scared princess was now getting married.

"I know it'll be great to see her again" Nimato replied back before looking at Kakashi and frowned it was obvious for anyone to see Kakashi was completely exhausted and there was really no surprise there he had pushed himself to the point where he couldn't walk…Nimato just hoped that Kakashi would be able to help when the time came to look for Sasuke.

With Koyuki

Koyuki took a few deep breaths as the carriage she was in slowly approached the large manor of the fire Daimyo it was a large mansion and despite it being smaller than her castle like home the mansion was certainly wealthier looking than her own home not to mention the garden was huge and their seemed to be what Koyuki would describe as a small army of guards that protected the property and all of them wore red samurai armor with brown chest plates.

Stepping out of the carriage as it pulled up Koyuki frowned at the amount of people noticing her arrival she wanted to keep this quiet not to mention private but it seemed that was impossible now.

"Koyuki-Hime" Koyuki heard the voice of Mame and smiled as he walked down the steps from the mansion to meet her.

Koyuki couldn't help but smile as she looked at Mame she certainly did love him after all the time the two had spent together she knew him greatly…and while she'd never deny what she and Naruto had was fun and pleasurable what she had with Mame was much more meaningful due to the fact she loved him.

She still hadn't gotten the time to or found the appropriate moment to tell Mame about her relationship with Naruto and to be honest she had just thought it was probably best not to tell Mame of her intimate relationship she had with Naruto since what you didn't know wouldn't hurt you and she knew if Mame did find out about her relationship with Naruto he'd be hurt and humiliated which was the last thing she wanted and she had always seen it as the woman's job to protect a man's pride.

"Mame-kun" Koyuki said with a smile as both she and Mame embraced each other in a loving embrace. It had been over a week since the two had seen each other however it felt like it had been so much longer for them both.

"I'm glad you made it safely, I hope your trip went well" Mame stated getting a nod from Koyuki as even after all this time he still tried to play the hero.

"That's good you must be tired let me show you to the guest room" Mame explained and walked into the mansion hand in hand with Koyuki.

As the two walked in Koyuki couldn't help but notice the furnishings off the mansion where and looked extremely expensive from crystal glasses to large decorative paintings this place really did have everything a noble person was expected to have. Walking past a large set of red double doors Koyuki frowned slightly at the sight of a large, short black haired man who had a small smug look on his face his entire posture screamed out danger however Koyuki gulped and looked forward she wasn't going to break her composure for anything she had to make a good impression.

"That's my Nii-Sama Tazawa…be careful around him" Mame said without breaking his composure in order for it to seem he didn't look worried to anyone who looked at the two walking.

Koyuki nodded in understanding she knew Mame didn't trust his brothers as since he was the youngest they always viewed him as inferior and it was even worst lately due to the high likelihood of Mame succeeding his father and becoming the fire Daimyo.

Seeing Koyuki beginning to get nervous Mame gave her hand a reassuring squeeze he understood how nervous she must have been since technically she herself was a Daimyo and was about to meet another Daimyo the slightest of disagreements could lead a country into war.

"Relax just be yourself" Mame encouraged and Koyuki nodded slightly as the two reached a large set of double stone doors and as the two of them approached it the door began to automatically open.

Stepping through the door Koyuki was in awe by how plain the room looked yet it also looked unbelievable stunning considering, turning her head she looked towards where a long red carpet began and it lead towards what seemed to be a large thrown where the fire Daimyo was currently sat he looked to be analysing Koyuki's every movements.

"Come my son I see you have brought the lovely Koyuki-Dono" The fire Daimyo stated as both Mame and Koyuki walked down the long red carpet towards the fire Daimyo and for Koyuki she was quite surprised by how frail the man looked he had black but greying hair and sad looking eyes.

"You are even more beautiful than my son had described Koyuki-Dono I look forward to getting to know my future daughter" The fire Daimyo stated after a few tense seconds making Mame smile at the thought of his father accepting Koyuki.

On one of the balconies above the room Mame, Koyuki and the fire Daimyo where in Tazawa stood looking down on them with a smirk on his face before reaching into his pocket and pulled out a small gold disk and examined the circular object before narrowing his eyes at his little brother's affectionate displays to Koyuki…love was fickle the only thing that mattered in this world was power to do whatever you wanted and take whatever you wanted…Naruto had shown him that lesson once before and it had shaped him into who he was now.

Letting out a small chuckle Tazawa walked away from the balcony quickly pocketing the small golden disk he had big plans for this country and the world and his will would be recognized even if it had to be forced onto people.

Konohagakure No Sato

"You look pitiful…" Tsunade stated staring at Kakashi who was lying in bed the silver haired man was in a black sleeveless top while lying in one of the hospital beds he had immediately been took to hospital the moment he had arrived back in Konoha courtesy of Gai.

Of course Tsunade had come to check out what state Kakashi was in due to him being one of her best Jounin's in the village not to mention he was also meant to be going to the wedding for Koyuki. She had read the reports of his chakra exhaustion due to the Mangekyo Sharingan she had warned him that this could happen but it was pointless telling him since he was reckless like his students.

Frowning slightly Tsunade thought about the report she had read about Naruto and Izumi getting in the way of the retrieval for Gaara she knew that Naruto and Izumi were trying to take the Akatsuki down from the inside however it confused her that they would hinder the team trying to save Gaara…the only reasoning she could see for their plan was that they knew Chiyo had a technique that could bring people back to life but still that sort of planning was certainly not Naruto's style that was more like the Uchiha.

"I know…to be honest I didn't think I'd have to push myself this far but I suppose that just proves our enemies are no laughing matter wouldn't you say?" Kakashi asked and Tsunade nodded he had a point.

"Still…I was expecting you to be able to attend the upcoming wedding as extra muscle but with the state you're in you'd be less than useless" Tsunade stated getting a sweat drop at how blunt Tsunade was it was no surprise really as everyone knew she wasn't a woman who liked to lie and she was almost always as blunt as possible which some people would see as rude.

"Can't you get another Jounin?" Kakashi questioned and Tsunade shook her head she had already wondered that question herself but the invite had been very specific in who was invited if Tsunade showed up with any average Joe Jounin she knew that it would look bad on her.

"No…the reason Koyuki even invited team seven was due to her trust in you three" Tsunade stated and Kakashi understood immediately and smiled a little remembering the mission.

"Perhaps you won't need anyone other than Nimato and Sakura" Kakashi said getting a strange look from Tsunade that screamed 'are you an idiot?'

"Now…I know what you're thinking however I've seen them both, they're growing in strength at an alarming rate soon they'll even surpass me" Kakashi explained causing Tsunade to narrow her eyes for a few seconds before sighing.

"Very well…I'll be taking Hashirama with me as well because I think it will be safer for him to stay with me" Tsunade stated in a leader tone while Kakashi smiled slightly.

"It's okay I won't tell anyone you just want Hashirama to stay with you because you'll miss him" Kakashi said and Tsunade gave him a death glare her eyebrow began ticking.

"What did you say?" Tsunade asked and Kakashi immediately hid under his cover to avoid the fury of the totally embarrassed Hokage.

With Nimato

Nimato frowned as he sat on his bed staring at the wooden floor beneath him…now he had some time on his own he began to think about the previous mission and even though it all went well the fight with Naruto and Izumi was still playing heavily on his mind.

Just what was Naruto's angle? Both he and Naruto were so similar yet…there was just something Nimato couldn't put his finger on with Naruto he understood now that Naruto was his enemy but he wouldn't stop trying to save him…that was his older brother after all.

Nimato wasn't as stupid as most believed him to be he knew when he and Naruto were fighting Naruto was holding back it was like Naruto wanted him to win. Before he could save Naruto Nimato knew he had to find out what Naruto's goal was and what he was trying to fully accomplish as there was no way in hell did Nimato believe Naruto's ridiculous goal of ridding the world of the Bijuu.

Reaching into the drawers next to his bed Nimato pulled out the photo he had of his parents and Naruto…they all looked so happy was it because of him? Nimato wondered had he not been born would his parents and Naruto have had a happier life. Looking at Naruto as a child now Nimato found it hard to imagine the cold and mature Naruto he knew being this childish and naive kid.

Then there was what Naruto had told him during their fight…It wasn't like Nimato didn't know things didn't always go the way you wanted to…but Nimato believed…no…he had to believe that trying his hardest would bring their rewards and that his future was only as bright as his determination to make it that way.

Hearing a knock on his door Nimato glanced at the door for a moment before another knock sounded off the door causing him to sigh and place the photo onto the drawers next to his bed.

"I hear you stop knocking" Nimato said as another knock occurred and when he opened his door he came face to face with Sakura who had a less than happy face on.

"Sakura-chan…could we you know leave this till later?" Nimato asked whatever Sakura wanted right now he had no energy to deal with he was completely drained both physically and mentally from the last mission and he wanted to just relax.

Seeing her shake her head and look downwards Nimato followed her eyes and noticed her holding Hashirama's hand and he sighed there was no way he could turn his nephew away opening the door Nimato put on a smile and bent down.

"Hashirama you've gotten big" Nimato said and Hashirama blushed slightly before looking away and held his head high.

"Well I'm nearly two…" Hashirama muttered making Nimato pat his head the boy was exactly like his parents.

Letting the two in Nimato watched as Hashirama examined his surroundings in the apartment and didn't know whether to laugh or be offended when he would turn his head away in disgust at certain parts of the apartment.

"Hashirama-chan wanted to visit his uncle Nimato after hearing he had been on a cool mission" Sakura said wanting to laugh at Hashirama's way of examining someone's home and when she saw him get curious about Nimato's bed she picked Hashirama up and sat him on it.

"Well it went as usual, we came, we saw and we conquered" Nimato stated not wanting to go into too much detail about what occurred and Sakura knew it immediately it was one of the reasons she had brought Hashirama here as she had run out of things to tell him about the mission.

Noticing a small object on Nimato's drawers Hashirama crawled on Nimato's bed and picked up the object making Nimato's eyes widen and before he could make any noised Hashirama had already began to look at it with a confused expression.

Sakura noticing Nimato's expression became curious and looked at the object and she gasped before carefully taking it off of Hashirama and glared at Nimato for being so careless.

"Who was that?" Hashirama asked pointing at the object in Sakura's hands and just as Sakura was about to make a lie up Nimato walked over to her and took the object from her grasp and sat down next to Hashirama sighing as he did.

"This…is a photo of your Jiji, Obaasan and your Tou-san" Nimato explained making Hashirama's eyes widen before he looked up at Nimato.

"That there is your Tou-san when he was nearly the same age as you" Nimato said pointing towards the small blonde haired kid grinning in the photo who was holding hands with both Minato and Kushina.

"And the other two are mine and your Tou-san's parents…your grandparents" Nimato explained and Sakura frowned for a moment thinking just how alone Nimato had been for most of his life.

"Where are they?" Hashirama asked referring to Minato and Kushina and Nimato to smile at his nephew's curiosity.

"They are both resting now…" Nimato answered not wanting to tell Hashirama they both died.

Handing the photo to Hashirama Nimato noticed how the young boy seemed to be mesmerized by the photo.

"Me and Ko-neechan made a promise to become strong and protect whatever we wanted…I want to protect Tou-chan, Kaa-chan and everyone in this village" Hashirama said making Nimato widen his eyes.

Nimato couldn't believe his own nephew was saying something like this with such determination while he himself had pitied himself in the room just moments ago…smiling Nimato's eyes started to glow blue and he placed his hand on Hashirama's head and ruffled the young boy's hair.

"That's a great goal…and thank you Hashirama…you've showed me something today" Nimato said standing up cracking his neck and knuckles.

It didn't matter if things didn't go his way he'd become strong enough to make the best out of any situation no matter what it was he realized now that Naruto's words weren't meant to belittle him they were meant to make him grow stronger and all it took for that was to see the will of Naruto's own son it was frightening how much Nimato could see Naruto in Hashirama but at the same time it sort of felt like he was able to understand Naruto a little better by talking to Hashirama.

Sakura watched the scene unfold in front of her with a fond smile watching both uncle and nephew bond was really a heart-warming scene.

"Can I... have this?" Hashirama asked referring to the photo in his hands and Nimato hesitated for a few moments before smiling again.

"Yeah but make sure you don't lose it we can embarrass your Tou-san with it when he comes back someday" Nimato said with a small laugh and Hashirama also chuckled slightly.

Hi No Kuni

The sound of horses slowly walking down a long and dirty road could be heard the horses themselves were completely black in colour and their eyes seemed to gleam with a red hue. Behind the horses was a large black carriage that had four flaming torches on the top of it.

Inside four individuals were sat down three of them had black cloaks on while the other one had a white and red cloak on. The inside of the carriage seemed to have red padding all around.

"It's almost time my lord" One of the figures in the black cloaks said and lifted down his hood revealing a bald headed man with two large scars one going across his forehead and the other going across his nose.

"Yes but we need to be quick…otherwise 'those' two will make their moves first" Another figure said pulling down his hood revealing quite a aged man who had long white hair and his face was covered in wrinkles.

"I can't wait…to see how you cruelly torture them I almost had an orgasm last time you tortured someone" The final black cloaked figure said pulling down their hood and this time it was the face of a woman who had black hair and black eyes however she seemed to look a little mad but to most men she was certainly attractive especially with how her purple lip-stick made her seem more womanly.

"Now…now, don't be so hasty…this isn't a race it's a marathon…using up all my strength this early in the game would be foolish" The final figure in the white and red cloak said pulling down his hood revealing a man who seemed to be in his early thirties and he had long blonde hair and blue eyes his voice was elegant yet it had a dangerous tone to it.

"True…but those two are getting seriously close to that position, aren't you worried?" The oldest of the group asked causing the long blonde haired man to smile slightly before scoffing.

"Of course not…one of them is a love struck fool while the other is just a moron driven by revenge…when the time is right I'll make sure to strike them both down" The long blonde haired man said laughing causing the other three to laugh with him all the while the carriage continued to make its way through Hi No Kuni across the dark roads.

With Izumi

Izumi sighed as she looked up at the night sky her hands placed firmly on her thighs as she gazed at the unlimited amount of stars in the sky she would find herself doing this whenever it was a starry night like this, she couldn't help it.

She could hear Naruto panting as he exercised he had begun to lift heavy boulders the moment they had camped she suspected this had something to with the wedding and the amount of powerful enemies that may be there she had noticed he had been slacking off with his training ever since they had reunited.

Turning to face him she couldn't help but gain a twitch in her lips when she saw him struggling to lift the boulders he had his top off and she could see many of the scars that maimed his body from the little ones around his ribs to the massive one right across his chest from the attack he had taken from Ryuujin.

There was no denying Naruto had the body of a shinobi he had seen many battles and many fights, Izumi uncomfortably moved her legs and faced away with a small blush on her face when she noticed the sweat drip off his body. It was just a physical attraction her body was desiring Naruto not her she told herself she had trained herself to be more controlled than this.

Sensing a faint chakra presence Izumi quickly shook her head and narrowed her eyes before jumping off the rock she was sitting on and looked down the path they were camped next to and saw several lit torches walking towards them on the path judging by the number of them Izumi could say describing them as a small army wouldn't be an exaggeration.

Looking towards Naruto she was happy that he hadn't made any movements to make them targets not that she was afraid of them she just preferred to avoid conflict when she could however it seemed Naruto went out of his way to fight people sometimes he had quite the bloodlust.

Watching as the small army walked past Izumi clenched her fists in case any conflict occurred physically, she could see them all silently whispering mockeries and insults as they stared at both Naruto and Izumi and after each hushed insult Izumi tensed up wondering if Naruto would react but she was surprised to see him ignoring them.

"Look at those pussies"

"They look like cowards"



Izumi's eyes widened when she noticed Naruto stop lifting the boulder and dropped it to the ground beside him his hair shadowed his eyes before he turned to the small army and picked up a small rock and stepped onto the path the small army had just been walking on and looked at them his eyes shining in the dark night.

Throwing the rock into the large group Naruto heard a shout out of pain as it hit one of them in the head notifying the rest of them watching them all shuffle and turn around a small grin grew on Naruto's face…he had tried to ignore them since it didn't seem like they would cause any physical damage unless provoked however he couldn't stand be called a coward nor could he stand being called scum.

"Which meat bag threw that?" A gruff voice said and the army split slightly to allow a large balm man cladded in samurai armor to walk through the man had a large lightning bolt scar going across his eyes and the top of his head was bleeding were a rock had hit.

"I would be that meat bag" Naruto replied back still with a grin and the bald headed man ran towards Naruto and attempted to land a punch. Naruto narrowed his eyes when he noticed the armor around the bald headed man's hand was covered in spikes, effortlessly dodging the punch Naruto punched the man in the stomach sending him skidding back into his men unconscious causing the army to be completely unnerved at the thought of their leader being so effortlessly defeated.

"Nameless soldiers I recommend you run" Naruto stated making them all unnerved at the sound of his voice.

"W-Who are you?" One of the soldiers asked as they carried their leader away.

"My name is Naruto Namikaze…and if you value your life I advise you to run" Naruto stated making their eyes widen just what type of monster had they poked.

Naruto grinned in cockiness when he saw the army run away in fear…names had a big impact in this world with the right name power could be granted to someone whether that was through intimidation or fear it didn't matter.

"You know that reputation you have will come back on you sooner or later" Izumi stated lying down in the grass preparing to get some sleep and Naruto just raked his hand through his hair and sighed before lying down in the grass.

"I don't care remember I'm a bad guy" Naruto replied back making Izumi snort and roll over his stupidity was too much but she had to admit his name did hold some power around the shinobi world that could be described as useful she just hoped that name didn't have any negative effects on Naruto or the people around him.

"I'm surprised you'd want to go to this wedding…" Izumi said making Naruto open one eye slightly it wasn't that surprising to him Koyuki was a friend not to mention the idea of secretly sneaking into a wedding packed with people sounded fun.

"Why?" Naruto asked looking at Izumi as laid her head on her arms and looked at the sky.

"Because…don't you find it awkward seeing your…ex-lovers?" Izumi questioned and Naruto narrowed his eyes at her so she knew about him and Koyuki he slightly wondered when she found out but he didn't want to dig the past up on that.

"Not really…most of them forget me or move on while the ones that don't eventually come to hate me…it's not as glamorous as it sounds being popular with opposite sex" Naruto stated with a frown thinking about all the women in his past wondering which ones probably wanted to stab him in the eye right now and which ones had forgotten him.

"I didn't say it was glamorous…man whore" Izumi stated and Naruto blinked for a few seconds before his eyebrow twitched and before he could rage Izumi asked Naruto one question she had always wanted to know ever since meeting him.

"Did you love any of them?" Izumi questioned she knew there must have been some of the women in his past he had feelings for she knew for a fact that when he had been with Kurenai for that month he had grown feelings for her but killed them off.

"..Yes" Naruto answered looking up into the sky with a small bitter smile he had always drawn off the sex he had with all those women as meaningless flings and it was true in some cases but…in some of the women he had met he had fallen for them how could he not there were times when he was at his darkest and they'd be able to make him happy granted the sex was one good thing but the actual connection he had with another human being would always lift his spirits up.

"I always thought so…some people prefer solitude however there is no one that can withstand it" Izumi said which caused Naruto to smirk.

"I didn't know you could be so sentimental…" Naruto said back and Izumi for one of the few times in her life cracked a small smile.

"So…what about you, any past loves in your life?" Naruto asked which caused Izumi to close her eyes before lying her head down.

"That's a story for another time…try to get some sleep" Izumi stated which made Naruto smile at her stubborn and secretive attitude she certainly was mysterious even after knowing her for years he still enjoyed finding new things about her every day.

Laying his head down Naruto muffled a chuckle she was a big softy at heart and he liked it yes she had her rough and far than gentle personality but when she wanted to she could show her softer side.

"…Moron" Naruto heard Izumi say and he just sighed at the thought of the wedding they'd be attending this was going to be a legendary event that would shape the future of the world in some way but what made Naruto more nervous was the fact Tsunade and Hashirama maybe there.

Okay done the chapter is sort of a build-up chapter for both the upcoming climax of the arc and the future of the story, I'm assuming most of you'll be able to guess who was in that carriage earlier but he'll be important later…

So Nimato did reflect on the words of his brother and while he knows they are true he's going to use them to make himself stronger and it seems Hashirama himself has a strong will to be able to move Nimato like that.

Anyway the ending of the chapter there was some character development for the main hero and heroine of this story for Naruto it was more of an understanding that the sex he had to make him feel better was really the human interaction he had with others and yes while there are moments he had flings such as Suifu, Tsunami and Shizune there were some women he did generally have or still has feelings for Kurenai, Mei…Tsunade.

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