Okay time for chapter 87 now last chapter had the conclusion of both Naruto and Izumi's fights I'm assuming a lot of you are wondering whether Izumi has died or not but you'll have to read this chapter to find out. Naruto himself is injured to the point his body is probably not going to be able to hold itself together he now has a vertical scar over his right eye, I've wanted to show just how much damage this world has done to Naruto.

Now in regards to Sasuke his path will change ever so slightly but again it's one of those things you'll just have to trust me with. Saying that I'm sure a lot of you are curious as to the blue flames…let's just say it's Naruto's power up after all it took a full blue flame to beat Ryuujin and just one punch from Naruto was able to set a city on fire.

Anyway back to the story…


Chapter 87

"Izumi-chan wake up" Izumi closed her eyes tightly at the sound of her mother's voice she was tired after another night shift she and her anbu team had to do patrolling the borders of Konohagakure.

Relaxing Izumi rolled over in her bed hoping her mother had stopped trying to get her out of bed despite it being the middle of the day. However hearing footsteps Izumi groaned in annoyance at the thought of not being able to get some peace and quiet and the lack of sleep she was getting lately was certainly affecting her mood.

"Izumi wake up" Mikoto commanded as she knocked on her daughters door before sliding it open and frowned at the state her daughter was in.

"Look at you" Mikoto complained due to the fact Izumi was in a blue tank top and blue shorts while lying in bed one leg over her covers the other under.

"I don't want to leave me alone" Izumi groaned placing the pillow over her head to try block out any sounds however Mikoto quickly removed it from her face while smiling down at her.

"Nope get up you've been asleep for too long remember Izumi I know you better than anyone and I can tell when you're just being lazy" Mikoto scolded making Izumi sigh before sitting her mother was right she had been asleep for well over eight hours but she wanted to just sleep.

"What's the point in getting up it's only going to be another boring day" Izumi asked her mother in a still tired tone of voice.

"…Because those boring days are what make life worth living when they're gone you long for them…you'll realize one day the older you get the more you realize you'll start losing things like friends…if you don't get up it'd be as if you were just trying to be dead to everyone" Mikoto replied back making Izumi's eyes widen and in an instant her vision went completely black and her breathe became lost in her throat.

Izumi gasped as she felt her breathe come back however her vision was still in complete darkness. Trying to feel her surroundings Izumi quickly came to the realization she was lying on a bed, placing her hand on her head she tried to remember exactly what had happened she could remember fighting with Sasuke and passing out but after that it was all blank.

Getting annoyed at being in complete darkness Izumi knew she had something wrapped around her face however when she began to try pick at whatever it was she heard the sound of footsteps getting closer to her.

"I wouldn't pick at them…not yet anyway" Izumi immediately recognized the voice and gasped before reaching placing her hands on her knees before gripping the covers tightly.

"N-Naruto?" Izumi questioned wondering whether her ears were playing tricks on her but hearing him chuckle confirmed to her he was really here.

"Who else? Did you think I would let you get away after knocking me out like that…you can't do that to someone and leave" Naruto told Izumi as he pulled up a chair and sat next to the bed she was lying in.

The two were currently in a small hidden bunker Naruto had adopted as one of his secret rest points he had several all around the shinobi world however this one was primarily used whenever he needed medical assistance. Looking at Izumi he frowned at her state her arms and torso were wrapped in bandages while her eyes were also wrapped in bandages as well.

"What happened?" Izumi wondered wanting to know what exactly happened after she had went unconscious.

"Well firstly you left to have a battle to the death with your brother…then I ran into Kisame and well let's just say fried fish isn't as easy to cook as I thought it would be then I found you lying on the ground so I picked you up and brought you back here" Naruto told Izumi who frowned for a moment before she sighed.

"Is that everything that happened?" Izumi wondered finding it hard to believe.

"Yes I have no idea where that brother of yours went to but I'm sure he's still alive" Naruto told Izumi trying to place her mind at rest over the safety of her little brother.

"Why didn't you let me die?" Izumi asked her voice at that moment sounded so dead to Naruto that he got so angry he stood up knocking the chair he was sitting on back startling Izumi slightly at the noise.

"What do you mean let you die? Do you know what your problem is? You just think every problem can be solved by dying but guess what you can't tell someone you love them and expect them to accept you dying, you can't just think dying will redeem yourself for the sins you've committed hell won't accept you that easily if you want to punish yourself for everything you've done then live and live with what you've done not take the easy way out" Naruto shouted at Izumi frustrated at her lack of concern for herself he was going to let her know exactly how he felt about her wanting to die.

Izumi sat there in silence each word he said was echoing through her mind she was mulling over the thought of everything she was trying to escape from by dying…Sasuke, the burden and guilt of killing the Uchiha clan…her feelings for Naruto…and her illness. Quickly widening her eyes she thought about her disease she had been on her last legs during that fight with her brother even if Naruto had been able to heal her wounds from that fight there was no way her disease would have let her live.

"What about the disease?" Izumi wondered while Naruto looked at her he couldn't tell much by her expression due to the bandages around her eyes but he soon calmed down and put the chair right before sitting back on it.

"I was able to find a cure…it seemed our good friend Orochimaru was the answers to our long search after all that snake seemed to have gotten too greedy in his experiments and picked up the same disease as us" Naruto explained while Izumi just sat there shocked Naruto had been able to keep his promise after all in finding a cure for her.

"Did you administer some of the cure to yourself?" Izumi questioned causing Naruto to narrow his eyes slightly before scoffing.

"Please the moment I got it I did…do you think I could have beat Kisame with the state I was in?" Naruto replied back making Izumi nod in agreement it made sense actually.

"…So what should I do now?" Izumi questioned her life had been led to always end at her brothers hands but that plan had been foiled by the most infuriating man in her life Naruto.

"You live…and continue living like you always have as plain and as boring as always just how I like it" Naruto replied back and after a few moments Izumi gained a genuine smile on her face and Naruto could notice wet patches where her eyes were behind her bandages.

"Why did you go so far…for me?" Izumi wondered sniffling slightly she didn't deserve anyone to be like this to her.

"For the same reason you wanted to stay by my side…because I love you" Naruto replied back and heard Izumi gasp for some reason the words were so easy to say as there was no lie to any of his words.

"No matter what happens…no matter what obstacles we have to overcome we'll always be together right?" Naruto asked Izumi placing his hand on her cheek wiping away tears that had been able to get past her bandages.

"…Yeah no matter what it takes I want to be with you" Izumi replied back raising her hand to Naruto's cheeks and the two of them placed their foreheads up against one another before placing a long and affectionate kiss on one another.

"I love you…" Izumi whispered into Naruto's ear while Naruto smiled and kissed her forehead before pulling back slightly.

"What happened to my eyes…they feel funny?" Izumi questioned and Naruto instead of answering her just traced his fingers over he bandages.

"I'll explain all of it later but for now you need to rest a bit more we'll talk all about it when you're fully healed" Naruto reasoned out and Izumi nodded before the two shared another kiss however this time Izumi put her head back down and turned over she was tired…excited and well in love, but right now her body knew what it needed and that was some time to get better.

"Will you be here when I wake up?" Izumi asked as Naruto was just about to leave the room she was in.

"Yeah…I promise" Naruto replied back making Izumi smile before he walked out of the room and began to walk down quite a long a corridor but as he reached about half way down his breathing got heavy.

Placing his hand on the wall near him he began to pant, resting against the wall Naruto lifted up his shirt where his body had been bandaged and he could see dark red patches on where his body had been unable to heal itself. He had been lucky that cure had been so effective so quickly the moment he had injected it into Izumi he had noticed it take effect straight away. There was never a question really in his mind who he would give the cure it had always been her to him her life was far more important than his.

Narrowing his eyes Naruto began to think about the moment he had arrived to where Izumi and Sasuke had been fighting there had been a little more to the story than what he had told her but…she didn't need to know it yet her body hadn't healed enough for her to act.


Naruto panted as he made his way through the trees he could see a large destroyed area in front of him…the rain was pouring fast and he could feel his body shivering from the cold drops.

Looking ahead Naruto's eyes widened when he could see the unmoving bodies of both Izumi and Sasuke, limping as fast as he could on his injured foot Naruto made his way over to them and knelled down beside the two he quickly checked Izumi's pulse and heartbeat and even though both were considerably weak he could still feel them. Quickly checking Sasuke he could feel his pulse was strong he was just probably tired both physically and emotionally from the battle he had just had.

Feeling a slight disturbance near him Naruto's first reaction was to grab Izumi's body and jump away however when he noticed the presence was that of Madara he narrowed his eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked in anger while Madara just laughed slightly.

"This fight…went just as I expected I knew she would never have it in her to kill him…but I'll be taking both of their bodies now so hand her over Naruto" Madara ordered while Naruto gritted his teeth.

"You'll have to kill me first but I'm going to give you the same warning I gave Kisame…I may die if we fight but you can bet your ass I'm taking you with me" Naruto threatened his eyes shining blue for a moment as he tried to stand up to Madara.

Madara stared at Naruto his eyes where gleaming with seriousness he truly believed he could win…he was willing to do anything to protect the woman he loved.

"I see…very well it's not important she'll probably die soon anyway" Madara said grabbing Sasuke's body and throwing it over his shoulder before the air around him began to distort.

"Wait come back with him" Naruto shouted as Madara disappeared however he had no energy to give chase to Madara at all it took everything he had to just stand up.

"Don't worry…I'm not going to let you die" Naruto stated while looking at Izumi before the two disappeared in a yellow and black flash.

Naruto appeared in one of his bases he had placed all around the shinobi countries and quickly locating the bed he placed Izumi on there before using some of the blood from the wound on his stomach to unseal the needle with the cure in it.

"Just like I promised…" Naruto said as he placed the needle into Izumi's neck and watched as the green liquid inside went into her and immediately he noticed her veins become more noticeable and the markings on her arms began to disappear.

Seeing all of the bruises, cuts and burns on her body Naruto placed his hand over her and they glowed green he knew how to administer medical treatment of this level he'd be able to get her back on her feet but she'd have to rest for a while more than likely. After her body had been bandaged up Naruto moved his attention to her eyes they had blood all around them and he could tell immediately that the Mangekyo Sharingan had claimed her vision.

Again going through the same procedure of getting blood from his wound he unsealed the jar which contained the eyes of Mikoto Uchiha, now he had never performed an eye transplant but ever since he had found out the effects of the Mangekyo Sharingan he had consistently read up of the procedures surrounding an eye transplant.

"I hope you'll forgive me when you find out what I'm about to do" Naruto stated unsealing the top off the jar.

Naruto looked in the mirror his vision was blurring his body had been bandaged up but he could still feel the effects of the disease killing him. Coughing up blood in a nearby sink Naruto walked out of the room and began to walk towards Izumi's room and opening the door he noticed her sitting up picking at her bandages.

End of Flashback

Sighing Naruto slid down the wall and placed his hand over his face he didn't want to die he wanted to see everyone he cared about…Izumi, Tsunade, Hashirama, Nimato all of them he didn't want his life to be over when it was actually worth living.

Konohagakure No Sato

"Jiraiya-chan has died in battle" Nimato widened his eyes at the sound of an old toad stating his master was dead.

Currently he was stood in Tsunade's office with Sakura, Kakashi, Sai, Yamato and Tsunade herself, he had been called to Tsunade's office for an important briefing Kakashi had stated and to be honest ever since getting back to Konohagakure he had wanted to do nothing but stay in his apartment after the failure in retrieving Sasuke. When the team had gotten to where they could sense Sasuke's chakra he was nowhere to be seen all that was left was blood trails and ruins…again he had failed to bring his friend back.

"W-What did you say?" Nimato stuttered in disbelief there was no way he had heard that old toad right there was simply no way someone could defeat his master.

"Jiraiya-chan has fallen to the Akatsuki leader Pain" Fukasaku repeated in a sorrow tone while staring at Nimato the little green toad understood how much pain the student of Jiraiya-chan must have been going through.

"Before he died however he left a parting message in code as his throat had been crushed" Fukasaku stated throwing off his small cloak and showing everyone in the room his back which had something written on it in code.

The others in the room narrowed their eyes at the code since to each of them it made no sense. Tsunade herself bit her nail in frustration since the code made no sense to her and in the past she had always been able to read her teammate but even in his death he still left infuriating messages.

"Do you know what it means?" Tsunade questioned the elderly toad who just frowned.

"No…I was hoping Jiraiya-chan's pupil would have had an idea" Fukasaku responded looking towards Nimato who had his hair shadowing his eyes.

"Baa-chan...Did you let him go? Nimato wondered clenching his fist at the thought of another member of his family dying.

"…Yes" Tsunade answered it wasn't like she just let him go to his death Jiraiya had been determined to confront the Akatsuki leader due to how much he cared for both Naruto and Nimato.

"How could you let him do something as reckless as that you knew him better than anyone else" Nimato shouted at Tsunade angered at how easily she had just sent Jiraiya to his death.

"Nimato calm down" Kakashi said hoping to try calm Nimato as if he got to angry then he may accidentally start releasing some of the Kyuubi's chakra.

Nimato scoffed in annoyance before turning away ignoring the pleas from Sakura to stop he didn't care about talking to anyone at the moment he needed to get out of this room or he would explode with anger.

"If Ero-Sennin had been Hokage he would never have allowed you to do something so reckless" Nimato angrily said as he left the room ignoring the shouts from Sakura.

"I can tell that Nimato-chan cared about Jiraiya-chan a lot I can only hope he is the child of prophecy Jiraiya-chan spoke of" Fukasaku stated getting a nod from Tsunade who frowned in concern.

"The sage training you spoke of will have to be moved forwards we have no time to waste…I doubt the Akatsuki will leave us be now Jiraiya isn't here to protect Nimato" Tsunade reasoned and the thought of six equally strong individuals with the Rinnegan was not a friendly thought.

"I agree…from what I saw even Jiraiya-chan at full power was unable to defeat Pain…Nimato-chan will have to surpass his master" Fukasaku stated while Tsunade nodded sage mode was an incredible power increase however Tsunade held back herself from saying she was going to train as well with her renewed age she knew she could become stronger.

"Nimato's training in Senjutsu will begin tomorrow…for now this meeting is over…I'm tired and I want to see my son" Tsunade stated and everyone nodded it was starting to get dark outside and everyone wanted to get on with whatever made them calm and peaceful.

For Sakura it would be spending time with Ino and talking about recent events in Konoha, for Kakashi it would be perhaps reading the new and last copy of the Icha Icha series. Sai would spend his time painting whatever came to his mind…just to pass the time.

When everyone that had been occupying the room had left Tsunade sighed as she reached into the drawer of her desk and pulled out a small photo. The photo was of her, Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Hiruzen this photo was took the moment she, Jiraiya and Orochimaru had become Genin's.

Reaching into her bottom drawer Tsunade pulled out a bottle of sake and unconsciously tears began to fall out of her eyes all three of them were dead…she was the only one left and with Jiraiya's death the last link to her past was gone…it was saddening to think all of the memories she had with her teammates and her sensei where nothing more than a distant thought now.

"To you three…" Tsunade said taking a sip of the bottle sake and tapping the bottle against the photo frame before taking another sip, she didn't have to worry about Hashirama he was with Shizune tonight.

With Naruto

Naruto sat beside Izumi's bed while he tried to get some rest his vision wasn't the best at the moment due to the fact he had a bandaged wrapped around one side of his face due to the injury he received from Kisame.

A large cloud of smoke appeared in the room surprising Naruto and set him on guard since this was meant to have been a secret hideout he had. When the smoke disappeared standing there was a small old green toad that had a white beard.

"Ah…it seems Jiraiya-chan's directions were right" The green toad stated while looking around the room before landing his eyes on Naruto.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked the toad he had heard the little toad mention Jiraiya's name so he didn't take the toad to be a threat.

"Naruto-chan I presume?" The toad asked raising an eyebrow at Naruto's appearance since despite the bandage partially covering his face the resemblance between Naruto and Nimato was quite something.

"My name is Fukasaku…I am…was Jiraiya's sensei in the arts of Senjutsu and also one of his summons" Fukasaku started introducing himself to Naruto who just seemed to take all of the information in.

"I see…how can I help?" Naruto questioned what did the toad want surely if Jiraiya needed help then he'd come personally.

"Ah…yes Jiraiya-chan requested for you specifically to be notified if anything where to happen to him" Fukasaku started and Naruto's eyes narrowed immediately not liking the sound of where this was going.

"What's happened?" Naruto asked his voice becoming slightly more serious.

"Jiraiya-chan…has fallen in battle against the leader of the Akatsuki Pain" Fukasaku told Naruto which caused him to widen his eyes at the shocking piece of news.

"W-What?" Naruto asked in disbelief there was just no way Jiraiya would be stupid enough to try take out Pain…he had warned him not to make any rash moves when going to Amegakure.

"I understand this must be painful news for you but what I say is true Jiraiya-chan died fighting against Pain" Fukasaku repeated while Naruto just tried absorb the information he was being told.

"I…told that idiot to be careful…why did he do something so reckless" Naruto questioned his fist clenched at the thought of Pain killing Jiraiya.

"It seems you and you're brother cared for Jiraiya-chan a lot" Fukasaku stated noticing Naruto's reaction like Nimato they both cared for their sensei.

"The reason I'm here Naruto-chan is because like Tsunade-chan I fear with Jiraiya-chan…gone Pain will come for Nimato-chan personally and…there's no one strong enough to fight him" Fukasaku explained and Naruto knew where he was heading with this.

"You want me to fight Pain?" Naruto asked making Fukasaku nod.

"Nimato-chan will be going through training in the arts of Senjutsu and I'd be happy to train you as well you two are the last legacies of Jiraiya-chan" Fukasaku stated while Naruto was conflicted Nimato was training to fight Nagato…he didn't like the idea of that, Naruto himself wasn't sure if he could beat Nagato so for Nimato to be possibly fighting him that was a big no.

However Naruto knew there wasn't much he could do…he was weak and he used up his last fight against Kisame the most he could do is probably throw one more punch if that. Not to mention training in Senjutsu put a great amount of strain on one's body.

"Thank you for the offer but I'll have to decline I'm afraid…however if Pain does come to Konohagakure I want to know…can I leave a Hiraishin marker on you in case I need to get there quickly?" Naruto asked making Fukasaku nod.

Fukasaku understood there must have been some reason Naruto didn't want the training but it was a choice not an order if Naruto truly didn't want the training then he wouldn't force him to do so. However it put Fukasaku at ease to know Naruto wanted to at least know if Pain comes to Konohagakure since it meant he had at least something up his sleeve.

"I see…Nimato's training will begin tomorrow I'm sorry about Jiraiya-chan he loved you very much whenever we talked he'd always talk about his godsons" Fukasaku stated making Naruto frown and noticing the atmosphere the small green toad gave one last bow before going through hands seals and disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Naruto stood up at the disappearance of Fukasaku taking a look at Izumi he walked out of the room and placed his hands on the wall. Gritting his teeth Naruto punched the wall several times and hit his head off of it. He was frustrated yet another person he was unable to protect, panting as he fell to his knees Naruto knew he was over exerting himself but Jiraiya was his sensei the person he had looked up to and aspired to be like.

"Naruto…" Naruto widened his eyes slightly at the sound of Izumi's voice quickly making his way into the room she was in he sat down on the chair her bandages around her eyes were still not ready to come off.

"How are you feeling?" Naruto asked in a normal tone of voice however Izumi frowned at him and reached out for his hand interlocking their fingers when they met.

"You're angry…and hurt" Izumi replied back as she felt blood on Naruto's knuckles from where he had been punching the wall.

"I'm alright now…just lost control for a moment" Naruto replied back while Izumi just sighed she could tell when he was hurt and angry even when he tried to hide it.

"I'm here for you" Izumi commented back and Naruto smiled before leaning in and kissing her forehead.

"…Naruto I've been meaning to ask why do I have bandages covering my eyes?" Izumi asked she had been wondering for a while now.

"Because you've got a new pair of eyes...new sight" Naruto replied back making Izumi gasp at the revelation however she quickly calmed down and decided to let Naruto explain.

Naruto then told her about how he had years ago found a pair of Sharingan eyes in one of Orochimaru's hidden bases and he even explained how the Sharingan's where Mangekyo Sharingan's.

"Whose did they belong to?" Izumi wondered while her fingers trailed over her eyes the idea that they belonged previously to someone else was a little weird.

"Your mother…" Naruto replied back shocking Izumi and for a few moments she stayed quiet before a small smile appeared on her face…with these eyes it felt as though her mother was constantly giving her strength.

"What did you do with my eyes?" Izumi wondered and Naruto tapped a glass contained on the desk next to the bed.

"Safe and secure…" Naruto answered to which Izumi just smiled and she wanted to be able to see Naruto hearing his voice was good but she wanted to see the man she loved.

With Tsunade

Tsunade groaned as the early rays of the sun shined through the blinds in her office lifting her head up from her desk she noticed the several empty bottles of sake littering the desk. Rubbing her eyes she stood up and stretched her back the sounds of her bones clicking felt good as when she had been physically older her bones would hurt when they cracked but now…it felt refreshing.

Opening the blinds she quickly covered her eyes due to the sun and slowly adjusted to the brightness before sighing. She had made excuses for far to long for not training hell even both Jiraiya and Orochimaru had tried to better themselves in their age while she had always used it as an excuse to stay at the level she was but as she felt now Tsunade knew she could become stronger and that not doing so would be wasting an opportunity people would kill for.

However Tsunade groaned as she thought about the pile of paperwork she had to do before she could train not to mention visit her son. Sitting down Tsunade looked down and groaned at yet another dinner invitation from the fire daimyo's eldest son Keiga she had sent dozens of replies back simply and politely stating she wasn't interested but it seemed like he didn't get the point.

Writing out another rejection letter Tsunade huffed before standing up she was going to go take a bath then see her son before training she knew exactly what to start on and where she could better herself after all she was a sensei herself.

Letting her thoughts drift to another blonde pain in her ass Tsunade wondered how Nimato would be dealing with his troubles in training in the arts of Senjutsu however before she could ponder any further she was surprised by a flaming bird landing on her window ledge.

"Tsunade…Senju?" Felix asked making Tsunade look in shock for a few moments before nodding words where slightly lost to her at the time.

"I have a parcel from Naruto he wanted me to give specifically to you" Felix stated and as blue fire appeared around his beak a bottle also appeared surprising Tsunade before she got the hint and quickly took it.

"What is this?" Tsunade asked and Felix just shook his head.

"Naruto…said you would know what to do with it" Felix replied back making Tsunade frown, who exactly did Naruto think she was a mind reader?

"I see thank you" Tsunade said to the phoenix before it disappeared in blue flames leaving Tsunade to examine to bottle and on closer inspection she noticed a small piece of paper wrapped around the lid.

Quickly taking it off and unfolding it Tsunade immediately began to read it while sitting down as she got to the end of the note she dropped the letter onto her desk and placed her hand over her eyes.

"…Idiot" Tsunade whispered in sadness.

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